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Lyle and Desiree

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S: Lyle and Desiree 2010

BC: Love always has a way of making things work out. With love, all things are possible.

FC: Lyle and Desiree | By Kirsten Neph

1: Lyle Clement Parnell II | Desiree Elizabeth Marie Parnell

2: DADDY | Lyle

3: In October 2009 Lyle deployed to Iraq for a year. It was hard on the entire family, a lot happens in a year. Kat had to live without her husband and the kids had to live without their father. A couple days ago Lyle finally landed in Georgia from Iraq. He will be arriving in Michigan in November and is very excited to see his family.

4: MOMMY | Kat

5: They love their mommy, a lot. Just as every little kid does. They love spending time with her and playing with her and even just cuddling on the couch. They love their mommy. They will always pick her first out of anybody. If you ask them to come sit with you, if moms lap is free forget it. They wont move.

6: Lyle Clement Parnell II

7: Also known as Scooter, Lyle is a rambunctious 3 year old. He loves pretending to be a monster and making loud noises. If he notices that you find something he does to be funny, he will continue to do it because he loves to make you laugh. He gets upset very easily and is the first to voice his opinion about something. He is a little bit of a scaredy cat but will not hesitate to stand up for his sister. He hates to be called a Baby and will always say "I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy!"

8: Desiree Elizabeth Marie Parnell

9: Also known as Desi, Desiree is a sweet two year old with a temper. One minute she can have a sweet smile on her face, the next she looks like shes plotting something on all of us. When shes not throwing a fit she is an adorable girly girl who loves her dollies. Nobody can resist smiling when she smiles at you. Ever.

10: Kat and the kids have been staying with us since August. In a house that is use to 3 people, having 6 people living in our tiny house has been quite the experience. Everyone is really stressed out and angry but there are a lot of moments that make it all worth while. I usually only see my Niece and Nephew once, maybe twice, a year. Having them living with me and getting to know them has been great.

12: Lyle calls Desiree "My best friend, Sister." It took me years to realize that having a sister is a good thing, but they're figuring it out so young. Looking at them now, I can tell that Lyle will grow up to be the overprotective brother. Desiree will be the beautiful little sister that all of Lyle's friends will want to be with. He is going to have a hard time keeping the boys away from her. With a dad in the Army, and an overprotective big brother she is going to be very well taken care of.

14: Nap Time

15: Nap time cannot be skipped in our house. They are more than grumpy if they don't get their nap! Not only that but it gives us a break in the day. They can be a handful and without a break even the strongest person can crack. You can always tell when its time for a nap. They get grumpy and throw tons of tantrums. It's not a pretty sight.

16: Almost every kid had their favorite blanket that they carried around everywhere. They get filthy, gross, and smelly. You feel like you have to wash them every day in order to keep the germs off of them. Well, getting the blankets away from them isn't always as easy as it sounds. Its a very rare occasion to see them without their blankets, and although they are getting better about it they still cant give those babies up!

18: Play Time!

19: Play time is probably the largest part of the day. Being two and three all day is play time. They are constantly running around, playing with their toys, Things that aren't their toys, and anything else they can find.

21: Like any normal kid, they love to go to the park. They can spend hours there without a care in the world. We usually bring food and have a picnic and stay there for as long as possible. They run, scream, and play with other kids. They love it. For once they're in a kids environment instead of an adults. They fall down and get hurt and don't even care. They just get right back up again. Its amazing to see them running around playing with all of the different things. Pretending to be monsters, princesses, and everything else. It makes you remember all of the things you use to pretend you were when you were their age.

22: Temper tantrums are a constant thing with them. They are always upset about something | It doesn't take much to make Desiree angry, but she can flip it on and off like a switch. With Desiree, all you have to do is tell her to do something that she doesn't want to do. Most of her tantrums have been over going potty, eating dinner, going to bed, leaving stuff alone, and holding someones hand. She is very set in her ways, she wants to do what she wants to do and nobody can make her do differently. She will be a VERY difficult teenager, I can tell already!

23: Lyle is a little bit more easy going. It takes a lot more to make him mad. He is still very stubborn though. He gets scared VERY easily. He gets scared of the littlest things. There have been many cases where he gets terrified and clings onto whoever is with him. He always holds his pants when he gets scared. Every time he gets scared he says he going to pee his pants. | He will hate me for writing this when hes older.

24: The Time-Out Chair

25: They know they're in trouble when they get put in the time-out chair. You have to sit side ways facing away from the TV so you cant sneak a peek when nobody is looking. You have to stay there until the person who put you there confronts you. Then you have to apologize and promise to be good.

26: All things grow better with love.


29: Car rides are always fun with them. Despite the fact that Lyle is constantly kicking the back of the seat and Desiree is always trying to find ways to get out of her car seat, they make car rides fun. They dance to the music on the radio, attempt to sing the words replacing them with words they know. It brightens your day a little whenever you take them anywhere.

31: Dinner time is a constant battle in our home. They would rather sit at the table for hours looking at their food then just eat it and go play. | Lyle HATES mashed potatoes. He cringes when he even sees them. He cant stand the texture of them. The last time we had him eat mashed potatoes he literally gaged. | They both LOVE fruit. If they could choose a snack on any given day it would be fruit. We give them an apple and they will eat the ENTIRE thing, no matter what the size.

34: A couple days ago I got to carve pumpkins with my Niece and Nephew. Thats honestly something I never thought I would get to do. They are usually so far away that I never get to do these little things with them. They only come up here for major holidays when they can afford it. This was definitely something I will never forget.



37: Oh, bedtime. Our favorite time of the day but the BIGGEST fight of the day. They never want to go to bed. They will lay up in their bed for hours without sleeping at all. They run around the room and make as much noise as possible but jump into bed as soon as we come up and pretend to be sleeping. It makes me smile when they go up to bed. No matter how much i yell at them they always come up to me for a hug and kiss before they go to bed. They smile at me in their Foote pajamas and all of the fights from the day disappear.

38: Aunt Kirsten Loves You

39: Both of you, No matter what happens. I will always be there for you. I love you guys with every ounce of my heart. I would give up the world for you and always would. Years from now I hope you will read this book and see how much I care about you. Even if I cant see you as often as I would like I want you to know that you mean the world to me. Always and forever. | <3Aunt Kirsten.

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