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Madelyn - vol 2

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Madelyn - vol 2 - Page Text Content

S: Madelyn's Story - December 2011 - November 2012

BC: Love, Mom

FC: Madelyn's Story

1: Madelyn Violet Barish 13 months - 24 months

2: A Day Of Thanks | Thanksgiving 2011

3: We spent Thanksgiving at Great Grandma Davis' house. You loved eating all the food!

4: Madelyn's 13th Month

5: ~2 more teeth this month. Both on the bottom. Grand total of 10 teeth! ~First word other than Mama and Dada is book! Sounds like bock but you know what are you talking about. ~Pretty much done breastfeeding and you don't like milk. Just like your mama. ~You love riding your four wheeler and can do it by yourself. ~You stopped napping and just talk to yourself in your crib the whole time - again, just like your mama!

6: Christmas 2011 | wagon recliner cabbage patch doll | Big Gifts

8: New Year's Eve 2011

10: Madelyn's 14th Month

11: You really worked on your walking this month and can cruise between people without any problems. You still prefer crawling but are walking more and more each day. You are also just oozing personality, little girl! Your facial expressions are priceless and you love to smile and chat! You have figured out how to ride your 4 wheeler and will get it out yourself - same with your walker. We also broke out your new wagon this month and you love going for rides. You've started using utensils when you eat because you are turning into such a big girl! You've also started talking! You can say Zzzzzthhhge (Ziggy), Mo! (more), you know a dog says woo woo (woof woof), no (that one's pretty clear), and baw (ball). I am so proud of you and you make me laugh every single day!

12: be my

14: February 8-12, 2012 Minnesota | Visiting Piper

15: We went to the Mall of America and joined in on Piper's Music Together class | We spent a day at the Minnesota Children's Museum as well. You girls had a great time playing together!

16: Madelyn's 15th Month | Little dare devil! You got your first shiner this month and it definitely won't be your last!

17: You are on the move this month, big girl! You are walking about 80% of the time now and tend to walk more as the day progresses. You spend the last 30 minutes of your day literally walking laps around the kitchen and living room. I think it's your last attempt to not cave to sleep! You say ni ni (night night), can point to your head and belly and know that the lion says Raaaaa (roar)! You love blowing kisses and waving bye bye whenever you walk out of a room. You're still loving your books and will climb into your chair by yourself and read for 20-30 minutes every day! I couldn't be prouder! We are working on using utensils when you eat and you like eating off of a fork and spoon but you haven't quite mastered getting the food on there yourself yet! You had your first sleepover at Grandma's house! You also had your first ear infections (one in each ear) and you handled it like a champ! | 23lbs 9 oz 62nd percentile 30 1/4 inches 45th percentile

18: Madelyn's 16th Month

19: Walking and talking - that's the best way to describe this month. You wander all over the house these days having full blown conversations. Most words are da da da da but you use inflection and I can usually figure out what you are trying to say anyway. You call the cats Rowwww (which makes sense because our cats don't meow - they roww). You battled another tooth this month and wanted nothing more than lots of cuddle time with your mama. We even kicked Daddy out of the bed for a few nights so that you could get some sleep. Your favorite books are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon and Where's Spot? You can pick out The Very Hungry Caterpillar no matter where I hide it on the shelf. You love making Sssss sounds which is why you love the "old lady whispering hush" in Goodnight Moon and the snake in your Spot book. You practiced walking outside this month and managed the uneven terrain pretty well. You are also getting pretty good at stairs.

20: We started the day with your 16 month picture session. It took awhile to get a couple pictures that weren't blurry because you kept running away! Finally we bribed you with Cheerios. It was nice outside so we went and played in the yard - that was the end of your first green outfit!

21: Then Grandpa and Grandma came over to babysit while Dad and I went to a baby class. You played outside some more and outfit #2 ended up just as dirty as outfit #1!

22: The day before Easter you went to your first egg scramble and loved it! The next morning you opened your Easter basket. The bunny brought you a new ball, some shaker eggs and some books. Later, your Grandpas and Grandmas came over along with Uncle Caleb. You got even more Easter presents. Unfortunately, you felt yucky when you woke up from your nap and spent the rest of the day laying on Daddy's chest.

23: Happy Easter

24: You love shoes and clothes - you get excited and "oooo" every morning and then run to show Daddy what you are wearing as soon as you are dressed. You love being outside and will pitch a fit when we tell you it is time to go back inside. You are working really hard at walking up and down stairs. You love your baby dolls and will kiss and hug them. Your new favorite toy is your ball pit! You love to climb in Ziggy's cage and open and close the door. You will tell us "night night" and go into your room when you are tired. You are also a smart little one - you put your pacifiers on the edge of your crib when you wake up so you can grab them throughout the day. You don't mind when I make you put them back - I think it's a game to you. You make the funniest facial expressions and have the biggest personality I have ever seen! You turn around in circles when you get excited and everything is done at a full speed run - there is no more walking. We went to the zoo with AUnt Molly this month - you loved the aquarium. You also went to your first movie at the theater with mom and Grandma. You were more interested in climbing the stairs than watching the movie. You also went to the Big House for the first time with mom and dad!

25: Madelyn's 17th Month

26: Madelyn's 18th Month

27: You are moving, moving, moving. Climbing on your play structure, dancing in circles and chasing your brother through the house. I painted your piggies for the first time and you love it! Definitely a fashion queen! You still love reading and we must read 20 books a day. You also love your baby dolls and new ball pit. You love going to Fun at One. Your favorite parts are the bubble song and getting a stamp on your hand. | 25lbs - 32 inches

28: Madelyn's 18 month Pictures

30: Madelyn's 19th Month

31: Oh Beans, how I love you!! You are now a big sister and you take that job very seriously. If Ada is upset, you get upset. You are always trying to give her a pacifier and have figured out how to rock her carseat or bounce her bouncy chair. It only took a few days of reminding you to be gentle and now you are a pro! I am so proud of you! Every morning, the first thing on your agenda is finding Ada and giving her a kiss. I love it! You had another teething spell at the beginning of the month. It was a couple days of laying around and cuddling with mama and then you bounced back. The bad news is the tooth didn't appear yet so we probably have another round ahead of us. We finished up your Fun at One class this month and started swim class. Once again, I am so proud of how you have taken to the water. Most of the other parents spend class trying to convince their child to get in the water. We spend class chasing pool toys and blowing bubbles! You love it! | You've been pretty frustrated this month when it comes to communication. I can tell you are on the verge of a language explosion but for the time being, you are struggling to tell us exactly what you want. I usually have you show me what you are trying to say but I know you just want to say the words. We have been practicing words when we take walks in the afternoon. You love repeating after me and your words are starting to get clearer the more we work at it. You have also started yelling/screaming when you are frustrated which I am trying to curb. You can jump on your mattress in bed but haven't figured out how to jump on the ground. Soon enough. We have started leaving the doorwall open during the day and you love the freedom of being able to go outside whenever you want.You have also started coloring a lot more this month and have taken an interest in arts and crafts. Fortunately, I have pinterest and there is no shortage of toddler craft ideas! All in all a pretty good month, little lady! Keep 'em coming!

32: We spent the week at Bar 10.

33: First time at the beach!

35: Madelyn's 20th Month | We went up north for 4th of July and you had a blast. You love riding the Ranger and the 4 wheelers and would tell us you wanted to "vroom vroom" whenever you wanted to go for a ride. You also went in the pond a few times via "boat boat" and loved it. We spent a day at Lake Huron and it was your first time at the beach! Again - you loved it! You had your first McDonald's fries on the way up north and you savored every one of those fries. We brought your potty upstairs but haven't really started potty training. It just serves as an option if you want to use it. You like to sit on your potty if you catch me in the bathroom. Moms really don't get alone time once they have babies. You can tell us if you are going #2 and a lot of the time, you let us put you on the potty for it. You then like to wave and say "buh bye poop" when we flush. You love pushing things around - strollers, grocery carts, your wheely bug, whatever you can get your hands on. We had play dates every Friday this month and Piper was in town the whole time! You also got to meet Avery! Overall, it was a pretty big month. Now if we can just get those teeth through, we'll be in good shape! | Miss M - you have been exerting your independence and opinions this month. Holy moly lady! I can tell you are beyond frustrated at not being able to talk. I also can feel some molars starting to poke through your gums. Combining these things with having to share your mama with Ada and creeping closer to those terrible two's has made this past month a rough one for you. Big hugs baby girl - we will get through it, I promise! I've found that keeping you on a schedule, especially "rest times" helps a lot because you tend to melt down pretty quickly when you are tired. We've started using time outs and I don't think you mind them. They help you "reset" and give you a change of scenery so we will keep using those as a method of discipline. There have been a lot of good things this month too! You absolutely love swim class, you little fish! The instructor was so impressed with your level of comfort in the water that she thought you were ready to get water poured on your head. After she did it, you looked at her like "no big deal. I do this every day". You also have figured out how to steer your four wheeler. This has made riding it a whole lot more fun! Dad had to teach you to stay out of the street but once you figured out to stay on the sidewalk, we were in business.

36: Madelyn's 21st Month

37: Much better month Miss. M! We cracked down on your "rests" and it has made a big difference. You also seem to realize that taking the time to show us what you want is much more successful than just yelling. Awesome work! You went to the dentist for the first time this month and did a great job. They didn't do a cleaning - just wanted to check for any major issues. Your teeth look fantastic. Your dentist did say you have a narrow palate - probably from your pacifier, but she is not concerned. You sweet talked your way into 2 toothbrushes, a ball and a little purse. We also went bowling this month but you were more interested in playing with the ball return. You had fun blueberry picking and ate your weight in blueberries. You are starting to show an interest in "grown up things". You like to help me clean the house and love using the little broom and dust pan. You could spend hours in my closet playing with my purses and shoes. Recently, you came into the bathroom while I was straightening my hair and insisted I do your hair also. You sat on the counter and stared at your reflection the entire time. Quite a little fashionista you are turning into! You are saying more and more words every day and have even started putting 2 words together. Your favorites right now are purple, bumbo and thank you. You also love more please! You have started using every toy we bring out for Ada before she gets a chance to use it. The Rock n Play, swing, bumbo, you name it. You still love your pacifiers but not really for sucking on. When I put you to bed, you insist on putting a pacifier on every single one of your fingers. I want to get a picture so badly but I keep forgetting! Favorites right now include pushing your babies in the umbrella stroller, riding your four wheeler, feeding yourself cereal and yogurt (and you do a great job!), watching Finding Nemo (we started letting you watch tv in short 10 min increments), and covering Ada in kisses.

38: Madelyn's 22nd Month | Girl! You never stop moving. Never. I've had a blast with you this month! You've got all your teeth now except for those last 4 molars. I have a feeling they are moving though because you've had your fingers in your mouth nonstop. I suspect you have allergies as well. Right about the time Uncle Caleb's allergies were driving him crazy you started getting a runny nose, were sneezing like crazy and had red eyes - poor little lady! You are starting to get into arts and crafts this month - loving crayons and coloring, stringing beads, and playing with musical instruments we check out from the library. You can even hold your pencil correctly! You've gotten better at climbing and jumping and we even started gymnastics class this month. You have the freedom to run around like a crazy woman and you just bounce off of all the equipment without hurting yourself. Plus we end the class with bubbles, parachutes and a stamp - your favorite class activities. You have made some pretty big strides in language this month and most people are able to understand what you are saying now. You are still obsessed with Finding Nemo and we let you watch a few minutes before bed. Every night after you get your jammies on, you beeline for the living room, grab the remote and bring it to the nearest person to turn on "ishhh, ishhh, ishhh". You then bounce up and down, beyond giddy until it starts. We are working on expanding your movie choices since Dad and I have memorized Finding Nemo. A close second right now is Lady and the Tramp. Favorite food right now is cheese. You would eat it all day, every day if I would just let you. Anytime you catch one of us in the fridge, you come running and open up the cheese drawer and point until we give you a string cheese. You've also started bringing us bananas out of the cabinet when you want one. Big news - you've started drinking milk and can ask for it by name! You also love peas still frozen. Forget thawing them, you want 'em right outta the bag. Your personality cracks me up on a daily basis. You love to count but can't articulate the numbers. I know you are counting because I see you moving your fingers and using the same inflections in your voice that people use when they count with you. Your favorite thing to do is to count 1,2,3 and then scream. We probably shouldn't encourage it but it is hilarious. You can match colors but haven't quite figured out the names of each color. Your favorite toy is your colored shape sorter. You also have started doing the actions to your favorite songs - "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "The Hokey Pokey". You have been quite a lover this month and won't go to bed without giving everyone in the house a goodnight kiss. I taught you eskimo kisses and you love doing those as well. Last bit of news - your eyes are hazel! I thought you were going to keep your blue eyes but they have slowly been changing and I looked at you this month and you definitely have hazel eyes. Just like your mama!

40: Madelyn's 23rd Month

41: You crack me up lady! I love hanging out with you! You still like counting and can say two. It goes something like this "da, two, da, da". You've also started saying your colors and are getting better at picking out the right color. It seems as though your favorite color is "bink" (pink), with "gween" (green) a close second. We've started working on some handmade Christmas gifts and you love any gift that involves your handprint or footprint. We have been practicing saying "trick or treat" but it comes out more like "ick OHH teat" Love it! You are really into music right now and love singing along to your Music Together cd. You also get really excited when songs you recognize come across pandora. You will run over the ipod, sing and dance along and then start signing more as soon as it is over. You also use your blocks as microphones. I will usually hold your finger up above your head while you twirl around and recently I caught you twirling in the kitchen with your hand above your head dancing by yourself. You love singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" in the grocery store. You can open the basement door and love letting the cats come upstairs so you can chase them around. That lasted about 2 weeks before Dad got tired of hunting for cats and put a child lock on the door knob. You are also very helpful around the house. You love to help me set the table and you will fill Ziggy's bowl with tiny handfuls of food every time you find it empty. You love taking care of your baby dolls and have started nursing them like mom. I've started taking you on Mom and Madelyn dates this month. I love the one on one time and you feel like such a big girl! Our favorite spot is Panera Bread. Speaking of big girl, we moved you out of the high chair and into a booster seat at the table with the rest of us. That worked wonders for your eating habits. You will eat anything we put in front of you right now - salad, falafel, soup, any fruits or veggies, anything! Watching you eat with your fork and drink out of a big girl glass makes me want to cry! I just can't believe what a little lady you are turning into.

42: Halloween 2012

43: We went to the Toledo Zoo for Little Boo with Grandma and Great Grandma. You loved playing in the jump house! We had a special Halloween dinner the night before and Ben led you on a spooky scavenger hunt! We kicked off Halloween with a creepy breakfast buffet. Then we went to the library for a special story time and trick or treated in the library. Later that day, Grandpa & Grandma Barish, Grandpa & Grandma Errigo and Aunt Molly came over to check out your costume! We trick or treated next door. Mr & Mrs Donahue loved your costume! We also trick or treated across the street but the weather was very cold and windy so we came back inside to warm up.

44: 2 years old! Where did the time go? You are turning into a lovely little lady, Miss M - I am honored to be your mama! Your language has exploded (again) this month. You can string together 2-3 word sentences and most of it makes sense! I told you that we were going to grandma's after breakfast and then asked you what you wanted to eat. You responded with, "no, num nums. gwamma's vroom vroom". I then told you that we would go after breakfast and you again responded with, "num nums. gwamma's". So - we got in the car and you ate breakfast at Grandma's. You can name most of your colors and can even tell the difference between purple and blue! Yellow trips you up but oh well. You love to sit and figure out a bunch of colors and then bring them to me and tell me what each color is. I am so proud of you! You have added another number to your memory bank - you know after TWO is THREE (or weeee)! You have also learned some more songs. Daddy loves singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" with you. Grandma's favorite is "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". I downloaded Wee Sing Silly Songs because I used to listen to it with Uncle Caleb and Aunt Molly when I was little - you LOVE it! Your new favorite DVD is a workout DVD. I will catch you doing squats and push ups while you watch it - so stinkin' cute! We have started teaching you some chores. You are now responsible for clearing your plate after eating and setting the napkins and silverware when we eat dinner. Stickers! Oh the sticker love has found it's way into our house! Gymnastics ended this month but we are going to keep attending the open play sessions since you loved it so much. You learned how to jump, do a somersault, hang from the bars and balance on the balance beam during gymnastics. I think we found a natural fit for you and will enroll you in another class in the Spring. We have started limiting the cheese in your diet. We have also started increasing your prune intake. I am sure you can guess why ;). Limiting the cheese wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. You asked for it a couple of times and I offered you something else instead and you would take it. We haven't cut it out completely because you don't have an intolerance - you were just eating entirely too much of it and really our whole family could stand to eat less cheese. It seems to have worked! We took you with us when we voted for president this year. You were very well behaved! We also went to Frankenmuth for our annual trip! I can't wait to see what the future brings!

45: Madelyn's 24th Month | 29 lbs - 33 inches

46: Madelyn Violet Barish

47: Madelyn's 2 year photos

48: Madelyn's 2nd Birthday | Your birthday party was at Capri this year. Each guest made their own pizza and all the kids got their own aprons. Your big gifts this year were a tricycle, a doll house, an easel, your first set of Legos, dress up clothes and fish! You also got a Lions jersey, bath toys, books, puzzles, blocks and more!

49: It's Party Time!

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