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BC: Think you know everything..... Lets check and see But I bet YOU don't know everything

FC: ABC Electricity Book | By: Madison Rose Johnson | All about electricity

1: E ~ Electrons An electron is a part of atoms it has a negative charge. The other thing in atoms are protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons stay inside the nucleus , but the electrons stay outside of the nucleus. Rubbing objects together causes the electrons to jump from one object to the other it's called Static Electricity. | ~2~

2: L~Lightning A discharge of static electricity is lightning. When the ice and water rub together,the electrons move. After they move they travel from the cloud to the earth and makes a big spark. Electrons form heat in the air by jumping around in the cloud. The air expands and creates thunder. | ~3~ | Lightning Bolt | Lightning is a form of electricity. | Lightning diagram shows three ways lightning moves.

3: E~ Electricity Way back thousands of years ago the Ancient Greeks discovered electricity. The Ancient Greeks discovered it by rubbing amber and fur together. Static electricity is a form of electricity. It's made out of atoms and atoms are made out of protons ,electrons, and neutrons. | ~4~

4: C~Charge Touching a door knob or anything causes the electrons from your body to go to the object. Did you know that it's called a discharge. A discharge can be felt as a shock other times it can be seen as a spark or heard as crackling noises. A positive with another positive charge pushes them away from each other. Two negative does the same thing as two positives. But a positive and a negative attracted each other. | ~5~

5: T-Technology Before they had electricity and technology people used oil and candles. Then Thomas Edison who came along and made light bulbs better. That was so people wouldn't have to keep buying light bulbs all the time. Now we have a bunch of things that use electricity to make life easier. | ~6~ | Light Bulb Thomas E. made light bulbs better he didn't invent them

6: R- Rod Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a big thunderstorm to prove lightning is a form of electricity. He then decided to make a lightning rod. The tall tower was made out of metal so it attracted lightning. It made a safe path for lightning. | ~7~ | Benjamin Franklin Ben flew a kite and made a rod

7: I~ Insulators Materials that don't allow electricity to go through it is called insulators. There are different insulators. The kinds are rubber,glass,wood,lastly air.Did you know plastic and rubber are insulators of electricity. | ~8~ | Rubber Rubber is a insulator.

8: C~ Circuits Objects that use electricity work on circuits. There are two ways to have a closed circuit. A series circuit takes one path. If a series circuit is broken the electricity stops or turns off. A house alarm is a series circuit because if a robber opens a window it breaks the series circuit and the alarm goes off. A parallel circuit is not together. That means if one breaks the others can still work. | ~9~ | Wires These have a circuit of their own

9: Contents Electrons page 2 Lightning page 3 Electricity page 4 Charge page 5 Technology page 6 Rod page 7 Insulators page 8 Circuit page 9

10: Glossary Circuits - A path for electricity to go through Technology- An object that uses electricity Lightning Rod- A thing that makes a safe path for lightning Electron- Is a thing that has a negative charge Nucleus- The center of an atom Discharge- Moves electricity from one thing to another Static Electricity- Is a form of electricity Proton- A positively charged particle found in a Nucleus of an atom

11: Neutrons- A neutral particle found in a nucleus of an atom Lightning- A form of electricity in the sky Insulator-A thing that doesn't allow electricity to go through it | neutrons,electrons,and protons.

12: INDEX Charge,page 5 Electricity,page 4 Electrons,page 2 Insulator,page 8 lightning,page 3 rod,page 7 Technology,page 6

13: Credits Mrs. Bowlby for pushing me farther....Thanks Google for pictures Madison for making the book

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