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Mallory Times

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S: Mallory TImes

BC: The End | Mallory Secor Mr. Leslie

FC: January 2012 | Mallory Times | All You Need to Know About a Vampire Squid | Reconstruction Meeting | Arch Vocab Words and Analogies

1: Page 1 Page 6 Page 8 Page 10 | All You Need To Know About Vampire Squids Reconstruction Meeting Arch Vocabulary Words Analogies | Table of Contents

2: ............................................ | All You Need to Know About a Vampire Squid | This is a picture of a Vampire Squid.

3: Down in the deep dark depths of the ocean where no human could ever survive, (trust us there has been archeology study of it) there are creatures so strange you would think that a archaeopteryx was normal. Some creatures have adapted to these extremes with light producing organs called bioluminescence. One of these creatures is called a vampyroteuthis infenalis or a vampire squid for short. The vampire squid is a tiny 6 inch phylogenies relict. Sharing qualities from both a squid and an octopus the vampire squid id a very unique member of the cephalopod family. Although little, this creature moves very fast. To help it move it has large fins at the top of its body. The vampire squid also has a siphon jet just under its mantle that shoots water through it to help this non-archaic animal move like a jet. The vampire squid is often mistaken for a squid or jelly fish because of its gelatinous form. Although with its eight arms that can turn the whole body of the | creature inside out it differs greatly from either of those. For such a tiny creature the vampire squid has very large red or blue eyes. In between the arms of a vampire squid is webbing which has two powerful beak like jaws to help with killing its prey and protection. At the tips of each arm a vampire squid can eject a thick cloud of glowing mucus. Vampire squids colors can differ from jet black all the way to a pale red color. Although it doesn't have the ability to change colors, it can glow when it needs to. Vampire squids can be found in 300-3000 feet below sea level in temperatures of 35-43 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this we don't know a lot about their feeding habits. Although it is believed that vampire squid eat prawns, copepods, cnidarians, and other small invertebrates. Seals, whales, and fish have all been found in the stomachs of vampire squid. if needed a vampire squid can go long periods of time without eating.

4: Much like feeding habits of a vampire squid what is known about the mating and breeding habits is very slim. Although we do know that the matriarch vampire squid breeds during any season and it doesn't matter where they breed as long as its within their water depth. (It can be in the archipelago region if needed.) The female vampire squids eggs are small and opaque. They are only about 8 millimeters in diameter. Scientists don't know very much about vampire squids, but everyday they are getting closer to discovering the truth. With new high tech equipment that can with stand the pressures of the ocean, the answers will show up soon enough. | A Vampire Squid with its arms over it whole body.

5: A sketch a a Vampire Squid.

6: Calling everyone who wants to help! What- A reconstruction meeting When- February 6th. 1870 5 o clock Where- John and Kelly's house right across from the church Why- To help get NC back into the Union and to be a fair state to ALL of NC citizens | Reconstruction Meeting | Sketches of the North Carolina Reconstruction Period

7: North Carolina has been in a very rough but necessary reconstruction period and we need your help! There will be a group meeting at John and Kelly's house on February the 6th if you are interested. North Carolina is not an anarchy or oligarchy state, but | the government is needing help with their reinforcements how to treat everyone fairly and like citizens. We will be discussing the new amendments added to the states constitution and how to stop the uprising white supremacy groups. Also on the agenda is to discuss how to keep up with the decrease in agriculture and the increase of factories and railroads. Everyone, freedmen and whites, are invited and wanted for input. Thank You. | Another Reconstruction Sketch

8: 1 Anarchy- A state of society without government or law 2. Archangel- A chief or principal angel 3. Archeology- The scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples. 4. Archaeopteryx- A reptile like bird, having teeth and a long feathered vertebrate tail 5. Archaic- Primitive; ancient; old 6. Archetype- The original, prototype, base 7. Archipelago- any large body of water with islands | Arch Vocab Words

9: 11. matriarch- the female head of a family or tribal line 12. monarch- a person or thing that holds a dominant position 13. oligarchy- a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few | 8. Architect- A person professionally engaged in the design of buildings 9. Archive- Documents or records relating to the activities of a person, family , etc. 10. Hierarchy- Any system of things ranked one above the other

10: 1. Archangel: Head angel ::Tired :Exhausted 2. Archetype: Duplicate :: Hot :Cold 3. Architect: Houses :: Engineer :Train 3. Archive: Wedding certificate :: Color :Red 4. Hierarchy: System of ranks :: Dull :Boring | Analogies

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