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Mapua/Vincent AKA the best project ever. CHILDRENS BOOK.

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2: Once upon a time, during 3500 BC through 450 BC, people came together to form CIVILIZATIONS. Most civilizations formed near water because there were more resources and there were also SILTS that helped them farm. Farming was a huge part of these civilizations and eventually people discovered IRRIGATION. Soon civilizations grew big, to where civilizations created city-states where each CITY-STATE would have their own government and ruler. Ruler after ruler, power passed down from generation to generation. Rulers from a single family are called a DYNASTY. With a great number of people in each civilizations, many cultures were brought together creating CULTURAL DIFFUSION.

3: What if people had not learned how to farm? If people in the Ancient River Valley Civilization had not learned how to farm then they would need to have other ways to supply food. Civilizations would change and people would need to find new ways to make money. Farming land would be covered by homes or factories. People would not spend all day farming, instead they would be looking for new jobs. This disrupts the economy because there isn't enough jobs for everyone. It could result in a lot of hungry and homeless people.

4: One of the civilizations later formed was the Greek Civilization. Those who migrated to Greek mainland in 2000 BC were known as MYCENAEANS. WESTERN CIVILIZATION also took place in the early Greek Civilizations. In 750 BC, POLIS's were created and they were made up of the city and its surrounding countryside, including many of the small villages. OLIGARCHY was the form of government that took place in Greece, where each polis enjoyed a close community. Greece is also very famous for their CLASSICAL ART, with their great Greek sculptors and gold statues.

5: What if Rome did not fall? If Rome didn't fall, then there would not be a split in the eastern and western empire. Trade would not have come to a halt in the civilizations, it would continue to spread. Travel would be easier because you would have no fears about going around in Rome. These times may not have been considered the 'dark ages' like they are today, because if Rome didn't fall, then some of the fear would be taken away from the civilization. Rome wouldn't be so dependent on its empire for funds. They would still be struggling with the political and economical problems that exist within the civilization, but they would have different ways of going about it.

6: The Post-Classical Era took place between 500-1500. During this time many civilizations expanded and had FEUDALISMs. The new religion of ISLAM also was spread around from country to country during this era. Many empires were also brought up including the empire of the MONGOLs. These Mongols went across the country taking over and destroying SERF after serf.

7: What if the Mongols had not opened the silk road to safe travelers? If the Mongols had not opened the silk road to safe travelers then transportation and trade would be harder and also take longer. Instead of taking a direct trip down the silk road, people would have to cross many obstacle, such as waterways. It would take longer to trade items due to the obstacles that slow them down, which means people will not get the supplies that they may need in time, and this process will slow everything down. The progression of the civilizations will be slowed down.

8: The time period from 500-1500, a time where new institutions gradually replaced those of the fallen Roman Empire, was also known as the MIDDLE AGES. During this time period, however, Germanic Kingdoms began to form. In these kingdoms the people called their leaders or the people that hold the power were called FRANKS. These German people began to adopt the religion of Christianity as well, and built MONASTERIES. Also, a man named CHARLEMAGNE, or Charles the Great,was known as one of the greatest leaders because he built an empire greater than any known since ancient Rome.

9: What if the Black Plague did not attack Western Europe? If the Black Plague had not affected Western Europe then the population would have been larger. There would be a lot less deaths, and you never know what those dead people could have contributed to the civilization. If this disease had not affected the civilization then we may not have developed vaccinations for it. Not as many people would have died from starvation because farmers wouldn't have to leave due to this disease. There would not have been a economical depression because they would still be making money from farming.

10: During the Renaissance, religion was the center of everything. The society was SECULAR and the people of Rome became PATRONS of the arts by buying many artworks.New ideas soon spread around and new inventions were made, like the PRINTING PRESS. Using the printing press, the inventor was able to print a complete Bible, which he called the GUTENBERG BIBLE. There were many reasons for the Reformation and one of the main reasons was that Martin Luther, a monk during this time, sold INDULGENCES. However,when Luther wrote 95 THESES, the Reformation officially began.

11: What if Gutenberg hadn't invented the printing press? If Gutenberg hadn't invented the printing press then information would not have gotten passed along as quickly. Things would not have been done on time. It would be more expensive to process the information which would take money away from the economy, causing issues there. Important ideas would not have been spread because people would have not had the time nor money to make copies of it. The literacy rate of people would be low because they don't have books to rely on.

12: The Enlightenment Revolutions brought many new ideas to the world. The SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION brought a new way of thinking for everyone. People in this era discovered many new manuscripts. They had reached a new level of knowledge. The HELIOCENTRIC theory, also known as the sun-centered THEORY was meant to help people understand about the planets, but did not accurately do this. A man named NICOLAUS COPERNICUS studied the planets movement and noticed that stars, the earth, and other planets revolved around the sun. A man named GALILEO GALILEI discovered the law of the pendulum and found that a falling object accelerates at a fixed time. The SCIENTIFIC METHOD was used to gather testing ideas and people used this to put all of their ideas that they have discovered together and test them to see if they worked how they thought they would. The Law of Gravity also took place in this era. ISAAC NEWTON helped discover these ideas. Many more new ideas where discovered within the Enlightenment Revolutions which brought so many new ideas to the world today.

13: What if the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists? If the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists then many new ideas and new inventions would not be in the world today. Also, if the colonists did not embrace these ideas, then many inventions and ideas we have TODAY may have never been brought up. Inventions such as the printing press would not be in the world yet, therefore ideas would not be able to spread around as quickly and efficiently.

14: World War I was a war that was fought between the Allies and the CENTRAL POWERS. The Allies where made up of the United Kingdom, Russian Empire, France, the United States, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Serbia, Romania and Japan, while the Central Powers where the German Empire, Austria-Hungarian Empire, Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Bulgaria. The war was caused mainly by competition. It was also caused by IMPERIALISM. The fight for colonies caused war. The people in charge needed to keep there men ready for the war, this is called MILITARISM. ALLIANCES began to form throughout World War I, One of which was the TRIPLE ALLIANCE which was made up of Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary. There goal was to ISOLATE France. Another alliance that was formed was the TRIPLE ENTENTE. This was made of Britain, France, and Russia. When all of these countries formed together they help each other in times of need. During the war people hid in trenches but where surrounded by bad things, this was called the TRENCH WARFARE. Soldiers would fight each other from trenches. After all of this trouble that every one went through, the Allies won the war against the Central Powers.

15: What if the Austrian heir to the throne was not assassinated? If the Austrian heir to the throne was NOT assassinated then World War 1 would not have started because of his death. World War I would most likely still start but not due to the death of the Austrian heir. World War I would have begun later on in time instead of on July 28, 1914. Since the war would have begun later on in time, many strategies and peace agreements would have not been made as well.

16: World War II was fought between the ALLIES and the AXIES. This was cause by Britain and France declaring WAR on Germany, which followed Germany's invasion of Poland. The U.S. had dropped ATOMIC BOMBS on Japan during the war. The HOLOCAUST was a major factor during this time. Hitler was an evil man who wanted to get rid of any group of people that did not fit his requirements. The holocaust ended when the allies invaded Germany. When Germany SURRENDERED, the people that where taken away where LIBERATED, which means set free. In the end the Allies won World War II. They gained land and defeated the Axies.

17: What if the U.S. had not dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan? If the U.S. had not dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan then World War II would have not ended as quickly as it did. Japan would still be fighting the U.S., especially since they had recently just bombed the U.S. at Pearl Harbor. If the U.S. had not bombed Japan, the chances of the U.S. winning the war would have been a lower percentage. Also, Japan would have had a much higher population then they do right now since thousands and thousands of people died due to the two atomic bombs.

18: After World War II, the Cold War was taken into affect. The Cold war was between the US and the Soviet Union. The Cold War was to get rid of some international crisis's that occurred such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Hungary, and the BERLIN WALL. Neither side ever fought each other, but they fought for their beliefs. The US, the SOVIET UNION, and sometimes China, tried to gain support for the THIRD WORLD which was trying to help NATIONS grow, especially those who where newly INDEPENDENT. Nations would meet at the Bandung Conference to discuss NONALIGNED NATIONS, which where independent countries. A man named FIDEL CASTRO led a revolution during the Cold War to overthrow there dictator leader. The Cold War ended after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, which makes people believe that the US won this ‘war’.

19: What if the Soviet Union had landed on the moon first and not the United States? If the Soviet Union had landed on the moon before the United States then the Soviet Union would get more popularity in the sciences than the United States. Plus, the famous quote of "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" would have not been around the world today. The United States is looked at greatly and with great honor, but with the great achievement of landing on the moon first, the U.S. has received many more awards and honorable mentions.

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