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Mark Beaty river valley civilizations

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FC: Mark Beaty River Valley Civilizations

1: 2,3- Mesopotamia 4,5- Egypt 6,7- Indus 8,9- China

2: Mesopotamia | Mesopotamia is located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and also known as the fertile crescent. | The Sumerians were polythiestic, meaning they belived in many gods. | Kings land holders and some priests made up the highest levels of Sumerian society. | The Sumerians created a system of writing called cuneiform. | The Sumerians created the number system based on 60, witch is used today for time. | The Sumerians were the first to employ city states. | In about 2000 B.C. nomadic warriors known as Amorites invaded Mesopotamia. Gradually, the Amorites overwhelmed the Sumerians and established their capital at Babylon. | Sumer's earliest governments were controlled by the temple priests. | The Sumerians invented the weel. | The Sumerians were the first civilization | The farmers belived the success of their crops depended upon the blessings of the gods.

4: Egypt | The Nile is the longest river in the world. | The villiages of Egypt were under the rule of 2 kingdoms, lower and upper Egypt | The Egyptians used Hieroglyphics to write | The Egyptians used slaves to build the pyramids | The Egyptians used papyrus to write on like paper.

5: To the Egyptians kings were gods. These god kings were called Pharaohs. | The Egyptians had a type of government called a theocary. | The kings were buried in whats called a pyramid because the Egyptians belived in etternal life for kings. | The Egyptians were polytheistic. | The Egyptians developed a calendar to help them keep track of time between floods.

6: Indus | The Indus valley was protected by mountians to the north and a large desert to the north. | The Indus river flows southwest from the Himalayas to the Arabian sea. | The uniformity in the Indus city planning suggests they had a strong government. | The Harappan had a grid system of cities with the important buildings in the center. | Indus was the beginning of the hindu culture witch was polytheistic.

7: The Harrappan civilization had a writing system but has not yet been decoded. | The houseing of the Harrappans suggest their social division was not great. | The game chess was invented in India. | The decimal and place system was invented in India. | Their are 300,000 mosgues in India, more than any other country.

8: China | Natural barriers isolated China from all other civilizations. | In the Chinese system of writing, each character generally stands for one syllable. | Shang society was sharpley divided between nobles and peasants. | In china they belived the spirits of family ancestors had the power to bring good fortune or disastr to living members of the family.

9: The Chinese had roads and canals, coined money, and blast furnaces. | China was ruled by dynastys. | Chinas first Dynasty was the Xia dynasty. | China had to Supply its own goods because of Geographic isolation. | Only about 10% of Chinas land was farmable. | In china they speak different languges but the writing could be applyed to all of them.

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