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Mary's 100th Birthday

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1: March 19, 2015 | The International Association for Volunteer Effort proudly presents this book to Ms. Mary Ripley in honor of her 100th birthday and her life's work with IAVE. Happy birthday, Mary.

2: To start a global organization with a purpose to “promote, strengthen and celebrate volunteer effort worldwide” was at once a simple and ambitious idea. It remains at the core of what IAVE does and is very much an anchor for those of us who are privileged to follow in your footsteps. The organization that you and your founding board colleagues began in 1970 continues I believe with ever-increasing relevance and the opportunity to make a real difference to how volunteering is perceived, supported and valued. Among the many things in your life, of this you should be proud. It was a great pleasure to meet you in Barcelona in 2004 at only my second IAVE conference and share with you a day at Gaudi’s impressive Park Guell. It was a lovely day, and though I cannot find the photos (!) one I have not forgotten. Thank you for the legacy, and future, that is IAVE and I hope that I may serve it well as those World Presidents before me have done. My very best wishes for a Happy Birthday or what we would say in Australian cricket parlance “a great century not-out”. KYLEE BATES IAVE World President (2014-) | 1994, Tokyo | 2014, Gold Coast | Dear Mary,

3: that I am proudest of is that I followed, in my own small way, in your gigantic footsteps at IAVE. And on and on through the years – lots of vodka for you and wine for me – lots of laughter and more than a few tears – shared triumphs and losses – memories of wonderful people who shared our commitments, even if we didn’t always agree with each other – the Governor, Joyce, Mr. Stone, Willard G from the “old days;” Olga, Eleanor, Ruth, Foster, Jacqueline, so many more from every corner of the world. You have been our constant, our conscience, our challenge. I owe you more than I can say. Thank you. KENN ALLEN IAVE World President (1996-2001) | Well, Mary, it has been a long road that we have traveled together since the day (probably in 1975) that you walked into my office at the old National Center for Voluntary Action, closed the door, sat down and announced that, as a volunteer leader of the organization, you were going to teach me how to do my job as staff support for a board committee. And you did – and I benefited – and I have passed it on every time I joined a board, confident thanks to you usually it is the volunteer leaders who know best about what they need in order to be effective. Then there was the day in 1980 when you persuaded (required) me to go to my first IAVE world conference, in Cret Berard, Switzerland. It opened my eyes to the existence of the global volunteer community and led, inexorably, to confirming my life's work. One of the things

4: I am so fortunate to be the one to deliver this ‘bundle’ of messages to you on your 100th Birthday. The IAVE family is so lucky to have benefited from the vision you and your friends had many years ago. I love telling the story about how a small group of WOMEN, who were volunteers, from around the world knew that volunteering was the bridge to cultural understanding and decided to start an association to promote volunteering. You should be very proud of what IAVE has become over the last 45 years hundreds of members, a history of twenty-three IAVE World Conferences; three IAVE regional conferences in 2015-- in Rwanda, Vietnam and Bahrain; hundreds of young people who know IAVE through the IAVE World Youth Volunteer Summit; fifty-five global companies in the IAVE Global Corporate Volunteer Council a new global network of National Volunteer Centers. all reinforcing the message to promote, support and celebrate volunteering around the world. Not too shabby. All the best Mary. Love, KATHI DENNIS IAVE Executive Director | My Dear Mary,

5: Dear Mary, VAN HARTE GEFELICITEERD! This is the way we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the Netherlands and that's what I want to say to you on your 100th birthday. I remember you from several IAVE World conferences and for a long time you were the grand and important lady who founded IAVE. It was not until I myself became a board member of IAVE to discover that you also are a lady with beautiful and exciting stories, told with a lot of humour! And most important of all: always open for new ideas and new people in the IAVE organization. Becoming 100 years old is an achievement, but becoming 100 years old with an open mind is an even bigger achievement. After so many years I think I can tell you the truth about the World conference in Amsterdam! Kenn and I had to decide who should push the red button on the stage to send the IAVE International Declaration on Volunteering into the world. After a very short discussion we decided to ask you: as founder of IAVE. But also because we thought that, because of your age, maybe you would not be able to attend other World conferences anymore! This was 2001 and see what happened: it is 2015 now and we are celebrating your 100th birthday! You fooled us all, but we are very happy with it. Dear Mary, I hope that you will have a beautiful birthday and I want to thank you for all the important work that you have done for volunteering worldwide. Warm greetings, THEO VAN LOON The Netherlands | Mary, I am very pleased to send you my own best wishes for your birthday and to let you know that your volunteer friends in Korea join me in saying, “Happy Birthday and thank you for your leadership of IAVE.” We recall the great honor you did us when you attended the 17th IAVE World Volunteer Conference in 2002 in Seoul. Your presence affirmed for us the importance of our growing Korean volunteer community. We wish you continued good health. KANG HYUN LEE IAVE World President 2008-2014

6: Happy birthday sister Mary! Many happy returns on your day. May God continually be your guide and guard. May your destiny be determined for good this year and may God exceed all of your life expectations this year and beyond. Congratulations my beloved sister ! Kind regards with love, REGINA EFAGENE (Nigeria)

7: Ruach Tova Israel | Dear Mary, Happy 100th Birthday! Thank you for your great contribution to IAVE. JOYCE YOON (Korea) | To Mary Ripley, A great example of how a determined, strong and sensible woman can do to change the world! Thank you for creating IAVE and take us to become giving and caring people! You're a joy!!! SUSANA BARNETCHE (México)

8: Mary, our IAVE Founding President, Happy Birthday! Your leadership and achievements made us proud! Volunteering has lightened up our lives! There has been a rapid growth in voluntarism in Hong Kong over the recent decades, people aged 15 or above who have volunteered increased from 22% in 2001 to 36% in 2009. The contribution amounted to US$709 million. FLORA CHUNG Agency for Volunteer Service IAVE Representative for Hong Kong | Dear Mary Ripley, Happy first 100 years! Every time, we live more years But we will live more and better, being volunteers! Your life shows us that lesson. Thanks for IAVE! Thanks for showing us How to give more life to the years! OSCAR BRAVO NR IAVE in Peru Vice-President CENAVOL Peru

9: What a great honour to be able to wish you joy and a perfect celebration on the occasion of your 100th birthday. You have given so much to the world of volunteering please know that the volunteering world honours and respects you with great affection. You have been a wonderful role model and a great friend. You have inspired thousands of volunteers and volunteer leaders from all over the world, and have certainly inspired my working life in the volunteer community for more than 30 years, and you continue to do so. I am grateful to you for your vision, your drive to make things work, the value you have always placed on volunteer work, and your great determination to see things through. You will know that we have just celebrated the 23rd IAVE World Conference in Queensland Australia, how perfect if would have been had you been able to be with us as you were here for the 9th World Conference in Sydney in 1986. I thought of you very often and drew strength from you on the not so easy days as we prepared for the 2014 Conference. Your spirit is very alive in IAVE Mary. You have given a great gift to the world. IAVE has impacted my life immensely. It has been a great honour to serve the organisation itself as well as the world wide volunteer community. Mary Ripley herself has inspired much of my working life in the volunteer community from the day I arrived in Bogota in Colombia to attend the IAVE World Conference in 1984, and thereafter through the amazing learning experiences that followed. In my own country Australia, I was inspired to reach out to establish Volunteer Centres in each State and Territory, and to play a strong part in the development and leadership of the national volunteering organisation Volunteering Australia at the same time contributing in any way I could to the development of our global work. Internationally under Mary’s guidance and the continued strength of the IAVE Board of Directors we have seen volunteering blossoming in countries all over the world and on every continent. We have worked together for World and Regional IAVE Conferences, to have the Year of the Volunteer designated by the United Nations, to develop an international declaration on volunteering, to encourage recognition of young volunteers, and corporate volunteering. IAVE has followed many pathways to have communities see volunteering leading to world peace, and to encourage striving for social cohesion through volunteering in local communities everywhere. What a special joy to see the V logo flying for the first time, in the streets of Nagoya in Japan in 1987, and to see it proudly displayed at all our meetings since then. Much love on your big day and every day, MARGARET BELL World President (1988-1996) | My Dear Mary,

10: Dear Mary, On behalf of IAVE Bangladesh , We wish you a happy birthday. We pray to almighty for a healthy long life. OMAR F. CHOWDHURY National Representative of Bangladesh | Dear Mary, It was in 1982 that I first met you in Oxford, where you braved college accommodation – and food, for what was my first IAVE conference. Subsequent meetings meant I was always in awe of your global knowledge and experience. And your laughter. I send you my gratitude and congratulations and good wishes for a great celebration (Having celebrated the Golden Wedding milestone in December). With much love, FOSTER MURPHY | Dear Mary, You have our warmest wishes during your 100-year birthday celebration! We still think back fondly on our trip to Barcelona to the IAVE conference in 2004 when Erik and I met up with you and Ellen. Not before or since have we ever witnessed someone who didn't speak very much Spanish hold a high-level political discussion with the taxi driver who didn't really speak English! with all our love, GWEN VAN ROEKEL & ERIK VAN TERTHOLEN (The Netherlands)

11: Happy Birthday Mary! | Dear Mary Congratulations! I hope this finds you well and looking forward to your hundredth birthday. You will, I guess, be well aware of the tide of excitement running along the IAVE airwaves, and I hope , smiling to yourself. Here in the UK Centenarians receive a personal birthday card from the Queen, delivered by hand by one of her envoys and generally much treasured.I have no doubt that IAVE members will deliver a veritable shoal of cards and greetings which have the added advantage of genuine warmth and sincerity for you our own very much treasured IAVE Centenarian. Mary, I want you to know that though you and I did not have the opportunity to get to know each other very well, throughout my time as IAVE President I had reason to be grateful for the legacy from and you all my predecessors of sound custom and practice, backed up by a framework of shared values and unquestioned commitment to the cause of volunteering. I track that back to the incredible work which you and your fellow Founder Members did to ensure that this new organisation would be fit for purpose. Being part of that group must have been the experience of a lifetime, so full of inspiration, so bold in its thinking, so determined to succeed. And there you were, Mary, a Leader among Leaders. One of the key insights from the outset must have been to raise volunteering to national and international levels by pointing up its capacity to foster partnership and progress at local community levels, which could be translated into creating links across cultures and countries . Hence the need for action at international levels to bring interested groups together to create networks. The first IAVE World Conference followed. Who would have thought it-- a WORLD CONFERENCE ON VOLUNTEERING? What chutzpah! What glamour, packing a bag to go to a WORLD CONFERENCE! So much for 'only a volunteer'. The IAVE Founders not only thought it , but went on to make it happen and to make the Wold Conferences one of IAVE's trademark offerings. It seems to me that thinking and planning on this kind of scale from the outset also created in some way the kind of mental space that made later development less daunting than it might have been, had IAVE been constrained to think like a small organisation. Mary, I am enormously grateful to have had the opportunity to be one of your successors, and to have benefited from your wisdom and inspiration. I have two pictures of you in my minds eye at this moment, one at a Board meeting in an Edinburgh hotel, and one in a harbour-side restaurant in Barcelona, during the Barcelona Conference. Your smile is unforgettable in both. With love and best wishes, LIZ BURNS IAVE World President (2001-2008)

12: Happy birthday Mary!!! I really don't know what my life would be without volunteering and when I found IAVE it was like if life was giving me this amazing gift. Getting to know people from all around the world that we can share dreams and experiences with, people that we can learn from, create partnerships and strengthen all our efforts to build a better world is wonderful. It is really an amazing experience and it couldn't happen without you. I haven't had the pleasure to know you but when I see how IAVE is today I have no doubt that it was founded by an extraordinary person. Volunteering has changed so many lives and we will do our best to continue your legacy. I want to thank you for being such an inspiration! CARMEN CHAVARRIA IAVE National Representative for Guatemala | Dear Mary, I have personally known you for more than twenty years. Our paths have been crossing during the IAVE meetings and conferences. You have always been a source of inspiration not only to me but to so many other volunteers around the World. We would like to thank you for your continued support for the cause of voluntarism and on the special occasion of your birthday, the volunteers of Mauritius wish you the best of everything that life has to offer including health and prosperity. My best wishes and kind regards, MAHEN BUGOSPAUL IAVE National Representative for Mauritius

13: Dear Mary Ripley, The time has come for you to place 100 candles on your cake on March 19, 2015. During the 11th IAVE World Conference in Paris, I had to the opportunity to meet Mary Ripley, a great and wonderful person who changed the world with her personal conviction for volunteering,and who provide a national and international sense of solidarity for voluntarism to the world. Mary, I am the child of Africa (Benin to be precise), a country which you have adopted and constantly shower with your affection and great love. You remain a role model for me. You are a symbol for voluntarism and you bring so much satisfaction to all those who you have gathered together under one home, IAVE. Happy Birthday to you dear Mary Ripley! NORBERT FANOU (Benin) | Dear Mary, My name is Rina Garcés, I am IAVE's National Representative In Ecuador. I live and work in Guayaquil in ACORVOL, partnership coordinator of volunteering of Guayas, which is a non-profit organization, that has for 41 years strengthened the affiliated social service institutions, which at the moment are 71, through training, promotion, and coordination services so that they can thus intervene more efficiently in the integral development of the vulnerable groups in our community, giving the highest priority to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. I love working for IAVE, we have formed a real family that is always communicating and getting stronger all around the world. I wish to congratulate Maria on their 100th birthday, thanking for his dedication to voluntarism. That God fill you with blessings . A big hug for her and best wishes.. Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world RINA GARCES IAVE National Representative for Ecuador

14: It is an honour to join the IAVE family in wishing our beloved Mary Ripley our sincere prayers for a healthy and relaxing longevity. Your sincere smiles are always remembered by me. It has been a pleasure to work with you through IAVE. I am now working on doing RSVP through APFAM International as now I am its Volunteer VP and Executive Director. Something that had been instilled in me by Mary and her RSVP. HASSAN KHAN Fiji | Dear Mary, You are a blessing to so many volunteers worldwide. May your 100th birthday bring you all the happiness, hope and love you've given away freely! We love you! AMELITA GO Philippines

15: Wow! It seems only a few years ago I met Mary Ripley who had an aura around her, and whispers in volunteer circles of her greatness in the pursuit of volunteer effort on a global scale. Mary, your aura was one of sincerity, friendliness, honesty and most of all, energy. The whispers were all positive,usually had a yarn associated with the whisper,and the humour associated with your saged advice, made a person want to be your friend. Since meeting you at the Paris IAVE world conference..I think in 1980I’ve held you in high esteem and respect, admired your leadership skills, valued you as a colleague, and most importantly..felt you are a lifelong friend. May your 100th birthday be joyful, and may you know that your friends around the world wish you well. STAN FISHER Canada | Mary, From New Zealand I would like to wish you a very happy 100th Birthday. What an amazing milestone. Although we don't know each other, I understand that you have been instrumental in establishing IAVE. I recently attended my first IAVE event, the World Conference on the Gold Coast. It was an inspiration to be with all these interesting and knowledgeable people who share the same passion as I do. So thank you for having the vision all those years ago! I wish you a happy and healthy year ahead. HELGA WIENTJES New Zeland

16: Like IAVE, the Junior League was founded by a Mary – Mary Harriman. In 1901 our Mary had a vision of an organization of volunteers who could make meaningful differences in their communities and the world. Today, The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI) is a network of 150,000 women volunteers in four countries and a very proud member of IAVE. We salute Mary Ripley and her vision of a global volunteer network. Here's to the Marys!! SUSAN DANISH IAVE National Representative for U.S. | Happy Birthday to Mary, From Mary | Dear. Mary Ripley Happy birthday Mary Ripley I hope more 100 Year for your life Many thanks for create and support IAVE network. My story with the IAVE I learned a lot and now I have a large number of friends around the world to share the experiences and expertise for the development of humanitarian volunteer work. IAVE contributed to the improvement in my country and worlds, I learned that volunteering is one message in all countries, but there are a thousand ways to present. IAVE contributed & changed my style to dealing with the volunteers and voluntary organizations. ENG. OSAMA MUSTAFA SULIMAN IAVE National Representative for Sudan | Happy Birthday Mary! VOLUNTEERING KOREA IAVE National Representative for Korea | Happy birthday dear Mary! By creating IAVE, you gathered all the people from every corner of the world to allow them to realize the value of “volunteering”, to help each other while at the same time giving the idea of celebrating this noble act. I think this is the best way to embrace peaceful and sustainable development. As a women activist, I couldn't even describe how glad and happy I am to see a legendary woman behind IAVE. IAVE is our home and we will bring it to top. Thank you very much again. AMALKHER DJIBRINE SOULEYMANE Chad

17: Dear Mary, May you be blessed with good Health and Happiness. I have fond memories of participating in IAVE meetings with you in Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Australia and in Canada. We shared the experiences gained and lessons learned in our efforts to promote Voluntarism. This helped us to understand, respect and serve humanity. I have continued to serve the Outward Bound School Sabah as a Trustee, a Mental Hospital as Chairman for the Board of Visitors, and the St. John Ambulance as its Commander , besides other social service initiatives over the years. Having served in an Ashram in India for several years, that promotes Yoga and Meditation, I now assist in promoting Yoga, Meditation, relaxation and related activities that promotes self realization and and self awareness Internationally.. Mary, best wishes to you on your 100th Birthday Lots of HUGS - may you live joyfully and spend the rest of your life gracefully. Much Love, RAJAH INDRAN Malaysia | Dearest Mary, I am Silvia Meruvia-Landers, originally from Bolivia and a long time member of IAVE (1986). I gathered a few pictures of people that came together to break bread and to talk about the purpose of IAVE back then in time. I first meet you when Olga Pizano was President and since then have been close to IAVE and now serve once again on the Board (2015). There is one phrase that has always stuck in my mind and heart when I heard and learn about IAVE - this in regards to your vision and understanding of volunteering - " IAVE as an organization and as IAVE members combined, serves as a bridge of understanding in our communities" and that that particular principle and value is "what supports, cares and strengthens one side or the other in our volunteer family". Thank you for the inspiration Mary! Yesterday was the 110 anniversary for Rotary International, and a lot was said about Paul Harris. Today, as we celebrate your birthday, I wish you a wonderful day, may all the seeds you've saw are good and sought to harvest and may we have many many more IAVE volunteers. Muchas felicidades querida Mary! Muchos abrazos, SILVIA M. LANDERS IAVE National Representative for Bolivia

18: Dear Ms. Mary Ripley On behalf of Oman Association for Consumer Protection, Sultanate of Oman It is our great pleasure to wish you a happy birthday, 100 years of memories and 100 years of life...You are very special and surely honor is due for all the great experiences that life has given you. You've done more in a lifetime than others can only dream, and you are the most amazing 100 year old that most have ever known or seen! Happy birthday! With my best regards SAID BIN NASSER AL-KHUSAIBI Chairman Oman Association for Consumer Protection | Dear Mary, Thank you for shining a light on volunteering worldwide. Your ideas and passion will always be the essence of IAVE. Happy birthday, RAAIDA MANNAA IAVE Secretariat Member | Dear Mary, I joined IAVE last year and I would like to thank you for the great job you have done for the whole world. I recently had a meeting with the young girls at the orphanage where I work. We talked about volunteering and your great work. The children and I wish you a happy birthday! KOKOU EDOUWOSSIE Togo

19: All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. - Helen Keller | Mary, Congratulations on your 100th birthday and best wishes from Northern Ireland. It is a testament to your vision and founding leadership that IAVE 40 + years on still plays a key international role for the recognition, promotion and support for volunteering. Indeed where would the world be without the caring and dedication of its volunteers! Have a wonderful celebration and know that your IAVE family is thinking of you. Warmest regards. WENDY OSBORNE OBE IAVE Board Member | Dear Mary, Volunteers from Russia give to you our sincere congratulations and wishes of happiness, good health and long life! We are extremely grateful to you for what you gave birth to: a brilliant idea - to create IAVE Mary, you are a real Mother of volunteers around the World! It is a great honor to be personally acquainted with you, to be able to learn from you, admire you, to charge the power of your spirit! I warmly recall our meeting and I very much hope to meet you again at the IV IAVE World Conference! GALINA BODRENKOVA Russia | Mary, Feliz Cumpleaños & Best Wishes! | OLGA PIZANO, ARGELIA MELO & MARIA TERESA RUIZ GNECCO

20: I have many vivid memories of Mary Ripley from before, during and after my time on the Board of IAVE as representative for North America. Mary is to me the personification of IAVE and what it stands for. From its small beginnings in her living room to an international network of volunteers working in and through small organizations or large, rooted in communities and personal relationships but dedicated to a vision of a world made better by tolerance and freely given service. Some memories: The first is from Japan in 1994 when she swooped down on me and took me to task for Canada’s failure to get on board with IAVE. Mary is tolerant of all races, creeds, nationalities etc. but not of folks who failed to stand up and do their part. I didn’t know what hit me but was fortunately in a position with my compatriot Stan Fisher to help bring Canada into the IAVE fold and make Mary happy. We consolidated the a friendship the next year at a Volunteer Canada conference in Montreal at which Mary played a big role. She was delighted by a Sunday morning breakfast meeting of conference delegates eager to learn more about IAVE and get involved Canada had redeemed itself! | I recall sharing a taxi with Mary in Amsterdam where the IAVE Board was meeting in 2000 to plan for the IYV conference in 2001. I was reminiscing about the last time I had been in Amsterdam in 1966 as a hitchhiker staying in the youth hostel. Mary was able to top my memories as she reminisced about her first time there in 1933 when she was on a world tour with her mother. She was able to capture in her stories a Europe teetering on the edge of the coming disaster. I remember a wonderful visit with Mary at Riptide, Mary’s summer retreat in Washington State, in the summer of 2001. It was a wonderful spot where Mary’s friend came and went and of course we indulged a more than a couple of vodka’s during the visit. From there Mary drove me to Vancouver, an interesting experience in itself, where we connected with several IAVE people who were attending a Civicus conference connected with a Volunteer Canada Forum. I want to wish Mary a very Happy 100th birthday. What a legacy she has given us and the world. SANDRA MURPHY IAVE Board Member (1998-2004) | Mary Ripley-Reminiscences

21: Hi Mary This is Phra Win Siriwatthano Mektripop, National Representative of IAVE Thailand. I joined IAVE family 9 years ago. I share and promote voluntarism since Tsunami in Thailand. That's time when Volunteer Spirit Network start up to ignite voluntarism in Thailand. I just know start up of IAVE and your story through "A portrait of a Life of Service" recently. Volunteer Action Now is one among great footprint of human beings. 100 years of your footprint make great leap to Volunteer Spirit Generation. Gen. V There's no system can sustain life of beings than "Pay it forward" system. Volunteer Life is the key. And you share this without much word but more Action. Our loss is our Gain. Let the appreciation of your merits in Light up global voluntarism keep your health Smile. I'm not good speaker and writer. Voluntarism is one of best communication in mine life. I leave message of His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand: “Keeping one's dignity is like establishing Dharma in mind. So, whether you will move forward or step back with or for dignity, it is the virtue that is equally admired.” PHRA WIN IAVE for National Representative Thailand | Mary, God bless you and the people you love, most especially the volunteers all over the world! Mabuhay! TIMOTHY G. GABUNA Philippines

22: Dear Ms. Ripley, Congratulations on your 100th birthday! Though we have never met (so far!), I am happy to share the impact that your starting IAVE many years ago has had on me. I started an employee volunteer program for the employees of the government department where I work in Canada three years ago and I have a vision of enabling governments and intergovernmental organizations throughout the world to facilitate volunteering by their employees - public servants - who are interested to do so. There are already a few of those programs in the world (I found about 40 so far) but the potential is far greater. Given that there are more than 200 millions public servants in the world, I think that these kinds of programs can leverage many millions public servants to get into the game of community service. I took a leave without pay last year from my work and volunteered for IAVE to do the compilation of existing programs and to prepare a white paper on how to further advance globally these kinds of programs (including outreaching to governments to invite them to consider creating such programs for their own public servants). There have already been talks to the effect that an international network of such programs, hopefully soon to be created, could potentially be hosted under the auspices of IAVE. Being able to work under the institutional umbrella of an organization like IAVE is key and essential at this point in enabling the further global advancement of employee volunteer programs in governments and intergovernmental organizations. So thank you so much for having created this infrastructure that allows all kinds of initiative to flourish and expand in reach and scope way beyond what would have been possible if individuals like me and others would not have had the possibility to transfer their individual initiatives under IAVE's credible name. Without you, the bigger scale mobilization of public servants throughout the world to serve as volunteers in their communities would have been far more difficult, if not impossible. Thank you for your vision and many sacrifices to make this world a better place. I, and through me the people that I serve, are deeply grateful to you. Regards, KARINE GRATTON Canada | From the Board of Trustees of IAVE Philippines, we wish you, Mary, a very happy birthday! IAVE has grown into a vast network of volunteers across the globe because of your foresight and leadership. IAVE will be indebted to you forever. Godspeed! IAVE PHILIPPINES IAVE National Representative for the Philippines

23: Dearest Mary, First, forgive my bad English which prevents me to express properly all the deep feelings I have in my heart of love, friendship, admiration, wishes of all kinds for you !!!! I met you so long ago, Mary...It was at the second Los Angeles IAVE meeting (1976?) I attended it with my sister-in-law Germaine Vernaison who attended the first meeting and described it to me as a gathering of extraordinary people, full of love, energy, courage and ideas to transform the entire world and let it become peaceful and friendly to all human beings through VOLUNTARISM. That was the MAGIC word !!! And Germaine and I, left this meeting with a burning faith in the power of voluntarism, and, as néophites, extremely decided to expand this new belief in all European countries... Which we started immediately, with the creation of AVE ( Association for the Voluntarism in Europe ) and the CENTRE NATIONAL DU VOLONTARIAT in France, and the creation of several National Volunteer Centers in different European countries ( Belgium, Netherlands, England, Italy) You were, dear Mary, among this very few people we met in Los Angeles which could have "transported mountains" and I know the great affection and admiration Germaine had for you and that I rapidly shared with her . So many meetings after kept us very friends and close, and it's impossible to tell all the places we visited together in the world...... But my best souvenir is in Moscow, around a glass of "bloody Mary" (the vodka was running quite easily there, and you didn't dislike it, didn't you?) Together with Iouri Permiakof, our dear Russian organizer and chairman of the meeting, you passed one night trying with him and some others to rebuild the world......What interesting, passionate and funny discussions we had till......early in the morning, where it was difficult to finally find your room in that immense blockaus especially reserved to the foreigners visitors... All the stars are not shining the same way in the sky, but you are one of them which is so brilliant, so coruscant that it will lighten our sky a long, very long time after we shall have all disappear... Love, love, love dear Mary, and HAPPY 100th ANNIVERSARY !!!!! JACQUELINE COUSTÉ

24: Happy Birthday Mary!! You gave so much of yourself and as a result have inspired the world. IAVE continues to grow and flourish. I so love the fact that a fellow Californian started it and helped propel it towards the organization we know today. An origination that works with individuals, NGOs, governments and corporations to utilize their time and talent to tackle some of our most challenging issues. So, as we salute your special birthday, I thank you for what you have done to encourage more volunteering around the world. All my best, JEFF HOFFMAN | Dear Mary Ripley, Congratulations! Turning 100 years of age is truly a special blessing that only a few special people get to experience. The last time that I saw you I believe it was in New Delhi, India and we were having dinner. You, Kathi and I were at the table together. I can't remember who else was at the table with us. Where did the time go? I wish I could be with you to share this joyful, once in a lifetime 100th birthday celebration! You are truly an inspiration and I only hope that God will bless me to see my 100th birthday. My wish for you is that you enjoy each and every minute of every day, and that God will continue to bless you with many more birthday celebrations. Love, DEBRA COOPER

25: Dear Mary, Happy Birthday, Many Many Happy Returns of the Day . Congratulations as you have traveled so far -of a life which is indeed a heroic legacy of planting the seed of the ‘big banyan tree’ of IAVE sitting in your drawing room and nurturing its growth with few of your friends in one corner of the world so that it now embraces the globe. I still remember the first day I met you along with my husband Prof. Subhachari Dasgupta in Washington D.C. You revealed to me as a serene and calm soul just like the scene of an ocean after it has faced a strong torpedo that passed over it. Our country, India , with whom you will always have a special connection, is now truly recognizing volunteering as governments are being elected through a storm of reformist wishes of volunteer citizens on your 100th birth year. We love you Mary and may you lead us through another century! Love, APARNA DASGUPTA | Dear Mary, My mother, husband, brother and sister-in-law join me in congratulating you on your graduation to becoming “believe it or not” a centenarian! Having heard about you from my father Prof. Subhachari Dasgupta who was then on the Board of IAVE, It was a priviledge to meet you at the IAVE Asia Pacific Volunteer Conference in 2001, the UN International Year of the Volunteers at New Delhi. Strong as steel, soft as a flower is what I felt when your face lit up with your smile. It was amazing to learn that you have actually met Mahatma Gandhi as a young girl and who knows maybe something thereafter worked at the back of your mind to consider setting up IAVE with your friends and initiate so many bridges of understanding across cultures. I specially remember spending wonderful times with you at the IAVE Conference in Barcelona, where you were accompanied by your lively friend Ellen Linsey, who became my friend almost instantaneously. The warm afternoon spent together at Gaudi’s Park Guell laid the seed of a memorable IAVE World Conference at New Delhi, India in 2006, where our present IAVE President Kylee Bates was also there. It was also a very rich experience that I am most grateful for having received a fellowship from your friends at the “American Women for International Understanding” to study at the National Training Laboratories” at Bethel on Organization Development and stay with Ellen and in the homes of many wonderful women. Your gusto for life, makes every meeting so special, it would be wonderful if you could come up with a book titled “ Secret Recipe for Life”, so others may be inspired as I have been, to dedicate my life to Volunteering. Love you Mary! C. INDIRA DASGUPTA

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