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S: Me


1: What is me? This book is me. I am me. My school is me. My home is me. My name is me. Taylor is me. My life is me, and me is my life. Reading this book is to know about me, to know about me is to know my life. To know my name. To know my home. To know my school. To know I. To know "what is me?"

2: Likes Football Baseball Life God Playing the drums Playing the guitar Singing Listening to music Firefighting My house | Dislikes Taking out the garbage Sin The devil Fighting Sadness Death Fire My computer crashing while I'm working on a project Losing money Math

3: It's my room! Keep out! If you want to come in knock first, its really not that hard. Just follow these instructions: Stand in front of closed door, raise hand, make fist, hit fist on closed door, wait for a response. Thank you. | To me my room is like a big trophy of my life, a big trophy that will never stop growing. Why is it a trophy? Because everything in it represents a point in my life. This includes the trophies on my wall to the stains in my carpet. I am my room, and my room is me. The only thing about my room is people enter it without permission all the time and change something, so now my trophy has a smug, because someone grabbed it. In other words my room is not only stuff in my life but that persons now too. But with a quick wipe off, my trophy is mine again.

4: Personal Metaphors Animal: Spider monkey because i can be really hyper but they after a long time it just gets annoying. Car: Fire Truck because i want to be a firefighter when I get older. Article Of Clothing: Blue Jeans because blue jeans are kind of for the country and I live in the country. Day of the week: Friday because on Fridays everyone starts off ready to work and at the end everyone gets tired and thats how my personality starts every day. Color: Black because its every color. Movie: Ladder 49 because I respect the NYFD and NYPD because of their bravery during September 11th. Fragrance: Smoke because every time I come back from the station my parents tell me I smell like smoke. Type of building: A house because theirs no place like home. Plant: A vine because I just keep growing and growing upward Musical Instrument The drum set because you can always tell how I feel when you listen to me playing the drums.

5: Geometric Shape: A triangle because I believe in the Christian Trinity. Piece if Furniture: A bed because I never want to get up in the morning. Song: Live Like your Dying, by George Strait> Because I try to live life that way. Season of the Year: Fall (in Texas) because I'm cold and bitter in the mornings and warm and lively in the afternoon just like Fall is. Television Character: Steve Irwin because I'm always discovering new things. Cartoon or Comic Character: The Rugrats because I'm always discovering new things. Appliance or Machinery: A TV because just like it stares at me, I stare right back. Natural Phenomenon: Global Warming because ever sense I was little my parents taught me about it. Word: ME because it represents my name.

6: The Christmas Football When my Grandpa was a little kid his family was very poor. For Christmas they would usually get a new pair of shoes or a pair of gloves. But one year they received a new football. In the excitement of getting this new, glorious, football him and his brother ran outside to start playing catch. But with a wrong slip of my grandpa brothers hand he threw it right into the street and in front of a car. The football was ran over and destroyed. Now, you would think that my grandpas bother was horrible at football. But no, he grew up to be a NFL linebacker for the Green Bay Packers from 1958 to 1964. He was on the cover of the v15 i25 sports illustrated, played in 1 pro bowl, and made the Packers hall of fame. Can you say irony?

7: Things to do when bored 1. Make funny faces in the mirror 2. Flip through the stations on my radio over and over again, never stopping. 3. Sing a random song 4. Make an obstacle coarse or some sort of challenge and get through it. 5. Try to see how long i can hold my breath. 6. Flip the lights of and on to make it look like a strobe light. 7. Twist old metal clothes hangers into random objects.

8: How to make a bear mad: 1. Make animal noises 2. Through rocks at it 3. Walk up and hit it 4. Jump around in front of it 5. Tease it with food 6. Cover yourself in honey and run around it in circles. 7. Tease its cub 8. Steal its food 9. Steal its cub 10. Through dirt in its face

9: My Future and the World Why I want to be in the fire service is a very hard thing for me to explain. Their are many different reasons, but one big reason is whats going on in the world at the moment. We are at war with shadows. People who hide, lie, attack, then kill innocent people. A big example of this are the corrupt events that occurred on September 11, 2001. The first responders to the seen knew the large possibility of not coming back out of these buildings so they were giving an option to go in or not. More then half of the responders went in. Not for money, honor, or respect. But because they knew that if nothing was done then the people in the towers would lose their lives that day. I saw the sadness that showered America and there was nothing I could do. With other personal reason I realized that the fire service is what i wanted to do for the rest of my life.

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