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Me Project

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S: Family Studies

FC: "me" project HIF101 Mrs.Dricoll Wed.Sept.29.2010 By, Rupinder Mangat

1: Chapter 1 pg.2 Physical- Look How I've Grown Chapter 2 pg. 4 Intellectual- Things I have learned Chapter 3 pg.6 Social- People I like to be with Chapter 4 pg.8 Emotional- Things I like doing Chapter 5 pg.10 Moral- This is Important to Me Chapter 6 pg.12 General- Times Have Changed | Table of Contents

2: Physical development is a really fun experience in your life. As you are a infant, you get to gain control of your senses. You learn to recognize voices, get to experience a number of tastes, and you learn how to make hand- eye co-ordination. When I was a baby I used to grab items that you can squeeze and press on and put it into your mouth. When you get a little bit older, like about one to three years old you are known as a toddler. Toddlers at that age start to experience more skills. These skills are called motor skills, what they do is they learn how to walk and climb. Also, while they learning how to walk and climb they often fall a lot. In my experience, learning how to walk was a really hard task for me, I would always prefer to sit crossed legs than walking. I knew how to walk at the age of two which sounded to late for me to learn how to walk. | Physical | Look How I've Grown | As you started to gain more knowledge, you started to go to preschool. Children ages three to five were known as preschoolers. Preschoolers have more control of their body in this age, so they challenge themselves to more complex tasks such as riding a bicycle, and learning how to use a scissor to cut paper. I would always go to preschool and mostly just do arts/crafts; i.e. paint a school, draw a playground. I would also interact with my classmates and play during break/recess time. Now, that you've learned the main concepts, you apply them in the age of five to ten which is known as school-age children. School-age children grow but, much slower. For Example; baby teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. In school, I learned how to tie my shoelaces and I learned how to dance. The last stage is older school age children aka teen. At the age of eleven to thirteen teens have a lot of energy and their fine motor skills/large motor skills have become much better. When I was about thirteen I reached the stage where you get your periods. That stage was kind of awkward for me but, that's the why your body works in physical development.

4: Intellectual | Things I have learned | Intellectual development is where infants begin to learn that things are permanent. Babies begin to understand that things continue to exist even when its not in sight. What I learned is that when I used to cry their were many different reasons for that hunger, pain, and anger. As a toddler, you begin to acquire language and spatial concepts. At this age children learn concepts such as bigger and smaller. When I was toddler I used to point at things that I wanted, such as if I point to the pencil, I would get it. So, I learned that just by using gestures another person can understand what you want. | When you're a preschooler, you begin to learn letters and numbers. Counting was an important skill. Verbal skills were improving as you got older and vocabulary too. Children at this age have learned somewhat of rules and the concepts of right and wrong. When I went to preschool I always used to ask questions started off with "why" or "how". As a school age children you are starting to develop the reasoning and inquiry skills. School-age children spend more of their time thinking about how things work and why things happen that why. When I was a school-age children I knew the main concept for everything i.e. understand time and date. In every stage I learned something new in intellectual development.

6: th | After I while, you become big enough to become a preschooler. Preschooler find more children that are there age to play play with. Preschoolers make friends and also "best friends". When I was a preschooler, I always used to like playing with my friends rather than studying. School-age children begin to choose relationships with friends. Children at this stage learn to take some responsibility for their own behavior and are more sensitive and concerned with feelings of others. This way they learn the reasons behind rules and guidelines. The last one is older school- age children. In this stage you hang out more with your friends than families. As you hang out with friends you are sometimes forced to do something. When you're forced its called peer pressure. In my experience I had a lot of fun with my friends, we always joke around, go to fun places such as wonderland. | Social | People I like to be with | Social is where infants begin to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar faces. When I was a infant I used to only recognize people's faces that were mostly with me at all times. As you get a bit older your social development increases. Therefore, as a toddler you do something which is called parallel playing. Parallel playing is when you're still in your own world, but you may just be beside another child. As a toddler I always used to play a games called "duck, duck, GOOSE". It was a really fun game to play if you were a toddler.

8: Emotional | When you are a infant, you begin to develop trust with caregivers. Feelings of love is important in order for the baby to thrive. When I was a infant it was important for my mom to change my clothes, give me food when I was hungry and, to change my diapers. Without her I wouldn't have been where I am at this point. As you are a toddler, you begin to develop a sense of yourself. At this time they begin to have feelings of pride at being able to do something on their own. They look for support from those around them. As a toddler, I enjoyed listening to music and dancing to it because it was my passion and its fun. | In a little while, you are a preschooler you learn empathy. Preschoolers begin to understand other people's feeling and to control their own. Verbal skills help children to talk about their feelings, especially their fears. I always liked going by the rules because you always had a safer environment. When you're a school-age children you are anxious to please others and often worry about being good academically and in other areas, for example dance. When I was a school-age children I always wanted perfect in everything that I did. For Example, math, science, dance, gym, and etc. I still always think that I want a perfect mark like I want a perfect mark for the "Me" project. Mostly, I do get the mark I want. | Things I like Doing

10: Moral | This is Important to me | There are lots of things important to me in life. Some things are parents. Parents are important to me because, they are the ones who I got my values from. My parents helped me in any struggle that I was facing as I grew. They are the ones who reached me up to this point. Some things that are important to me is education. Education is important to me because, without education you can't get a proper job. Such as a doctor, engineer, and a accountant. Therefore, thats why I try my best in every single subject. | The last thing that is important to me are my friends because, they helped me around the school environment. Also, they are nice to talk to if there is anything wrong. They can help you in your homework if the teacher didn't have time. Some things that I value is my house, clothes, education, body image, and electronics such as an ipod.

12: Times have changed | In the past years and now, times have changed. First, you were a infant, toddler, preschooler, school-age children, and now a teen. Back then you didn't know how to speak, write, eat, do math+science, and read. Now, you've grown and also grown your knowledge. Now you know how to speak properly, write an essay, eat different kinds of food, do equations+chemistry, and read chapter books. After five years from now we will know many more things, and learn new stuff. | General | Also, as time changed we also changed. The work habits that we had way before were different than we have right now. For Example; before I didn't like to go to school and do homework now I do because, you have a different environment than home at school which is friends. Also, the way we look and talk got changed because our body works like a machine so, every single stage something gets changed. Therefore, after five years from now we would be known as a adult and look taller than now.

22: Nature gives to every season, a beauty all its own. - Charles Dickens

25: Fall is here!

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