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Memories of Aaron

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Memories of Aaron - Page Text Content

S: Memories of Aaron

BC: In Aaron's far too short time with us, he truly touched all of our lives in a special way. We will all miss his smiling face.

FC: Memories of Aaron

1: Written by the 4th Grade Students, Faculty, and Staff of F.K. Sweet Magnet School May, 2012 | Designed & Edited by Michelle Adrian | Drawings by Aaron Beauchamp (from his art sketchbook)

2: I remember the most important memory of Aaron. To me the most important memory was when Aaron and I met on the first day of school. I remember when Aaron and I would try to climb everything. -Jacob Yannucci | I remember the time when Aaron was playing football and he use to make all of the TOUCHDOWNS! I remember when we played soccer (his favorite sport) and we use to make plans to make a goal. -Eli Battistini

3: I remember last year at P.E. one day. We had run our laps and had gotten our jerseys (YES I was on Aaron’s team). Everybody was walking out to play soccer. We played our first 2 games and it was time for the last. Jacob Y. was facing off and right as coach blew the whistle, Jake passed the ball straight to Aaron. Now, Aaron, being the only one who could score a goal with skill as opposed to luck, was getting crowded by everyone. I streamed down the field like a rocket and started screaming “Aaron, Aaron!” he (being the best kid-athlete ever) made a perfect pass about 50 yards down the field to me. I barely maintained possession of the ball but was able to kick the ball as hard as I could and scored a goal. Aaron and I chest bumped each other as coach congratulated us. I had never felt better! Aaron’s forever best friend, -Christian Yoder | I remember when Jacob Y., Christian, Aaron, and I used to play basketball. He would make three point shots almost every time. He used to jump like a gazelle. He was the best basketball player in the class. -Wesley Hinds

4: I remember the time we were playing soccer and Aaron made great shot. He was running around. He was so happy. -Austin Johnson | I remember when Aaron came over to my house to hang out with me. We played all kinds of stuff like soccer, pool, and baseball all day long. When he played soccer, he would beat me! When he played pool with me, we would tie up. Of course when he plays baseball, I would beat him. Aaron had to go home so I said goodbye to him and went to bed. While I was sleeping, I was thinking about Aaron and I being friends. Maybe we will be friends. -Michael Mangieri

5: I remember when Aaron and I had a sleep over and had so much fun. We jumped on my bed for three hours and barley got any sleep! I didn't want the night to end. When it was morning Aaron had to leave and I was devastated. He said good bye and left. It was an awesome sleep over! -Jacob Corman | I remember when Aaron scored 10 goals at a soccer game. He was a really great soccer player. He was also really funny too. He could make me laugh anytime and anywhere. -Lance Fleschner

6: I remember when I was at art and I was sitting right next to him since that was my assigned seat and we were doing our Original Works, and as always he was already done with his even before me, and he was drawing in his sketch book and one of his drawing was a VERY long train with all kinds of different compartments. He asked me which train he should do next every time he was done with the last one but he hardly ever did the ones I actually told him to do! But sadly then it was time to go! But then when we looked at it before we left, we noticed it turned out kind of weird but weird in a unique way! But we both loved it anyway! Hiba Pirani | It was so funny when our class was at lunch and Markel was sitting next to Aaron and Markel was making him laugh so hard that Aaron started falling backwards and Markel caught him. When Markel got him up, Aaron was sitting in Markel’s lap. Aaron quickly scurried out of Markel’s lap and scooted away from him. Aaron looked at Markel and said “That’s disturbing.” -Lauren Nipper

7: I remember when Aaron and I played soccer together on the same team, Italy. I remember the way he kicked the ball and it looked like he was dancing. He was the best player on Italy. -Anna Lovejoy | I remember when Aaron hit a home run in Coach Johnson class and we all were so glad that we laughed so hard. -Ja’mel Owens | I remember when Aaron told me I spelled beautiful wrong. He couldn't stop laughing! His face turned bright red. -Annamarie Brosnihan

8: I remember when Aaron and I were on the same team at P.E. we played soccer. He made many goals for the blue team; Aaron was a great soccer player and a great friend. -Tama J. Chery | I remember when we were at lunch and Aaron made this funny dance. Every time he saw me he would start doing that same funny dance and I would laugh so hard my head would have exploded. -Zykia Brown | I remember when it was in art and Aaron made a funny joke. We laughed so hard our sides hurt and we all smiled which made us laugh even more. -Janie Clement | I remember when Aaron made a silly picture in RTI. It was so funny I started crying. The whole RTI group was on the floor still laughing including Aaron. The laughing went on for 3 minutes. When the laughing was done we were all out of breath. -Ladarius Burks

9: I remember when Aaron use to play football on the field and basketball on the court. I also remember when he used to stare at me in class. He made the whole class laugh by making funny faces. The whole class laughed, even Mrs. Routten. -Melanie Page | I remember when we would ride home on the bus together and I would pretend I’m crazy and he would make a funny face. -Sarah Dumercy | I remember when Aaron played football with his friends. And he was very good at math. Also he was a great runner. -Madison Caudill

10: I remember when our class was going on a field trip to the beach, Aaron and I was making funny faces at each other. It was so funny that I almost cried. That was the best day of my life. And the funniest day. -Fearea Sullivan | I remember when Aaron did something wrong and they said ‘’AARON’’ he would look at them and have the biggest smile on his face and you had to forgive him! Aaron always keeps a smile on his face and always acted like a clown. -Markel Bernard

11: I remember when Aaron and I use to run around the track and race each other all the time. We also played soccer in the field together. We even played football together. -Malik Copeland | I remember when Aaron and I were in a group called the book group in our Disney planet challenge project and we were skipping RTI to finish the “book.” We saw a huge painters stand and Aaron went, took all the pictures he and Melanie drew and placed them on the stand and we all marveled. The pictures were all done except for some pages, but the pictures looked extraordinary. -Callie Zheng | I remember the time he made the most hilarious face at lunch and it made everyone laugh so hard. It also made someone squirt milk out of their nose. -Gloria Cruz

12: I remember when my team was playing a soccer game and losing by 3 goals, Aaron came in on offense and won us the game 7-5. -Jonathan Geraghty | I remember the time I played football with Aaron at recess. We played soccer with Aaron all the time with Aaron because that was his favorite sport. -Jason Moore | I remember when Aaron and another boy played Boggle with me last year during Boggle Club and he won. -Halle Daube

13: Aaron was a good boy. I met Aaron and second grade. Me and Aaron played football Aaron was the best. Aaron can run fast he beat me all the time. -Malik Williams | I remember when Aaron was so excited that he made the fact dash wall of fame. -Robert Hofher | I remember when me and Aaron were playing football. He caught the ball and was about to fall, but he was still keeping his balance and right when he made a touchdown, he fell and we all started laughing!!! -Alex Cendejas | I remember when I put cupcake icing on my face and everyone laughed, but Aaron laughed the loudest. -Chelsea DeCambre

14: I remember when Aaron made a silly picture in RTI. It was so funny I started crying. The whole RTI group was on the floor still laughing including Aaron. The laughing went on for 3 minutes. When the laughing was done we were all out of breath. I remember when I was playing football and he tried to catch the football and it hit him in the face. He got up with a smile on his face and kept on going. Aaron loved to play football with all of his buds. He scored all of the points on our team. -Matthew Callahan | I remember when Aaron and I was playing football. I threw it to him, he caught it, and he ran and he ran to the touchdown and he fell. Everybody started laughing. We had so much fun. I remember Aaron and I played basketball and everybody called him little Steve Nash. It was so fun playing with Aaron. - D’jyrien Clark | I remember when I was sitting across from him and he drank milk and it got it all over me. We both started laughing. I will always remember that moment. -Jason Torres

15: I remember at water day when Aaron slid down the slide and accidentally slipped and did a back flip and landed in the pool. -Litermin Joseph | I remember on water day Aaron would throw a sponge at me when I wasn't looking and it was really cold. Also he would make funny faces when he would throw the sponge. One time he gave me a sponge and I threw it at him and he threw one at me at the same time. -Daniel Hernandez | I remember that every time I went outside for recess, I saw Aaron playing football with his friends. After recess, we go to RTI together. He read, he listened, and when we did math he got almost the right answers. -Azaria Hailey | I remember one time when Aaron had ice cream all over his face. Then I remember when Aaron use to ride my bus all the time 2662 and we brought him all the way to the old Fort Piece Central and we would drop him off to his mom. -Zach Joseph Gladstein | I remember when Aaron was on the field and made the soccer game like the World Cup! -Olivia Offerdahl

16: I remember when Aaron was playing soccer with the boys in his class and then Markel fell down and Aaron fell down just laughing out loud. -Kyla Pata | I remember when we were outside the boys where playing football and he always made touchdowns. And one time in RTI, he drew a person getting hit in the head with a basketball. Sometimes when we were outside, he would kick the ball, and when someone caught it, they would always fall. That's how hard he throws. -Lashonde Baker | I remember Aaron when he scored and won the soccer game on Field Day. -Caleb Dumercy | I remember when Aaron was playing football with his friends and him and Wesley both fell over. Aaron was laughing along with Wesley. -Korielle Stevens | I remember when I played soccer with Aaron. I remember when Aaron made me laugh really really loud. -Kyvan Estima

17: I remember when Aaron did a back-flip on the playground. Then someone tagged him and he started to run and he tripped. -Courtlyn Cooper | I remember when he said I smelt like syrup. We also played around in the media center and chat about funny things. -Joseph Cardinali | I remember when Aaron and I played football outside. He was a great football player. -Gerard Auriemma | I remember the time when we were in the second grade and he was playing soccer and I cheered for Aaron all the time. I use to say ‘’GO AARON.’’I had the best time ever. -Brooke Botterbusch | Last school year we all played soccer with Aaron. Aaron was good at soccer. -Jeffrey Haisley

18: I remember when Aaron and I were on a team of counting pumpkin seeds in first grade. It was totally fun even though our hands were sticky. -Athena Armah | I remember in second grade I went to my friend Jacob's birthday party and we went to Stevie B’s and then we went to his house and played on the scooters and rode bikes and skateboards. It was so much fun and we will all miss him. -Emma Bartkowiak | I remember when we were in kindergarten and we was running one lap at coach Johnson’s. Aaron always asked me can be first next time we go to PE because I was first all the time and I kept being first in line our lap. -Indira Briggs | I remember when he played football with all the boys. I remember when he kicked the soccer ball to me and it went so fair I to go get it. -Nate Baker

19: I remember when Aaron and I were playing soccer and he hit the ball, the ball hit a tree, and it bounced at someone's head. -Alex Damian | In second grade Aaron used his cupcake to make hair on his nose. He also plays basketball very well. He made a goal most of the time. -I’kya Barriner | I remember the time when Aaron put water all on his hair. Jacob, Christian and I were playing soccer and Aaron scored 15 goals in one game. -Kyle Duncan | I remember in kindergarten me, Aaron, etc., went to Nicholas’s birthday party. We played tag and ate lunch then gave presents. -Leon Wilson

20: I remember when Aaron was just standing up dancing in the classroom. Everyone started laughing at him and their own self. It was a lot of fun. -Autumn Raulerson | I can remember when I was right across from Aaron. I could always see his wonderful smile every single day. He would play with Jacob, and the rest of his friends. But I just wanted to say how funny Aaron was. We miss you very much. -India Duval | I remember when I fell of the playground equipment and a bird landed on my head. Aaron laughed so hard you fell off the playground equipment. -Jonathan Colon | I remember when Aaron came to my friend's birthday party. He made a touchdown and won the football game. -Matthew Jones

21: I remember the time when Aaron and I were in Mrs. Lott Class. One day we were going to read the stories that we wrote yesterday. When Aaron was starting to read his story, he oinks like a pig. Everyone starts to giggle about it. Even Aaron too. -Olivia Dormeus | I remember the time when we had an ice cream party at school and he got ice cream all over his face and everybody started to giggle. I also remember the time when he kicked the football up high in the air. -Ejaia Pagan

22: " | One time, I remember when all of his friends were around him and were playing basketball. He was sweating buckets. I went over there and said, “You look like a jogger after a 40 mile run.” He laughed and ran away. He looked back one more time and said, “You’re crazy Carly, but you’re my friend.” -Carly Moran | I remember at lunch that Aaron would always bring sub from Subway or any type of sub. Everyone would guess what he brought for lunch and he would always say “How did you know?” and we would answer “We guessed.” -Aleyah Moore | I remember when Aaron was playing basketball with his classmates and friends at the basketball court. I used to see him in the hallway bathroom and he smiled when he saw us. I didn't know Aaron well, but he was a good kid. -Bakari Mosley

23: I remember when I was sad one day, and Aaron came up to me and started to sing a funny song to me and we started to laugh really, really hard together that we couldn't stop at all. Also when we were in the 2nd grade together we both were playing soccer and we both were right next to each other and he passed the ball to me and I passed it back to him and we both tripped on of our classmates on accident and we started to laugh together again and again and again. -Alyna Brown | I remember when Aaron use to play soccer and he use to always kick it to the boys so they can make a goal. But also I remember he kicked the ball to Sydney Wickett and she started laughing. My friends and I started laughing too! It was really funny. -Legacy Richardson | I remember in third grade all the boys would play soccer and I was one of the few goalies they had. Aaron kicked the ball so hard and when I tried to stop it, it zoomed right past my arms and hit my right leg. I fell and started to laugh, so hard I almost cried. -Sydney Wickett

24: Aaron came to kindergarten every day with a huge smile and arms wide open for a hug. He was like a magnet, sharing his affection with me. As he progressed through the other grades, he still would run up to me in the hallway and give me one of his huge hugs. Aaron may have been small on the outside, but his heart was enormous on the inside. -Melanie Francisco | The first thing that comes to my mind is cheese balls! Aaron, Jacob and Austin all loved cheese balls. They would take turns bringing in large barrels of them from Sams. Those boys would do just about anything for a cheese ball. One Friday, I was passing them out (they were supposed to wait until everyone had theirs before they began eating) and Aaron started eating before he should have and someone tattled on him. He looked at me, with orange teeth, (because he liked to suck on them) and said I didn't eat any yet with a straight face. I started laughing and the class just looked at me wondering what was so funny. I said to Aaron, "Smile and say cheese." The class saw his orange teeth and Austin blurts out, "You're busted!" Aaron ran into the bathroom to see his teeth and couldn't help but laugh at himself. Then he replied, "What? They're too good, I can't just let them sit there." -Cara Ackenbrack

25: Aaron was such a pleasure to have in second grade. He was very popular with his classmates and everyone wanted to be his friend. He had a great sense of humor and was always looking to make everyone laugh. I remember his sweet smile and his kind eyes. If he was chatting a little too much with his friends and I had to remind him to be quiet, he would just look up at me and give me that little smile. He loved talking about basketball and was a wonderful reader. Aaron made teaching such a joy and I loved both him and Benjamin very much. I am so grateful to have been close to this wonderful family and to have had the opportunity to spend two wonderful years with their sons in second grade. -Traci Lott

26: When I think of Aaron, the first thing that flashes before me is his smile, and this picture exemplifies the true beauty of what I saw every day in third grade. Never can I recall a time that Aaron was unhappy and not smiling. He loved life and he made everyone around him appreciate each day, too. Keep smiling, sweet boy! Mrs. Whellams

27: There are so many memories I have of Aaron - from running as fast as lightning to being so excited to do a science experiment. The one that sticks in my mind deals with writing. We were doing timed writings. After I scored them I would write comments, return them, and discuss what the student could do. There was one writing where Aaron seemed disappointed. I patted his back and told him that it will be ok. I will work with him. We looked over his writing and found some areas he can work on. The next timed writing he earned a 5. Almost a 5.5. I gave him the paper turned upside down and watched him turn it over and look at the score. When he saw the 5 his face lit up. He smiled from ear to ear and said yes. I will always remember that excited face. Mrs. Routten

28: I remember Aaron’s infectious smile that lifted the spirits of all around him. You could not be in his presence and not be motivated by his positive attitude. -Mrs. Wright | My fondest memory of Aaron was when I sat with him and the students on bus 2117 every day after school. When they saw me coming, the students would run and give me a group hug. Everyone except Aaron. I would watch him smile as he sat on the bench. The other students tried to encourage him to join us. He would shake his head no. However, after a few more minutes of begging, he would say "ok, ok" and squeeze us all very tightly. Those hugs are the best hugs I have ever gotten and the memory of his little arms around me will keep him alive in my heart always. -Kisha Bellande-Hinds

29: Aaron was a great friend to Austin. Austin says, "He was the first friend I made in kindergarten." They played soccer together when they were five and we both remember how fast Aaron could run. Soccer was not Austin's forte but he and Aaron enjoyed playing football, basketball, soccer, and kickball at recess. "Aaron was the fun guy at recess," Austin says. Aaron was a great athlete and very brave. At Austin's seventh birthday all the boys camped out in the back yard. I was so impressed they all made it through the night in the tent. What a great friend and a great kid! -Stacey Johnson | Although I was never lucky enough to have Aaron as a student, I did have his older brother Ben who was a remarkable student. On occasion I would talk with Aaron at dismissal. In fifth grade we tell the students that everything we do is preparing them for middle school because it will be more challenging. At dismissal one day I asked Aaron, “How is Ben?” Aaron said, “He is doing great, and Ben said middle school isn't that hard”. I just smiled and laughed, and told him I knew Ben would do well in middle school. Aaron was always polite and respectful, and he always had a smile. -Mrs. Nuccio

30: I remember Aaron's fun, lovely smile and enthusiasm for art. He was always eager to help and create :) -Mrs. Schott | I enjoyed seeing Aaron’s smiling face each week at the Media Center. In third grade I remember that he loved the Andy Shane series as well as anything having to do with sports. This year he was “devouring” the Florida Sunshine Books and had already read 10 and attended an ice cream party. Aaron was always engaged in the lesson, got along with everyone and was such a pleasure to have in my class. -Mrs. DuPell | I loved having Aaron in my RTI group. He always came in with a smile and a laugh. His smile was a great way to end my day. Thank you Aaron for the joy you brought to my day! -Char Thomas | I will always remember Aaron's sweet smile, his beautiful brown eyes and especially the way he was always willing to help others Love, Mrs. Robin Zabitosky

31: Aaron's smile was contagious. He always made me smile. He was eager to help anyone in music class with a problem and he played his recorder songs meticulously. Your music teacher, Mrs. Christensen | Whenever Aaron was coming out to play chess with me at lunch, I knew we were going to have a good time! He always kept me informed of how Barcelona was doing and who they were going to beat next. -Mr. Fil | When Aaron was in kindergarten, somehow I found out Simon gave him raw cookie dough for breakfast. Every time he came to the lab, I would ask him, “What did you have for breakfast today?” He would get this big, goofy smile and say “Cookie dough.” Every time I saw him, he told me what he had for breakfast. It turned to waffles for a bit, but always got back to cookie dough. Cookie dough for that’s what I’m talkin’ about! -Michelle Adrian

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