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Memories of Kirk

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FC: Memories of Kirk

1: Kirk Allen November 2, 1968 3:25 p.m. - 6 lbs. 15 oz. - 19 inches

4: Kirk, you were such a good baby, but I did not realize that until your twin brothers came along. When you were a little guy you and I would go for walks and I taught you to dance. We had so much fun dancing. You would laugh and laugh. One time we dressed alike. We both had blue shirts and maroon striped pants. We went everywhere together and had so much fun. You loved the farm animals when we lived in Illinois. You loved your beagle puppy Sarge. You were always so protective of your brothers. As you grew older, you were always a hard worker and started delivering newspapers when you were in elementary school. You were in Cub Scouts and one year I was the Den Mother. You played Soccer and loved Touch Football. You did very well in school and had lots of friends. After graduation, you became an excellent plumber. You are the father of my wonderful grandsons and the step father of my wonderful granddaughter. I was so proud of you when the condo high-rise in St. Petersburg, Florida, where you were the supervisor in charge of the plumbing, won Building of the World. You are not only a wonderful son, but my best friend. Love You Always – Mom

6: Kirk, after giving thought to something memorable for your book, I could not think of any one event more special than the many others. I have truly enjoyed our camping, hunting and fishing trips throughout the years. Our family vacation travels were all lots of fun. It was a pleasure to see you, Kent and Kevin, having the opportunity for many summer vacations in Illinois, just knowing all the fun you boys was having back there. During these fun years you developed into a kind hearted, honest and respectful adult with an excellent work ethic. You should be very proud of all your accomplishments and know that I am proud that you are my son. With All My Love, Dad

8: Kirk was the kind of big brother that not only made sure you were having fun, but he kept you in line and helped to pave the way for my future. I look back at my childhood and am so appreciative of what Kirk did for me. Going through elementary and middle school was easy. My twin brother, Kevin, and I were known as Kirk Smith’s little brothers. All the normal stresses of school became much easier. Kirk was pretty good about letting us hang out with him during and after school but also was quick to let us know when had worn out our welcome. The days of camping, hiking adventures, partying and just hanging out with Kirk were so enjoyable. He had an ability to make light of everything around him and bring happiness to all. One extremely funny time was when the Smith Boys had strip poker in the back yard with all of our friends. The parents were suppose to be away but came home early. There were lots of kids and clothing flying over the fence. Kirk managed to smooth everything over and life was back to normal. We had some awesome camping adventures: bears, rock climbing, white water rapids, sand dunes, tennis with a black guy that called us the KKK boys and camp fires with Mom and Dad. The camp fires were a happy time because the entire family relaxed and all got along; not to mention the smores and pizza/cherry pies. Kirk took Kevin and me to the beach at the end of our senior year. I learned lots that weekend: drinking games, sun poisoning, budgeting money, but most of all the happiness of hanging with my brothers and our friends. During this beach trip, Kevin and I were in the ocean and just happened to come across a woman that lost her top in the ocean. You can imagine how mesmerized we were until Kirk kept yelling for us to turn around but we ignored him. Seconds later, we were both being dragged under the wave and up to the beach. Kirk made sure we were ok but then proceeded to do whatever any big brother would do; never let us forget that moment for a long long time. The three of us boys spent the summers in Illinois; some crazy and memorable times. I remember a time where Uncle Junior had Kirk and I get in place to scare Kevin. Kevin was deathly afraid of the dark. Kirk and I jumped out from under a wheelchair ramp while Kevin was carrying chairs. You never saw Kevin throw chairs faster and start running for the fields scared to death. Of course, the fields were even darker. Kirk and I immediately started running after him.

9: . The moral of this story is that as hard as Kirk would tease or joke around with us; he always watched our backs and made sure we were safe. Throughout our child hood, Kirk would instigate fights between Kevin and I; the beauty of having an older brother. Many times Kirk succeeded until we got older and smarter. Soon we would turn on Kirk and give him what he rightfully deserved, (chest and stomach torture/farts to the face). Kirk exemplifies an amazing older brother and I am extremely blessed to have his love and support. Thanks for always being there. Love, Kent

10: Oh dear, what could I say about Kirk.. I looked up to him for many years, that is until I grew bigger than him. He is a great person with strong values and morals and is certainly someone I am happy to model myself after. He is very smart and organized and a great people person. My fondest memory of childhood would be when he lead Kent and I on the adventure in the woods when we were on one of our many family camping trips and his minor oversight was allowing us to screw around with a bear cub, which ultimately led into a fight or flight for life in which case we ran like crazed maniacs through the woods and got lost. Finally made it back to the camp site after some impromptu leadership from our older brother and asking locals for assistance. That or the many other memories we have as children going back to the farm every summer and spending time with Grandpa, George, Jr and everyone else in the family. Kirk always had a knack for pissing off one animal or another to include the billy goats that Grandpa got for us that inevitably would kick and ram Kent and I for something torturous that Kirk was doing to them. Lastly but most importantly would be his smile and laugh, it is very addictive and he has the ability to make everyone in a room that much happier with it. Love Kevin

12: Kirk- You are a great Brother-in-law to me, I could not have asked for any better. You really know how to have a good time. I have so many memories of you, and all of them involve laughter. Who knows how to get a crowd going and the party started better than Kirk? After spending the day at Ft. Desoto Beach, we had dinner at the rooftop bar of Billy’s Crab house. There was a guitar player as entertainment; he was not very entertaining to the crowd. Kirk started a sing-a-long, and by the time we finished dinner, everyone in the place knew “Captain Kirk” and was singing along with him. Going to spend the weekend with Kevin when he was working in Orlando. The first place he had the camper at was a very scary place. Then we all met Jack! I will never forget the faces that Kirk made at Jack. When Kirk asked Jack what kind of work he did, Jack just replied “I have skills”. Oh poor Jack. Spending the weekend with Kevin and me at the Wesley Chapel house. We all spent many evenings on the back patio in the Tiki Hut. One evening Kevin and I had gone to bed, but Kirk wanted to stay up and enjoy the fire in the fire pit. Kevin woke up around 4am to find Kirk sleeping in the lawn chair and a piece of wood burning at his feet. The wood had fallen out of the fire pit and onto the patio. Being part of our wedding. Thank you for standing up there as part of the wedding party. Picking up Dude from the eye doctor. Kirk kept telling people that he was there to pick up his 6 foot alligator. The thing Kirk did not know was that earlier that day a dog had been attacked by an alligator and was at that same vet recovering. The alligator was shot and killed.

13: He spent a night with us after the girls were born. He had told Kevin and me to go to bed and that he would take care of the girls all night long. He told us the next day that during the night he went into the girl’s room and was talking to them trying to quiet them down. He looked over at the table and noticed that the monitor was there. He said he felt so embarrassed that we could hear him talking to the girl’s through the monitor. The monitor was not on, so we didn’t hear anything. We had a 40th birthday party for Kirk on the back porch that was a great evening. The many nights at Brian’s tavern. The time we went to Universal and rode the “Death mans drop” (I think that is what Kirk referred to it as). He was not a fan of that ride! Kirk is such a generous person and always wants to make sure that others are taken care of. I love you Kirk, and am so happy that Kaylee and Kylie have an Uncle like you. Here’s to many more years of memories! Love Karen

14: Funny memories of Kirk - vivid pictures in our minds. Best memory - We always looked forward to having all 3 boys each summer and we usually spent some time vacationing and camping. The boys were always good and we had a lot of fun. We remember a time when Kirk took the pickup truck across the main road in front of our house, after being told not to cross the road. That night he came to the house crying and when asked what was wrong he said "Uncle George raised his voice at me".

15: Kirk was always a buddy for our son Ron. He taught Ron how to swim and ride a bicycle. They always honored each other and shared things well and they stuck together good or bad. Kirk learned to drive at an early age and was always driving his Uncle Larry's pickup truck with Larry sitting there grinning. Ron & Kirk were always being asked by Grandpa Earl to accompany him somewhere. He was so proud and they were nice to go with him. Grandpa Earl would end up at our store in Johnsonville bragging on them and their accomplishments. He liked nothing better than having them attend a junk sale with him and even happier when he could give them something he bought at the sale. On one of our vacation trips to Disney World in Florida we took our camper and also had a motel room at Ramada Inn which we had earned with sales from a chemical company, so we let Kirk and Ron stay in the motel room and we stayed with Kent & Kevin at a Jellystone Campground. One day we all went to Disney World, but Ron & Kirk decided to go back to the motel early without telling us. That night we asked them what they had done and they said they had a real good dinner at the motel, but Ron said they did not have enough money to buy what they wanted (a big steak) to eat so they heard the people sitting next to them charging their food to their room, so Ron and Kirk decided to just charge their food to our room. We thought that was funny. We have many more good memories, but better wait until Kirk is here to defend himself. Love George & Doris

18: What I remember most is when you lived in Billings. You would come over to the house and ride your bikes with Joe and Jeff down the hills. I was working on crafts at that time and you always wanted to paint. We went camping once and you got swept down the creek- that was scary. Love Aunt Bev

19: Kirk, I really do not know anything good or bad to tell about you. I remember when the twins were born, I kept you that day and you sure were happy when we heard there were two babies instead of one. That was quite a birthday present for your Dad! You told me all of the time when you and your Mom would walk down the alley in the evenings and visit us that “Mommy was going to have two babies”. Your Mom would say “Kirk do not say that, it is not true”. I really enjoyed helping your Mom with you boys. I know you are proud of your boys and stepdaughter. Angie looks like she would be very sweet. As you get older you will appreciate your kids more. I know Charles is worth a million to us. Charles said “why don’t you cash me in for a million (ha)”. I wish for you and your family all the good things in life and remember us old folks that love all the memories of your family. Love Ya, Jr., Mary & Charles Chambliss

22: Kirk is not just my husband; he is my best friend and I know that I can count on him for anything in my life. I know that he will support me and take care of me and my family no matter what. He is kind and a hard-working person and I love him very much. My favorite memory of Kirk is when he was trying to impress me on a date that we had in Applebee's. He had a very loud voice and I remember he asked the waitress for q-tips to clean his teeth, and not only once, but twice. Other people turned around and were wondering why Kirk would have needed q-tips to clean his teeth rather than a toothpick. I was so embarrassed that I left my winter hat on the table and never went back to recover the hat. My next favorite memory is a little more recent, when Kirk tried to buy a lottery ticket from an ATM machine, and tried to teach me how to buy them. He is always trying to teach me the right way to do things, but honestly I don't know what he is thinking. And he always tries to teach me in public! I love that Kirk and I can laugh together about silly moments like these ones, and these are the memories that build up our relationship together. I love you, Kirk! Love, Sunshine

23: My favorite memory with Kirk would have to be one night in Florida. Florida, as I'm sure everyone knows, is Kirk's favorite place to be and it is where he is the most happy. When I think of Florida, the first thing that comes to mind would be all the fun beach trips we had (which were SO much fun). But one night in particular holds the crown for my favorite memory with Kirk. I cannot remember what age I was-probably 9 or 10-but I do remember Kirk had all his work buddies over one evening. They were all outside in the sun room talking and having a couple laughs, and then I go to join them with a Connect Four game. I challenged them all to a Connect Four tournament and they all said yes. The game was | passed around to every person, but I was unbeatable. Not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty darn good at Connect Four. Although when I played Kirk, I think I felt a little too cocky and wasn't paying as much attention, because he beat me with the most simple move. I was so embarrassed, but Kirk was ecstatic. All his buddies cheered him on for beating the champion, and of course being that little, I wanted a rematch. At least I won the rematch, but Kirk still had the one win. This particular night holds a special place in my heart, right along with Kirk. I love you Kirk, thank you for always being there for me; I've appreciated and loved every minute of it. Love, Sweetpea

24: I am so happy that Kirk has made his way into our household and family. I so appreciate his kind and crazy spirit. It's exactly what our house needed! I remember the early days when Sonia had first met her "Quwirk" . Its awesome that Sonia married the man whose name she couldn't even pronounce at first. Although Kirk and I don't really hang out, I think we are kindred spirits. We both share a great love for country music, a simpler life ....and Sonia! I love coming home and hearing the country music wafting up from the basement. Gail

25: "When Kirk came, it was nice to have another male in the house. It was also nice to finally get some cable TV & not have to hear my mom cursing about Comcast & Verizon - now Kirk does that. Who knows how I would have turned out if I lived in a house with 4 women and no other men for any longer? Thankfully Kirk showed up when he did, or else I might be wearing dresses and makeup by now." Ben

27: I first heard of Kirk on the night that he met Sonia. Angie was having her first overnight with her Dad & Sonia was having her first night out- ever-since she had moved in with me. Friends came to pick her up & I remember looking out the window, seeing the car drive away & thinking, "Thank you God that she is FINALLY doing something fun for herself!” The next morning she told me about going to a house in Manassas and being introduced to a man sitting by himself on the back porch. "I think he liked me", she said. "WHAT"?????, I said. She had been trying to meet someone for at least two years and NOTHING! She gets out of the house once & BINGO! Of course, I had wondered why men weren't beating our door down because Sonia is so beautiful. I think she was sending a pretty strong message that Angie was her life, so back off. Somehow Kirk broke through that and has brought Sonia a lot of happiness. They are as different as can be but somehow it works! A lot of love, I guess. My second Kirk story is very recent. In the serendipity that life sometimes brings, I have a new job teaching at Kirk's high school. In sharing my experience after the first day, we discovered that I had met & would be working with his girlfriend from seventh grade. Knowing Kirk for the player that he was, I was only shocked a bit to even think of someone having a girlfriend in seventh grade. The next day, I told Theresa that I was living with her former adolescent squeeze. She sighed & said, "Ah, he was a real looker!" She is married, too but I am still hoping to get them together & watch those old sparks fly! Sue

28: Uncle Brian

29: What we most remember about Kirk when he was little: We think he was the most patient little boy we ever met. He just seemed to understand things and did what he should have. We can't remember him ever getting into things, or misbehaving. He just played quiet and nice. He is (still is) a handsome guy. We would love to see him. Another note, we did also get a big kick out of Kirk measuring the snow as he shoveled it from his drive-way, after returning from Florida, but that's another point of Kirk being practical about stuff. Love, Betty & Jack Cameron

30: Kirk, you and I had many fun times and good memories from the Talladega Car Races and Panama City, Florida. Too many memories to put on paper. Take Care, Bud! Brian

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