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Memories of the Tull family

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Memories of the Tull family - Page Text Content

BC: The End | I'm Sina Safaie, i was born and raised in Harrisburg North Carolina. Creating this book helped me completely understand all the characters in the book and what role they played throughout the book. It was a little difficult finding details and quotes about everyone but it was very interesting.

FC: Tull Family Memories

1: Table of Contents | Pearl 2&3 Beck 4&5 Cody 6&7 Jenny 8&9 Ezra 10&11 Josiah 12&13 Ruth 14&15 Luke 16&17 Slevin 18&19 Mrs. Scarlatti 20&21 Archery Incident 22&23 The Separation 24&25 The Homesick Restaurant 26&27

2: Pearl was abandoned by her husband, Beck, to raise three young children on her own. | Pearl | "She had not seen Ezra clearly since the spring of '75... when she started losing her vision." (p. 4) Pearl not only began losing her vision physically, but she metaphorically began losing sight of reality in her life, "something had shriveled away behind her eyes" (p. 4) She is losing sight of her children and it is harder for her to understand they are growing apart. | letter from Beck

3: When Pearl broke her arm, she waited almost two days to go to the doctor because she did not want to leave her children. | "She's a cashier now at Sweeney Brothers Grocery. Folks around this neighborhood call her the Sweeney Meanie." p. 45 | Pearl's Secrets | Apple Apple

4: "One weekend their father didn't come home, and he didn't the next weekend either, or the next." p. 41 | Beck Tull | "A salesman with the Tanner Corporation, which sold its farm and garden equipment all over the easter seaboard." p. 6 | Therefore he traveled a lot, making it hard to maintain a family.

5: "Remember...when Daddy bought us a sled, and Mother said it was silly because it hardly ever snowed but Dec. 26 we woke up and there was snow " "That was fun" said Ezra "We had the only sled in town... Cody started charging for rides. And Daddy showed us how to wax the runners." p. 62 | "I just can't resist a person I make happy." p 301 Beck only married Pearl because he knew he made her happy

6: Cody | -played pranks on him and always blamed things on Ezra | -Cody always Jealous of Ezra. | Often found himself being compared to his younger brother | "...Cody the troublemaker" p. 1 | broken window

7: Cody married the girl Ezra loved, Ruth, in revenge for their childhood | "Cody became a success-shot up through many different firms." p 83 | began traveling a lot.

8: "By the time Jenny reached college, she'd grown to be the beauty everyone predicted." p. 82 | Jenny

9: "SHe never forgot about medical school." p. 82 | Dr. Jenny Marie Tull Baines Wiley St. Ambrose | Harley | Sam | Joe

10: Ezra | - youngest - "He was her {Pearl's] favorite, her pet.:" p. 37 -basically lived at home - never went to college - cared for Mrs. Scarlatti while she was sick -Became really good friends with Josiah.

11: took over Mrs. Scarlatti's restaurant and named it "Homesick Restaurant" | Ezra always wanted the family to eat dinner together. never got it until the end. "It's going to be a real family dinner." p. 91 | "Ezra's going to have him a place where people come just like to a family dinner." p. 75

12: Josiah | "Josiah was someone's son, some woman's greatest treasure." p. 78 | became a chef at The Homesick Restaurant

13: "Ezra's friend Josiah Payson, close to 7 feet tall, excitable, and incoherent. It was generally understood that he wasn't quite right in the head." | Josiah kissed Jenny while Ezra was away.

14: Ruth | Ruth was first with Ezra "Don't you ever think of just going there and trying to get her back?" p182 | Was a country cook at The Homesick Restaurant

15: "She wore jeans and a shirt of some ugly brown plaid." | "Greenhouse roses. I especially ordered copper, to go with your hair." p 143

16: Luke | 9 lbs 3 oz | Son of Cody and Ruth

17: "She can picture Luke running through the the yard in denim overalls. He is old enough to fish now..." p. 183 | "Ezra wanted to give Luke the recorder for keeps, but Cody told Luke to leave it.." p. 185

18: Slevin | Did not accept Jenny until he found out her father left her like his mother left him. | “Slevins mother abandoned him and Slevin was moved to your household almost immediately thereafter and had to get used to a brand-new mother and sister.” 195

19: “Well, he stole my vacuum cleaner.” P. 203 | “Slevin is very, very intelligent.” 195

20: Mrs. Scarlatti | “The first few times that Mrs. Scarlatti stayed in the hospital, Ezra had no trouble getting in to visit her.” p. 112 | "Mrs. Scarlatti died in March, on a bitter, icy afternoon." p. 129

21: “Mrs. Scarlatti had always been a lean, dark, slouching woman, with a faintly scornful manner not caring what people thought of her. P 119 | “She called Ezra her boy, her angel and asked no question at all about his life outside the restaurant.” P 112 | Mrs. Scarlatti's restaurant before Ezra took over to make it a more home styler restaurant.

22: Archery Incident | "She blamed Beck, who through sheer thoughtlessness if not intention had shot her through the heart; or not the heart exactly but the fleshy part above it..." p,28 - Pearl | "He remembered his mother's upright form along the grasses, her hair lit gold her small hands smoother her bouquet while the arrow journeyed on. p. 303 - Cody

23: "Beck, white faced, pull the arrow out. Jenny started crying." p. 28 | "Ezra, whose face was pale and shocked.... "See there?" Cody asked him. " See what you've gone and done?" p. 39

24: The Separation | "I'm not an irresponsible person. I do plan to send you money." p. 9 | "How could you just dump us on our mother's mercy...we were only kids, we had no way of protecting ourselves.We looked to you for help." p. 300

25: "Sometimes Jenny imagined that even her father made his absence felt, though she couldn't picture his face and had little recollection of th time before he'd left them" p 69 | The children see the father for the first time in decades at Pearl's funeral.

26: The Homesick Restaurant

27: Ezra- Ezra's mission for his "Homesick Restaurant" is to serve food that replicates the feelings of missing home, which is in the restaurant's name. Beck- He return's and comes to the last family dinner. Cody-Cody is now at peace with his past and respects his mother as he recalls her from the archery trip. Pearl- At first Pearl didn't like the restaurant because she didnt care much for Mrs. Scarlatti but saw in the end that the restaurant brought all her family back together one last time.

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