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Memories with Gma & Gpa Haag

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Memories with Gma & Gpa Haag - Page Text Content

FC: Memories with Grandpa & Grandma Haag

1: There were MANY tea parties

3: Either Grandpa was lifting us or we'd jump as high as we could so we could ring the bells! Now the tall ones hit their head on them as they walk through the doorway. | ! Were you raised in a barn?? ! Then SHUT THE DOOR -- | We all loved warming up by the fireplace in the winter

4: Grandma's windmill was her pride and joy! Many photos were taken on the rock. It was also used as a step to get up on the horses.

6: Great Grandma Hatfield with Grandma & Grandpa Haag and seven grandchildren | NOTICE HOW WE ALWAYS HAD HATS...

7: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after.

8: C O U S I N S

10: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

12: ~~~~~ HORSING AROUND ~~~~~ | Tanya was out front riding Scooter and he decided to take off & run to the barn. He jumped the fence and Tanya ended up on the ground. | Danny and Tanya walked Scooter all the way to the back woods and he decided to RUN full force all the way back to the barn. They held on tight, ducking so they wouldn't get smucked in the face with branches.

13: One time all five of us fell off the horse like domino's...he wasn't even moving | Danny & Teresa were on Scooter, Danny kicked him in the side and Scooter bucked... Danny ended up on the ground | The boys would throw ROAD APPLES (AKA horse shit) at one another. Tanya remembers getting hit a time or two as well.


15: Laugh & scream on the hill until your heart overflows | WATCH OUT FOR THAT POLE | If we weren't on this hill we were playing in the pit on the other side. We used car hoods, saucers and cardboard while sledding in the pit. One time we hit a tree and Grandpa cut it down :)! | The Toboggan

18: I love you truly, truly dear............. Grandma taught us that song and we sang it for Dave and Karen Haag's wedding

23: We always got to lick the beaters

24: Grandma's Flowers ~

25: Jamie: Gram never let me leave her house without a bouquet of flowers for my mom.

26: A Zuni Priest & Zuni Indian gave Grandma Indian names: O no clay z a say z a & she quet sawn a one name meant Little Laughing Girl and the other was Little Yellow Bird | Grandma adored her Grannan & they had a perfect bond . Some of her most happy memories as a child were with him. They would visit his Zuni Indian friends. He was a cowboy, bronc buster, lawman of sorts, tour guide and soldier.

27: Grandma's Baby Moccasins and Hair Brush | Thankful for the Indian cards Grandma gave me ~Punkin | This was a photo from in the living room

31: Camping | Family Reunion Fun

36: Cats, Dogs, Birds & Butterflies | Teresa made Grandma this sweatshirt | GROVE | Pandori

37: Fun with five! | Marshmallow person cake | Sneaky Snake and knitted sweater

40: Punkin ~ Brain ~ Brockhead ~ Keepers ~ T-Bug ~ The Kid ~Skeeter ~ Oreo | Some of us are the BEST snorters! We know how a turkey looks over a log!! dig-tater dig-tater dig-tater, who do you see? ME!! BEEP!! We know all about moo juice, hens fruit, kneesles, gizzles, cackleberries, clean the fridge soup, old dead pig, blue milk, old dead cow, maggot pancakes and the best thing that comes out of a hens ass is an egg.

41: Grandpa's TOYS Grandma always wanted or needed them, that's why Grandpa bought 'em

42: ~ The Honda 3-Wheeler ~ Grandpa won the 3-wheeler and Brian and Keith went with him to pick it up. Here's a list of some of the "situations" that happened: Tanya drove up the woodpile and tipped it upside down... And LOVED to rev it up full throttle! Brian & Keith crashed it and Brian informed the adults the wheel wasn't going around, the 3 boys got a whoopin from Dave, including Danny who had nothing to do with that incident! Teresa rolled it on the hill and ran into the grapevine! Danny was driving, whipped it around in a circle and the sled with some of us kids on it hit the pole barn. Afterwards Danny figured Steven was just little and cries about everything BUT his leg was gashed open and he needed stitches! | THE POND Brian: That damn nasty green pond. Me and dad liked to shoot frogs from there Teresa: I remember the dogs sometimes coming up after a swim and trying to ice skate on the pond in the winter

43: THE BASEMENT That first step was ALWAYS a doozy! Brian dropped the Turkey down the steps, got cleaned up and we still ate it! Smelled musty! Scared we were going to run into a bat, mouse, big spider or sneaky snake down there! | The rose/picker bush always left wounds if you got too close!! | Clothesline.... Dreaded going out and hanging clothes. And taking em down. Disliked picking bugs off the laundry :)

44: C A M P I N G | Jamie's BRAND NEW bike got drug behind the camper ...all the way to the Mackinac Bridge We owned a few lots at Ossineke, we stuck together or we had to go home Punkin got electrocuted as she grabbed onto the metal ladder to get into the camper while barefoot and standing in water Skeeter got into poison ivy, swelled up and had to go home At Ossineke we'd always try to find out how far it was to walk until the water was over our heads... don't think we ever found out! Grandpa fell asleep one time when we were in the water with all the tubes tied together & someone woke him up when we couldn't touch bottom. We were always scared of falling in the toilet in the outhouse!! We were told that if we fell in they weren't going to get us out & that our parents would just have to make a new kid. So the boys pooped in the woods. Grandma made us cover the seats with toilet paper. Muskegon River - being dropped off at the bridge and floating back to the campsite (about 1 mile) on tubes Ossineke - Brian, Danny & Keith got in trouble with some boys that were looking at Teresa. Steven came and told Grandpa to come and save em. HE DID! The boys left. Danny, Brian and Keith left Steven in the tent during the night when it was pouring rain We remember riding in the small camper on top of the truck and talking to gma & gpa on the two way radio Teresa remembers Brian getting leaches on his foot and crying We all had our own special cup with our name on the bottom

45: We enjoyed going to work with Grandpa! We got to ride in the orange truck, meet the workers at the garage, check out work sights, listen to people talk on the CB radio and then come home for lunch where grandpa would try to take five & check the inside of his eyelids for holes. | Grandpa was always killing flies dead... even in the middle of the kitchen table ...with food all around! SPLAT!!! Don't think there was one of us grandkids that got away without getting swatted at some point with the fly swatter

46: Grandma LOVED to bake and cook for us! Grandma let us eat dessert FIRST :) There was cat food under the stove and Tanya thought it was yummy in her younger years Keith wouldn't eat the PINK STUFF dessert because Grandpa told him it wasn't good D.D.'s = Donkey Dinks , little sausages we ate with pancakes D.T.'s = Dog Turds, left over pie crust rolled up in cinnamon and sugar and baked Tanya & Teresa washed lettuce in warm water and Grandma said "noooo" Keith Haag: I don't think I ever left their house without eating something first. She always thought I was starving! I can say this though, still to this day she is the best cook I ever knew. Brian Haag: And I liked all of gmas desserts Remember many conversations with Grandma while she was cooking and baking | Grandma's Kitchen ~

47: TREAT DISH At first it started out as getting a special treat that Grandma left under the dish... then it turned into a game of wit to see who could leave the most clever prize or half eaten treat!! | MEOW MEOW MEOW We loved our special cookies & snacks | Grandma's Grannan made this cupboard for her when she was in 1st grade. It's made out of Dupont explosive boxes which carried dynamite.

48: A few other Memories | at 6017 | Danny was using a hammer and hit himself, he came in bleeding and blamed Tanya. | The boys hunting... Grandma's breakfasts & dinners and them showing appreciation with belching & stinky farts! | Boys touching the electric fence | No one got hurt on the tire swing :) | Piling up in the back of the truck on the 4th of July to watch the fireworks | Grandma let us nap with our shoes on | Driving the FORD tractor | Bathroom floor was flooded one time after the toilet overflowed because someone tried flushing wads of food in toilet paper | Grandma trying to coax us into giving Pandori a bath | Perms, Bobbi pin curls and foam roller curlers | Wrestling upstairs and getting into trouble. AND being told if ya wanna wrestle then go outside | Helping with haying | PULL MY FINGER

49: Tanya: I remember the sound Gram's bracelets would make when they'd hit together. | Grandpa: Took Brian & Keith to Carrol's Grocery store...Keith shit his pants & Brian dropped the milk | Danny & Brian were in bed & Keith threw up on them. No one wanted to sleep near him after that!! | While playing lawn jarts (the real metal tipped ones): HEY STEVEN, stand there as long as you can... as they were throwing the jarts high up in the air | Picnics in the back woods under the tree...until the ants bombarded us! | Pandori P Shit Head- licked you and meowed Whiter Biter - bite you Bootsie Randolf- 3 legged Grove & Twid (Big Fat Kabunkers) Willey - thought he was a dog | Throwing horse poop and acorns at one another and being chased with snakes | Grandma and Grandpa gave us something that can never be taken away, they gave us fun family memories (Tanya) | Sledding - We'd all scurry to grab the best stuff and someone always got left with the less desirable super mis-matched gloves, scarves , hat & snowpants. Then we'd come in and have heaps of soggy wet clothes draped everywhere and get in trouble if they didn't make it close to the fireplace to dry. | We remember Grandma driving us ONE TIME to go swimming | Picking weeds, flowers, raspberries, apples, carrots & peas in the pods | SNOWBALL FIGHTS usually ended with someone getting SMUCKED in the face | CARD GAMES: kings in corner, rummy, UNO

50: SONGS REMEMBERED | "Open Up Your Heart & Let The Sunshine In My mommy told me something a little girl (boy) should know It's all about the devil, I learned to hate him so She said he causes trouble when you let him in the room He'll never ever leave you if your heart is filled with gloom So let the sunshine in, face it with a grin Smilers never lose and frowners never win So let the sunshine in, face it with a grin Open up your heart and let the sunshine in. | The Little Green Frog Ah goon went the little green frog Ah goon went the little green frog Ah goon went the little green frog one day And his eyes went ahh ahh goon

51: Songs of Joy... | McNamara Oh my name is McNamara I'm the leader of the band Although we're few in numbers we're the finest in the land we play at wakes and weddings and at every fancy ball and when we play at funerals we play the March of Saul Oh the drums go bang bang and the cymbals clang clang and the horns toot toot toot away McCarthy pumps the old basson and I the pipes do play and Hennessy Yennessy toodley toots the flute and music is somethin grand a credit to old Ireland is McNamaras Band tra la la laaa, la la la laaa, tra la la laaa, laaa la la la a credit to old Ireland is McNamaras Band | Michael Finnegan There once was a man named Michael Finnegan, He grew whiskers on his chinnigin Shaved them off and they grew in agin Poor old Michaal Finnegan, begin agin There once was a man named Michael Finnegan, Climbed a tree and hit his shinnigin Took off several yards of skinnigin Poor old Michael Finnegan, begin agin There once was a man named Michael Finnegan, He went fishin with a pinnigin Caught a fish but he dropped it in agin Poor old Michael Finnegan, begin agin

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