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S: Mexico

1: Hola, my name is Juan. I am 13 years old and I live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The location of my house is great because it is close to a lot of stores, but I don't like living here because there are a lot of tourists who come here. The thing that the tourists do not know is how horrible the life for the Mexicans who live here is. My family is poor because my papa cannot find a job. my mom works as a maid in a nearby resort. We do not own a car so we have to ride bikes wherever we go. I am writing this journal to send to you in the United States of America for you to learn about Mexico.

2: The history of Mexico consists of many long battles with our government. Lets start out with the very beginning of Mexico. It is said that the Olmecs were the first group of people to live here. The next was the Mayan civilization. After that was the Aztec civilization. The Aztec civilization was conquered by the Spanish in 1521. the Mexican people fought against the Spanish in 1810. A constitution was made in 1824. A man named Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana became the dictator of Mexico in 1833. While he was the dictator, Mexico lost a lot of its size. They lost what you now call Mexico. After this, my country was in a lot of governmental distress. This distress ended in the 1940’s. The president that we have now is Felipe Calderon. He has tried to stop the drug trade, while trying to end violence involving drugs. In November of this year, our soldiers captured a major drug trader. | History

3: The economy of Mexico has had growth since 1993. However, our economy has been bad recently just like yours. Many people are out of work. They cannot provide for their family so they are in poverty. Luckily for me, my family at least has one job that can buy us the basic necessities of life. The bad economy has made Mexico have less exports to the USA. The money that we use is called a peso. If your family bought pesos they would give 1 dollar, and receive 13.88 pesos. | Economy

4: Geography | The land in Mexico has been said to be beautiful. We have a lot of clear blue oceans, with sea life living in the water. We also have coral reef around our country. These coral reefs help to slow down or stop a hurricane from hitting us. Mexico is 758,449 square miles. Our neighbor countries are you the US, Guatemala, and Belize. Our resources that we get from our wonderful land are oil, natural gas, and gold. These resources help us with our economy issues that you learned about before. Mexico has two main mountain ranges. The Sierra Madre Oriental, and the Sierra Madre Occidental.

5: In Mexico, we love to play sports for fun. My favorite sport is Fútbol. You call it soccer. We also love to watch bullfighting. I like bullfighting because there is so much suspense and hope that the man who is taunting the bull does not get hurt. My friends and I love to walk down to the beach and we swim. People who live near the mountains like to hike. We love to dance to music called salsa. My family is lucky because we have a television. My family likes to watch Telenovelas, which are like soap operas. My mother and many other women like to sew, and make crafts. My mother gets a little extra money by selling purses on the street to tourists. The higher classes take vacations, but sadly my family needs to save their money. I would love to travel to America and see all of the great things there. | Culture

6: Themes of Geography. | Geography Shapes Culture The culture of Mexico was determined by natural resources and the land the Olmecs first settled on. For example, Mexican people would not cook the same food if they were stationed somewhere else around the world. If the Olmecs somehow found their way to Alaska, the people would not have the same culture as they do now. Geography shaped the Mexican culture when the Spanish went to Mexico. If there were no gold in the grounds the Spanish would have left making Mexico a very different place.

7: Power Corrupts | People in leadership can abuse their power. For example, the man named Antonio López de Santa Anna became something like a dictator to Mexico. He stopped newspapers that were against him and he raised taxes. When Santa Anna did this, many Mexican states basically dropped out of the central government and became independent. In 1845, he was imprisoned by a group of Indians. His life was spared, but he was sent to Cuba.

8: History Repeats | History repeated itself in Mexico when the Aztec civilization and the Inca civilization declined due to the disease smallpox. The Inca and the Aztec caught Smallpox from the Spanish.

9: Every Action has a Reaction | Every action has a reaction. When the drug war started, Mexico started to lose business with tourists. This caused more people to be in poverty, and out of work.

10: Economics Drives Change | Economics drove change when the Spanish first arrived in Mexico. If there was no gold, the Spanish would not have stayed in Mexico, and the Inca, Aztec, and the Mayan people would still be living to this day.

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