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Middle East Vocab

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S: Middle East Vocab

FC: Vocab

1: Terrorism- The use or threat of violence that is used to attain political or religious. Nine eleven was terrorism that our country experienced. | Islam- A Muslim monotheistic religion base on the teachings of Muhammad. Many Islamic people live in the Middle East.

2: Zionism- A policy that incourags making a homeland for Jews in plaistine. Not all Jews approve of the Zionism Idea. | Judaism- A Monotheistic religion based around the Torah and the Talmud. I went to a Bhatmitsvah in 7th grade , the girl followed Judaism.

3: Christianity- A Monotheistic religion based on the teachings on the teachings of Jesus and stresses Jesus as the savior. I am Cristian, My savior is Jesus. | Jihad- Or "holy war" the idea of Muslims striving for a spiritual or political goal. You do not find many Jihads in Fargo.

4: Arabic- A group of people who speak Arab taking up most of the Middle East and some of northern Africa. I have many students in my class who are Arabic. | Sunni-a member of the largest branch of Islam that is a follower the first four caliphs as successors to Muhammad. Most Islamic people are members of Sunni.

5: fundamentalism-The close interpretation to basic principles of a religion . I am not a fan of fundamentalism, | Shiite- The smaller branch of Islam that were Ali as the pnly successor to Mohammed and denys the first three caliphs Shite is the smaller branch of Islam and you dont find many in fargo.

6: Ramadan- carried out during the ninth islamic month. It is a fast held from sunrise to sunset. I would be very hungary is if i did Ramadiann | OPEC-Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; meaning a international cartel that inflates price of oil by limiting supply. I would like to learn more abot OPEC

7: Yom Kippur- Jewish day of attoinment or fast day. Yom Kippur just occured on the Jewish calender. | Palestinian- And ethnic group living in Paliestine made up of Arabics. Palestinian people are trying to become there own contry

8: Taliban- a group of fundamentalist Muslims that in 1996 took control of Afghanistan's government. The Taliban is a very dangerous group. | Radicalism-Those who favor change in government and society and believe that violence is okay action to obtain political change. Radicalism is not excepted in the united states.

9: PLO-Palestinian Liberation Organization: a political movement uniting Palestinian to create an independent state of Palestine. The PLO is a positive movement. | al Qaeda- an international group formed in to late 1980s by Osama bin Laden. The group vowed to fight against US and over throw what he calls corrupted Muslim governments. al Qaeda has done many evil things to my country.

10: Intifada- an uprising that took place in the late 1980s and again in 2000 by Palestinian Arabs against Israel . When i think back on the Intifada i do not have happy thoughts. | Hamas-a militant Islamic fundamentalist political movement that is against peace with Israel and uses terrorism as a weapon. Hamas is a less well known fundamental group.

11: Hijab- A headscarf commonly worn by Muslim women In the middle east you will find many women wearing Hijahs.. | Secular-worldly and not related to church matters or religion. There are many Secular i ideas in the world today.

12: Mosque- The Islamic place of worship. You will find many Muslim people worshiping at a Mosque, | Synagogue- The place of worship in the Jewish faith. My Jewish relatives worship at a Synagogue.

13: Bedouin-Nomadic pastoralists of the Arabian peninsula. With a culture based on early converts to Islam. Bedouin are very quiet and humble.

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