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Midterm ABC Book Arianne C.

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FC: Midterm Review Project | | | |

1: Articles of Confederation | The Fist Written plan was in fact the Articles of Confederation. The people who wrote the ARticles of Confederation wanted a federal government. The reason was because they thought the royal governors had to much power. | Main functions -defend the country -pay debts- settle arguments -maintain relationships with other countries -set up postal services for mail. | Unit 3 SS8H4A |

2: Barrier Islands | The Barrier Islands aren't just called ''The Barrier Islands", because we want to,but its because they protect the mainland from strong winds and strong waves. | The islands on the east side are sandy and have fine quartz packed onto the surface. About five miles of Georgia's mainland are islands called the Golden Isles these island have marshy waters that separate them from the mainland. | Unit 1 SS8G1C |

3: C | County Unit System | The County Unit System was created so that each individual county got a certain number of votes. The problem with this was that there were more rural counties so they mostly won the vote. This meant that democrats mostly won. | Unit 6 SSH8H7 |

4: D | Development of Technology in Georgia | There were two main developments of technology in Georgia. 1.The Cotton Gin 2.Railroads | Cotton Gin The Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney. He invented the cotton gin to clean the cotton and rid it of seeds. By creating the cotton gin more people wanted slaves to grow cotton for money. | Railroads Railroads in Georgia had a very large impact. First of all Atlanta is named after two railroads,The Western and The Atlantic Railroads. During the development of Georgia many people built small towns along the railroads for transportation. | Unit 4 SS8H5C | |

5: E | European Settlement in Georgia | There were two Famous types of people who came to GA. 1.The Salzburg settlers 2.The Highland Scotts | Salzburg Settlers The Salzburg settlers were protestants from Germany.They came to Georgia looking for religious freedom. THeri first settlement was called Ebenezer. Ebenezer was near a swam so many people were diseased and died. Therefor New Ebenezer was created a new home for the Salzburg Settlers. | Highland Scotts The Highland Scotts came from the mountains of Scotland. AS they immigrated from Scotland to Georgia they were wanted to become settler soldiers. THey established many forts and began living off of cattle and timber hey as well opposed slavery. | Unit 2 SS8H1C

6: F | Fall Line | The Fall line is located at the southern end of the Piedmont region. There are m any narrow rivers and headwaters at the Fall Line.The soil above it has clay and some granite, but the below it the clay is very sandy. | Unit 1 SS8G1A

7: G | Gettysburg | Gettysburg was considered to be the turning point of the civil war. This was the last time the south attempted to invade the north. It was taken place inPennsylvania and was a Union victory. This battle had the most casualties out of every battle during the civil war. | Unit 5 SS8H6B

8: H | Hernando De Soto | Hernando De Soto was a Spanish explorer who came to Georgia in search for gold. Unfortunately Hernando's expedition was considered a fail due to not finding gold. but he did defeat the NAtive American's with assistance from their new resources like armor, guns and horses | Unit 2 SS8H1BC

9: I | Impact of Climate on Georgia's development | Georgia has a very stable climate, which means that employees wont have difficulty getting to work ,because of a snow storm or a hurricane. Also Georgia doesn't have too hot summers or to cold winters so businesses don't have to pay a lot for air conditioning. | Unit 1 SS8G1D

10: J | Jim Crow Laws | Jim Crow Laws were laws that called segregation. There would separate bathrooms for colored people and white people. On buses white people sat in the front and black people sat in the back. | Unit 6 SS8H7B

11: K | Ku Klux Klan KKK | The Ku Klux Klan also known as the KKK were a group of people whose main goal was to intimidate African Americans so they could not vote. The first Klan began around the 1860s and the third Klan has existed since the 1940s | Unit 6 SS8H6C

12: L | Abraham Lincoln | Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He ended slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation in January of 1863. He was assassinated in a theater on April 15 one year after he abolished slavery. His face is now printed on the U.S. penny. | Unit 5 SS8H6A

13: M | Main Functions of the government created by the Article of Confederations | Main Functions -Defend the country -Pay debts -Settle arguments between states -Maintain relationships with other countries -set up postal services. | Unit 3 SS8H4A

14: N | Nancy Hart | Nancy Hart was known for being a hero during the American Revolution. Supposedly she caught four loyalists and killed two of them.She was also remembered for having six sons and only two daughters. Nancy Hart was the only woman to have a county named after her. | Unit 3 SS8H3B

15: O | Okefenokee Swamp | The Okefenokee Swamp is located in the Coastal Plain Region of Georgia. It is the largest swamp in North America. The swam is 681 square miles. In the freshwater portion of the swamp the water lies close to the surface. | Unit 1 SS8H5A

16: P | Phases of Reconstruction | There were Three Phases of Reconstruction 1.Presidential Phase 2.The Congressional Phase 3. The Military Phase | Phase 1. The Presidential Phase This was when all high ranking official are forgiven after taking the loyalty oath. Also 10% of the state will rejoin the U.S. and create their own government. Lastly the State mus ratify the 13th amendment. | Phase 2. The Congressional phase This was very similar to phase one except that southern states must ratify any amendment dealing with the freedmen this included #13,14 &15. | Phase 3. Military Phase In this phase the south was under military rule. 50% of state population must take the loyalty oath before being readmitted to the Union.The right to vote or hold public office is denied to any who voluntarily fought or held a political office in the confederacy. | Unit 5 SS8H6C

17: Q | Sequoyah | Sequoyah was a member of the Cherokee Indians. Originally he was from Tennessee. He then moved to Arkansas after the Cherokee gave up their land.Thanks to him they learned how to read and write in their own language. He created the Cherokee syllabary. | Unit 4 SS8H5D

18: R | American Revolution | Cause: The debt from the French and Indian war caused higher taxes in which Great Britain had to tax the colonists in America who obviously didn't want taxes. | Effect America revolted against Great Britain and started a war. They soon seceded. | Georgia and the Revolution Georgia was a young colony compared to the other ones; this meant that they still depend on Great Britain for help so breaking away from Great Britain could leave Georgia in a huge disadvantage. | Unit 3 SS8H3A

19: S | Spanish Missions in Georgia | The first Spanish mission in Georgia was in 1566. It was called St.CAtherins Island also known as Santa Catina.These mission were meant to convert the Indians to Catholicism. The Mission ended in 1685 | Unit2 | SS8H1B

20: T | Tomochichi | Tomochichi was the chief of the Yamacraw Tribe. He became close friend with James Oglethorpe. Tomochichi was the one who made a deal with James to give him some land. This land was known as the Yamacraw Bluff named after his tribe. | Unit 2 SS8H2A

21: U | University of Georgia | *The University of Georgia is the best college in the world* | The University of Georgia was established in January of 1785. It was our country's first state supported public university. This meant that the state funds the College. They receive money and land from the state. | Unit 4 SS8H5A

22: V | The Bourbon Triumvirate | The members of the Bourbon Triumvirate were John B, Gordon, Alfred H. Colquitt, and Joseph E. Brown. All these men held office as governor of Georgia and U.S. senator. | Good -Encouraged industrial growth -Discouraged government spending -Reduced war debt -lowered taxes | Bad -Spread Racism -Overlooked corruption in the government,factories,prisons and hospitals | Unit 6 SS8H7

23: W | W.E.B. Du Bois | W.E.B. Du Bois was a civil right activist who opposed Booker T. Washington. He thought that education was the key to equality for African Americans. He was a HArvard Graduated and soon began teaching at ATL University. He founded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored people also know as the N.A.A.C.P. | Unit 6 SS8H7C

24: X | International Cotton Exposition | The whole purpose behind the International Cotton Exposition was to show off the south's new industries and develop industries around Georgia's natural resources. These industries were textiles, timber and mining. | Unit 6 Ss8H7

25: Y | Yazoo Land Fraud | The Yazoo Land Fraud was when four land companies bribed Georgia's governor and general assembly, but Georgia did not legally own the land. This included the land west of the Chattahoochee,Alabama and Mississippi. The lawmakers involved in the Yazoo Land Fraud were voted out of office. The land was taken by the federal government and Georgia's boundary was reset at Chattahoochee. | Unit 4 SS8H5B

26: Z | Alonzo Herndon | Alonzo invested $100 in 1905 into an insurance company in which he didn't have a clue about. After investing he hired African Americans to help run his business. It was called ATL Mutual.It turned out to be a huge success and today it is a 200 million dollar business. | Unit 6 SS8h7C

27: And they all lived happily ever after..... (except for Leo Frank,Ferdinand Magellan, The Wives of King Henry VIII etc.)

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