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Miracles - Page Text Content

S: Miracles

BC: Watt | Aubrey

FC: Miracles | By Aubrey Watt

1: 1 | Contents | Chapter 1.............Worst Nightmare.......pg5 Chapter 2............The Story.........................pg6 Chapter 3.And the Miracles Begin.pg10 Chapter4.............How Could this Be?.pg12 Chapter 5.............Impossible.....................pg13

2: Dedicated to my best friend in the entire world... | 2

3: Miracles | 3

4: Part 1 Childhood | 4

5: 5 | Chapter 1 Worst Nightmare\ She was completely alone. No one to hold her and comfort her. Except her new dad her mom started dating before it happened. He had adopted 12-year-old Jenny, but they practically just met, yet, he cared for her deeply. She thought that was a little strange, but she figured it was just because he had fell in love-in-first-sight with her mom and he wanted to keep a piece of her. She also used to have a dad, but he had died when she was three. She barely remembered him. But when her mom met rob (the man adopting her) she fell head-over-heels for him. Jenny was very upset, she wanted her mom to be happy, but she didn't want her daddy replaced. Here's what happened...

6: Chapter 2 The Story It all started when Jenny's mother decided that they should go to Walgreen's. Jenny was exited because she didn't usually go out.. Then her mother said, "Guess who's coming along!" "I don't know, who? "Guess." "Ok, ummm.. Juanita?!"Jenny Exclaimed. "No...guess again." "Umm..." "Rob! Oh, and by the way, I-I mean, we, want you to start calling him 'Dad', OK?" her mom asked. Jenny was shocked, her mother knew how much she'd loved her dad, even though she didn't know him that well. And she hated Rob, at least, that's what everyone else thought... deep, deep down, for some reason, she loved 6

7: Rob, just something about him that she doesn't understand.. When they showed up, he was waiting in his car. When Jenny's mom and Rob saw each other, they jumped out of the car and ran to another and hugged, each screaming each others names. Jenny was going to barf, she didn't want to see them being all "romantic". "C'mon, Jenny! Let's go!" her mom exclaimed. Reluctantly, Jenny went, unaware of what was about to happen. When Jenny, her mother, & Rob walked into Walgreen's, cool air blasted into their faces, they heard voices all over the place. "Me and your Dad are going into the dairy section, you look around to see if there's anything you want." "Kay," Jenny said. 7

8: Jenny was in the cereal aisle when she heard a loud bang. She turned around and ran to the end of the aisle and peeked around the corner. She saw tons of very big men who banged open the door. "Everyone! Get down on the ground and put your hands where we can see them!" Everyone was too histarical to hear and all the men start shooting. Rob found Jenny and grabbed her. "What's happening?! " Jenny asked, "Where's mom, is she OK?" "I doesn't know, she disappeared, so I came to find you." Then they heard a scream, which sounded a lot like Jenny's mom. "Mom!!" Jenny screamed. THen she got up and ran toward the sound. Her mom was laying in a pool of blood. Jenny started crying histaricly. She 8

9: knelt beside her mother, trying to revive her, it didn't work. She'd lost her mother. Now she was an orfan. She looked around, vision blurd, she saw no sign of life. Then she heard more screams like her mom's, she ignored it, it was probably just her imagination. 9

10: Chapter 3 And the Miracles Begin Jenny was laying on her bed weeping. It had been two weeks and she had barely came out of her room. Then Rob came inl "Jenny?" "Go away." "Listen, I've got something to tell you." "Fine," Jenny sat up, "I'm listening." "well, you know your real father?" Jenny nodded her head. "You know how your mom told you he died?" "I don't want to tald about this," Jenny said. "I understand but yyou need to hear this. I'm just going to het right to the point." 10

11: "Can't wait," Jenny said. "He didn't really die, he left your mother, not you by the way, and-" "What?!" Jenny exclaimed. "I can't believe you're trying to make my dad look so bad! I-" "Jenny! I am your father! Your birth father! And I'm telling you the truth." Jenny started crying. Because she felt sorry, guilty, sad , happy, and scared. She hugged him. She gripped him like her life depended on it. She couldn't believe it. But all the pieces fit together so perfectly. Then the phone rang. 11

12: Chapter 4 How Could this Be? "Don't answer it. I don't want to hear any more sorry voices," Jenny stated. "I'll answer it, but I'll be right back. Hello? Oh-my. This can't be - this must be my imagination. No... this is a prank call, isn't it?! Well knock it off! This is sick and twisted!" Then Jenny's dad slammed down the phone. "Who was it, Daddy?" Jenny asked. "Just a stupid prank call. Why don't we just hit the sack, OK?" "Oh, alright," Jenny said. 12

13: Chapter 5 Imagination Jenny woke up at 3am because she thought she'd heard a noise. But she assumed it was her dream, so she went to get a glass of water. As she drunk her water, she heard the noise again, only louder. She went to the window to see. No one was there. She heard the door open. Jenny gasped and spun around. It was her mother, totally bloody and broosed."No!" Jenny screamed. "You're not real! You're just my imagination! If I blink a few times, you'll be gone!" Jenny blinked, 13

14: her mom was still there. "Honey,-" "No!" Jenny screeched. "Jenny! Jenny, what's-" "Oh, Rob!" Jenny's mom said as she ran to hug her man. She hugged him, but all he did was push her away. "How could you possibly be true, I saw you dead in a pool of blood?" "Honey, that wasn't me yo saw. That was a woman that looked just like me. I was abducted 14

15: by those terrorists, didn't you hear me scream?" "I did-" both Jenny and Rob said. "What, why didn't you say anything?" Jenny asked. "I thought I imagined it." "Me too." "well, all that madders now, is that none of us is dead and-" "Actually-" Jenny's mother cut in," the terrorists are looking for me...................... they want me to fly an airplane into the ocean." Jenny and her dad both gasped. 15

16: Then, we'll go to the FBI's station for a safe place and wait 'till it all blows over, that's all we can do,, let's try and make the best of it." And the family was finally rejoiced for the first time in 9 years. The Almost End

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