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S: Lifetime Moments

BC: The End

FC: By Family and Friends | Lifetime Moments

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen

2: Mom, This scrapbook was created by family and friends who love you. I knew when I was little girl I wanted to grow up and be a teacher just like you. I remember helping you grade your papers at night and going in and helping you at school when I was litte. Yes, I know I wasn't a HUGE help, but I always loved it. I could see how much you loved your job and how good you were at it. Everyone I talk to always goes on and on about what a wonderful teacher you are, and I just hope that I am following in those same footsteps. You are not only my mom and someone I look up too but you are also my best friend. You are and always will be the person I go to to talk about how my day was....the good and the ugly. You are the only person who understands the joy, love, stress, and hard work that goes into each day of teaching. I am so proud of all your accomplishments in your career. You have worked so hard to become the best mom and teacher. Now it's time to sit back and in enjoy the next chapter in your life. I love you so much! Love, Jen

5: Cac, There are so many stories that come to mind.... I remember we use to always get up early in the morning to go shelling. You would always talk about the little old ladies walking on the beach and finding all the sand dollars and not leaving us any. To find a sand dollar was like finding gold. Well I found one ,and I was so excited about finding it. You told me afterwards that you had planted the sand dollar on the beach for me to find. I really never did know for sure ,if I actually found it, or if you had planted it there for me to find. Only the little old ladies know. Another time we went out to happy hour at a Blue Moon Party. Everyone was so blown away that I had to drive the drunks home. They wanted me to take them to another bar, so I told them that I would but I tricked them and took them back to LaCosta. They weren't very happy with me; however knew where I was headed. Just think everything comes full circle and you will soon be walking the beach to find sand dollars. Wishing you lots of success finding that special sand dollar. Jan and Larry

6: All things grow better with love. | Cathy, I wanted to remind you of the times we "shared" students. I remember when we had one that was driving us crazy, we would trade for the afternoon. The student I remember sending you was "Earl", but I can't remember who I got in return. It was a great way for them to keep working and for us to retain our sanity. We had so many good times as neighbors upstairs. I remember our caroling days and how the residents of the nursing home would be wearing antlers when we left. Oh so many good times before they began to micromanage every move we make.... Estelle Griggs

7: Dear Cathy, What? You're leaving me?! There goes my plan to work summer school again. I wouldn't think of doing it without YOU! I wouldn't know what size cups to buy. :) Those were the days. . . , the good 'ole days, that provided us with lots of fun memories EXCEPT for all the trouble YOU caused! :) Seriously, I will miss you and your great sense of humor. That's what got me through that summer session and has continued to bring me laughs and great memories ever since. You deserve the very best so I'm hoping that's what retirement brings to you!! Love you, Sue Michell

9: Cac, I remember the time you went with me to Gordon's for some hall shopping. You had made your purchases and decided to head to the van. I came strolling out with my cart toward my van, but I didn't see you. I thought maybe you had gone back into Gordon's, but to my surprise you were sitting in someone elses van. I was laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants. When I came up to the van, you couldn't figure out what I was laughing at. It was a memorable day at Gordon's. I know retiring is going open a new chapter for you and Dana. Enjoy your time in Florida, you will probably make "snowbird friends" and won't want to come home. Love, Christy

10: Cathy, Remember the 17 diet? Yeah that was lost on day one. You are so funny I will miss having you here! Cricket Dolezal | I always look forward to your "Crabmeat Pizza" birthday treat on January 23rd of every year. I can probably live without the pizza, but I'm uncertain about living without you. You have brought so much joy and light into my life throughout the years. I will never forget you. Always remember how very much I love you friend! Chris Freehill

11: Cathy, I have enjoyed working with you, and will miss your humor. Just think now you can have "Happy Hour" in the middle of the day! Hey! Hey! Enjoy your new life :) Love, Jean DiDomenico | Cathy, I and we (the cougars of the basement) are really going to miss you. You have made the basement the number one place to be at Forest Park. You make the work environment more enjoyable by making us laugh and comforting us that everything is going to be ok. I have always respected the way you are devoted to teaching. Your passion for this profession shows through your teaching, your care for the students and their success, and the belief in teachers union. You have been a great a role model. I am going to miss my number one cougar coach. I am going to miss you yelling at your computer every morning for taking over 15min to start up. I am going to miss the laughs that you bring. I am going to miss having a great co-worker.Thank you for all that you have done! -AleX P.S. Yes I love my dark beer :)

13: I always enjoy golfing with you and hope to do it more in your retirement. "Dream Team" outings should be more frequent now. Of course my concern is that you may start beating me with playing more and getting intense coaching from Dana. My use of the phrase "not in your lifetime" will obviously not be part of my repertoire. I remember once when you were well beyond 200 yards from the green and waiting for it to clear, you asked if you could reach it and I, imprudently, opined "not in your lifetime"...a mistake that I have been reminded of on numerous occasions. From, Dan | Cac, We have made many wonderful memories over the years. You have a heart of gold and you are always willing to help anyone in need (including me). So many great times come to mind: Golfing: road trips, "Dream Team", notebook of who has the cheapest food/beer, family scrambles, planning golf outings, "not in your lifetime" (See below from Dan). Country Concert:jello shots, Annie and Marmaduke, $1 beers in the saloon, those "crazy cousins from Ohio" New Years Card Club Halloween costume parties Nook technical assistance coupons/ we've got a coupon! Jay...Jay...Jay! You have shared your family with us and you have taken a sincere interest in ours. You are one in a million and we're looking forward to making many more memories together in the future...Florida? Nashville? From, Nancy | Congratulations, Cac! We love you! Welcome to the Club!

14: Cathy, I will miss you so much. We had a lot of great times together. I will never forget the times we would sit outside our classroom in the morning, you with your red solo cup. We would joke around about what was really inside that cup. We would try and wait outside our classrooms as long as we could. We waited until the kids started coming out for us. Neither one of us wanted to go in. I won’t ever forget the time you got the U-Haul truck and moved Tamela to a different state. Tamela had promised for weeks that she was moving. Finally one day when she didn’t arrive at school you announced she got moved. You offered to move others that year too. That was a fun bunch Edward, Zoey, Tamela.. We had great times going out to lunch. We had great times every day. You made my days fun. We would laugh about kids and the crazy things they did. The memory that will stick with me most was our love for Florida. We looked forward to Spring Break every year. We would keep a countdown of days left before Spring Break. We were always packed weeks before our trip. All packed except for our shoes. We could never decide how many to take. We always took too many. No one could understand our determination to be ready to go. Dana would have the car packed and ready. He would pick you up at school. We always tried to work our schedule to escape early from school. We would switch classes with others to get out of there. This was a process we would start planning months in advanced. Really it was the first day of school we worked on this. We teased about Dana not allowing potty breaks. Once you were in the car, you were in! There was no time for stopping. In fact we would tease about how you would pick the kids up on the way. They had to have their stuff packed and be standing on the interstate waiting for Dana to drive by. We would text and call during the week. We would compare stories of all the fun we were having. There was even a time I remember when you decided to stay next door to J. P. We teased that you needed to behave. No hanging off the balcony partying or having wet t-shirt contests. Then there was the rule after Spring Break that you were only allowed to wear capris and sandals. You couldn’t wear pants no matter how cold it would get outside. These are only few stories. I will cherish our friendship forever. Thank you for all your support and love. You made me enjoy what we did. I hope you enjoy your time. Remember to send pictures of you sitting on the beach with your real red solo cup. Keep in touch! Love ya! Kim Barker

16: Family is where the heart is....

17: Cac, Being the youngest of four and the only boy, my experiences as a child were often different than yours. However, I have many fond memories of you from my childhood; I looked up to you as my older sister and feared you when you would kick us out of the house. As an adult, I greatly admired the incredible devotion you have shown for your career and more importantly your family. As we pass through the years, we are able to look back at the decisions we have made and really see the impact that they have made on our lives. Your choice to become a teacher was one that greatly shaped what your life would become. This choice meant that while you may not be greatly enriched in the material world, you are quite rich as a person. You have touched the lives of many of our youth and I am sure you have been touched by many of them over the years. The memories that you have stored and the experiences that you have shared are far more valuable than money. Many may view this time in your life as the end of something great, but I believe you should and will look at it quite differently. This is the beginning of a new stage in your life, a stage of exploration and happiness. This is also a time to really cherish with those around you that you love. Have many adventures and make new memories that you couldn’t have before. Congratulations on many years of a successful career. Love, Mark

18: Dear Cathy, When I first was hired to teach at Forest Park, you were one of the first friends I made. I taught first grade and you taught second across the hall from me. I learned so much from you and have always admired you. Over the years we have shared ups and downs at Weight Watchers, students in reading intervention, and a trip down to Indy to the Statehouse. I wish you a restful and happy retirement and I look forward to walking with you next summer! Sincerely, Christina Mejer

19: I have enjoyed working with you these last 11 years. You have been both a wonderful example of a teacher and also an incredible advocate for us. We will miss you! Katie Otto | Dear Cathy, I will never forget the story of how you taught a student to wipe his/her bottom! I don't remember if it was a boy or girl. I'm glad you had that child before I did. Thank goodness you took care of that part of the learning process. Now, will you be available if that ever needs to be taught again? I mean, you did such a good job the first time! I also always look forward to our time at Weight Watchers together. You are what keeps me going and sticking to the plan. I would not stick to it if I didn't always know you would be going! Thanks for being there for me! Even though you are retired will you consider going Wednesday afternoons? We girls have to stick together! Love, Lisa Gemmer

21: Dear Mom, Congrats on making it to the finish line. I want to start by thanking you for instilling your strong work ethic in me. Well of course except for that summer I took a break from the workforce. But truthfully seeing you work so hard at being a teacher and leader at your school as different department heads has made me want to take the same pride in my own profession. You along with Jen inspired me to pursue my Masters Degree too. So from the bottom my heart I want to thank you for passing on your passion for striving to be the best at your job on to me along with inspiring me to further my education. I’m also excited for you to finally get to relax and have some time to travel the country, you deserve it. This will also allow you and dad to spend time with your future grandchildren that Meg and I plan to have in the coming years. Seeing the way Reg looks up to you guys and how much she loves being around you guys I don’t want our kids to miss out on that experience. So get started on looking for condos in Indy. Love, Jeremy

23: We are so proud of all of your accomplishments! Your first and best accomplishment was the creation of your first born child. Ever since, you've tried to recreate that level of achievement by going back to school to become a teacher AND getting your Masters Degree all while being a mom and wife. Then you tried again by having two more children. That wasn't quite enough so you were involved as an active and concerned member of your teacher's organization, a representative for your peers all while teaching students with a verity of backgrounds and needs. In all seriousness, we are VERY proud of you and all that you've accomplished. You are respected and trusted by your peers as a friend and a professional. You are loved by your students. You are an amazing mother, mother-in-law, and most of all grandmother. We love you very much. You have worked very hard and it's paid off. Now enjoy your time off! Thank you for being a role model for us on how to work hard, love your family, and have fun while doing it. Love, Andy, Kelly, Reagan

24: Cathy, You have always been the ultimate professional. You make students and teachers better. Teaching has always been the perfect career for you. Even when the kids stress you out, you always have their best interest at heart. You have not just been a teacher though. You have been a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother for our family. You are the one who has taught us what love is and how to show it. After working hard for so many years I am excited to see you finally get to kick up your feet and relax. It’s almost time for us to put our toes in the water and butt the sand! You know the car is already packed! Love, Dana

26: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

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