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S: Book of Morris Wilson's Extended Family Tree

BC: The End

FC: Happy Birthday Grampa Morris Wilson 2010 | Forever The Coolest Grampa | Book of Morris Wilson's Extended Family Tree

1: To Everyone's Grampa Every year I try to come up with the coolest present that will blow your mind away. One year I got you some cool sneakers with air shocks in them and you tried to pull an air Jordan, nah... You jumped pretty high! Another year, I brought you some good Port wine and we both got high on that together. Then there was the year that I brought home the birds, the ducks, the rabbits, and then there were the chicks that I heard eventually got cooked, but you promised you didn't eat any of them yourself. | This year I've created this book and it's got the best compilation of gifts from as many people I could gather in a short time frame to contribute. I call it the book of Grampa Wilson's Extended Family Tree (it's quite extensive). It all starts with Morris Wilson traveling the world and meeting and "collecting people" as Auntie Dawne calls it. You brought my mother Nhan to America, and you gave her and many others a new life. You raised Chi Caroline when she was a few months old as your own daughter, and by golly you've created an empire of people who truly love and admire you, but most importantly every person has been touched so deeply by you that all the good that have become them today is all from the seeds of good that you planted in them. My mother taught me well and I know that some wise men (maybe you) have taught her well too. You are forever loved and I sincerely hope you enjoy this little memory book of your family and extended family. Designed by Thanh Kim Le (with the help of many extended Wilson members)

4: When there is family there is a home | Grandpa Morris Wilson likes to eat sushi | Grandpa is exceptionally resourceful | Grandpa is the first Grandpa I know

5: When I was younger grandpa used to take me and Uyen to the canyon behind the house every time I visited San Diego. One of my fondest memories was when he let us use a swing tied to a really big tree. Another thing I love about Grandpa is that he's always open to my quirky ideas, like the duck name "George" that I bought at the swapmeet, and the rabbit named "Dudu" that I had to leave at his house when I went to college. Grandpa took care of these pets lovingly and even built them a mini city in his backyard. And the funniest memory I have is when grandpa had a gopher problem. I still remember how we set tons of traps in the back yard and even tried to flood the gopher out, and grandpa chasing after the gopher with his BB gun. I can't remember if we got it, but it was all fun in games. What makes me happiest about knowing Grandpa is that no matter where in the world I am, if I come to Grandpa's house I will meet family members and somehow always find my roots and good asian food, which used to be cooked by Ba Di Mai and now Bac Hai. I LOOOOOVE MY FAMILY! Thank you Grandpa Wilson for starting it all. | Thanh Kim K. Le aka "Kimmy" and "Kim" | Born: July 13, 1982 | Daughter of Lan K. Le & Thanh Nhan Thi Nguyen | Siblings: Van K. Le & Thanh Tam K. Le

6: I count my lucky stars each and every day to have you in my life and feel so fortunate to have been raised by such a wise, gentle and caring man. My life could have been very different if it weren't for you. We have so many wonderful memories together. I remember when you used to do my hair for me when I was in preschool. You would put little barrettes in my hair and it would look so cute until I started kindergarten and then I insisted on doing it myself...when I look back at the pictures it's obvious that you did a much better job. I will always remember our road trips to Utah. Those were the best. I love all the songs we used to sing. My favorite was and always will be "You Are My Sunshine". | Whenever I was sick you would always take care of me. You would make me a soft boiled egg with a piece of homemade toast (toasted on the pan). Whatever you did to that egg was like magic. From steak and eggs for breakfast, vine ripened tomatoes from the garden, your signature corn pancakes, homemade bread and cinnamon rolls! All magical things that we will never forget!

7: I never get sick of listening to your stories from the olden days. Times sure have changed and you've lived to see so many changes. You always taught me to conserve energy and water. I remember I would get so mad because you would make me hook up the pipes to the washing machine so the rinse water would water the grass and then hang my clothes out on the line to dry. I'm still hanging my clothes on the line, Dad! Thank you for all of your valuable lessons in life. | I remember when you would drive me to school in your little white truck with your BIG camper that you made out of wood. How crafty was that?!! You were always making things. If I wanted the world you would make it for me... | Caroline Ngo Wilson | "You Are My Sunshine" | We have all been so blessed to have you in our lives and you're still going strong at 95!! Keep it going! Happy Birthday Dad! I LOVE YOU!!

8: Growing up, you were my best friend and role model Grampa! We had so many adventures together! To this Day, I love the smell of sawdust and Home Depot. They always remind me of you and our many trips there. I remember how excited and proud I was to have you come spend the day with me at school for Grandparent's Day during elementary school. I have too many fond memories to count: Making doughnuts, finding bird's eggs in trees during our walks, playing cards all day, going for ice creams, riding bicycles, learning to garden, helping you in the backyard. My Childhood is full of memories with you. Grampa, you mean the world to me. Thank you for always being there for me. I am more confident, stronger, better person because I have you in my life. I love to travel and have good conversations because of you. I cherish our time together. I'll work hard and study hard to do good in the world and make you proud of me. Love you always, Uyen | Uyen Tam Ngo Born: November 12, 1984 | Parents: Hai Vinh Ngo & Thanh Tam Ngo Siblings: Annie Ngo & Danielle Ngo

10: To: Grampa | Van K. Le aka Bom DOB: February 15, 1988 | Son of Lan K. Le & Thanh Nhan Thi Nguyen

11: Hey Grampa, Happy Birthday!! Time sure passes by fast and the things that we did seems like it was yesterday. I remember the days that we spent carpentering and doing woodcraft together in the shed. Our greatest project was making the crossbow. Although it did not shoot very well, it was still a memorable accomplishment. I would say this was what sparked my interest for art and engineering! I remember the times that we played pool together, you would always win. I think those matches were all one-sided. Hahaha. I remember being frustrated for always losing, but looking back at it, I was just a horrible pool player and I guess you'll always hold the title as the champ in my dictionary. At least I am better than my friends or at least I hope so. I remember the breakfasts that we had every morning! Eggs, corn pancakes covered with maple syrup, bacon, and milk. Now when I eat these foods I have fond memories of you, especially waking up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. MmMM. I don't think I ate bacon in Indonesia, it became an acquired ritual that my pancakes need bacon for me to feel satisfied. Of course the very best part of my day was going cycling with you. Cycling has become my passion and it all started with you. Every time I go cycling it reminds me of you and I cycling around the canyon and neighborhood. I remember when we were at a stop light and this man got his walking cane stuck in my bike's rear tire. and him yelling at us, all while you laughed at him. I guess that man was one bitter melon, and I am sure he did not like us "messing with his walking cane," but of course it was his fault Hahaha. Those were the good times, I will always remember the things I learned from you and hold dear the things that we did together. You're my bestfriend and the Greatest Grampa anyone can ask for. | Love, Bom | Happy Birthday Grampa from your not so secret number 1 fan : )

12: Grampa is also always working on some sort of project and keeping himself busy. A new room, a new bathtub, a new garden, a new something! Despite all the changes I encounter every time I'm down there, the people are always the same and for that I am grateful. _Thank you Grampa for being that stable pillar we can all return to, even when we are lost in college or thousands of miles away.~ | I love going down to San Diego on weekends because Grampa's house is where all the good food is, and where all my family are. While I was away at school, counting down to Thanksgiving or Christmas with Grampa and all my cousins helped me survive through classes and exams. I think that it is amazing how Grampa was able to accomplish so much in his lifetime, and that he was able to see so much of the world. Listening to his stories makes me feel that I haven't done enough, and haven't lived at all! I have traveled to Southeast Asia on medical missions and research projects and lived in the boonies for a year but my experiences dull in comparison to Grampa's. | Thanh Tam K. Le aka Tam | DOB: May 20th, 1984 | Parents: Lan K. Le & Thanh Nhan Thi Nguyen

14: Grampa's house has always been my second home. No matter what I'm doing, from laying in bed all day to having a huge family party, it's a great place to be. I grew up in that house, so now it feels like things have shrunken after I've grown up a bit. The memories made have been irreplaceable and completely unique, from hiking in the "Grand Canyon," climbing in the orange tree until the ants bothered us, sleeping on the pool table, and eating corn pancakes on Saturday mornings. The place is not glamorous, but Grampa made it fun. Grampa's way of appreciating all the little things in life has carried onto my life, and I love the perspective it lends me as I go out in to the world and explore new places. I've also grown an ambition to travel and immerse myself in other people's cultures, just like Grampa has done. From so little, Grampa has achieved so much, and it inspires me a lot! Every time I talk to my friends about their grandparents, I wish everyone were as lucky as I am to have a grandpa as great as mine! Grandpa can do anything, and he is my superhero. Be Dan | Tam Dan Ngo aka Danielle Born: June 15th, 1992

16: Grandpa taught us all how to have fun!

17: Trung's Family in France | Distant but yet still close cause we're all family | Bon Jour!

18: One of my most thankful things about Grampa is my name, because I love it very much and I was told that he named me. I've spent practically every weekend at Grampa's house and almost all my childhood memories reside there. It was the place to be. I remember going there when I was little for Ba Noi to babysit Gisele and me. We always fought over candy, played school, made secret clubs, and played hide and go seek. I couldn't imagine how my weekends would be spent if I didn't have Grampa's house to go to. I loved looking forward to his cinnamon rolls, bread, and caramel popcorn balls. We even made homemade ice cream, orange juice and fruit leather. He made us appreciate the simple things in life. | Tam Anh Ngo aka Annie | Born:July 16, 1987 | Daughter of Hai Vinh Ngo & Thanh Tam Ngo

19: Grampa's house is the heart of our family and I always feel at home no matter how much the house gets updated! When I think of Grampa's house house I think of good home cooked food and my loving family! =)

20: Overall, a huge part of my childhood included Grampa. Every weekend, Grampa provided all of the cousins a wonderful place to spend together. I greatly appreciate the fact that we have a huge family. As Annie stated, it definitely is the place to be. I believe that no other person has a Grampa like ours. I will always remember and appreciate the wonderful Sundays that we would wake up to Grampa making corn pancakes and bacon. Annie and I would always get in trouble for eating the bacon before breakfast, finding out that we had none left over to eat with our pancakes. My favorite memories are of the days that he made us stilts, a teeter tot, bread, cinnamon rolls, and homemade coffee ice cream. | Gisele Delacruz Rerolle | Born: July 17th, 1989

21: Parents: Andre 'Kim Loc' Rerolle and Evangeline 'Ellen' Rerolle | I also always loved going on grocery trips to Boney's (or what's now called Henry's) with Grampa; just overall spending time with him. Seriously, what 95 year old Grampa has the capability to build a new room, or still work on big projects? I will always love and be thankful for our Grampa and no matter how old or how big we'll get, Grampa's house will always be the place to always feel welcome at with our wonderful family and wonderful home cooked food and pho!

22: Christian Rerolle aka Chris | There are so many fantastic memories happening at grampa's house that make me who I am as a person today. I remember myself always playing the pool table, rolling the balls around for hours and hours at a time! Or the time when Be Dan and I played "school" in the hallway with a chalkboard trying to teach me how to write. But my most favorable memories were the holidays! | Going to Grampa's on thanksgiving and Christmas are always the most exciting part of the day. Awesome food, from the barbecue chicken to big bowls of pho. But seeing all of my cousins together, laughing and having fun are the happiest times of all. I love you so much grampa!!! I hope your 95th birthday was very special. You'll have tons of birthdays to go!

23: A good friend | Vi and Kim | Smile! | Grandpa is from Utah | We love you!!! | A place to call home

24: All things grow better with love. Macaroni bacon tomato soup, fresh baked bread, dollar size pancakes, eggs and steak, candied popcorn balls, teeter totter, tools, bike rides, crossword puzzles, bunnies, a playhouse made with a camper top, glass fly traps, riding around in the white truck to pick up cardboard to recycle...many fond memories made possible by a man I admire. A man who cheated Uncle Sam and made the world better by recycling. Sell other people's trash for money that the government can't tax. Genius. A pillar of strength. An encyclopedia of knowledge. You cooked, cleaned, and built anything. You were like the ocean...quiet but strong. You often called us "stupid"...because we did stupid things that kids do. My goal as a kid was to do whatever I could for a compliment from grandpa. To not do stupid things. Although we were not close, you were a great influence. You gave me the fun and exposure to many things as a child that I would have missed because my parents were always working. You set a high standard for me. I learned to be independent, try to fix things myself instead of paying someone else. I learned that you can be generous and not go broke and to be strong and not overwhelm someone else. Now as an adult...a wife...a mother...a dental hygienist... a business owner... I realize how much of an influence you were and a part of me wants to thank you and the other part wants to say, "DAMN! All of this doing things myself is tiring! I am tired! I have more work than hours in the day to do it!" Happy Birthday Grandpa. Wishing health and happiness. Phuong Xuan Gunasayan (Ngo) 08.28.10 1:44 a.m.

25: Phuong Xuan Gunasayan (Ngo) | Married to Nick Gunasayan

26: Isabella Simone Gunasayan aka Bella Born: August,31 , 2005 | Great Grandpa....because he is great. I have a picture sitting on his lap. His birthday is in August like mine. I'm going to be 5 and start kindergarten. Happy Birthday Great Grandpa. See you soon. | Parents: Phuong & Nick Gunasayan

27: Giana Grace Gunasayan Born: October 15, 2007 aka Gigi | Hi! I'm Gigi. I''m 2. "Hattay Ottay Papa" I'm coming to visit you soon. | Parents: Phuong & Nick Gunasayan

28: Now as an adult, I realized that no matter where life may have taken us, our fondest memories were always achieved during our childhood. Not sure why, but most likely because it’s in security of our loved ones. I guess in their eyes, we can't do any wrong and always forgiven, regardless of the degree of our mistakes. Like my cousins, whose recollections within this book I’m so privileged to gander a peek, I too have simple and unpretentious memories shared with Grandpa and my cousins. Yes, these memories although not momentous but certainly unforgettable, like Uyen’s school day with Grandpa or Tam's holiday family get-togethers at Grandpa’s house. I grew up sharing these precious memories with my cousins, always taking them for granted. Now, getting to see these recalls through their eyes, I not only realized how breath-taking these occasions truly are but, although simple extremely moving. I guess in this materialistic world, we selectively choose to retain those glamorous occasions so we can glorify ourselves and to sweep the simple things in life aside. Now, with no further sentimental realization, I will share my childhood’s memories. My fondest memory, of course, was fishing with Grandpa. Unfortunately, my younger cousins weren’t old enough to be present, but my cousin Caroline and sister Phuong, well whether you liked it or not, we dragged you along. Our favorite spot, at least mine, was the “Sandpiles”. At the time, I thought that was the real name of the place but only found out that Grandpa named it because, besides the large boulders, all you can see were piles and piles of sand. | Hoang 'Seth' Ngo

29: I remembered, during the summer days, I would wait for Grandpa to finish his daily chores and go fishing. Sometimes, this does occur but usually it was the early morning of the very next day. Regardless, I waited anyway because there wasn't anything else to do. Sometimes, I overslept and was so disappointed that Grandpa and Caroline left without me. I would wait around for them to come home, to even be more sadden to see a bucket full of fish. Even if only a couple of fish or just an empty bucket, I was still disappointed, not to have gone along. Luckily, I woke up early enough to go on most of those trips. Of all those memorable visits to “Sandpiles”, my most unforgettable and vivid occasion was fishing on the beach while everyone were up on the flat encircled by boulders. On this occasion, I caught a couple of yellow-tailed croakers and ran back up the flat, showed everyone my catches and placed them in the bucket. My third catch was what makes it my fondest memory. I placed my rod on the beach where that fluffy sand meets the wet sandy beach. While I was playing further up, in the soft sand, about 15 feet away, my pole started being pulled. I hesitated, thought it was just a bite, then the rod started once again being dragged speedily toward the water. I gave a huge push with my right foot and almost fell flat on my face but, fortunately, my left foot was able to compensate and raced toward the pole. I caught just as the tip touched the water. I started reeling, but the line got raveled, tangled so bad that I could no longer turn the handle. I stopped and tried to straighten out the twisted line but the fish gave a few rigorous jerks. I panicked, looked up beach and just ran with the pole over my left shoulder. I ran at least 25 feet up the sandy slope, perpendicular to the rocky flat where everyone was. Of course I was out of their sights. As I was running, I thought to myself, is this far enough, am I dragging the fish onto the sand? I stopped, placed the fishing pole down and ran toward the fish.

30: Hoang Seth Ngo Born: 05/21/1971 Wife: Wasuma Phuttansri Born: 10/16/1972 Residence: Carrollton, TX Eldest Son of Sang Ngo & Cuc Thai Siblings: Phuong Ngo & Loc Ngo | By miracle, the fish was just about 3 feet out of the water. I unhooked the fish, looked around to see if anyone would be around to take my fishing pole, but there was no soul in sight. I took the fish back up the flat. On the way, rehearsed how I would tell my story. With a big grin on my face, as I approached, Grandpa got a huge bite and everyone was watching him, so was I. That day, Grandpa caught a huge sting ray. Needless to say, I didn’t get to tell my story until now! ;-) Hope people read this!!!!!! O’ yes, I did recollect my thought, and went back to face my tangled mess of a fishing pole. Well, I have other great memories but I punished you people enough!

31: Loc Ngo | Grandpa, I remember when I was a kid, I slept overnight for the first time so we could go fishing early the next morning. I was so nervous to staying over for my first time away from home. You made me feel so safe and at home over at your house. We hunted for bait by going to the beach and sucking it out of the sand with your suction gadget. It was my first time fishing and going out on a boat. You were very patient teaching me how to fish and I felt so safe in your presence. I had a great time then and I have been enjoying fishing ever since. | To the best grandpa there ever was. I am so grateful that you have grace your presence in our family for many years. You are a great person all around. If I could ever be half the person you are, I would be a happy individual. Thank you for being kind, generous, and loving grandpa for all of us kids throughout our lives. | Second Son of Sang Ngo & Cuc Thai

32: Kim Anh Ngo | DOB: June 01, 1985 | Parents: Thong Viet Ngo & Hoa Thi Ho | George Figueroa

33: Grandpa's house is truly my second home because all of my childhood memories came from his house. I remember walking to Grandpa's house everyday from Elementary school and getting tutored in math homework from him. I'm thankful that I have Grandpa's place to stop by after school; otherwise, I would be wandering around while waiting to be picked up late in the afternoon. What I appreciate the most about Grandpa is how loving and caring he is. I remember how he once defended me when Grandma was lecturing me about having a bad grade on a report card during my 9th birthday dinner so my dinner wouldn't be ruined. He is honestly the smartest person, most amazing cook and gardener I have ever known! When I think of Grandpa, I think of his homemade cooking. I loved watching him solve the daily crossword puzzles and make bread, cinnamon raisin rolls, tomato soup, macaroni and beef in tomato soup, beef jerky, dried fruit slices, corn pancakes, caramel popcorn balls, ice cream, and grape jam all from scratch! His home is a place where I got to meet the rest of our family and enjoy all of the amazing cooked Vietnamese food. All of my greatest childhood memories existed because of Grandpa's house. | Thank you Grandpa for everything that you have done for me since I came here to the U.S. I truly can't thank you enough!

34: Donna Wilson (granddaughter) June 4th, 1983 Happy 95th Birthday! Hope to see you soon since I haven't been down to San Diego in a while. I think about that delicious soup Dad and I had when we were down there when I was looking at colleges pretty often; and that makes me remember the rolls you would make for us when you visited in Seattle. Here's to many more -Love, Donna.

35: Karin Wilson Hi Grandpa Morrie! I was thinking about my memories of you and the one that I remember best was from a visit when you came up to Seattle. You were standing in the doorway to the kitchen and you seemed so close to the ceiling, so amazingly tall. | But while that may have left a big impression on me as a kid, what I really remember about you is that you always have felt like such a resolute person. I know our visits with each other have been infrequent, but I've been glad to have them. -Karin | Daughters of Morrie & Nancy Wilson

36: Grandpa, All these years, you've done so much for my family that words cannot even express our appreciation. You've always opened your home to us and served as an inspiration not only to our family,, but to everyone you've come into contact with. I remember looking up to you as a kid, amazed at how tall you were. I remember standing on your toes as you walked me across the room. I remember waking up every and telling you " good morning, Grandpa!" those were the first English words I ever learned and I loved saying it to you day after day. Many years have gone by since then. My family moved out on our own. My brother, David, was born. I went to college at Cal. My parents bought a house. Today, my parents are doing well, my brother is excelling in 9th grade, and I am in my third year of pharmacy school. All these accomplishments we owe to you. You changed our lives and we are forever grateful. You are always in our hearts and continue to be our inspiration. With that, we wish you a great memorable and happy birthday! Thank you for all you've done. Love, Tuong Vi Nguyen | Tuong Vi Nguyen | Parents: Anh & Tien Nguyen Sibling: David 'Chuot' Nguyen

37: David Nguyen aka Chuot | Brother | Grandpa: One of the most memorable times I would have when I lived in San Diego was going to your house after school, where you would help me with the homework I'd never understand and look over me while my parents worked. Every Christmas would be fun for me.. not because it was Christmas, but because I was spending it at your place. Happy Birthday, Grandpa! | DOB: February 26, 1996

38: 2010 | Dear Grandpa, I hope you've enjoyed this year's birthday gift and that it will bring you good memories. I can't stress enough that I personally probably haven't told you how much I respect you, but I really do. You probably don't need me or anyone to let you know how wonderful you are, but you are! Finally there are simply too many family members to contact for this book, but I'm sure if they had the invite they would've contributed too so forgive me for not including a complete list of our ever growing family. With lots of love, Kimmy Le

39: Thank you everyone who took the opportunity to contribute to this piece of our family history!

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