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BC: The End

FC: memories of mine | A~Z... | By Shelby Mahler

1: A... | is for Aquarius | Aquarius,the water sign,my sign. It describes me in many ways.For one I love water, and being in it always have always will. I've been on a swim team,called Springwood for 8 years, and I'm very good at it. I have a different group of friends on the team then i have at school. I love the meets, because i can hang out with my friends during it and that is always fun. I enjoy going back every year and seeing my friends, and to compete.

4: B... | is for best friend | My friends have come and gone over the years but there’s one that has been my best friend for many years, Taylor. We can never really get bored with each other, and don't stay mad at each other for longer than a day. Kaitlyn is a new friend that I met in 6th grade. I'm very close to her and I know I can ALWAYS trust her. Taylor and Kaitlyn are my two best friends.

5: c... | is for cancer | Before I was born my grandma was diagnosed and killed with breast cancer. Many years later when I was in 3rd grade my other grandma who I was very close with found out she had cancer after being rushed to the hospital from lack of breathing. She had a rare disease, a cancer of the blood. She fought for about a year and was almost about to beat it after being in a recovery center. But then very suddenly she got extremely sick. I remember going to visit her, and asking my mom how long she'd live for, and my mom said, “maybe 3 days". My grandmother died September 10, 2006.

6: o... | is for ocean | the ocean or as some may refer to it as a beach is one of my favorite places to be. however i don't go to the beach very often mainly just when i go to Tahoe. recently i went to fort funston with my dad, it was a muggy day but it was a lot of fun. we brought our dog with us, his name his sparky. we didn’t swim because it wasn’t hot enough but we walked down the beach side and collected shells.

7: I... | is for ice skating | I love ice skating and I'm not terrible at it. I have gone ice skating for my birthday two years in a row, as well as gone to the walnut creek rink many times. But my favorite time was when I went in Tahoe . I went with my cousins and while we ice skated it began snowing I've never skated in the snow it was intresting and fun. However it was pretty hard to do because the ice was dry from powdered, fresh snow an experience you can not have in concord.

8: p... | is for phone | I got my first cell phone when I was in 5th grade. It was a pink flip phone. About two years later i got an upgrade to my blue full keyboard Pantech . I'm addicted to my phone and text 24/7. I think texting is the perfect way to stay connected with friends, get information, and gives you something to do when your bored.

9: L... | is for love song | The song, Love song by,Sara Bareilles is about not wanting to write a song about love when they told her to. My friend Kaitlyn and I like to sing this song pretty much all the time. We also tried to play the piano to it but failed. To us this is a VERY important song. Almost like an inside joke, but it's an inside song:) | Blank stares at blank pages No easy way to say this You mean well But you make this hard on me I'm not gonna write you a love song 'Cause you ask for it 'Cause you need one, you see | I'm not gonna write you a love song 'Cause you tell me it's make or breaking this If you're on your way I'm not gonna write you to stay All you have is leaving I'm gon' need a better reason To write you a love song today, today

10: N... | is for next | This is my 8th grade year at El Dorado.AS exciting as that may be it also means I'm off to high school next year.Some friends will go to different schools next year and I won't get to see them. It's the last four years of basically being a kid, because after high school many go off to college. High school is also very important, because the grades you receive determines what collage you will be accepted to. During these four years you will meet new people and make friends. It seems so far away when in reality it's only a year away.

11: M... | is for music | Lately I have been really into music. Whenever I'm sad music can ALWAYS make me happy. I don't have a favorite song, because theres way too many good songs to chose from. I used to be really into rap, hip hop , and a little of pop music. But these days i seem to take interest in anything but that. I also don't like jazz, and country. I really like music that has a strong meaning or that i can relate to.

12: J... | is for jump house | About four years ago, my friend Taylor had a birthday party and then a sleepover, at the sleepover was Taylor, Deja, and me. We decided to sleep outside in her jump house. Bad idea because around 1 in the morning her brother came in and when he did Deja and her brother began wrestling then the jump house tipped over and began deflating. Taylor's brother was right by the door so he got out right away. As for Deja, Taylor and me well when it tipped we slide down and were stuck trying to climb back up it while it was deflating, but Taylor's foot had got caught in the net and she was stuck as the ceiling had pretty much already collapsed on her but we got out just fine. However the neighbors called her house because we were screaming.

13: k... | is for kingdom | Kingdom, Discover Kingdom. Also known as Six Flags. It's a lot of fun one of my favorite times I went was during spring break with my friend Molly, my cousin and , brother. We rode pretty much all the rides, and i brought her on a lot of rides that she hasn't been on before. Most the time however, I go to Discovery Kingdom with Taylor we have been going for many years and we get the season pass every year. In about a month we are going back for the Fright Fest. I have also gone once with Rachael, we had fun and toke pictures with the characters.

14: D... | is for Destination Tahoe | Last year during the winter time my family and I decided to take a trip to Lake Tahoe. However on the drive there we ran into some trouble. After driving for about 2 hours around 8 we got stuck in traffic, about a half and hour later we were completely stopped. On the mountain with cars as far as you could see in front and behind us. We hadn't gotten dinner yet either. We were at a dead stop for about three hours. With no bathrooms around, and hungry because we hadn't got food yet. We finally started moving again, slowly, and then reached a point were they turned us around we couldn't find a hotel or motel to stay in, because they turned those behind us at the last exit around before us. We ended up having to drive back about an hour, and left for Tahoe in the morning.

15: E... | is for elementary school | For elementary school, I attended El Monte. My group of friends, was Leah, Deja, Taylor, and Jadia.However in 5th grade Jadia wasn't really are friend anymore. Most the time it was Deja and me against Leah and Taylor. Deja was my best friend. One of my favorite things to do was play tether ball I loved all my teachers there and created some great memories.

16: F... | is for first | Pictures are worth a thousand words. All these pictures are captured moments of me doing something for the first time. My first friend, and even best friend was Alyssa, we have never gone to the same school but to this day we are still VERY close. My first sport was gymnastics I was in it for about four years, and quit to join swim. My first limousine ride was in fourth grade to the airport where we would be heading off to Germany for the summer.February 11th 1997, was my first day on Earth. My first time rock climbing was when I was in first grade, at this point in time my brothers became very interested in it and went twice a week at least. Every year my brothers and I take a picture by the fire place, for our Christmas card and this was the first Christmas card I was in. My first time walking was a very rare moment caught on camera. My mom started to do BIG Halloween parties, haunted house included this was the first year we did that. My first teether ball game played on my new tether ball court. The first time I wore my new pair of sunglasses. The first fire I was in, after i was on a hike we had to evacuate th mountain on the back of a pick up truck.

17: G... | is for goodbye | In sixth grade I was walking back from p.e when i saw my very close friend, deja. I went over to her and said, "hi." Her response was,"I'm moving this is my last day at this school." One of the worst things I've ever heard. I miss her so much. We've had some crazy times. Became very close friends in like a day and have been best friends for many years.

18: is for heart | H... | Caring means heart, heart means love, and love means everything a person could have. My family is very loving and important to me. We have countless memories that can't be replaced. My brother, Keenan and I are a lot closer than I am with my other brother, Trent. There both older than me in high school. As for my parents. My mom and I tend to argue a lot but she's still very supportive. With my dad we always have a good time

19: Q... | is for quotes | laugh as much as you breath, love as long as you live | I have not failed I have just found 10,00 ways that won't work. | I find quotes to be VERY inspiring. Many quotes relate to my own life or have deep meaning even some of the shortest ones are amazing. However some quotes are funny or amusing. I love to read quotes and can always find a laugh or meaning in every one. One of my favorite quotes is, I'm a lover not a fighter, but I'll fight for what I love. Another one that I really like and try to follow by is,if you don't go after what you want you'll never have it. If you don't ask the answer is always no. If you don't step forward. your always in the same place.

20: R... | is for Ryan Atwood | Ryan Atwood is the main character on the show O.C. The O.C is my favorite show, it first aired on television a couple years ago. I have all four season on DVD. The O.C stands for Orange County. The show is about a teen named Ryan who was put in jail, for stealing a car, his lawyer got him out only for his mom to kick him out so he ended up moving to Orange County and lived with his lawyer.

21: s... | is for smile | I have had a lot done with my teeth. First thing was four pulled teeth in first grade, after that I had about 10 more teeth pulled, a cage on the top of my mouth, my wisdom teeth pulled, retainers, and the biggest thing, was braces in all of sixth grade and the beginning of seventh. I have never really had crooked teeth however, just a small mouth, that was over crowed.

22: u... | is for upside down | My first big upside down roller coaster was Medusa. I rode it with my friend Taylor, at Six Flags Discovery Kingom. We stood in line for Kong with my brother and my brother saw Medusa and decided he would rather go on it. Taylor said she wanted to and I said okay. It looked scary, but its not, the size just makes you think it is.

23: V... | is for vacation | I really enjoy going on vacation and seeing new places. I have been out of states to Mexico and Germany. I went to Germany for a summer with my family and grandparents, my grandma knows how to speak German, or dutch, because she is German, she grew up there and her 2 daughters were born there, my aunts Joanna & Diana. Everyday we went somewhere, sometimes we drove for three hours to get there. We also stayed in different places, because we wanted to see as much as Germany as we could. My favorite parts were the castle tours, water parks, and going to France for the day.In the states I have been many places, like Tahoe, my grandpa has a cabin in Lake Tahoe so we go up there all the time.

24: W... | is for wardrobe | I love shopping, and buying new clothes.My favorite stores are Aeropostle, Hollister, and Abercrombie. This year I went back to school shopping with my friend, Leah. I was able to bring about $350 with me. It was a lot of fun, and I bought some new shirts and jeans. We went through the whole mall which took us about 8 or so hours, but it was worth it!

25: x... | is for x-mas:) | X-mas is another way for saying Christmas, I love this time of year, it is a lot of fun, and it's a good time to see family and get gifts. Getting a Christmas tree has ALWAYS been my favorite thing to do, and making cookies. It makes it feel like the holidays.

27: T... | is for teenager. | I turned thirteen last year, which is when I officially became a teen. Being a teenager is MUCH different from any other age I must say. You face countless problems, that you never had when being a kid. It's been really fun though so far, it gives you more freedom, and I like freedom, I hate being told what to do.

28: z... | is for Zugspitze | Zugspitze is a mountain in Germany. I visited it while in Germany. It was VERY cold, and high up. We took a lift up to the top of the mountain. It had a really pretty view.

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