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Mixbook Default Theme Book 8.5x11.0

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S: Uniquify Incorporated

BC: To another successful 9 years!

FC: Uniquify: Through the Years | est. 2005

1: We've come a long way!

2: Uniquify gets silly... | Sam and Siddharth have the need for speed | Looks like Cole has a big appetite...for cookies | Harry and Kal race to the finish | Jon's movin' on up! | Shiv gets the ball rollin'

3: Uniquify gets serious...

4: Rock climbing proved to be too difficult for these fellas as they watch on | Disclaimer: they all participated

5: Playin' Around | It's a good thing no one wore white on water balloon day! | NASCAR, watch out for these guys; they're comin' in hot! | Bennet and Aravind pose for the camera

6: A Trip Back in Time...

8: Cheesin' it for the camera | Shiv can't help but smile about his boccie ball skills | Kevin and Siddharth show off their smiles | Sam keeps it cheery as he plays pool | Tony looks on in joy | Josh just can't seem to contain himself | Jaimin and Mahesh laugh as they enjoy each others company

9: Sam tries to spread his high spirits with a speech | Ivan plays it up to the camera | Syam gets excited about his new ipod | Marshall, Sam, Bennet, and Michelle show their delight to be bowling | Jaimin and Dheeraj are happy to spike the ball on their competition | Siddharth and Tony share a laugh | ...and Siddharth still has Tony cracking up

10: Uniquify likes... | Kevin and Sandeep are delighted at their poker skills | Josh inspires all with a speech | Michelle and Emily pose for the cameras | Syam has become overjoyed by the festivities | Dheeraj is focused on the game | Sudesh and Sam try their luck

11: to spread... | Shekhar, Arun, Syam, Yeojin, and Young all try to outsmart each other | Achint and Siddharth talk shop | Aravind Eugene and get cozy for the camera | Mahesh takes time to make a photo appearance | This table poses for a group shot


13: spirit...

14: Gopinath shows off his gift | Aravind flaunts his new ipod | Uniquify shows its appreciation to Michelle with a gift | David and his wife will now be groovin' to tunes thanks to Uniquify! | Dheeraj's dedication is honored with a present

15: ...with gifts!! | Mahesh is glad to be presented with a PS3 | Sun, too, will enjoy the easy listenings thanks to his new ipod | Shiv receives a gift but doesn't reveal its contents | Looks like its ipods for everyone when Jaimin reveals his gift | Marshall takes a note from Shiv and shows off his wrapped gift

16: The Uniquify Extended Family | Friends of Sam, Adam and Laila participate in the Uniquify festivities | Michelle and her friend enjoy the party | Marshall's lady luck tries her own luck at the casino tables | Tony's wife and daughter enjoy their time at the party | Dheeraj stops to take a picture with his wife | Sun's wife and daughter have a bite to eat | Venkat and Gopinath's wives stop chatting for a picture | David's wife gets risky

17: Young and wife Yeojin sit back and relax | It's couples time for Jonjen and his wife, & JH and his wife | Prashant brings his son along for fun party times | Marshall and Venkat A. bring their kids for summer fun at Great America | Marcus shares the new joy of his life in a quick photo

18: Uniquify Feeds us Well

19: Birthday Celebrations! | Young blows the candles out for all June birthdays | Nayan's holdin' it down for his peeps born in July | Everyone helps Josh celebrate his birthday | Marshall gets enough breath to blow out the candles for March | Amanda blows out the candles for the office's April birthdays | Kal's November birthday is cause for celebration in the office

20: What Uniquify does Best | Thanks to our engineers for the great work that they help us achieve!

21: The Original Pune Team! | Arun! | Sudesh! | Achint! | Siddharth S.! | Nayan! | Shishir! | Mohit! | Shekhar! | Deepak! | Venkat V.! | Sudarshan! | Ahtesham! | Bhupesh! | Anup!

22: Uniquify Does it All! | We rock climb... | We're speed racers ;) ... | We never stop exploring!

23: We roll up our pants and play volley ball... | We take the time to bowl... | And yes, we even play boccie ball!

24: Just Another Day at the Office | Tony, Shiv, and Brian take a break to share some laughs | Vikram, Aaron, and Dominic pose for a picture as Miguel and Cole creep over the walls | Daniel finds humor at the office thanks to Cole and Miguel | Team finds time to fit a snapshot into their schedule | Miguel, Vikram, Daniel, Kalvin, and Sameem listen on to Josh's secrets of Uniquify

25: Our interns stay in line ;) | Our cameras catch Kevin as he speeds into the office | Jon sits back and takes a picture before getting back to running scripts | These guys enjoy their face time with the camera (exception of Dominic) | Young takes a cue from Jon and turns to let the camera's capture him in action | Brian stops his silliness long enough for a second picture | Michelle decides to listen in on Josh's meeting since she just can't get enough of them!

26: Uniquify Stays Busy | Harry & Marshall take on ARM TechCon 2010 | Amanda & Armin catch the elusive ChipHead at DesignCon 2013 | Brady and others listen in at our first ever DDR Symposium in 2013

27: Branding Ourselves...! | Michelle & Marshall represent at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Technology Conference 2010 | Uniquify throws their first ever DAC sponsored party in 2012 | Mandy shows her skills at TSMC 2014 San Jose

28: And Keeping Ourselves | Bob & Josh gush over the merits of our IP in Kilopass and Electronic Design | Even LGE raves about our globally recognized adaptive IP

29: Relevant in the News ! | Keeping with the popularity of Bitcoin, we successfully taped out one of our fastest ever projects ! | Josh was recognized for improving upon the design of DDR memory subsystem IP by developing SCL & DSCL

30: Nap Time at Uniquify | Jaimin puts his head down for some much needed R&R after an all niter | Young makes himself at home in his cube after a long night | Evidence of everyone's good time is left as they decide to slow down | Brian calls it quits and tries to lay down for a rest

31: Uniquify Knows How to Party | Ali and Vikam enjoy a drink at Faultline | ...and then Vikram enjoys another | Shiv decides to get the party started and takes a shot | Sam sheds his work image to enjoy a brew | Dheeraj lets loose with Syam as he enjoys a beer | Tony makes it a point to enjoy himself | Evidence of everyones good time remains as they decide to slow their roll

32: Leisure Time in Pune | Manan sits back and relaxes in our India office while others snap pictures | Dhairya, Neha, Harini, and Murthy take a break from work to turn for a picture | Our India team steps out for a group shot | Dipti, Shivaji, Sowmya, Harsimranjeet, and Sundeep make sure they get in their face time with the camera

33: {Pune Team v2.0 | Harsimranjeet | Sowmya | Sundeep | Dipti | Shivaji | Sivaraj | Neha | Dhairya | Harini | Murthy | T A Bharathwaj | V S Bala | Rahul | Arunagiri | Adepu

34: A look back at Josh

35: Sam Through the Years

36: Memories of Dheeraj

37: Tony Timeline

38: Mahesh's Blast From the Past

39: Kevin Captured on Camera

40: Times With Venkat

41: Honorary Partner: Michelle

42: Candids

45: More Memories | @2008 Holiday Party view | Top bowling scores from Strike Bowling event | Our Recurring Holiday Party roulette table | R.I.P. to our favorite Foosball table | Leo teams boccie ball results | Our conference room - where our engineers spend a lot of their time

46: Teamwork

48: Holiday Party 2010

50: Dominick and Miguel ponder which table to gamble at first | Part of Michelle's stand up for the night....or just a speech to another year | Ivan holds Miguel hostage to take a picture with Dheeraj, Sameem and Marcus | Harry and his wife are picture perfect in this photo from the photographer | Michelle plays hostess, making sure to get around to everyone | Michelle and Aravind prepare their smiles for the camera | Josh walks into the party looking dapper

51: Kevin heads back from the hour d'oeuvres looking satisfied | Michelle stops what she's doing to get a picture with Aaron | Jalpa and her husband cash out their tickets in hopes of winning the big prize | Simon and his date take a picture before eating dinner | Matt and his date get interrupted by the camera | Michelle and Ali take a break from hosting the party to take a picture | Josh makes a speech to end another year with Uniquify

52: Ending the Year... | Sun, Kevin, Kevin's wife and Aravind watch to see if their hand has hit 21! | Tony and Vikram share face time with the camera while they wait for dinner to be served | Brian, Bennet, Miguel, Ivan, and Sameem pose as the night comes to an end | Siddharth's lookin' snazzy as he has Bennet snap a photo | Daniel strategies while Shiv thinks of his own next move | Ali and Dheeraj's wife hit it off and take a picture at the bar | Ian sits down to rest after gambling all night

53: ...With Holiday Cheer | Sam and his wife pose for Bennet's camera | Bennet takes a break from playing photographer to get in a picture with these guys | Dheeraj catches the camera lurking and puts on a smile | Jaimin and Sam stick around for the second round of pictures with the guys | Shiv, Sun, and Venkat share a laugh | Kalvin and Miguel study the table to decide what their next move will be | Michelle greets Ganesh as he walks into the party

56: Winner of Avatar! | Winner of noise canceling headphones | Also, a winner of noise canceling headphones | Winner of a digital camera | Another winner of a digital camera | Simon's date, the winner of an ipod nano | Winners from the Party!

57: Winner of the xbox/kinect | Venkat's wife, also a winner of an ipod nano | Kevin's date, the winner of a Wii | Steven's wife, winner of a digital camera | Winner of a new netbook | Winner of the candy jar guess | Congratulations to our winners

58: Karaoke Superstars!

60: Food Truck Party!! 2011

62: Uniquify Headquarters Revamped | Kevin literally climbs to the top | Marcus flashes a bright smile to the camera | Ali shows us she can float like a butterfly, sting like a bee | Bryan and Kevin satisfy their sweet tooth with some cotton candy | Kevin V. & his girlfriend go head to head in Sumo

63: Siddharth and Abhijeet have the honor of cutting the ribbon to our new office space | Josh C. finds amusement in the festivities | Sam gives unsuspecting Shiv & Sidd bunny ears | Ivan reaches for the top! | Harry & Sun grab some grub

64: Company Hike 2012

65: Around the Office

67: Bowling 2012

69: Best Friends

70: Love Birds

71: Play Time!

72: Holiday Party 2012

74: Soccer Team: 2009 Marshall, Kevin, Dheeraj, Tony, Shiv, Siddharth, Ivan, Aravind, Michelle | SPORTS | Soccer Team: 2013 Sam, MInh, Shi-Hun, Nick, Armin, Bijeet, Mendel, Cara Michelle, Everardo, Charles

75: Kick Ball Team: 2014 Bijeet, Adam, Nick, Helene, Everardo Not Pictured: Cara, | Basketball Team: 2012 Sameem, Josh C., Peter, Kevin D., David W., Ken, Aaron, Chris

76: Luau BBQ 2013 | Everyone gathers around for the Uniquify Luau competitions! | Brittany & Gabe soak up the rays while drinking from their tropical cups | Bob gives the thumbs up to the yummy Hawaiian food | Bijeet, Jarvis, & Toan show off their beautiful smiles and their colorful lei's

77: Everyone cheers on Marshall as he MCs the Luau competitions | Peter and Everardo monkey around | The yellow crew huddles around to talk stretegy | The racers line up and get ready for the potato sack race

78: Halloween 2013

79: Thanksgiving 2013

80: Monthly Birthdays Celebration

81: Chinese Lunar New Year 2014 | Tony takes a whack at a new career choice - gambling dealer! | Everyone listens closely for their chance to shout "BINGO!!" | Hung's feelin' lucky, putting all his money on the crustacean. | Amanda MC's the Bingo Game

82: Bowling Celebration 2013

84: Holiday Party 2013 | The Vietnam Team gather for their first Uniquify event! | Gabe gets his silly on while waiting in line for the photo booth | Anjana, Cole, Venkat, Kalvin, & his wife take a moment to snap a pic | Shiv rocks out with Kevin and his girlfriend | Amanda catches up with the Nachnani family | Jeremy and his wife talk candidly with David

85: Jarvis, Ron, Ken, & Ed stop eating, and smile for the camera. | Everardo & Helene watch in amazement as their balloon animal is twisted to life | Amanda, Cara, & Gabe show they're a team in this snap | Cara & her girls show some love to Kevin, Vikram, & Siddharth | Uniquify ends the night with a group photo

86: We Volunteer | Not for the squeamish! Brave Uniquifyers donates blood | The UNQ gang gets their hands dirty serving food at Martha's Kitchen

87: Uniquify Stays Active | Everyone stops to capture their accomplishment of reaching the top! | And they wind down for some much needed refueling after a grueling trek! | Nick cozies up to Cara's fluffy companion, Sadie!

88: Super Superlatives | The Yackety Yack Award: For never being at a loss for words | Biggest Joker(s) | Most likely to quote a movie | Biggest penny-pincher | The Lochness Award: For least likely to be found | Most likely to be out on a retreat | Most Uniquify Spirit | Craziest Driver | Most Organized | The Everyday is Friday Award: For always being overly chipper

89: Most likely to appear on Dancing with the Stars | The Motel 6 Award: for staying over night | Sharpest Dresser | The Wonka Award: For always having candy & bringing donuts | The pot of coffee award: For being the first one in | The baby's bottom award: For smoothest in time of crisis | Most likely to break dress code | Most likely to suggest a coffee break | The Energizer Award: for tireless energy | The Duct Tape Award: For office handyman | Uniquify's Social Queen | Biggest recluse

90: Most likely to be hangin' ten | Messiest Cube | Most likely to be a member of a famous rock band | The Champagne Award: For the bubbliest personality | Quietest Uniquifyee | Biggest coffee addict | Most likely to never grow up | Most likely to break an awkward silence | Most Likely to be Carded Until He's 40

91: Outgrowing Our Headquarters! | June 2005- August 2007 | August 2007- August 2012 | September 2012 - Present

92: AND WE JUST KEEP | Say hello to our Joyful Japan Team! | Our very first overseas gang... | The Invincible India team!

93: GROWING | Get to know our ever expanding, Vivacious Vietnam team! | Our small but Charming China duo! | And our Killer Korea team!

94: First there were seven... (missing: Michelle, Sam) | And then then there were plenty...

95: But we weren't through expanding... | And we still have room to grow!

98: Keepin' up with the news | 2008-2010, Josh's favorite team, the Lakers, creamed their competition in the finals | Uniquify launches our first billboard June 27th, 2010 | Uniquify launches our first airport flash animation campaign in November 2010 | Democrats win control of Senate in 2006 for the first time since 1994 | Rebulicans take control of House in 2010 in biggest sweep since 1930

99: (within the last 9 years) | The Giants win the World Series in 2010 | The first iphone is launched in January of 2007 | Obama comes out in support of gay marriage in 2012 | In 2013, the royal family ushered in a new prince | Uniquify opens up our Vietnam office in 2013

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