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Mixbook Default Theme Book 8.5x8.5

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1: By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth, and it is his against all comers; it would still be his were the Martians ten times as mighty as they are. For neither do men live nor die in vain. | By Gary White

2: One of the main ideas from my character in my book is how his land is imperialzed. Throughout the duration of the book the main character's( who's name is not listed) land gets taken over from by the martions and the humans are left defenseless. The main character ventures though a various expeditions to try to unite his world to face the martions. The world cant compete to the high standard of the martions. The technology and equipment that the main character sees, drops his mouth because he cant understand how someone is capable of such destruction. When the martions first invade the earth the narrator has a near death experience when martions invade in a huge metal gun shooting object about 200 feet tall. The reason why i put a picture of a house burning was because my characters house was burn when the martions invaded his house, he lost all his valuables and he lost his daughter. from the loss of his daughter he becomes invigorated with fury. The narrator had a horse and him and his wife persevered through laser that the martions used to burn everything down. The land is left burn and without agriculture. When the narrator looks back on what happened. Imperialism is one of the main themes of the narrotor's life is imperialism.

4: Perseverance

5: The destruction caused from the martions, the narrator and his family has to migrate to stay safe. There are millions of people waling around the city while trying to get safe and have a place to be. The pictures shown of destroyed building are some examples of what the narrator witnesses. Everyone that he saw seemed to be miserable, and every type of vehicles was witnessed. One horrible scenes that the narrator comes across was when a man coin bag drops, and is ran over bu a horse. the narrator tries to assist the helpless man but people fight for the injured mans money and he is ran over by a horse. All the situations viewed by the narrator continues to get him infuriated. He reflects on when his house was destroyed by the lasers.

6: Night, the mother of fear and mystery, was coming upon me.

7: Was an article in the newspaper to show were everyone on earth should go hide in order to stay safe from the martions. It is hard to distribute all of the newspapers to all the world, considering all languages are different The narrator picks this up and read it. He is confused because he realizes that he is in the article but no one from the publishing business was present. He could not generate it, but through vigorous thinking he found out that it was the martions are making all the humans go to one place so they all could be killed. The narrator and his family tries to tell everyone to move out of the pit because they are all going to be destroyed. He gets out and no one listens and over 1 million people are killed before his eyes.

8: 1. Good feel Drag- I picked this song because it is about a person wanter to have someone beside them to get through something bur the person was never there. In the book the narrator never has anyone besides his family to help defeat the martians, and the people that could help were out of reach. 2. Smile- Being happy was an essential part to this book, if the people did not joke around with one another during the invasion of their planet they would have been destroyed easily. The optimism showed from the narrator shows that he is confident that everything is going to be fine in the future. 3. I made it Thorough- After all the invasions were over and the narrator and scientist from Britain joined together, the beat the martions and could say " I MADE IT" it was a sense of delight for him and his people 4. Kill You- The narrator killed one of the martions when it almost killed his wife. It was a life changing experience, he never wanted to have to kill another being again .He pledged to himself he is never going to do it again. 5.Change- In the beginning of the boo the narrator realizes that he needs to changes his attitude, he cant be scared of the martions, he has to man up and over come his fears. 6.Over- When the book is done the narrator realizes that everything is over, during that miserable time he can now be done, even though he lost some of his family is dead, the whole thing is over.

9: The Narrators Playlist

10: Journal Entry

11: Today i read my horoscope in the newspaper and i realized when i went to sleep that what it said happened to me during the day. Today Curate the head of religion in my clan accused me of being a Martion. It slipped my head, but then people in my clan throughout the day were frantic and never answered my questions. My horoscope was. Also i did find a material object, i found on of the lasers that the martions used to burn up our houses. I think i could used it to destroy their machines. I have to find a scientist with some type of technology to make a generic version of it so i can make mass productions of it. My adrenaline is pumping, i cant wait to make more of these weapons to attack the martions. My life has been abhorrent and i could not wait for a change, and i know that this weapon could restore peace on earth and all of our lifes. | October 25 2010 (Written In First Person)

12: First i gave the narrator an a for leadership because he always acted accordingly when he led his group. Second for attitude i gave him a b because there was a time in the novel where he was telling everyone that they were going to die and did not have a positive attitude. For his optimism i gave him a "C" because he always doubted himself, for example when the martions were following him, he said that they were going to kill him, but the British spaceships came and destroyed it. His planning was reasonable, he planned for certain events, and sometimes he acted out of instinct. His composure was good, he did everything that was necessary to defeat the matians. In the novel he stands up firm and gives everyone in his clan a speech discussing how they could survive and come out alive.When working under pressure he did good, most of the time he made good decision, other had drastic losses, for example when he decided to push a member out of his clan into the road as a sacrifice for him team.

14: The climax, the event that all the others have been leading up to, comes on Primrose Hill(hill shown on other page). At that point, the narrator has seemingly lost all concern for his own life and is ready to end it by a suicidal run at one of the Martians. Then in the moment that the Martians’ deaths are realized, things change from this severe low to extreme joy. This makes the narrator inclined to do the best he can to destroy the martians since they are being defeated slowly, it clicked to him that he can do it.

15: Suicide | I Just Wanted to get away From this life and what was happening to me. (page 234)

16: The end result of the story, the outcome, is that the world begins to return to normal. The Martians and the red weed have been killed off by disease. People begin to return to their homes and resume their lives. The narrator is reunited with his wife. But the world view has become one of a balance between no longer seeing the Earth as the single isolated planet of life and the underlying feeling of community among men. The memories of those weeks when the Martians dominated and concern over another attack continue to haunt the narrator. At the end the narrator prays and thanks God, along with his family.

17: Nationalism | When the narrator wins he starts to develop nationalism and the book goes in detail on how every country showed nationalism. Since the narrator was from Britain his family threw a parade, he connects the way that Britain looks to the blitz from the German Nazis during the war. He feels a huge sense of accomplishment.

18: Citations

19: The End

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