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Mom and Dad's Anniversary

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Mom and Dad's Anniversary - Page Text Content

BC: Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary. Love, All Your Friends

FC: Dear Jerry and Shelley...

1: Thirty Love Letters to Celebrate Thirty Years of Love

2: 1

3: Jenni

4: 2 | Lindsay

5: Mom & Dad I want to thank you for 25 wonderful years of life and for many many more to come. I am so thankful for everything you two have given me over the years. From flowers at a dance recital to cheers at sporting events!. You have always been there supporting me 100%. You pushed me to be the best that I could be and I don't think I would be half the person I am today without all of your support. You are more then parents to me, you are friends. I am proud to have you as my parents. I feel lucky to have such fun loving, adventurous , active, and successful parents. All of my friends love you guys and are constantly talking about the cabin or the wedding and how they want to hang out with you guys again. I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood. Some of my favorite memories come from camping at Steamboat Lake and our trips to Lake Powell. I can only hope that my children have as many wonderful family memories as I do. Happy 30th Anniversary! Love Lindsay

6: 3

7: Jake

9: 4 | Grandma

10: 5 | Stanfords

12: 6 | The Wright's

13: Jelley and Sherry- I don’t really have a memory of Shelley without Jerry, so pretty much you were “one” early on in my eyes. Both David and I admire each of you and your relationship and we are honored that you are Mason’s Godparents. We couldn’t ask for a better couple!. I could write a book, but as you know we are in the process of moving, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. We love you both; you are truly made for one another and we are so happy you are celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary! Congratulations! Loving wishes for many more, Leslie (David and the boys too!)

14: 7 | Dear Jerry and Shelley Can't believe you have been married for 30 years. Where does the time go? I can remember your wedding like it was yeaterday. There was a picture taken that day of the whole Stanford clan. You guys had the most incredable smiles and looked so happy. What is so great is that you still have them today. You have created a wonderful life together. Your kids, your place in your community, and your commitment to each other. You have been together and long as Terry and I have been married. 41 years. Wow!!!!!! That is a long time. May you still be as much in love with each other in another 30. Much Love and Happiness Tik & Terry | The Foust's

15: 8 | The Thomas's

16: MISBEHAVIN You might think after 30 years of marriage that there might have been some of this but I write of a different kind - the houseboat at Lake Powell. Our family was first exposed to the behemoth known as MISBEHAVIN in the 1990's. Thanks to an invitation from Jerry, Shelley and the Bonner's, we received an opportunity to spend a family vacation "on board". And what a vacation that one was, as well as the others that ensued over the following decade! I can vividly recall the "tent city" that sprung up on the top deck. Each evening Shelley would host a "theme night" commencing with apps and cocktails up on top. Many nights it would be Jerry and Dan cooking chicken, ribs or burgers for 28 people on the grill - and the food always came off perfectly. There were the early morning and late evening skis for whomever wanted to participate, In between those skis was countless hours spent by Jerry repairing all of the "water toys" that our kids seemed to have broken while having TOO MUCH FUN! But one of my fondest memories was the late night trips in Sanger to the middle of the lake in order to enjoy a glass of Bogle, with some sort of chocolate treat, accompanied by the sounds of Pink Floyd. I can see the smiles on Shelley and Jerry's face as I think back to those trips. Two wonderful people enjoying each other, their family and their friends - just as they have every day for the past 30 years!! My heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS! Steve, Poogie, Jeff and Matt Dawes

17: 9 | Dawes Family

18: 10 | Fltecher's | "A life without love is no life at all."

19: When I think of the Stanford’s the first thought that comes to mind is a family that is united in life and love. It is the love of Jerry and Shelley that has provided the foundation for their family. Jerry and Shelley have shown all of us what it means to love each other unconditionally, with loyalty respect and admiration for each other. My first introduction with Shelley and Jerry was at Dos Amigos during the early 80”s. Shelley with her contagious smile and her ambitious outlook on life. There was never a day that went by without Shelley smiling with joy and sharing that with others. Jerry was always that charming and light hearted “moustache man” that welcomed you into his world with a great hug. Skiing on the Mt, sharing tall tales at Dos or the late night entertainment that seemed to be a favorite at Mattie Silks. Soon the Stanford gang grew from just Shelley and Jerry to Jenni, Lindsay, and Jake. The girls dressed like little ladies with beautifully combed hair, polished shoes, and an endless supply of tennis shoes, baseball gloves and let’s not forget the ballet shoes! The girls have grown up to be talented, poised, intelligent and loving women with a passion for life. I have always watched with admiration from the outside as to how they worked together as a team. Then along came Jakeoh boy the town was never going to be the same! Jerry was so excited to have the newest player on the baseball team. Jake was the “little Jerry” that walked proudly behind his dad on the way to the baseball field, hockey and football games. Jake has his dad’s quiet perspective on life and it is mixed with Shelley’s tenacity to always take life up a notch higher and succeed. Now onto the Silly part of the Stanfords. I will never forget learning how to BAR DANCE at Matties. Shelley standing on the bar in overalls and high topped tennis shoes ,instructing us how to shake much fun. Not on the floor but on the actual bar. So many nights were filled with endless laughter as we made our way onto the bar at Mattie Silks to dance on the bar. We . soon learned that dancing on the bar at Matties was the best because we didn’t hit our head on the ceiling. Jerry and his . . group of friends would laugh for hours as many of the late night guests of Matties struggled for hours to find Jimi . . . Hendrix on the wall. Was it the Grand Marnier or was it really the wall paper. Only the true regulars of the Triangle know for sure. It is hard to believe it has been 30 years of marriage for Shelley and Jerry, especially since they seem not to age. I . wish you 50 more years of love and laughter, success and health. I hope to share another dance on Matties Bar, a . cordial of Grand Marnier while staring at Jimi Hendrix, and telling stories around the campfire on Tent Island with our grandchildren. Love to you always. Penny Fletcher


21: The Smalley's

22: Dean & Pat

23: 12 | CONGRATULATIONS! Jerry & Shelley On 30+ Years Together We are so happy to be sharing priceless memories of over 35 years of friendship with you both! Your love of one another, respect and the fun you have together is such an inspiration to all of us. And then there are your offspring. Who raises 3 beautiful, interesting, brilliant, motivated, totally fun kids these days??? That in itself is your greatest achievement together. You have always been so inclusive, generous and loving to Dean and I. Having that Califor-nia connection of course helped but we will always cherish the many, many adventures we shared and continue to share in Steamboat and Lake Powell. Our mutual love of the beauty of Steamboat and especially Steamboat Lake were the cornerstone of our relationship. So many fun, fun times at the Lake in the sun, in the rain and in the snow and that was just in the summer. Dean and Jerry’s creative minds always at work. Shelley always finding just the right new toy, new game, new recipe to keep us all entertained. The day she got that camping kitchen was over the top. In our tents, on the lake or holding the door in the stinky bathroom, it just wouldn’t have been the same without sharing it all with you. Dean loves Jerry like a brother, craving to spend time with him to talk fixing, building and always, always trying to make things go faster and faster! Shelley, I have treasured the times you have invited us to share in the kids activities from hockey to debate to dance recitals to school presentations. What an honor and how generous to share with us. Lake Powell was all about “Sherry & Jelly” and what they were going to do next. The happy trips, costumes, the music (Yeah Journey), the food (your day was always my favorite) and of course all the treats especially that bowl of trix mix. It took a lot of time to organize it all and the two of you did it for all of us. They are memories to laugh about forever. What a team you are in everything you do. We are so grateful. The incredible home we built together although not a fairy tale ending but again a joint ven-ture that put all our creative juices together. Every time we are together we marvel at your commitment to each other, to stay involved together and to show love and respect to one another. It is joy to see and an aspiration for your kids. We love you as you are within the fabric of our lives! Here’s to many more years of fun to-gether!!!! Dean & Pat

24: Dear Jerry and Shelley, Or should I say Jelly and Sherry..Yes one knows we have known you toooo long when you call you that. Let’s see. I think my first time I meet Shelley was at a hockey rink 18 years ago when Jake and Jake started playing..outside YIKES. I think we were the only mothers that would stay and watch practice. That began the first of many memories. I remember all the times Jerry bought the team dinner- HA. Then there was Shelley buying the team anything from coonskin caps in Rocksprings, to shorts for the Steamboat Spring varsity team. Parking lots in Casper, dumb and dumber in Colorado Springs. Shelley taking names off the jerseys with Kim and Poogie. Lots of hockey trips and memories. Let’s not forget Lindsay playing hockey with Adelea graceful long legged beauty on skates, and FINALLY Jenni has figured hockey out. As our children left us for places long away the Stanford’s and us found we needed more adventure. Snowmobiling became our opportunity to find out what muscle and body parts we could hurt. This was all outweighed by long rides in North Routt. Jim taking us for another $#@%##: saying “it will be ok, let’s go here” Jerry loving speed on the speedway, Kris and Shelley looking at each other and saying”OK let’s try that big, crazy hill” “if you go , I will”bungee cords, great food..”THE STASH” in Big Red. Then more food, more wine. What would be a dinner without Jerry delighting in it all? We thank you the grace and love you have shown our family through good times and bad. Happy 30th!!!!It is an honor and a privilege to call you guy’s friends. Love ya Jim, Kris, Jake and Adele will always be with us.

25: 13

26: 14 | Hello Friends, Wow 30 years, by the way, we have you beat. “33” years, but who is counting? For us there are so many memories and even today. Seems like it was yesterday. A trip to Santa Barbara to help load up the motor home and say have a good trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Well, Steamboat and 30 years later, Home Sweet Home. Jerry and Shelly as long as it has been and as far away as you are, seems you are still a household name at “The McCollister’s”. Trips to Hawaii, Disneyland in Pops motor home, BBQ’s and even a discovery of a flower pot in my pool. Hmmmm imagine that! Those were the days. No one can ever take away our memories, (as long as we still have our minds). How nice it is to know our children have memories of Steamboat Springs and talk often of your gracious hospitality! Ryan and Chrissy have wonderful memories sharing time with Jenni, Lindsay and Jake. I am sure they will be reminiscing 30 years from now. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Seems life is good, enjoy each day to the fullest. We hope to visit one day again, hold that thought!!! Much love and hugs, Mark & Suzanne McCollister

27: McCollister's

28: 15

29: 16

30: 17 | Jerry & Shelley, Congratulations on 30 years of marriage!! In the past few years since I have gotten to know you, you’ve been like parents to me. I am now proud to say that I am your Son-in-law. or should we just leave the “in-law” part out? I knew you guys would always be up for anything when the first adventure you took me on led me down a cliff, through class 5 rapids and the finally on to safe shores. I have enjoyed my time with you guys sitting by the fire, snowmobiling to big red for a picnic and all of our “little” projects. One of my favorite projects would have to be the bridge that we built because I can admire our handywork for years to come. For me it also became the bridge that joined me with my new family as I crossed it on my wedding day. Here’s to 30 years, and may there be another 30 great years to come! Greg Wegiel

31: Greg Wegiel

32: 18 | Jerry and Shelley, Congratulations on your thirty years of marriage! I have only known the both of you for a small portion of those thirty years, but look forward to knowing you for the next thirty. The first time that I met the two of you together I remember being a little nervous. It usually takes me a while to warm up to people that I don’t know too well. You guys are so easy going that after a few minutes it felt like you we had known each other for years. I think that comes from being genuinely good people. I will never forget your hospitality at your cabin. The first time I visited you made me feel right at home. Whenever you stay at someone’s place you always feel a little awkward. I love how you tell your guests that while they stay it is their place as well. You really put your guests at ease, and allow them to have a great time enjoying your cabin. You have a beautiful place that really must be a dream come true every day. Speaking of a dream come true you guys did an awesome job planning, preparing, and executing Lindsay and Greg’s wedding. I don’t know that they could have asked for anything more. I know you guys put a lot of work into it, and you orchestrated the perfect day. I would like to wish you all the best as you move towards more milestones. Thirty years is quite an accomplishment. I wish you all the best in the years to come. Sincerely, Dave Wegiel Jr. | David Wegiel Jr.

33: 19 | Jerry and Shelley We have only known you for a few short years but you have become very special in our lives. We first met you when we came out after Christmas a couple years ago. You turned your house over to us making us feel very much at home. That was the week that Greg proposed to Lindsay and made us all very happy. A week we will never forget. Last year you once again made us a part of your family at Greg and Lindsay’s wedding. We were able to meet many of your wonderful family. Getting to know you and your family made it easy to see why Lindsay is so special. You two are amazing. The whole wedding was absolutely beautiful and you two went through so much to make it so special. We are lucky to have known you two and are blessed to know that Greg is now part of your family. Though we live many miles apart, you are always in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you many more happy years together. Happy Anniversary. Dave and Sue Wegiel | Wegiel's

34: 20 | Laura

35: 21 | Jerry and Shelley, As you celebrate your 30th anniversary, I wanted to let you know what it means for me to have gotten the chance to be apart of your lives. Jake, Jenni and Lindsay are the luckiest kids in the world by having you as their parents. I see the strength of your love for each other. It shows and is constant as the sun setting every evening. Looking back, I am grateful for all of your contributions to shaping my life. As I grow older, I realize with each day how special it is to know people like you. You have been an example I hope to be, and I thank you for everything you have done. I want you to know that I love you both with all of my heart. I wish healthiness, happiness and peace for you both. I will always remember the memories we have created, even the silly ones like me running through your screen. Happy Anniversary you love birds! With all my heart, Natalie | Natalie | 21

36: 22 | The Bonners

37: 9 | 23 | Perry Derosa | I was really good friends with your dad first and then your mom... I had many good times growing up with them and Jerry was a good and loyal friend. Both of them were so giving of there time and friendship...even as time and distance can and does limit the time we can spend with each other, it does not change past relationships...The love that they both have for each other is a wonderful thing that they have... I have always looked at there bond as a measuring stick even from afar as a great love affair that started so long ago... I wish them another 30 years and I hope to see them in the near future to catch up on stories and laughter !!! All my love friendship and a big thanks for all the free meals at the Stanford's BBq !!!! -Perry Derosa

38: Bosworths

39: 24

40: 25 | Dear Shelley and Jerry, Happy 30th Anniversary! We’ve been friends for so many years and we have so many shared memories. You have been together for most of our lives and I’m only supposed to draft one page if I wrote like I talked we would be in big trouble! I’m going to highlight a few events we shared together so all can see what a true love bond you are blessed with. The gift of humor is something we all share together along with me being present and a part of many of life’s most memorable events. I love and cherish our friendship and I admire so much what your love for each other has given to so many others as an example of what a happy marriage is all about. Just think 30 years ago, we had already gone to our high school prom together (me with one of my many boyfriends). Just thinking about that evening gazing over board at the Queen Mary as the limos arriving with all our classmates decked out in their finest, we were laughing so hard I thought I might have needed a new prom dress ! or remember the cross country ski outings where one time my sister came to visit us in Steamboat ? Ha Ha , better not to share that hilarious outing with the book group ! Just one of the many fun and unforgettable journeys we had while we shared your home as a roommate . Then there was the Bill stories, another boyfriend of mine , and our friend who sadly passed away this past year, the trip to Hahn’s Peak lake, “Do you think that canoe belongs to anyone “ ? not as funny now as it was. Another past love of mine but the two of you kept right on loving each other. I will always cherish being front and center as you exchanged your wedding vows as Shelley’s Maid of Honor at your wedding. Your love for each other on full display that beautiful day! My parents were gratefully present that beautiful day. My parents aren’t with us anymore but they are in spirit and they loved you both as well. They were fortunate to share a love like you have together. Your love for each other really is a blessing because in today’s world not everyone is so fortunate. This love gives our kids a vision of marriage as something to inspire to and believe in. We all get to share the love you have for each other. Treasured trips to your home, cabin and the lakes so many wonderful times we have shared together and the love you have given my son is most special Ok I’m weeping now I was present to share in the marriage of your beloved daughter, Lindsey Ann this past summer! I’ll never get over the fact I wore purple, having no idea the entire wedding party was in the same color. I have always felt like family. That must have been some kind of sign for me as being part of another special Stanford event. How is that for a full circle show of your love for each other and what your beautiful marriage allowed your daughter to know, that she too can have a fabulous marriage herself! I have used your marriage as an example for Bredt. He needs to believe in marriage as something wonderful and that he can have that for himself. He needs to see that it is possible for him in the future although he has not had the blessings of living most of his life surrounded with parents who have what you have together. He knows it exists and he can look around and see many couples who still have what you are blessed to share with each other. I admire and adore you both and I am proud to be part of a select few to write this short testament to your marriage and to our friendship. Thank you for continued sharing of your love you have together with me and my son Bredt. I hope to spend many more anniversaries with you, if not in person, I’m always there in spirit. Congratulations again on your 30th anniversary!! OMG, makes me feel a tad I’m not going to go there! Love you both, Annie

41: Annie

42: 26 | Jerry and Shelley: . . . I was going to sum this up with two words . . . PINK DRESS . . . but I heard that Jerry has branched out to Floral Patterns in the more recent years. . Looking at pictures of all the GREAT times in Steamboat over the years brought back . . some of the best memories ever: Baseball in the House, The dreaded “Steamroller”, . . Jerry’s “ONE” ski day a year just happened to work out when we were in town, The In. . . famous Wall at Mattie Silks, the one of a kind Food and Beverages at Mattie Silks, Dos . Amigos – After Hours, “Jerry Stanford wears a dress” message on the board at the Gondola Halfway House, and more recently my girls catching their first Trout’s at your Steamboat Lake House . . . so many great times!!! It’s no wonder my parents have always thought the world of you two, especially Shelley . . . Yes, Jerry over-achieved with Shelley. Your wedding picture is still on my dad’s dresser at home. You are truly the nicest, most generous, down to earth people that I have had the privilege to spend a lot of quality time with. It has been wonderful to watch your family grow over the years. You guys are unbelievable so it is no wonder that your kids are amazing and already accomplishing great things. Thank you is not enough, but for now it will have to do. Your entire family will always have a special place in my heart!!! Love, Dave, Laurie, Abby, Tessa, and Audrey. .

43: The VanWinkles

44: Congrats Jelly and Sherry on 30 years of perfection. It seems like the Scandinavian Lodge was just a year or so ago. (You guys are old!!!). The years have past but the great memories will last a life time. The Cameo, Matties, LP, Thanksgiving, Paint brush, Front row - Dead center with Joe & The Guess Who( Duffin, Dennis and Gilly), drives to Vail for Sunday lunch, Peter Michael, Sunsets, That ”Cute Little Puppy”, Christmas 2011, and of course the everlasting ,never ending and always enjoying “Griswald” adventures! Above all else your friendship!!! You two have always made our family feel like we’re a part of the Stanford clan and we will forever be grateful to the two of you. May your next 30 be as full filling as the previous 30. Your hearts are pure and your friendship will always be a special part of the Cropper household. Thank you for being in our life’s and one final comment. “Daddy, Daddy, help me Daddy I’m stuck in the closest and can’t get out!” God Bless you both, Bill, Ann and David The BAD Family

45: 10 | 27 | The Croppers

46: 28 | Jer and Shell There are many memories I have with you, but none of them should go public! So we will keep them in the hood. But just remember “powder sugar donuts” “frog island” and “who took the key.” Happy Anniversary, Woody | Woody

47: 9 | 29 | Mocha and Cappie | Grandma and Grandpa, You are the best! We love visiting the ranch! Grandpa always takes us on walks and we really love that. Grandma always give us lots of treats and spoils us. Remember that one time you were spoon feeding us whip cream at the table? Cannot wait to visit! Rove Rou! Mocha and Cappie

48: 30 | Mom and Dad, We love you. More importantly we love going on walks with you. Sanger likes snowmobiling with mom and we both love the ranch. Thanks for moving us to a place with lots of chipmunks, and sorry if we have ever ruined a car or two trying to catch them. Thanks for taking such good care of us. Your Furry Friends, Sanger Prince Corvette Princess

49: Sanger & Vette

50: You have had so many memories in the last 30 years- And it only feels like 30 minutes....

53: We Love You. -Jenni, Lindsay, and Jake

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