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Mom & Dad Anniversary

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FC: 50 years of memories...

1: 50 years of memories.... There are many ways to leave your mark on this world, some leave their mark through their work, others by their wealth. Very few choose, to leave their mark through love, children and family. Because of you, the center of our lives has always been family. | Glenn & Sara in front of their first home on City Heights Drive

2: Growing up in Hawley, Minnesota

4: Glenn's First Bike! | Sara Lee "Cecilia"'s Confirmation | Sara Lee "Cecilia"'s Confirmation | Glenn and Leola

5: Hawley High School Class of 1958

6: Senior Prom

7: first comes love, then comes marriage...

8: The Marriage of Glenn Richard Cook and Sara Lee McDonald Saturday, the ninth day of August, nineteen hundred and fifty-eight at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Lake Park, Minnesota Bridesmaids: Mary Kuehl and Janice Gruhl Flower Girl: Mary Margaret Fridgen Groomsmen: Charles McDonald and Donald Schenck Ring Bearer: Gregory Cook Usher: Richard McDonald Vocalists: John McDonald and Jennie Cook Organist: Barbara Engler The happy couple Honeymooned in Perham, Minnesota and Itasca State Park.

13: The family begins... Glenn Richard & Sara Lee Cook

14: Sara Lee, Timothy and Glenn

15: Glenn, Debbie and Tim | Patrick, Glenn and Jennifer

16: Jennifer and Sara Lee | Deborah, Sara Lee and Patrick

17: Fourth of July, 1959 Sara Lee, Timothy, Clark, Christopher, Barbara, Violet McDonald and Glenn

18: Timothy & Sara Lee | Timothy and Deborah | Glenn & Timothy

19: Thanksgiving 1959 Richard McDonald, George (Jr), Pearle, Greg, Jennie, Beverly, Gary, George (Sr.) Sara Lee, Timothy and Katherine McDonald

20: Glenn, Sara Lee and Glenn Patrick

21: Michael and Glenn | Glenn, Jennifer & Patrick | Glenn & Timothy

22: Debbie, Patrick, Jennifer and Timothy

23: Michael, Katie and Rachel

25: Parent's say the darndest things.... "We met in elementary school. Your dad was chasing me and I stabbed him in the leg with my pencil, he probably still has the lead still stuck in his leg." "That scar? It's from a bear fight; or shrapnel from 'the war'." "....the Management" "I'm part Native American, old Ma Squaw" "You know what you can do? You can Cry" "Uff-Da Namen" "What are you? Irish?" "Oh, Bless it" "Will you go get me a glass of ice water?"

26: Tim's Memories: First I would like to thank you for giving us two wonderful role models to follow. Your marriage is a testament to faithfulness, strength, and love. We are so honored to have you as our parents. Most of my early memories are a hodge podge of pictures; from trips to Grandpa and Grandma Cook’s farm, to the old Cabin on Cormorant. I remember seeing a calf being born, and mom bringing me outside the old cabin and seeing a black kitty with a white stripe that mom was not happy to see. I remember many long trips in various cars (mostly station wagons), and most of the trips went something like this: Stop it, stop what?, you know what ,what?, mom make him/her stop, stop what?, you know what, mom I’m not doing it. It would always end like this; stop it both of you or I will stop this car and then you/you’ll/all of you will get it. I don’t recall the car ever stopping but most of the time we got the message. I remember having so much freedom, I could go anywhere it seemed. We were not afraid of our neighbors or our neighborhood. People watched out for us and parents could feel secure even when you were not around. We would go to the corner store and get penny candy, or play baseball all afternoon at the water works lot. We would play in everyone’s backyard, throughout the whole neighborhood. It made for some fantastic games of kick the can that never seemed to end, it just got to be bed time so we went home. Even on Cormorant we would take long hikes to the Viking Bay store, or to find the legendary Viking mooring stones. The older kids were always in charge of course. I remember playing in our cabin when it was still at the YMCA camp. But even with all this freedom we felt safe and loved because our parents knew where we were and trusted us. I doubt that many kids today have that kind of freedom or the peace and tranquility that I had growing up. I remember lots of work, heck I was changing diapers when I was just a baby myself. Clean your room, make your bed, take out the garbage. Do the dishes, no its your week, no I did them last week. Mow the lawn, (I actually really liked to mow the lawn, don’t tell any one). Shovel the driveway before your father gets home. And, oh my gosh, every August, after baseball was over, we had to scrap the sap and paint the cabin. I remember dad taking me on Saturdays to help him survey, I don’t know how helpful I was, but I cherish the memory of being with dad and being able to help. There was also trips to the zoo (only Como back them) with giant turtles and tigers and lions, and bears, oh my. Picnics with the cousins at Como park, and stopping to eat on the stone benches at the fair grounds. And who could forget the 4th of July, either at Penders or the softball games on the McDonald side. My fondest memories are of sleeping on the porches at Cormorant, first at Viking bay, then at ours at Wermagers. The cool breeze blowing in from the lake, a heavy quilt on top of you, and usually a cousin or brother or sister close by. The best was during a storm when the lightning flashed and the thunder rumbled, and the rain would break on the screen and the cool mist would fall on your face. Then you would slip under the blanket warm and snug, and sleep tight knowing that tomorrow new adventures awaited. Lastly, and most importantly, I remember Mom always being there and Dad never missing a milestone in our lives. From dentists to concerts to baseball games, to graduations and weddings, these two were always there for us. The time you gave us is your best gift, and the legacy I will always remember. It is what I hope my children will recall on our 50th . Thank you, and congratulations, we love you both so much. - Tim and Pam

27: Ben, Saige, Pam, Tim, Cassi, Kevin and Kerry | Timothy Joseph

28: Dear Mom and Dad, As an adult with children of my own, I look back and realize that I am so privileged to call you Mom and Dad. I have received so many of God’s blessings over the years and He started by joining my life with yours. I feel undeserving but so thankful. I had the most wonderful childhood; filled with love and care and fun. You gave me brothers and sisters and centered our home life on family. You shaped me into the person I am today. Mom, you taught me to trust in God, to love music, and to care for others. Dad, you taught me to be generous, honest, and hard-working. I cherish my childhood memories -- summers at the cabin, the state fair, family vacations (Disney Land, The Black Hills and Yellowstone Park), holidays, and Sunday breakfasts (toast for nine!). There was the time Mom surprised me with Sooty the cat, after I spent two weeks of summer vacation at Aunt Pat’s. I loved snowmobiling with family and friends on Sundays and then finishing the day at home with pizza and Walt Disney on television. You supported everything I did; you came to my band concerts, my piano recitals, my marching band shows. You encouraged me to try new things. You showed me that the more you put into life the more you get out of life. You taught me that family is the foundation that the rest of your life balances on. I love you both with all my heart – Deb | Michael, Lauren, Lee, Justin and Deb Renneke

29: Deborah Eileen | ear Mom and Dad, As an adult with children of mome life on family. You shaped me into the person I am today. Mom, you taught me to trust in God’s love, to love music, and to care for ohers. Dad, you taught me to be generous, honest, and hard-working. I cherish my childhood memories -- summers at the cabin, the state fair, family vacations (Disney Land, The Black Hills and Yellowstone Park), holidays, and Sunday breakfasts (toast for nine!). There was the time Mom surprised me with Sooty the cat, after I spent two weeks of summer vacation at Aunt Pat’s. I loved snowmobiling with family and friends on Sundays and then finishing the day at home with pizza and Walt Disney on television. You supported everything I did; you came to my band concerts, my piano recitals, my marching band shows. You encouraged me to try new things. You showed me that the more you put into life the more you get out of life. You taught me that family is the foundation that the rest of your life balances on. I love you both with all my heart! Deb Debbie's Memories:

30: Bridget, Chuck, Jen, Nathan, Melissa and Collin Petersen | Congratulations on 50 years of marriage! Wow! I only lived with you for 18 years, or so, and I thought that was challenging (just kidding). One of the things I found fabulous to be exposed to while living with you was your “Open Door” policy. Your house was a hub of activity, not only because you were following the schedules of seven children, but because so many friends and family members stopped by to visit and share. And I don’t mean just on holidays. My heart would skip a beat when the doorbell rang because I knew that you would stop working, and consequently so would I, to let them in. Mom would serve up coffee and cookies and there would be lots of sharing and laughing. You both were so relaxed and happy, different from the hardworking parents I saw most of the time. Those stories and people have become important to me as well. I still stop by hoping to catch up on your activities and the activities of friends and relatives. Thanks for keeping the door open. Love, Jen

31: Jennifer Denise

32: Glenn Patrick | Hoa & Pat Cook

33: Memories of Glenn and Sara Cook from the archives of Glenn Patrick Cook 1965-Present I remember Mom & Dad as hard workers and active players, it seems like they are always doing something (I still can't keep up with them). It is fun to be with them, I spent a lot of time tagging along with them just for the fun of it, they always have a good time with people. They play off of each other very well; Dad doing the teasing and Mom keeping it real. Their priorities are sqared away, like family and church. They are a tough (50 years), well respected, caring and giving couple; always trying to do what they can to help others. I remember a wonderful childhood with very supportive parents. Dad teaching me sports and Mom making sure I was well rounded. I loved playing basketball with Dad as our coach. Mom would often find a show on television (usually about family or life in general) and kindly suggest that I watch it. Inevitably I would very much enjoy the show and learn some moral lesson at the same time, she seems to know me very well. They are always trying to set a good example and if that doesn’t work Mom will spell it out for you or Dad will knock some sense into you. They are truly wonderful people and have created a wonderful family that we are all very proud to be a part of. Thanks Mom & Dad! What can I say about the cabin, spending time there always gives me a better perspective on life. It turned out to be a great teaching tool. It taught me a work ethic, showed me how fulfilling work could be, how to get by with what is available and how to have fun! I will never forget the great pillar that Dad built when putting the porch on top of the basement. I was awed that he built that amazing structure; to me it seemed impossible. I don’t know where he gets the courage to take on such projects. I feel very fortuante to have you two as my parents (along with six other siblings!). I Love you both.

34: Laughter IS like father like son...spending time with two of my favorite heros in this world

35: First and foremost, I love you both more than I could ever possibly tell you. In the 1st grade, I came home crying when a kid teased me because I was black. My wise mother told me to tell that boy that I was tan & it worked! The kid stopped teasing me & that was the 1st lesson of millions about life that I learned from the two of you. In no particular order (much like my life :)) these are my most dearest, favorite & best memories of my life: Licking the bowl of whatever mom was baking, (the house always smelled wonderful), splittling wood with dad for 8 hrs (1st time I felt like a real man), dad's biggest grin I ever saw when I graduated from college, every Viking/Packer get together, dad at every major event of my life, mom ALWAYS telling me she loved me even after she got done screaming at me, long discussions of life, politics & religion with mom, long discussions of life, Twins, Vikings & Gophers with dad, every single round of golf with dad, snowmobiling, mom's love of music, Dave & I waterskiing at 5am when the lake was glass, countless hours of playing games (w/my sisters) downstairs when it was raining at the lake, the swing on the porch, hiking to Viking Bay looking for frogs to sell to fisherman, always having a ton of food at the cabin & every holiday, 4th of July fireworks, hunting with my dad, brothers & cousins, every card game, watching my son play with his papa & gamma & even through the hard times, the constant love I receive from both of you. You are both truly amazing role models. I can't tell you enough how proud I am to be your son. Thank you for adopting me & bringing me into this insanely wonderful family. With all my love, Mike | Anthony John Richard | Michael Anthony John

36: Ryan, Katie, Barney, Matt & Allison Bolterman

37: Katherine Mary's Memories: Dear Mom and Dad, Congratulations on 50 years of love, marriage and family. I am so proud of your strong relationship, years of perseverance and selfless lives. When I evaluate my own life, marriage and motherhood, I find myself striving to follow in your footsteps in many ways. Growing up in the Glenn Cook household was often “trying” because there were so many people and of course, many different personalities. Somehow you were able to help us through and prepare us for life’s situations ahead. You weren’t afraid to have us learn a lesson through experience or, when we were too thick headed, directly told us how to act. I really appreciate those moments because I know you had seven kids to teach these valuable lessons to (you never let me forget that I was one of your own:) I remember picking up apples, raking, weekly dishes, vacuuming the house and cars, scraping the cabin, hauling branches to the fire pit, picking weeds and many more chores. But after the work ethic lessons, you made sure we played too. I loved all of the fishing, campfires, vacations, golf, shopping, combing mom’s hair, summers at the cabin and all of the fun activities, gymnastics meets, being able to drive the carpool to school and just giving me the freedom to be me. What I remember from all of this is balance in life, try things and try hard, and life isn’t always fair or easy. You two always find a way to be so giving of yourselves, supportive of anyone who needs it (no matter what their experience level or age is) and be a fantastic two- person team. Your love and leadership cannot be summed up in this small letter. I see your love in our close family, all the people who want to spend time visiting with you, how you stay realistic and attempt to always put people and their feelings first, and the stories you tell about experiences with each other. I know you really do love to be together and are best friends. Thank you for making everything possible for me, and my family, because I had such a stable and loving childhood. We Love You Both So Much, Katie, Matt, Allison & Ryan

38: Rachel O'Jin Elizabeth | Rachel & Matty

39: Rachel O' Jin Elizabeth's Memories... My memories of childhood are filled with all the quintessential things that most people only hope for; memories of Aunts, Uncles, brothers, sisters, along with loads and loads of cousins. Laughter and boredom all mixed together with complete chaos. But my most precious and defining moments were in the quite time , the low points, the part of growing up that make you either stronger or fall. Sitting down to write this seemed a daunting task, then it dawned on me. I tell this story everytime I meet a new person. All ending with the same response, "your parents sound amazing!" I always stop to think about their statement. How simply speaking of my family , brings people to awe. Then it came to me, there is a simple amazement in the life that you both have chosen. There are not a lot of people who chooe to adopt after having had 4 biological children, and I've learned that there are not a lot of families that grew up with so much love, and definitely not a lot of people who have been married for 50 years. What people are most awed by is when I tell them that I know that you have been married for 50 years and that you are truly in love. My favorite love story - I had just come home from college, can't even remember the day. All I remember is that I was settling in and eating something (must have been cookies) in the kitchen. I heard a conversation start about "the boat." The plans for a big adventure down the Mississippi! As only dad can do, he asked the simple question "would you like to go down the river?", to which our strong willed mother responded "like to? oh Glenn, no." The conversation faded, I continued to search the kitchen for more food, remember I was in college. Then I hear a puttering of dads feet back into the living room, talking to mom who was sitting in "her" chair. He then said, "Sara, I just want you to be with me." To which mom responded quietly, but with a firm, "and I want to be with you." It wasn't glamorous or showy, it was nothing that most would not put any value to at all. But it was the clearest and closest example of love I'd ever witnessed. Thank you mom and dad for setting such a loving example. All my love, Rachel O' Jin Elizabeth Cook

41: sisters | Mary, Katherine, Grandma McDonald, Sara Lee, Mary, Barb, Gretchen, Margaret | Gretchen, Barb, Margaret, Sara Lee, Betty, Donna Mae, Pat and Katherine | Pam, Sara Lee, Katie, Rachel, Deb, and Jen

45: Rachel at Gilette Hospital

48: Grandkids

49: Cassandra Jeane | Benjamin Joseph | Michael Lee | Lauren Elizabeth | Justin Patrick | Bridget Eileen | Melissa Pearl | Collin Charles | Nathan Charles | Allison Elizabeth | Anthony John Richard | Ryan Daniel

50: Glenn, Sara Lee and Cassi

51: Cassi, Kerry and Kevin Bannister | Ben and Saige Cook | Cassi's Memories What I remember most is the Love, Support, and The Importance of Family. GRANDMA & GRANDPA's: Holidays-playing the player piano-the Doll Room-playing Carmen Sandiego on the computer-visiting with Friends and Family-singing-making up "dance recitals"-Easter Egg Hunts-Raking leaves in the fall-Play Tickets-Vacation in the Summer THE CABIN: Learning to waterski-paddleboating-the Dollhouse-Running off the dock-painting rocks-playing "school" in the basement-the porch swing-footsteps on the ceiling-fishing-going across the lake to Great Grandpa George and Great Grandma Pearl's-searching for clam shells-reading on the porch-The Fourth of July-Birthday parties-Cousins-Campfires Ben's Memories: I remember going out for breakfast on Sundays at the cabin. Those were some of the best days I had. Grandpa and grandma would tell us a lot of things and I learned a lot. Nothing can beat the great times we had at the cabin.

52: Mike’s Memories Learning to golf / caddying for Grandpa for the chance at “10% of the winnings” - Flea markets where Grandma would buy us snow cones - Salting leaches for Grandma - Grandpa and the red boat ; “hang tight…. It’ll start soon…” - Those sugary orange slice candies - Praline pecan ice cream - Bonestroo family man - Peggy Lou’s - Farmer Boy boat trip Lauren’s Memories Eating chocolate chip cookies at “Hot Sam’s” antique store - Getting my fingers hurt by grandpa (now, I do it to all my friends) - Burning marshmallows for grandma - Driving for hours looking for deer during grandkids week - Grandma always had chocolate stripped cookies at her house Justin’s Memories Picking rocks on the farm - Golfing with Grandpa (he taught me all I know) - Antique shopping with Grandma (the best part was ice cream from Cormorant Store) - The ducks; “Quick get some rocks but don’t hit them” - Riding in the house boat on the Mississippi - Going to gopher games and Twin’s games with Grandpa - Malts at Peggy Lou’s

53: To Grandma and Grandpa Cook on their 50th Wedding Anniversary From: Bridget, Melissa, Collin, and Nathan Petersen These are a few of our favorite things to do with Grandma and Grandpa: swimming at the cabin. sleepovers, smores, fireworks, grandkids week, jokes, picking rocks, ducks at the lake, golfing with grandpa, making cookies with grandma, and lots of hugs and kisses.

54: Allison & Ryan's Memories: We like to play with our cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's . We also like reading books with Grandma and playing with Grandpa.. You always make us feel special. We Love You So Much! | Allison Elizabeth | Ryan Daniel


56: Patrick & Michael | Cassi, Ben, Michael and Lauren | Melissa and Justin

57: Collin, Bridget, Sara Lee and Melissa | Collin and Bridget

58: Michael, Sara and Lauren | Michael, Glenn and Lauren at Cormorant Lake

59: Next generation of Sara's Band

62: Sara Lee, Cassi, Kevin, Kerry and Glenn

63: Great Grandchildren | Saige, Great Grandma Sara and Kevin

64: Cook's Cabin Cormorant Lake

66: Memories at Cormorant Lake... Fireworks & Sparklers Fourth of July Girls Room Throwing Rocks at the Ducks Water-Skiing Viking Bay/Cormorant Store Grandkids Week The Red Speed Boat Painting Rocks Put your Life-Jackets on! Salting Leeches Fish Flies Fudge Sleeping on the Porch Aunts Bedroom Sisters Week Cousins, Cousins and more Cousins Love & Laughter

69: Jennifer, Fred, Leola, Katie, Michael and Patrick

72: Oldies but goodies. (the pictures, not the people)

77: Bonestroo, Rosene, Anderlik and Associates | Home AwayFrom Home!

79: Farmer Boy

82: time to celebrate

83: The Celebration of 50 years began with a small blessing during mass at St. Francis Xavier, the church where you were married; It continued with a gathering of family, laughter ...and frosting.

85: and onto another 50 years...

86: Unconditional Love When love in your heart is where it stays Love isn't love till you give it away. Love unconditional is rare as can be Unconditional love is what you gave me. Thank you for always being there In the good times and bad Thank you for your unconditional love Thank you mom and dad. For your understanding and your care You gave meaning to my life When I thought life wasn’t fair. You’ve always been an inspiration In your values and your beliefs Your standards are set high But not out of reach. I thank you for your gift I treasure with great care Of unconditional Love That today is so rare. Written in Love by Pam

87: Created in love by, Timothy, Pamela, Deborah, Lee, Jennifer, Charles, Glenn Patrick, Hoa, Michael Anthony John, Katherine, Matthew, Rachel, Matthew M, Cassandra, Kerry, Benjamin, Michael Lee, Lauren, Justin, Bridget, Melissa, Collin, Nathan, Allison, Anthony, Ryan, Kevin and Saige

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