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Mom's Mixbook

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S: Monica Ann Butler - 50 Years of Love

BC: Life is Good

FC: 50 Years of Love | Monica Ann Marger

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen

3: Honey, Happy birthday! You are my best friend, beautiful wife, lifelong and eternal companion. What a gift God gave to me the day you were born and every day since. Seems like yesterday that you and I were flying in George’s Lear Jet to Fort Lauderdale Airport from Buchannon, to connect with that American flight that took us to Saint Martin for our very first sailing trip together almost 30 years ago. You’re first experience on the open sea; today you’re a yacht captain. I can remember our first kiss at Oglebay Park in Wheeling, and throwing stones at your apartment window in Elm Grove, for you to come down to see me. Today, we have four beautiful grown, well educated children and a grandson. Been and done most everything we could have ever dreamed of “together”, with no signs of anything in our way to slow us down from doing much more. When I look into those exquisite blue eyes of yours, I see the same pure heart, genuine, open and honest girl I met back at Phyllis and Joe’s exclusive dinner party. But much, much better. Just like the Zac Brown Band plays; “ She got whatever it is, It blows me away, She's everything I want to say to a woman, But I couldn't find the words to say, She got whatever it is, I don't know what to do, Every time I try and, Tell her how I feel, It comes out "I love you." I love you, I DO. | I do love you and I look forward to enjoying you and our time fulfilling Gods plan for us over the next 50 years. Happy Birthday Monica Ann Marger! I love you, Sandy XOXOXXOOO

4: All things grow better with love.

5: If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been. ~Robert Braul

6: Mom, I can't express in a letter, song, poem, or any other words how much you mean to me. We have a unique Mother-Son relationship that is irreplaceable. You are present in my life every day through the lessons you have taught me, and the example you have been for me as a parent. I hope that I become more like you as as a person and as a parent every day, although I'm not sure that I could ever be as patient or as thoughtful as you. I admire that you listen to your heart and God's word daily, and you don't let your brain get in the way of your feelings. I brag about you to everyone (which is probably something you don't know). You were a single mother (for a time), and had four children before you were thirty years old all of which turned, and are turning out fantastically (if I do say so myself).The world needs to know how amazing you are – so I take it upon myself to let them know. I may not tell you often, but I treasure you. You (and Dad) are my heroes. I couldn't dream of a better mom. I will always be there for you. I love you so much, Ry

9: Mom, Never can I express to you how blessed I am to have you as my mother, role model, teacher, AND friend. You are such a brilliant, strong hearted, confident woman of God and I only pray to be like you when I grow up! There has never been a day you weren't there for me with open arms when I needed hug, or a day I could keep a secret from you, because there's no such thing as a "poker face" around you. I may have referred to you as "Monica butt is a abuser" as a child, but I now know that your love and discipline (okay, maybe dads a little too) made me the woman I am today which I am eternally greatful for. I love you more than words could ever explain! Happy 50th Birthday (with at least 50 more to come!!!) Love, Sarah XOXOXO

11: Mom, mama, mom, mom, mom, mama, ma, mom, I am so blessed and so very lucky to have you as my mom. I love every funny moment we have whether it's laughing at you or laughing with you. You are always there for me and the rest of the family (like superwoman), and you've made our wonderful family what it is today. I am going to do my best to emulate your example when I have a family of my own because c'mon, who wouldn't want a family as awesome and as close as us? You are the youngest and most beautiful looking fifty-year-old I've ever seen and I hope you have a wonderful 50th! Looking forward to many, many more years with you. I Love you, Mom.... Betsy

12: Mom, There are no words to describe how much I admire, cherish and love you. You are the ever-present person in my life who doesn't care what time of day it is (remember picking me up at midnight from San Antonio?), how busy you are (taking off work to come to my elementary school plays ) or how much is asked of you (all the editing of my medical school apps), you have always been and I am confident that you always will be there for me. God gave me you for my days of doubt and for my days of laughter. You are so brilliant, strong and beautiful - I have been blessed beyond measure to have a mom like you. I love you forever and always. XOXO Savannah

14: Dear Mama Marger, From the moment I walked in through your garage door, (August 2006) you have always welcomed me with open and loving arms in order to make me feel that I am "one of the Margers." I am so blessed to have a second mother that I can trust, that I can talk to, and that I can call my friend. Thank you for sharing Ryan with me. You raised him to be the amazing husband and father he is today. I am so lucky and I owe that to you. I hope I can be to Noah (and Olivia, plus many others to come) what you are to you children, and me! I Love you, Vero

16: The End | You're the most wonderful Grams in the world!

17: I love you Grams!

18: All things grow better with love. | Especially the relationship with you and me! I am your companion in Key Largo, in Austin and in all places in between.

20: From 24 and beautiful...

21: ...to 50 and gorgeous!

23: Heritage

24: To Monica, my dear Little Sister, I love you so much! Ever since I had to babysit you and scratch your back until you fell asleep at night, I new you were special. We watched you grow from a sweet little girl to a beautiful, faith-filled woman. You have learned that God and family are THE most important things in your life and I hope we played a special part in that. Happy 50th, and remember, I will always be 10 years older than you!! Love Di (and Ed)

27: Dear Monica, I remember so many things over the years about my little sister. I thought you were the cutest little baby in the world with the most beautiful eyes. I remember that you were my on call photographer with my "Swinger Polaroid" camera when I got the urge to model. Of course I took your picture too, like this one of you doing a back bend on my blue, shaggy carpet. "Back surgery??? Who Me???" I suppose most siblings don't always appreciate growing up together, but when they're grown and live so far from each other the wish is to go back and do it again. I loved you then lil' sis and I love you so much still! Just wish now we could have more times of togetherness with even more moments of smiling faces displayed!! Happy, Blessed, Fiftieth! Love, (especially in Christ), Mary Audrey

29: Monica, Do you remember the photo of you lying in the crib and me standing there with my hand on you? (I was insane with jealousy competing for Mom and Dad's attention and trying to kill you). Just kidding! Seriously I remember Grandma Laing told me I was getting a baby sister. I loved you so much then as I do now and I always will! Love, Danny

30: Monica, Fifty years of beauty, strength, hard work and creative energy, boundless faith, inspiration and spirituality; that is what I see and admire in you, dear friend/sister/daughter-in-law (it's complicated!) You are an inspiration and life-force for your family and extended family and friends and for all of those whose lives you have touched. What a gift you are and how lucky for Charlye and Ed and myself that we are connected to you and yours, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, friend (it's complicated!) Thank you for so many delightful and special memories: Christmas in Austin, summers on the farm, friend eggs in on Longboat Key, snow in New York, flea markets in north Georgia, fishing in Key Largo-we have had so many wonderful times. May you continue to be showered with endless blessings and many peaceful years with all of those you love and who love you. Susie

32: Dearest Monica, From what I have been told, I used to call you Mommy Monica. Even today I think of you as a wonderful mother/sister-in-law. You have always given me such wonderful advice and love. I love having the opportunity to spend all of these years with you through celebrations, holidays, and vacations. I look forward celebrating with you the next 50 years. Thank you for sharing your love with me and I am so grateful to have you as a part of my life. Love, Charlye

34: Aunt Monica, Hmmmm, there are so many funny stories that I could relate. Probably the best comes from your mother’s house when I was about five years old. Apparently, I must have had a cold and had trouble sleeping. I also think Grandma must have been out of tissues. | Accordingly, I used the only available location I could find to place objects clogging my respiratory pathway – the wall. Yes, I am talking about boogers, and lots of them. Poor Aunt Monica drew clean up duty the next morning and the singular honor of collecting the specimens. And even after that, she still loved me. I am lucky! Happy Birthday!!! Love, Jimmy

35: Kind, gracious, witty, funny, smart, loving, beautiful .you are all of these things and more, Aunt Monica. Jimmy and I have always looked up to you and Uncle Sandy. Your love and respect for each other, your zest for life, and your dedication to your | family have been inspirational. May you have the happiest and loveliest of birthdays! We love you! Love, Jimmy, Melissa, Katy, Bella and Amelia

37: Aunt Monica, One of the first memories I have of you was when we rode the Dumbo ride together at Disneyland!! I can't believe I remember that (I think I was only two years old at the time!), but it was probably because I was having so much fun! In fact, every time I'm with you is so much fun. I think everyone will agree that if we have a family thing the first question is "is Aunt Monica going to be there?". Everyone loves to just be around you. I used to look at you when I was little and think "I want to be just like her when I grow up!", and in fact, I still do. You are such a beautiful person inside and out, such a wonderful and loving mother, and of course the best aunt ever!! I have so many wonderful memories of you, from riding around in the brown Pinto and stopping to look at pigs, to laughing around a board game...... I treasure them all. We love you so much! Erin, Mike, Makayla & Morgan

38: Aunt Monica is one of the most caring, loving, fun and awesome people I know! I've always looked up to her and appreciated the advice that she's given me as an Aunt and as a friend. She always puts family first and isn't afraid to be herself... something I've always admired about her. She has and will continue to be one of my favorite aunts! Happy Birthday Aunt Monica!! Love you! Jennifer

39: Aunt Monica, Here's to 50 more years of fun, smiles and love that you have always shown to others. We wish you the happiest of birthdays! -Burt & Elaine

41: GG's

42: A few words. Can I say only a few words? Hmmm..Probably not. Out of the thousands and thousands of memories covering every emotion known to man I have to come up with a few? I would have to say that when I think of you and our history my first thought is gratefulness. Grateful for your boldness and obedience, your honesty and frankness ~ for introducing me to the road of Joy, Happiness and Peace. Without your friendship I would not be who I am today. That crown of yours is probably really getting heavy due to the fact that you are always sharing with me and others this prospect of a life worth living because of Jesus. Your beauty is so deep! NO ONE can make me laugh like you do! We have so many funny memories. From our early river trip days (yikes who were those women!!!), to our first travels to France (thank you Jesus for Monte Carlo), to our Circus Monkey Island Tour (!@#$^%$), fishing and sailing trips, all day GG days, Christmas Parties, game nights and on and on because of you my life has become so full of wailing laughter, smiles and just downright FUN! You have no idea how grateful I am that God has allowed us to become such great friends once again at this time in our lives. We have so much to look forward to in the years and years to come. Let’s keep rockin’ and enjoy every minute of it! It is such a priceless gift having a friend that knows me inside and out, someone I know will be my friend rain or shine, hell or high-water, whether the tide is in or out, whether I am kind or crude and has and will always be there for me no matter what ~ and knowing I have someone in my life that I can be that kind of a friend to in return. So cool! Happy Birthday Youngster Here’s to becoming little old 90 year old ladies together who ROCK! HUGS ~ D

44: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen

45: Monica, I knew I wanted you to be my friend when I first met you at PCA and at Spicewood Elementary. I have wonderful memories of years sitting on lawn chairs together watching our girls play soccer. Remember the day Savannah turned her ankle at a game, and Sandy could not open his eye that had been poked by a pillow? You left the game and took both of them to the emergency room. What a woman! I am so thankful God put it on your heart to put this group of women together and feel blessed that you thought to include me. Romans 15:7 says to “accept one another just as Christ accepted us to the glory of God”. I feel truly accepted and value the GGs and your friendship more than you know. This has been a lifeline in the challenging years since 2007 when Betsy was hurt. We all have shared heartaches and challenges, celebrated accomplishments and joys, and I value that we feel safe sharing our lives with one another. What great memories we share; the birthday pool party for Savannah’s and our Betsy’s birthday together, your sweet visits sneaking Gus “the therapy dog” into St. David’s which always cheered Betsy up and meant so much to Ed and me, dressing in our nurses caps to celebrate with nurse Sarah, karaoke night (your duo with Ed had the top score), great fishing even with a broken arm, you guiding us while we snorkeled and saw amazing fish, ocean creatures, and the “underwater Jesus”, our Key West trip- riding bikes, dancing, listening to music and staying in our cute B&B (next time Sue and I call the bed), kayaking and sunsets in Key Largo, the annual GG Christmas parties at the Sutton’s, our log cabin, pre-Christmas retreat where we enjoyed the fire, the hot tub at night, our hike and making Christmas cookies and pizzelles, the Marger homemade pasta dinner, game night with Sandy’s 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 on your patio in Key Largo, spa day with Jesus Calling at Lake Austin Spa, cooking classes in Georgetown, The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children, Skyping with you when you aren’t in Austin, and for teaching us all about “damn fun” –these are some of the best times of my life. I admire you for many reasons. It is inspiring how you love Jesus and your family so intensely. You are such an amazing mother, wife and grandmother, prayer warrior, and friend. You have a gift of discernment and wisdom, are lovingly honest, fun loving, fiery, and I know you had a lasting impact on all your students at Anderson Mill because of your commitment to being such a dedicated and caring teacher. I love how your mind can go 100 miles ahead like mine does and especially how you always bring us back to Jesus.You shared this quote early in our GG meeting: “Rich is the person who has a praying friend”. Thank you for making my life rich by being that friend to me. Happy 50th birthday and I look forward to celebrating the next 50 with you. I smile envisioning the four GGs sitting in those rockers still praying, growing closer to Jesus and planning our next adventure when we’re 85 years old! I love you dear friend, Cheryl

47: Happy 50th Birthday, Monica! I am so thankful for all the years of friendship we’ve shared! Through laughter and tears, in good times and bad, we’ve always loved each other! You are the sister I always wanted but never had growing up. I treasure that we’ve always encouraged each other to become better moms, wives and God-lovers! You will always be the first and Queen GG, Always pushed for us to dig deeper into the Word, to keep finding new books & studies to do, to be ruthless with our spiritual lives & in making time w/God a top priority. I’ve never had another friend who was more of a Green Beret Girl for God- willing to get up before the sun rose to meet together & pray on Wed am’s in spite of having full time jobs! Whenever there’s been a Women’s Retreat, women’s conference, women’s bible study you’ve been my “date”! Remember the first one we ever went on together @ PCH? The drive up in the old VW bug the horseback riding the talks with Marilyn? How about the time we showed up at a women’s program held in some swanky hotel dressed in our matching Fur Coats? The New Years Eve parties- disco dancing non-negotiable! Your All Nighter Murder Mystery 40th bday party, the dinner dates (the yummiest have been when you & Sandy have created a Gourmet Feast!) the Key Largo memories and who could forget the Inn on the Creek “assault” during the Planning Retreat? (perhaps we SHOULD forget that one?) Anywhere with Sandy & Monica is always a great time! You & Sandy taught us the value of this: you know how to live life well and how to ENJOY life! Heck, you’re the ones who taught us about having Damn Fun! Monica, I love your wonderful sense of humor! I love your honesty & sensitive conscience! You can say it like it is without bruising a person’s heart! I love that your family is the VERY most important thing to you in your life! I love how each of your children carry so many of your finest qualities! I love that you love being a grandma! I love your willingness to follow your husband all over the globe and your desire to constantly keep growing in all the areas that you think you’re weak in! (which are very few, my dear!) I love that you’re so good at holding things in your heart that are confidential! You are trustworthy to the core! And you are a prayer warrior! Yes, you are a Proverbs 31 woman! I still can’t figure out how in the world that I get to be called one of your friends you are so very special to me and I am so excited to see what the next 50 years bring! I love you beyond words and Troy & I both wish you the very best birthday ever! Forever friends, Sue

48: Monica, You were beautiful inside and out when I first met you about 19 years ago. But, I'm sending these most recent pictures of you because you have only gotten more beautiful inside and out in 19 years. There are nothing but wonderful, caring, loving memories of you in my life. But, the most wonderful thoughts of you are that you not only listened to my woes and my successes, you 'felt' them with me every step of the way. Of all the difficult times in my life, you have been the 'constant' that I remember whenever my thoughts wander to those days. Now, with happiness everywhere, you right there to share it with me. Thank you, Monica, for a 'sisterhood'that I've not ever had. With love, Susan

49: Dear Monica, I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays. This celebration of your birthday is truly fitting because your friendship is a gift to all of us who are lucky enough to call you friend. You mean the world to me and my life has been blessed so much by having you in it. Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are. I wish you a very happy birthday. All my love, Cathi



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