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Monroe, Harold, and the museum

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Monroe, Harold, and the museum - Page Text Content

S: Monroe, Harold and The Museum

BC: Monroe, Harold and the Museum.

FC: Monroe,Harold and the Museum | By: Andrew Barber, Kyle Harper, Kevin Stoya and Shane Casey

1: Monroe,Harold and the Museum. By: Kevin Stoya, Shane Casey, Andrew Barber and Kyle Harper.

2: Not such a long time ago, there was a boy named Monroe who lived in a very big family. One day, his parents decided to take the whole family to the museum. Monroe thought he was too cool to learn about all that old stuff in the museum, so he turned on his i-pod and didn't listen to anyone. When it was time to go, Monroe did not learn a single thing. But he had his i-pod on very loud and he didn't hear when his parents said they were leaving. Shortly after, Monroe realized that he was locked in the museum and his parents were no where to be seen! Monroe had no idea what to do, so he started yelling for help. Then, a security guard came out from a room in the back, he introduced himself as Harold and he told Monroe that it would be okay and he would call Monroe's parents. Now Monroe's family lived far away from the museum and they were already home. So it was going to take them a while to get back. So Harold said, "I noticed that you didn't pay attention to the exhibits today." Monroe stated," I know I didn't, that stuff isn't cool." Harold was shocked to hear this and he said, "Sure it is, you just don't know about it yet. All new things are exciting!" So Harold and Monroe went off to look at the exhibits. The first section they stumbled upon was the Ancient River Valleys. The first river valley civilization to come up was the Nile River Valley. This one was in Egypt.Monroe always was interested in mummies and decided to look closely, for a little bit at least. The Nile was a monarchy, this means

3: that it was ruled by one person. In Egypt, this person was called a pharaoh. The Egyptians were polytheistic or believed in more than one god. Then Harold told Monroe that most of the other river valley civilizations were polytheistic. Monroe had no idea! "This stuff was really getting interesting." said Monroe. The Egyptians created one of the most famous landmarks in the world today, the pyramids. As they were walking, they passed other exhibits dedicated to Mesopotamia, which created a type of writing

4: called cuneiform which was made up of pictures that stood for letters and words. Not much was known about the Indus River Valley but archaeologists are trying to uncover the mysteries of it. The Yellow River Valley used bronze to make beautiful and useful pots to store things in. All of these river valleys were monarchies. | Http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4115/4735763989_8b34c25435.jpg. Photograph.

6: Monroe followed Harold to the religion section of the museum where Harold taught Monroe about the creation of Judaism he said “Judaism was the first of all the monotheistic religions monotheistic means belief in one god as apposed to polytheism which is belief in many gods that do many different things. Judaism was created by a man named Abraham who lived in the modern day middle east. Near Syria, Jordan, Israel, and the West Bank. Abraham was not liked very much by the other members of the world, but none the less many people joined with Abraham including a man named Moses who was a sheep herder and when the Jews were imprisoned in Egypt Moses was the one who set them free and back to their homeland with the help of their god casting many horrible things upon the Egyptians stopping them from following the Jews across the red sea back to the holy land”. Monroe said “Wow! that was very detailed Harold”. Harold replied “Well I have worked here for 20 years and that caused me to become smarter when surrounded by exhibits for that long.”

7: Monroe and Harold proceeded to go to the section for the religions of Asia there Harold said "Monroe this is the religions of Asia section in Asia the predominate religions are Hinduism and Bhuddism back when both were new religions Hinduism had something called the CASTE system that separated members of society so the poor could not marry the rich and the powerful cannot marry the weak. Today the CASTE is mostly rejected in more modernized parts of India but it is still quite common in the rural parts. The other predominate religion of Asia is Bhuddism witch is much more relaxed religion that thinks that all people are equal. Buddhists continuously support anti-war causes even today and 100's of years ago." Harold then went to the Christianity section with Monroe. Harold said, "Monroe do you know anything about Christianity?" Monroe replied "Yes my family is methodist." Harold said,"That is one of the branches of Christianity that divulged from the original roman catholic that is what makes Christianity one of the most diverse religions on the planet.

8: Monroe you are correct, the Indians believed that when you die you would turn into something else, and the way you acted in the previous life is, how you will be treated in the future life." said Harold. Harold showed Monroe a lot of things but there was some more he wanted to show him, before his parents arrived. | "Clipart - Indian flag." openclipart. web. 21 dec. 2011. .

9: Exhibit: Classical China and Classical India. | Monroe and Harold moved on to the next section of the museum,Classical China and Classical India. They made their way in, " this is Confucianism, they essentially came up with respect. But their version is ruler over subject, parent over child, husband over wife, sibling equals sibling and friend equals friend. This form of respect created a peaceful society" Harold said. Monroe and Harold went on to the next spot and it was labeled, Dynasties, " ahhh my favorite." says Harold "why is that?" Monroe asks, "well because they invented many things like bronze,iron,roads,irrigation systems,axles,literature,instruments and books, this is my favorite because we use all of those things in modern times, so i think thats fascinating." Harold answers. "wow I've never thought of that Harold! lets go to the next room" exclaimed Monroe. The next exhibit they arrived at is Classical India, but when Monroe reads a sign he recognizes something familiar, "Harold, inst karma something that when you do a good or bad thing that good or bad thing will happen to you?" says Monroe. "Indeed | "Clipart - China Historic." OpenClipArt. Web. 21 Dec. 2011. .

10: Harold had showed Monroe Almost everything and anything. But the were a few exhibits that Harold really wanted to show Monroe. "Hey Monroe," said Harold, "These next exhibits are my favorite." They came up to a sign that said "Greece and Roman" exhibits. Monroe's class had never learned much about Greece or Rome so he was looking forward learn a lot of new stuff. The first exhibit the came to was of a large white building that had big columns and was on top of a city he did not know of. | "This is the Parthenon, one of the greatest architectural achievements of Greece, and it was dedicated to one of the many goddesses Athena." Said Harold, "It is located in what was called Athens. A great city-state that was centralized on literature and fine arts. Greece had many city-states like Sparta which was a military based city.They called this oligarchy and Athens was a direct government." The next exhibit was of three stone statues and Monroe had no clue of what they were. "This exhibit has some of the most famous philosophers," said Harold and he pointed to one of the statues. " That is Aristotle he was very famous and his teacher was Plato, over there. And the last one is Socrates." They kept moving and the next exhibit was another statue with three big men. One was holding a lighting bolt and another one was of a man holding a trident and the last one wasn't holding anything. " The Greeks were polytheistic which means they believed

11: in more than one god," said Harold, " that one holding the lightning bolt is Zeus king of gods and god of the heavens, then one that is holding the trident is Poseidon, god of the sea, and the last one is Hades god of the underworld. These are only a few of the many gods of Greece." This is the end of the Greek exhibits. The next place they visited was Roman exhibits the first one had a huge circular building with people fighting in the center with a ton of people watching around it. "This is called the coliseum, the greatest architectural achievements of Rome. It was made of concrete and stone and arches which were some of the inventions romans made." Said Harold. | Http://images.cdn.fotopedia.com./flickr-4589372607

12: "The Romans were famous for many things we still use today. such a the roads and concrete and some very important architectural achievements. But one of the most famous was their government, democracy, which we still use today and man law codes that we use today as well." Said Harold. " There government was called democracy, where the people decide the rulers and what laws the make. This is very important because we use this today." | Http://i.images.cdn. fotopedia.com/flickr-2974629162-

13: "The Romans were Polytheistic for religion which means they believed in more than one god." Stated Harold, "But then they adopted Christianity so they became monotheistic which means they believed in only one god and they had many books such as the Bible. They had finished the Roman exhibits and it was the end of the tour. At first Monroe did not think the tour would be fun but Harold made everything sound so exciting and he was very interested in the museum now. " Wow, finished just in time your parents should be here any minute so we should start to head back." Said Harold. "I really had a good time Harold,maybe we could do this again some time, thank you." Said Monroe. "Your welcome." Said Harold. And Monroe left the museum wondering if he would ever see Harold again. | Http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_sA_hdLZwb6w/Sznt9yeWNKI/AAAAAAAABnY/wfRbOGUKrKI/s400/bible3.gif. Photograph

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