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Monster High OCs Volume 1

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BC: Coming Soon. Monster High OCs. Volume 2

FC: Monster High OCs. Volume 1

1: Monster High OCs. Volume 1

2: Centura Time | Tick Tock

3: Centura is extremely shy when meeting new people but is a really sweet girl when she opens up. She likes to make people happy and hates the thought of upsetting someone. She is timid when faced with new tasks but bares through it for the sack of others. She enjoys shopping dressing up in cute clothes. She has a major sweet tooth and also likes to bake. She also dances and is on the Dance and Thrill team at Monster High.

4: Cliffina Red | Fluffy and Cuddles

5: Cliffina is under the impression that she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. She wants everyone to love her and thinks that they do. She’s the best at everything she does and brags about it. This makes everyone annoyed with her but Cliffina fails to notice.

6: Dani Jones | Squishy

7: Dani can seem unapproachable at first due to her quiet demeanor, but when you get to know her you realize that she is a fun and loyal friend. She is not afraid to take charge and actually wants to take over her father’s role as captain of his ship when she’s older. She has no patience for arrogance and disrespect towards anyone and will call anyone out when they are guilty of either behavior. She is willing to stand up for her friends no matter what the cost. She is against any kind of discrimination since she is a lesbian and has witnessed the struggle that homosexuals have to go through. She uses pirate slang in her everyday conversations and gets annoyed when she has to remind her friends again and again what she’s saying.

8: Eirene Gorgon | Ceto

9: Eirene is usually calm and collected. She’s a cool ghoul that likes to help her friends out. She despises stereotypes and people who assume what someone is like before they get to know them. She likes to give people the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t like to assume nasty things about others until she has some evidence. She loves music with a catchy beat, dubstep being her favorite. She is also a sort of literature nerd and likes to read poems and stories. She also likes the literary elements that go into writing lyrics for songs. Eirene is very athletic and likes running, dancing, and doing grimnastics. She is on the Grimnastics team at Monster High.

10: Francine Harrington

11: Francine is very flirtatious and has no sense of personal boundaries. She enjoys getting up close and personal with mansters and sometimes ghouls (though it really depends on who the ghoul is). Francine has multiple physical relationships with many of the male students at Monster High. She refuses to actually any of them as she doesn’t want any emotional ties, only the physical perks. Her lack of wanting an emotional relationship probably stems from the fact that she grew up without a mother figure and has never seen her father in a loving relationship with her biological mother. Though Francine sleeps around and is seen as being a whore, she stresses to others that she isn’t a “dumb slut”. She passes most of her classes and she always makes her partners use protection. She is even on the Track team which requires the students have passing grades in order to participate. Francine doesn’t care what people think of her habits and likes to live in the moment. She doesn’t like dwelling on the past and doesn’t want to take time out of her life to regret things.

12: Howie Moon

13: Howie is a carefree, loud, and crazy tween girl. She loves girly things and being cute. She doesn’t think before she speaks and gets into many arguments. She is very loving and cares deeply for her friends and family (Marcus is questionable). Though she’s usually sweet and kooky, if she doesn’t like something she will tell you immediately, whether you want to hear it or not.

14: Jackie Pumpkin

15: Upon arriving at Monster High, Jackie Pumpkin lived with only her father and maid, Sammy in a isolated part of England. Her father's scary reputation, made her one of the more feared ghoul at Monster High. After the student body found her less scary than she seemed, she mellowed out and became close friends with Frankie Stein and Ghoulia Yelps. She had never had any interactions with another ghoul's(except for Sammy) before arriving at Monster High. Jackie keeps most of her personal feelings and thoughts inside, hiding them from the others. Sometimes she acts scary to others, but thats only because it has been only Jackie and her dad since her mother died. But she would not dare hurt a normie.

16: Prizma Dentata

17: Prizma is a very bubbly girl. She always seems like she's on a sugar high, and is border lining on having ADD by the way she's always flittering about. She is the definition of a social butterfly. Even if things seem to be going not her way, she tries to keep a positive attitude. Very rarely does anyone dislike her. However, she also has a streak of kleptomania about her, so if you have anything shiny on you, it's best to check your pockets before she gets too far away from sight.

18: Bo Geyman

19: Bo makes it a priority to follow rules and make sure that others do the same. She isn't fond of people who purposely break rules and cause mischieft just to draw attention to themselves or to mess with others. She usually keeps a calm demeanor and is open to some fun but if you break the rules or say something about her friends, she'll be on you in a heartbeat. She is known to through others into the sack she wears at her hip and beat them to a pulp, though most address that as only a rumor. When asked about it, Bo gave no comment. Bo's strict rule following she's set for herself has a tendency to set her back. She won't go out to parties if she feels illegal or immoral things will happen, and therefore misses out. She also won't hesitate to address a problem someone else has caused to a teacher or other adult figure, most of the time getting her peer into trouble. This causes Bo some difficulty to make and maintain friends. She likes dark, monstrous, and fierce natured monsters and getting the rush that comes with unleashing her monstrous side. This is most likely why she looks up to her famous uncle as much as she does.

20: Cambria von Count | Asymptote

21: Cambria is very kooky and has an extreme case of OCD. Along with her OCD she has arithmomania, which causes you to have to count everything obsessively. Cambria seems to enjoy counting everything and doesn’t show any signs that she suffers from her arithmomania. Cambria can be very loud and crazy and rarely thinks things through. She’s extremely impulsive and often bites when threatened or angry. Cambria is caring and loving towards her friends and protective of those she loves, mainly her twin sister.

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