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Movie Piracy for Dummies

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Movie Piracy for Dummies - Page Text Content

S: Movie Piracy for Dummies

BC: ... | Independent Study 2012 (:

FC: Movie Piracy | ..... | By Mandi Bosse

1: Dedicated to Mrs. Crownover, one of my FAVORITE teachers EVER!(: | * nothing on this page is true except if there is a sticky note and in that case the words on sticky notes are 99.9% true because sticky notes are pretty reliable

2: Pirating Movies is a big issue in Hollywood, costing over billions of dollars a year.. Movie Pirates often sell their movies on street corners, but thanks to the internet, Pirating movies has never been easier. This book will teach you the basics of how Movie Piracy works, along with some other useful advice. | WARNING/ CLARIFICATION This book is not to encourage piracy, nor will it show you how to pirate things. It is strictly an informative book about the issue of piracy.

3: Pirated Movies | Mandi Loves Luke | .. | 1. Avatar: Downloaded 16,580,000 times | The top 3 Pirated Movies of 2010 | 3.Inception: Downloaded 9,720,000 times | 2. Kick Butt: Downloaded 11,400,000

4: What is Piracy? | Piracy is a big issue in the United States, and thanks to the Internet, illegal file sharing has never been easier. Using different softwares and websites, users are able to share and download television episodes, games, music, and of course, movies. The process of filming and sharing movies tends to be a bit more complicated, though. Movie Piracy for Dummies will take you through each website, software, technology and disguise it takes to be a Movie Pirate | Piracy: The unauthorized reproduction of another's work | ..

5: The Process

6: In this Part: Filming Street Selling Internet Pirates

7: Filming

8: The Ways of Illegally Filming | Movie Pirates obviously try to stay unnoticed and act like any other movie go-er. Here are a few examples of how they might try to hide | The "I'm a Family Man" The Pirate will try to appear as a normal person going to the movies with his or her family. They will usually bring a small child with them to hide their equipment in something like a diaper bag | I LOVE LUKEY POO | CamC so didn't deserve him. Hes too hot(;

9: The "I'm Just in the Back Row, No Big Deal" The Pirates will sit in the back row of movie theaters and record the movie with small cameras. | The "Cupholder Camera" The Pirate will cut out the bottom of the cupholder and set it upwards, then put the camera inside | The "Movie with My Friends" The Pirate will appear to be seeing a movie with his/her friends, and using his pals as lookouts as he records the movie

10: Street Sellers

11: Stores | Pirates often work together in organized crime rings, so after the movie is filmed by one member, another will burn it on a disc to sell. The pirates will try to make the movie look as legitimate as the real thing. | They can either sell the DVDs to customers themselves, or give large quantities to shop owners to sell instead. | .......

12: Logos | ..... | A few groups have started putting logos on their "products" as a kind of advertising. They hope that if the customer thinks the quality of the video is good, they will continue to buy from them. They logos tend to be fairly small stamps or stickers in the upper corners of the DVD case. There is a different logo for each group that chooses to have one | dear Luke, I love you i love you thats all i got to say cant think of a better way and thats all i have to say i love you is that o k ? because i seemed like you liked me and no i like you and i d k anymore

13: The Internet

14: The Internet | ... | I'm sure some of you have heard of at least one website that's main purpose is to make pirating things easier. One of the most well known movie pirating sites is The Pirate Bay, where millions of movies are downloaded thanks to the click of a button, using a software called Torrent.

15: I am spelling words right | What is a Torrent? | Luke is sitting next to me | A Torrent is another word for a movie or video from the internet, and are used on programs like BitTorrent. BitTorrent is a software that helps greatly with online piracy. What it does is it does is, with the click of a button, takes bits of the movie you are trying to download and transfers them to your computer. Since movies are HUGE files, this process may take awhile. It then takes the millions of movie bits and puts them back together in chronological order, so the movie looks legit.

16: A few popular Torrent websites: BitTorrent, The Pirate Bay, Isohunt, and Torrent Reactor

17: How a Torrent Works

18: How to Stop Piracy

19: In this Part: Things like SOPA or ACTA What to do if you come across a Pirate Solution

20: .. | Do you remember that one day where a bunch of websites "Blacked Out" for that whole day? Thats because they were protesting against two laws in congress called SOPA and PIPA. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA stands for PROTECT IP Act, a.k.a Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act. Both laws were meant to protect things like music and movies from being pirated. So now I bet you're wondering why people were protesting it, huh? Thats because it came with a terrible price. Any video or picture on the Internet that included anything from any sort of media would be deleted and could cause a serious fine or up to 5 years of prison. Even accidental ringtones or people wearing shirts from movies or books would qualify. An example would be of Justin Bieber (don't hate). He became famous of a video of him singing a Chris Brown song. If SOPA or PIPA had been in place at the time this was put on youtube, he would be in jail now. | SOPA and PIPA

21: These are what some of the websites looked like on January 18, 2012 to help rtaise awardness of the SOPA and PIPA laws

22: I LOVE COLE | What to do if you spot a Pirate | Step 1: DONT PANIC! this will most likely make the pirate flee | Step 2: Calmly find some some of authority to report it to Step 3: Casually report the person to the authority

23: Example You are enjoying the new Hunger Games movie when you see a small but bright light from the person next to you's phone. DON'T scream "PIRATE" and run away, DO calmly get out of your seat to "Visit the Lavatory" and tell one of the Ushers along the way

24: Solution | While there is no solution currently to end Piracy, I noticed that all movies come out on different days in different places. I also noticed that most people usually pirate movies because they don't want to have to wait. So if ALL movies open on the same day EVERYWHERE, that would dramatically reduce the number of Pirated movies each year, and we could work on making this world a less pirated place, bit by bit.

25: Bibliography collide.com "2010 most Pirated Movies" by Kevin P cbsnews.com "The Movie Pirates" 60 Minutes Google Images and my own screenshots of Amazon.com (:

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