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Movies and Dramas

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S: Movies and Dramas

FC: Movies and Dramas | that I enjoy.

1: I really enjoy working on this book. It's one of my favorite ways to spend time. It's a collection of movies and dramas that I really liked and wanted to share with you. I hope you get a chance to watch them all someday because I only put in the best. ^^ Cherish this book baby.

3: Movies

4: Purple Rain

5: Purple rain, is one of my favorite movies ever. Whenever One of my friends gets romantically involved with another person, I watch this movie. It helps me not feel so left out, you know? | It's about Prince, or as he's known in this movie 'The Kid'. He's a singer in his group Prince and the Revolution (Which was real) and he's got an abusive father to deal with at home. When Appolonia comes to the club he's playing at one night, he decides he likes her and they begin getting close. The rival band in this is The Time, featuring Morris as the singer and his right hand man Jerome. They're not fans of Prince and are trying to get him out of the club. The movie's about falling in love and dealing with your problems. I can't really explain it, I'm sorry. Just know that it's important to me.

6: The Boondock Saints

7: This movie, is boss. It's one of my absolute favorites. It's about these two brothers who get in a bar fight on Saint Patricks Day and end up killing two Russian Mob guys. After this, they decide to take down all the bad guys, everyone who's done wrong. So it's about them takin' people out and there's an FBI Agent who's after them, but ends up joining them. I know that's a crappy description but I really want you to find out for yourself all the details.

8: Star Trek

9: This movie, BOMB. Loved it. I was never much of a trekkie until I watched this. It's about this guy, Kirk who thinks he's the greatest thing out there you know? Oh man, I can't even explain this. I really can't. You just watch it, you'll see. But man, Spock was really hot in this movie. Had to say it, and that Uhura pissed me off! She was all up on him like, get off my man ho. XD Yaah, I obsessed over this once I saw it though. I bought the comic book and some movies of the old show. This was a remake, a new version, you know? The old show's cool too, check it out, if you can even find it. By the time you read this, it'll probably be long gone.

10: The Crow | "It can't rain all the time..."

11: This movie is another of my favorites. It's about this couple who were murdered by a group of thugs, and the fiance, Eric, comes back from the dead to avenge his girlfriend. A crow follows him, and is his lifeline. I mean, that's really it. The comic book is a hell of a lot better, but nonetheless the movie is amazing. That picture to the left is from the comic.

12: 50 First Dates

13: I don't know how many times I've seen this movie. It's about Henry Roth who's the island 'player' you know. He goes out with tourists and screws them before they go home. Well one day his boat breaks down and he goes to a diner to wait for a person to tow the boat. There, he meets Lucy. However, Lucy was in a car accident and can't retain any new information. The movie is about how Henry makes Lucy fall in love with him again every day, trying to help her get her memory back. It's a sweet, sweet movie and I love it. It's also hilarious.

14: V For | Vendetta

15: This movie pwns as well. It's basically about a man out for revenge in a classy way. This girl, Evee, gets connected with him one night in an ...that sounds bad. Not what I meant. She meets him in an alley one night and he saves her. From there, he takes her in and helps her overcome her problems while he plans to blow up the parliment building on November 5th. You'll need to watch to understand. I don't want to spoil it. Remember remember the 5th of November, the gun powder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason shoulder ever be forgot.

16: Under The Tuscan Sun

17: This movie's about a woman who gets divorced and ends up buying a villa in Tuscany. She makes a lot of friends there and helps these two lovers get together, while finding out about herself and her own love life along the way. | I know that's not specific, but you'll have to find out for yourself. This is another of my favorites. I could watch it over and over.

18: Music From Another Room

19: This movie's about a guy named Danny who as a child helped deliver a baby girl named Anna, whom he claimed at that young age that he'd marry. Quite a few years later they end end up meeting again and he instantly falls in love with her, and it's about him trying to win her over. The side story to this is her Blind sister experiencing the world and falling in love as well.

20: The Young Victoria

21: This movie's about the queen of England, one of them at least. Victoria. She became queen at 18, and this is her story of how she became queen and how she fell in love with her cousin, Albert. On the other hand. it's Melbourne who tries to win her heart, but is secretly using her.

22: Educating Rita

23: This movie's about a woman named Rita who's trying to better herself by going back to school. She decided on making Frank her tutor, who's an alcoholic teacher. They end up enjoying each others company, and as Rita gets better with herself, Frank gets worse with his drinking and it drives them apart. This is adorable, I loved it, but it's really old. I got really mad, at the end, and I'm telling you so you don't get mad, they don't end up together. INORITE?!

24: The Labyrinth

25: This movie's about a girl named Sarah who's upset that she has to watch her baby brother, Toby. She asks that the Goblin King, Jareth, take away the baby. Jareth was in love with Sarah, and did what she asked. When he took Toby, Sarah got upset though, and wanted to get her brother back. She has a time limit to get through the Labyrinth to the Castle, to reclaim her brother before he's turned into a goblin. This is one of my favorite movies, and it was one of your Grandma Amy's absolute favorites too. It's practically a classic in our family, so I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

26: Howls Moving Castle

27: This movie's about, basically, finding beauty inside of you instead of outside. That's all I'm going to say, just, watch it. It's a little hard to get into at first, but it's an amazing movie.

29: Dramas

30: Mary Stayed Out All Night

31: This was an amazing show. I love it so much. It's about this girl Wi Mae-Ri (Mary) who, against her will is married by court to this guy, Director Jung In. Her father forged her name on the script so it's not like she really married him. Anyways, while going out with friends she accidently drives into Kang Moo-Gyul, who's an indie rocker who plays guitar and sings in a band called Absolute Perfection. Through many things, she ends up falling for him but her Dad is still making her get married to Jung In at a big wedding to make it really official. So, the show's about her falling for Moo-Gyul and being forced to marry Jung In at the same time. It was adorable, and when it finished I really felt warm inside from all the love it portrayed. No, really, I felt warm in my tummy.

32: Boys Before Flowers

33: This show was also adorable. It's about a girl named Jan Di, who saved a boys life at a rich school. For doing so, she was allowed to go to the school. When she gets there she meets the F4. The four 'pretty rich boys' I guess you can say. She becomes close friends with them through a bunch of drama and falls in love with the head member, Jun Pyo. He loves her too, but another member of the F4, Ji Hoo, also falls for Jan Di. It's about Jan Di and Jun Pyo's relationship and how Ji Hoo wishes it was him instead. It was really sad, and I was rooting for Ji Hoo. I loved this show a lot.

34: Coffee House

35: This one's about..How to explain. Jin Su's a writer. He 'hires' Seung Yeon as his assistant. He's in love with his publisher, Eun Young, who's an old friend. I..cannot explain. Watch this one. | I was all over the place. I didn't know who i wanted to be with who, what I wanted to happen. I think, I was really confused as it got further into it, what i thought was going on, wasn't. I felt like Seung Yeon was a pawn and, it was weird. Hmm.

36: You're Beautiful

37: This drama is about a girl named Gemma. She's practicing to become a nun but a guy named Manager Ma comes to find her one day. He recruits her into the boy band A.N.Jell because her twin brother, Mi Nam is having surgery in America. She takes his place and cuts off her hair to turn into a boy, her brother, Mi Nam. She pretends she's a boy while she's in the group and as the members slowly all find out she's a girl, they all kinda fall in love with her. My thoughts: Dude, rly, that Devil Fairy is a real bitch, sorry. >:T And, that reporter makes my skin crawl. He's just nasty, downright nasty. Ughh.

38: Shining Inheritance

39: Ok, these are my pre-thoughts. I'm only halfway through episode 6 right now, but I got over excited and started this page already! Aha. Anyways, so,right now I'm waiting on Eun-Sung and Hwan to fall in love because they're too cute. I'm also angry it's not saying much about her brother. I'm actually waiting for it to load because it stopped. D: Ughhh. I like it so far though. What pisses me off is the Mom and the Daughter.Ooh, it's back. Hold on, I'm almost done with this episode. YESSSSSSSSSSS. HELLLLL YESSSSS. It just finished, and oh my fkkin, I'm so happy. I was totally, TOTALLY waiting for the Grandmother to give Eun-Sung the company, I knew it, I knew I was like "If she doesn't get it...Imma buss a cap." and the grandma just said she's getting it. YAY. So happy right now. Must see next episode. It's 11:58pm. D: When the series ends, I'll finish this. | Aha. I just now realized I didn't come back and write. I finished this like..a few weeks ago? Seems like a month. Anyways. So it was about this girl whose father was claimed to have died and she lost her inheritance. Her and her autistic brother were thrown out by her step mother and had to find a way to move on. Eun-Sung ends up losing her brother and takes in an old woman who was hurt. Turns out that woman owned a large company and ends up making it so Eun-Sung will get it when she dies. The old womans grandson is mad, and him and Eun-Sung fall in love. Blah blah. Go watch it. ^^ (Oh and these pictures on this page, two different guys.)

40: Soulmate

41: This one's a bit hard to explain. I've got to keep it short. It's about falling in love, falling out of love, avoiding love, it's not a love story by any means, nor is it not. Told you it'd be hard to explain. | I avoided it at first because of the bad quality. It's the worst one I've watched yet, in that regard. Anyways, it was worth watching and it was cute. It made me want to cry, and the ending sucked, but, that's a drama for you. Ahaa.

42: Personal Taste

43: This one's about a man named Jin Ho who pretends to be Gay to move into a house that's closed to the pubic. No one knows much about the house, and he needs to learn about it for his job, so he can win a project with a design based on the house. The woman who lives in the house is named Kae In, and her father built the house. She builds furniture, and really just has some shit luck, sorry, but that's just it.. She ends up falling for Jin Ho, even though she thinks he's Gay. As the drama progresses, as you guessed it, they fall in love. There's so many people who don't want them together though, so it's a struggle.

44: Secret Garden

45: This one's about a stunt woman named Ra Im and a rich man named Joo Won. They meet through his cousin, Oska who's a famous hallyu star. Turns out Ra Im and Joo Won end up switching bodies and it's about them falling in love. | Pre-thoughts. I'm on like, episode 7 or something, but already it's cute. I mean, it's not really addicting but it's worth watching. The character's aren't really good looking but the show is epic popular right now. Not that I'm one to follow the crowd. But anyways. | Alright, I finished. I feel like it ended too quickly, and the ending sucked. I think Oska should've been gay. I know, but really. Tae Sun was adorable, and he deserved to be loved. Anyways, yeah. This was good though.

46: Worlds Within

47: This one's a few stories in one. It's mainly about the mishap romance between Jio and Junyeong. They're both Drama producers. This drama shows a bit into how Dramas are made and what it's like to work for a Drama company. | Honestly, I wasn't addicted to it. It was..not boring but not exciting either. Worth a watch.

48: Cinderellas Sister

49: This one's hard to explain. This isn't a happy drama. This is, in the sense, a drama. It's rare that something good happens, and this is the first time I've watched a drama like this. It's about the struggles of a wine company and the family, or wannabe family that runs it. There's love struggles and parenting struggles, death struggles and financial struggles. I mean, that's really all. It's kind of tiring.

50: Playful Kiss

51: This one's difficult. I've got a lot of mixed feelings about it. It was overall, in total, adorable. Absolutely adorable. It's about this girl named Oh Ha Ni who's in love with the school genius Seung Jo. She confesses her love through a letter in which he rejects her, but she doesn't give up. She ends up moving into his house because of her father and they continue the drama with mishaps and eventually Seung Jo falls in love with Ha Ni. I was upset that Ha Ni wasn't very pretty, and the ending and the last few episodes sucked pretty bad. It had me saying 'Aww' though. Personally, I love Kim Hyun Joong, who plays Seung Jo. He's an amazing actor, and I've watched other dramas with him in it. He's just so good at playing a quiet reserved yet still adorably cute character. Anyways, I digress. (Always wanted to say that...)

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