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Mrs. Dyer's Class Poetry Collection

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FC: Mrs. Dyer's Class Poetry Collection

1: The sixth grade students spent the month of May working on a Poetry Unit. Please take some time to look at all their hard work.

2: Max Bingaman | Max's Credo | I don't believe in touching fences Unless it doesn't have wires on it Or if it has electrical tape on it Unless a dog starts ripping of the tape I believe in world peace Because another nuke could blow up the world Unless we run out of nukes Or we just try to make peace treaties for all countries I don't believe in touching spiders by the fangs Unless they're dead But if they're squashed, they might not have fangs anymore But if they're not squashed, you might be able to pick it up

3: Cierra Briner | ODE TO MUSIC Music, loved by many for different reasons secretly feeling emotion but nobody can tell many different types of music all over the world sound floats through the air like a bird music is a heartbeat so..... Ode To Music!!!!!!

4: Kayden Bupp | dry animals dogs and cats walking, running, sprinting whale, leopard, crab, bird swimming, diving, jumping fish, clam wet animals | my diamante

5: Stone Caldwell | Ode to Clouds great, loving, cherish clouds are white to be polite clouds are gray on a sad rainy day we all see clouds in a different way I like to see mine with a tint of gray they look like gas I say pass they're made up of water clouds block the sun to make it less hotter I shared the story of the cloud I hope it made you proud

6: George Hannon | I wait outside, all day and all night until the feelings just right. Hoping my master George will come and kick me. A quarter after three, and still nobody came and kicked me. so i ran away into the lake on a rainy day. A couple minutes pass 'Bally wheres Bally?" "He is in the lake." screamed Ellie. Me and Ellie jumped in the paddle boat. we paddled as fast as we could go, to show, that i care about you Bally! By: George Hannon

7: Zach Fetrow | I Don't Believe I don't believe in doing the tang with Bigfoot. Unless Bigfoot's a girl and only if his feet aren't that big. and only then if we each eat Mexican food I don't believe in singing Thriller with a zombie unless he looks like Michael Jackson and only if it has back up dancers and only then if they don't eat me. I don't believe in playing football with an alien. Unless hes as good as Hines Ward and only if hes 12 feet tall and then only if hes got 8 eyes.

8: Sarah Carter | The Piano The piano makes marvelous melodies. It is like a voice. It seems to sing. The keys are like a path for your fingers. Scales, Arpeggios, Chords. Treble clef. Bass clef. It has both. It also has many opposites. Piano and forte. Parallel and Contrasting. Slurs and staccatos. Sharps and flats. Which is your favorite? The piano uses all to make marvelous melodies.

9: Katie Hare | Ode To Softball Field" It's dark, Everything is still. Then Dust goes flying, It is awake. Grass is swaying, As the runners go by. The bases pounding, One by one. Everything goes still, batter up. There is a crack of the bat, The batter takes off, Outfield goes after the ball. "OUT!" screams the ump, The outfield caught the ball. Then after an exciting day, Everything calms, Till the next day to come.

10: Hannah Houtz | I believe that squirrels can talk, unless of course they are sick, and only if they are purple, and fly with magical unicorns. I believe that people can fly, only if they know how, But they would have to be asleep, to soar above the clouds. I believe in being optimistic, if everyone else is sad. A smile brightens up the world, and makes everything not so bad. | I Believe

11: Emily Jay | My Credo I don't believe in doing dishes, unless I get paid to do it, and only if I get a flying car, and only then if I get to fly.. I don't believe in eating things off the ground, unless it is a five second roll, and only if it is a Jelly Belly, and only then if I clean it off. I don't believe in talking and flying animals, unless they are baby animals, and only if they are horses too, and only then if they are all kinds of animals that talk to me and give me rides.

12: CJ Quirk | Credo I don't believe in big foot, Unless he's standing right beside me wearing a bikini playing the fiddle, Or if I see him doing the moonwalk with Micheal Jackson's ghost, Or only if I see him chasing someone since they were playing tricks on him. I don't believe in the underworld, Unless I fall Into a really deep hole into it, Or unless flying monkeys take me there on their flying boat, Or only if I see the underworld zombie's home. I don't believe in aliens, Unless I get abducted by them, Or unless I get a ride with them in there UFO, Or only if I get to go to their galaxy and visit their giant "Kids World", Which is as big as the sun.

13: Crystal Rhodes | As i sit in my bedroom i can hear the raindrops cleansing my window. The raindrops drip and drop from the dark night until the clouds are not filled anymore. I hear splashing from cars driving through ran puddles formed by a bunch of little raindrops. I can hear the raindrops yelling, "Ah!' As they are on their way down to the freezing ground. I wonder where they go. Do they roll into a river and join the rest of the water? Or do they dissolve into the ground and leave this world forever. As i sit on my bedroom i can hear the raindrops cleansing my window.

14: Jordan Long | I am funny and weird. I wonder about the impossible doings. I hear the dog barking. I see the trees dancing. I want a truck when I am 16. I am funny and weird. I pretend to be a superhero. I feel the wind blowing on my head. I touch the clouds. I worry about getting braces. I cry when my family members die. I am funny and weird. I understand that family come before friends. I say "Family always comes before friends." I dream about my days hanging out with my friends. I try to stay out of trouble as much as I can. I hope that I get my permit to drive on my 16th birthday. I am funny and weird.

15: Michael McDonel | I am a funny person and a good baseball player I wonder what hot dogs are made of i hear the fans going wild i see a packed stadium i want to be on the Yankees i am a funny person and a good baseball player i pretend that i am skinny i feel like I'm on top i always reach the sky i worry I'm not the best i can be i cry over spilled milk i am a funny person and a good baseball player i understand I'm not the greatest i say i am i dream i am I try to be Someday i hope that i will I am a funny person and a good baseball player | I | I AM

16: Ericka Morgan | Ode to equipment Useful it is. They wait in the closet. For the next big game. They go through hot and cold. Wet and dry. But never seem clean. To the washer than the dryer. Out they come. Nothing. Still grass stained.

17: Corey Palakovic | Diamante My Mom Lady, partner Loving,caring, giving Fun, happy, tough, ready Running, exercising, eating Male, mainly my dad

18: acrostic poem Aaron is awesome to his friends respectful to his friends outstanding at with out doors achievements never will be mean to my friends Aaron Jones-Parks

19: Samantha Keller | cleaning I don't believe in cleaning, unless my mom makes me, or if someone is coming over,if my sister makes a mess i don't believe in cleaning my room, unless my friends are coming over ,or if we are having party ,then i will do it as fast as i can. i don't believe in cleaning the kitchen,unless we are eating ,and if my sister would make me clean every spot in the kitchen until it is spotless

20: Derek Riggs | sport fun, fast running, catching, shooting hitting ball with your head soccer

21: Zachary Rudy | I am aConfident Athlete and a honest Friend I wonder if aliens are real I hear the crack of the bat I see the Eagles scoring a touchdown I want the Eagles to win a Super Bowl I am a confident athlete & a honest friend I pretend to be Spiderman I fell th grip of the ball I touch the leather of the football I worry if McDonalds will run out of business I cry when the Eagles lose the Super Bowl I am a confident athlete & a honest friend I understand the rules of football I say aliens are real I dream of being in the NFL I try to be a awesome friend I hope I will own Taco Bell some day I am a confident athlete and a honest friend

22: Courtney Smith | I am a day dreamer,and helpful I wonder will the world end I hear the whisper of the sea I see the trees sing I want to be free I am a day dreamer, and helpful I pretend to be a princess I feel the touch of the wind I touch the sun I worry about my future I cry when things go bad I am a day dreamer , and a helpful I understand the way of life I say save the earth I dream the earth in peace I try to do my best I hope for a better place to live I am I am a day dreamer, and helpful

23: Luke Sullivan | Concrete | Lincoln won the election by a hair Now the U.S. was his primary care. When the Civil War started The U.S. almost parted Lincoln led through thick and thin Trying to make the Union win. And then after the Gettysburg BAttle Here came a train CLICK CLACK and RATTLE Lincoln's suit all nice and pressed Then gave his famous Gettysburg Address Sadly his victory was short enjoyed for later on an assassin was deployed That day the U.S. started to cry for their leader, Lincoln, had unjustly died.

24: Camen Weber | Homework I do believe in doing homework, Unless of course I get on Face Book. And only then if no one is on the computer, And only if my Mom isn't home. I try to do my homework before dinner. Unless Grey's Anatomy is on, And only then if I've all ready gotten on Face Book, And only then if all the pencils in the house have been sharpened. I believe in not procrastinating, Unless the trash needs taken out, Or my bed needs made. And only then if it's due tomorrow

25: Hunter Wilson | baseball fun energetic running scoring winning balls bats gloves helmets sand field fast throwing fielding winning

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