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FC: Taking No Mans Land | By John Fritz

1: Dedication Thank you to all my friends and family.

2: 06:00 On the Western Front I lay in a mud filled trench. Hearing stray gun fire and the loud boom of a artillery shells. I eat my breakfast to the smells of gunpowder and sweat. The planes flew over head all night.I often wonder what they look like? Most of the men are used to these conditions by now. I feel home sick and want to go home to Columbus Ohio | May 28, 1918, the 28th Infantry Regiment of the US First Division

3: 07:00 The artillery shells start and the sounds of the explosions are getting closer. I am terrified for my life. Then I see them. I have heard about them before but never seen them the US Airforces planes!

4: The sweet sound of those engines mean that no artillery is going to creep any closer. But we still had to take no mans land. The guys talked about Lt.Otto von Halkyinstine He took out more men than all the gas in the western front combined. I knew it was going to be Eric and my job to pay back the vendetta

5: This German soldier is one of the best and you can tell him apart by the red helmet. The planes said that they saw him here today. This is going to be a struggle.Then Captain said the infamous word of fix bayonets!

6: The Captain and my friend Eric Morstate. Told us that we are going to take no mans land and we are going over the top at 0:800 every one dreaded that. It mad our mud filled trenches look like home.

7: 08:00 That sound herd that sound before......the WHISTLE! Every soldier charged while yelling and screaming! The machine guns opened up and two of my friends got shot in front of me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I jumped in a crater.

8: Then Eric jumped into the crater with me and two other guys from the 28th Regiment. The Germans shot most of our guys we have to retreat back to our trench.One by one we all ran back to the trench filled with 3/4 of the guys we went out with.

9: 10:00 My fiancée back home usually writes to me. She wrote to me today and attached a beautiful picture! | Dear Micheal, Back home is good but i wish you were here its lonely without you. I miss you so much and cant wait for you to come home i hope that you will get this. Please write back LOve Elizabeth Martin

10: 11:00 We will try to take no mans land again with half our regiment. Also Lt.Otto is still out there trying to killed all of us.Plus the airplanes said that half the German army might come to reinforce them. Then the airplanes got in a dogfight. Thirty planes are locked in a battle to the death. One by one the allied airplanes are shot down.The Germans have won! This is bad!

11: 12:00 The German planes are over head. But i have no doubt that the allied planes will regain the sky. Then thirty more allied planes came but this time they shot every single one down with only one loss!

12: 1:00 The captain said that we are going to take no mans land this afternoon.The whistle blew and the men jumped up on the battlefield. The machine guns fired and the soldiers were shot. But there was another brave soul to take his place.Th e men ran up to the half way point. Me being nineteen I felt a huge accomplishment.

13: 2:00 Then looking at the enemy's lines I saw him , he was a stern , courageous, strong, and Tall German Lt.Otto. He is getting better then I remember since yesterday. That man had killed many of my friends. Now it was my turn to turn the tide. Then Lt.Otto stood up and started to fire his rifle. He was an open target. He was so brave! He was ordering his men around sternly.

14: 3:00 I advance to what felt like hours! Captain Eric was right behind me.He was friends with me back home then I got homesick. I fell in a crater and wanted to leave this horrible place. Then I had to help my friends out.

15: 3:30 I advance and I run to the left avoiding machine gun fire! Then Captain Morstate was in hand to hand with and enemy and then he grabbed his pistol and shot him. I felt sorrow for that poor Germans family.

16: 4:00 I saw Lt.Ottp I took the shot and made sure i hit him in the leg. We took him prisoner. I had to interrogate him. He was a strong willed man. Also very courageous man! I could barley crack him. But i had to pour salt in the wound to get him to talk ! .We are pulling out tomorrow then the Captain let me go back out to fight the remains of the German force!

17: 5:00 Pm The No mans land has been taken except for one pocket of resistance. The German are ready to fight now but we will take them on tomorrow.

18: 6:00 May 29th Today the Germans are in the final moments to surrender! We just have to take one more position. In one minute the whistle will blow!

19: 6:01 The whistle blew! The men yelled it was like another bad night mare. The ground was muddy and wet and there were men every were. Not living either! I took cover behind a tree and made sure Captain Morstate was alive.

20: 7:00 I only advance one hundred yards. There is still one hundred to go. Then i saw it! The entrenchment of hundreds of Germans. They all must of came here. I Mustered all the men and charged firing! The men looked up to me because in a Sergent. I could not let them down!

21: 8:00 It was getting close to show time! Only a hand full of men had been killed we can do it ! I shot my gun as fast as i could ; I killed eleven that i counted. I ran to the trench with seven other soldiers and we took out a whole squad! I ran to the next trench. Then my eyes went white i woke up on the ground i bullet had hit me in the chest but my button stopped it!

22: One more trench to go and we won! i see and enemy and neutralize him. Then i blacked out i woke up on a table i had been shot but this time in the back. I missed home so much i cried. The doctor bulled out the bullet I will be fine if i take care of it!

23: Captain Morstate came to see me. Did we win he said " yes" happily. Losses I said? Thirty out of 1290 thats great! Then he walked out of the tent. Well Sergeant Micheal you are going to be just fine! I turned around and saw Elizabeth! I asked where am I she said Ohio!

24: They flew you back Yesterday while you were recovering. The Us Army gave you this a silver star and a purple heart for your heroism. This is great i am back home! I thought i was gonna die. The Doctor saved your life. I know i said.

25: The Army gave me a dismissal and i went home!

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