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Muhammad's Group of Friends

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BC: bday 07!!! | all I can say is Mr.Triple Double "It's night and day. It's two different players."

FC: Muhammad's Group of Friends

1: Most important religious figure in my life, he gives me power and guidance , by his wise approach to Allah's (Sub7anaho wa Ta3ala) Teachings "If you are not upset about the way the world is going, you are asleep or spiritually dead. People need to get on board and start showing solidarity"

2: The leader of the Islamic revolution now days "The reasonable among us must be heard and our voices must come out clearer than the voices of the extremists" | Its extremely difficult to be open minded while brought up in one of the most conservative close minded environments He did it (mashallah) "«فتاوى تكفير تارك الصلاة مما يحمل بعض الزوجات على طلب الطلاق أو الخلع من أزواجهن، بسبب تركهم الصلاة على رغم أنهن يردن العيش مع أزواجهن وتربية أولادهن، أما إذا كانت الزوجة تريد الانفصال فهذا شأنها. وشدّد العودة على أن الصلاة هي شعيرة من شعائر الإسلام ومن يترك فرضاً واحداً من فروض الإسلام يكون مخطئاً خطأ عظيماً، ولكن الحكم بأن من ترك صلاته كفر هذا ليس بالأمر السهل ويجب عدم التسرع فيه. وحذر العودة زملاءه الدعاة من تغليب «الترهيب» على «الترغيب»، إن هم أرادوا كسب قلوب الناس، واتباع المنهج النبوي، الذي كان ترغيبياً بالدرجة الأولى. وقال: «الجنة والنار والثواب والعقاب كلها حقائق شرعية وأن الحق يجب ألا يتنازع عليه، إذ لا يجوز تغليب جانب على آخر، لأن ذلك ليس من العدل، الذي أمرنا الله عز وجل "

3: What a true king and leader is all about Early in his reign, when faced by demands for a written constitution for the country, Faisal responded that "our constitution is the Quran" | A man that conveys the true massage of Allah's without worrying what others would think (La ya5afo fi Allah lawmat la2im) "Quran teaches the way to a proper life but it is not harsh on anyone. If you are quoting your views it would be good to quote with references to actual location where Quran says such things and in what context this is being said. Don't give the image of our religion as harsh and very strict. Islam is not complete with studying the teachings of Muhammad (Allah's peace be upon him always). If you don't understand your eternal love with God you cant understand Islam and the core of it" | One of the greatest men to have ever step foot on earth, he showed that it is not shameful to changer one's beliefs when proved wrong "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."

4: My mentor in my writings a man who does not need a pen to write nor a paper to document his brilliance "أشهق أنا باسمك و أشتاق لك و إنتا معاي،،، نساي" | Women should be grateful such a poet existed "فأنا من بدأ التكوين أبحث عن وطن لجبيني عن حب امرأة يأخذني لحدود الشمس و يرميني" | Kawkabat AlShar8, a voice humane senses couldn't fathom "يلي ظلمتو الحب و قلتو و عدتو عليه، قلتو عليه مش عارف أيه، العيب فيكم يا فحبيايكم ، أما الحب يا روحي عليه، يا روحي عليه"

5: A man whose ribs are strings of 3oud "سألتك بالذي زانك تحبي فيني حتى الظلم تحبي عيوبي و غدري تحبي المر في كاسي" | Jarat Al-8amar, the only angelic voice alive "حبسي إنت، إنت حبسي و حريتي إنت، و إنتا إللي بكرهو و إللي بحبو إنت"

6: A man who truly loves women "فإذا وقفت أمام حسنك صامتا فالصمت في حرم الجمال جمال" | He can make something from nothing "If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all" | Simply a Legend Fannan Al3arab "لا تردين الرسايل و يش أسوي بالورق و كل معنى للمحبة ذاب فيها و احترق"

7: Zizou, if someone was born with a football between their legs , they would never become as great as u are "I may have had a lot of luck in my life, but I still need to find a challenge in the game." | Best athlete of all time "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

8: all I can say is Mr.Triple Double "It's night and day. It's two different players." | A magician with the ball, never has been nor will exist someone like MJ "I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying." | Best man to have stood in front of a Camera "It's easy to fool the eye but it's hard to fool the heart.” | A legend in process brilliant, brilliant and brilliant "I don't concern myself with award. I'd been to the party enough times to know it really didn't matter. " | Attitude=Roy Kean "Even in the dressing room afterwards, I had no remorse. My attitude was, fuck him. What goes around comes around. He got his just rewards. He fucked me over and my attitude is an eye for an eye"

9: Will never 4grt those three days,,,, 12 Saudi Losers in a club VIP section ,, o daka al kalab ,, i think his name was a7mad,, " he was supposed 2 b the guy takin care of us :p,, u know what i mean",, but this a7mad ended up bringing his girls 2 have fun at our table

10: ana o al azfat illi wa7ashoony,,,, not kurdi ,,, he is w me 24/7... :p.. not like last semester,, i barely saw him :p | Boobzi iza marr ghirt mn ziad,, here u go so abviously boobzi and i :p | Ana o al kalab roomany

11: what r u guys doin :P ??? | ana o som3ati

12: na77as and i studying 4 Math's final 2 thanawi :D | turks and boobzi,,, | Turks and i | na77as ,ziad, and i

13: me an "alfadhl" twins .... miss them,,, bas to b honest,,, this is the only pic i took in my whole life that i think i look partly ok,,:p,, so thats y i posted it,,, but that doesnt mean that i dont miss u guy,, i havent seen u around Facebook,,, but if it happened and u guys saw this pic,, i really miss ,,, "and i look good in this pic :P" *laughing like a devil :P" | l0o0o0o0o0o0ol,, Ziaaaad ,,, am not laughing abt that ugly spot,,, remember this day,, f this pic is too revealing tell to delete it

14: Benihanaaaaaaaa,,, | Deep :p... the look of hope,,,, mo bas m3arrig :P | me jumping mn bait al sawageen 3al masba7,,,, fain Durra ,, jazeerat al a7lam :p | Anmar Gone wild :P | One (if not #1) of my best friends,, and this is a result of staying at Monty from 19th till 24th without him

15: my kitchen mn awal yoom Ram9'an,,, and yes baduggakum bil kalam

16: my angels...love u!!

18: bday 07!!! | bday surprise...lol

19: bday 07!!!

20: boxing day...out in London!!!

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