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My 5th Grade Writing

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S: My 5th Grade Writing

BC: Hoped you enjoyed "My 5th Grade Writing"

FC: My 5th Grade Writing By: Chloe Lillebo

2: My LHF Paragraph

3: Thursday, September 6th I went to Living History Farms with the whole 5th grade, the place I liked the most was the 1900 Farm. When I walked into the 1900 farmhouse, the fresh air was gone and I had a smokey taste in my mouth. Also, when we were in the barn were able to touch a soft black horse. But, I also felt grass and dirt. While on the 1900 Farm I heard an old 1900 oven/stove, pigs squealing, horse, and people making food. I saw grass, white house, windmill, chicken coop, pig pen, red barn, and animals. While walking through the house I could smell smoke and food. And that is what I saw, heard, smelt, tasted, and felt on the 1900 Farm Thursday, September 6th.

4: People to People Ambassadors Program

5: Here's a cool program called the, People to People Ambassador program. It has be going for over 50 years. This is a program where kids can be chosen to go to foreign countries. The countries you can go to are North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America. This program is for students in grades 5-12 and college. The students that get chosen go to foreign countries to feature unique activities to build independence and maturity. I hope I get chosen to be a part of the People to People Ambassador Program!

6: Broncos Game

7: October 15, 2012 the Denver Broncos versed the San Diego Chargers. They made an amazing comeback during 4th down! Peyton Manning is the new Quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He is bringing them to an amazing season. The Broncos were losing but Peyton said no to this losing and brought them to an amazing comeback. Let's go Broncos!!!!!! BY: Chloe Lillebo | Broncos | Chargers

8: Walk Across America

9: October 3rd, 2012 our school did a “Walk Across America” to help Iowa be a healthier state because Iowa is the 16th healthiest state, but we want to be first! We do this to be healthy, but to some kids it’s fun. Some of the students thought we did this for fun and to get exercise.

10: My Personal Narrative

11: Have you wanted to experience Chicago, IL? I have with my family is summer 2011. My family and I went to see a Cubs baseball game. Sometime in summer 2011, I went to Chicago, IL with my family. We all stayed in a hotel called, Days Inn. My dad, big brother, and little brother all shared a room, and my mom, big sister, and I all shared a room. I thought it was cool. We stayed for about 3 days. The day we checked in we went to a pizza restaurant. We all shared a deep dish pan pizza because it was very filling. Then the next night for dinner we went to a restaurant named, Kuma’s Corner. I had a burger with pretzel bread. :) In the morning of our second day there we had the Cubs game to go to; it was at 1:30 in the afternoon. While we were at the game I got some hair-ties and a stuffed dog. The third day we were in Chicago, IL we got all of our stuff packed and went to Michigan to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins for Father's Day. And that is what I did on my trip in Chicago, IL.

12: Wendle and Floyd’s Amazing Adventure BY: Chloe Lillebo, Jessica Theobald, Jacob Pedelty

13: “For the last time,” our teacher Mr. Jeaps said. “Never be late to school again otherwise you will have detention everyday for the rest of the month!” Wendle and Floyd kept repeating his words in their heads until they got to Floyd’s house. “We have to think of a new shortcut to school!” Wendle said. Floyd asked his mom if Wendle could spend the night. They begged and she said, “Ok, but you boys better behave and not stay up too late.” Then they said, “Thank you and we won’t stay up too late.” That night they stayed up late thinking of a new shortcut to school.

14: When they woke up they saw the time and they rushed out of bed then got ready for school as fast as they could. After they were ready they walked onto the “road” or so they thought. Then they were launched up into space. When they were in space, they were floating. Then they saw 3 asteroids. After seeing them they went down and started jumping on them. Then they hit one that broke and they fell into a lake.

15: When they were in the lake, luckily they were taking local swimming lesson, because otherwise they would’ve drown. Then they started to swim, but they were starting to pass out, but luckily they found land so they started swimming toward it. when they were on land, they caught their breath, and then they started walking and got lost in the jungle.

16: They found a vine soon after getting lost and started swinging vine to vine, because they knew that the school bell would ring soon. They got scared by a snake and fell out of one of the trees. After that they fell into quicksand and fell into a tube that brought them back to land. They saw some rare Spiderman Poisonous Dart Frogs. Then the frogs started shooting poisonous green webs, but Wendle and Floyd dodged every one of the webs.

17: While the frogs were shooting their webs Wendle, and Floyd saw the school and started scurrying to it. Then they stumbled on a log and rolled into their seats and Mr.Jeeps said, “What are you doing here, it’s Saturday.” “What!? Then what are you doing here?” Wendle and Floyd asked. “Well, I gave some students detention and they had to be here by 8:00 sharp.” Mr.Jeeps said. “Oh. Then what time is it now?” asked Floyd. “It’s 8:01,” Mr. Jeeps said. “And you're here just on time.”

18: ”What are you talking about?” Wendle asked. “Don’t you remember, I gave you both detention yesterday.” said Mr. Jeeps. Dun dun duuun.


20: Persuasive Business letter

21: January,2013 Chlorrissa Lillebo, Student Clear Creek Elementary school 901 S. 14th St. Clear Lake, IA 50428 Mr. Justin Smith Promotions Coordinator Bankers Trust ABC5 One Classroom at a Time Education Grant 3 903 Westown Parkway West Des Moines, IA 50266

22: Dear Mr. Justin Smith: I am writing to you because the 5th graders of Clear Creek Elementary could really use the grant money for our restaurant. We are doing the restaurant for experience in a real life job, and for education. What I mean by education is math, using fractions and being able to subtract money so customers can get cash back. We all nicely ask you to consider us for the grant.

23: The 5th grade students have been working on coming up with a name for our restaurant, but a couple of months ago we finally came up with a name, Clear Creek Cafe’. We came up with that name because our school is called, Clear Creek Elementary. The people who are participating are all the 5th grade students. To get in we had to apply for a job, and go through an interview. The jobs we could’ve applied for were, Hostess, which will greet people and take them to their table; Cook, who cooks all the food; Greeter, who will stand outside, greet people, and show them inside; Waiter/Waitress, those people will take orders and give them to the cooks, and a Mini Manager, these people will help our Manager/Boss, Mr. Peterson, by going and getting some of the extra food if we run out.

24: We plan to open in May of 2013. My goals are for everything to go well, lots of customers to come, and to make good food with no complaints. We will be open one day in May. We are all hoping you consider us for the grant. All of us could use the money for the restaurant, decorations, and the uniforms. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Chlorrissa Lillebo

26: 2nd Time Doing Morning Announcements | The Easter Egg Hunt By: Chloe Lillebo

27: Easter Egg Hunt | An interesting event coming up is the Easter Egg Hunt. It will be held at City Park, March 30. The hunt will begin at 10 am, from 9-9:45 am there will be an Easter Bunny to take pictures with, but remember to bring your own camera. While, hunting eggs there will be groups of kids in different areas of the park, one group will be 2 years old- 3rd graders.

28: There will be groups so the littler kids will have a chance at finding some eggs. If you go be sure to have fun and thank the ‘Clear Lake Lions Pride’ club for putting it together. Hope who ever goes will have a great time.

29: Resource(s) __________________________________

30: 2nd Time Doing Morning Announcements | Endangered Tigers By: Chloe Lillebo

31: Endangered Tigers | There are many different endangered animals in the world, and one of them is the tiger. For an animal to be endangered means that they are close to extinction and in danger. Tigers are endangered and getting killed mainly by poachers. Tigers became endangered in 1970. Tigers mainly live in, India, China, Siberia, and Indonesia. There are only approximately 3,000-4,000 tigers left in the world.Maybe one day tigers could be off the endangered animal list, like they were once before.

32: Salamanders Research Paper By: Chloe Lillebo

33: “There are salamanders everywhere around the world.” Lilly says (as she reads her paper to the class). “Salamanders, salamanders. There are so many types! I still wonder how they survive in the wild.” said Lilly finishing. “Great job. Why don’t you go read to find out more?” said Lilly’s teacher.

34: Believe it or not, but salamanders live all around us. Some all the way from Africa to Asia! Others live in a range between Canada, North America , and South America. Salamanders need to be in a not too dry, but not too cold environment. It may be hard to believe, but you can see a salamander almost everywhere you go. Maybe next time you’re in a not too dry, yet not too cold place, look around you might just find a salamander!

35: Have you ever wondered how many types of salamanders there are? Well there are 5,093 different types of salamanders in the world. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Some different types of salamanders are, the Long-Tailed Salamander, Mud-Puppy, Marbled Salamander (newt), and the Blue-Spotted Salamander. Just to name a few. You often can’t see salamanders because some of them are very good with camouflage. Maybe one day you can be the lucky one to find one of the 5,093 salamanders.

36: Do you know how salamanders survive? For a salamander to survive, they bury themselves in the mud or soil to keep warm. They also need to eat lots of bugs each day! To keep moist they have to go in the water every couple hours everyday. If they get too dry it can start to be hard to breathe. Wow, there is many different ways a salamander can survive!

37: “So, I did more reading and I found a lot. Like, more types of salamanders, how they survive, which I found was pretty interesting, and more places of where different types of salamanders live. Boy, is there a lot of places salamanders can live!” said Lilly. “Great job, Lilly! It sounds like you have had a long day of research,” said Miss Milhouse. “I am proud of you, I think the other students need to do a lot of research like you did."

38: “Great job, Lilly! It sounds like you have had a long day of research,” said Miss Milhouse. “I am proud of you, I think the other students need to do a lot of research like you did.” “Thank you so much, but I only did a lot of research because salamanders was a topic I was fascinated about.” Lilly said. “Well, students’ I hope you learned more about salamanders, how they live, and where they live.” Miss Milhouse said as the bell rang.

40: 1 Million Dollar Essay By: Chloe Lillebo

41: There I was in my favorite tree just sitting there. It was the beginning of Fall. Suddenly a leaf fell and landed in my lap. I was just about to throw it on the ground, but I took a closer look because it was kinda rectangular. It was a 1 million dollar bill! I looked around thinking that maybe someone lost it, but no one was around. After a while of looking I just decided to keep the money. “Wow, This is a lot of money!” I thought at first and then I started asking questions like, “What charity could I give some money to with my 1 million dollars, and how much should I give them?” I continued to ask myself questions, “What kind of a business could I start?” and I went on and on asking questions, “Where could I have my business?” What could I call my business?” after a while I finally asked the last question I had which was, “What could I buy for fun with my money?” I went back inside my house and started to answer my questions.

42: Once I was inside my house I started to answer my question on what was I going to buy with my money for fun. After thinking for quite some time, I decided I’ve always wanted my very own private jet. So I went onto EBay. Although I was pretty sure I was not going to find a jet there, but surprisingly I did! Although it cost $1,000, I bought it. It took a couple days for my jet to get to my house. Once I got my jet I flew to a football game in Denver, Colorado. After the football game I went home and slept. The next morning I got back on my jet and went to many places.

43: It was around noon when I was on a walk and saw a dog hurt on the side of the road. I thought it was sad. Then again I think all hurt animals look sad, so I decided since I have enough money for a business, “Why not open a business that helps animals?!” I did exactly that. I opened a business and called it, ‘FURREAL Animal Hospital.’ ‘FURREAL Animal Hospital’ stands for, ‘Furry friends Understand so Reach Round Earth And Lend A Hand.’ After my business started I knew I had enough money to open build more of my business to get more money. I opened more ‘FURREAL Animal Hospitals’ around the country. After all my businesses were built I went home to count all my money. When I was done with counting my money I had almost the amount I started with!

44: Later when I was done counting my money I decided to give $20,004 to the ‘ASPCA’ because they care for animals and every $12.00 can help save one animal, so if I give $20,004 to them, so the ASPCA can save 1,667 animals. Once all the money was donated, I volunteered at the ASPCA and had ones. Honestly I think that people who do abuse to these kinds of animals are truly cruel. I mean if they don’t like their pet then they should’ve not gotten the pet in the first place. Anyway once I was done volunteering I went home happy of my success and helpful ways.

45: When I was done with all my questions and putting them into action I had a lot more money then what I started out with. I ended up with $1,256,927 by the end of the month. Then I thought to myself “Wow, and I thought 1 million dollars was a lot!” then I said to myself “Maybe I should sit in my favorite tree when Fall begins more often.”

46: My Memory

47: My 5th grade memory is school in general. I like school a lot. I think that my most favorite 5th grade memory is the Clear Creek Café. On May 14, 2013 all the 5th graders here at Clear Creek Elementary had a restaurant. We did the restaurant for fun, a real life experience (with a job), and because it dealt with . The reason we did it because it dealt with is that our 5th grade teacher,Mr. Peterson got the idea at the beginning of the school year. Throughout the whole school year we worked on choosing which foods we were going to make, what drinks we were going to serve, and what our uniforms were going to look like. Also we went through an interview, like you would for a real job. The night we opened I was a little nervous but as we started to get the hang of our job I wasn't as nervous. The Clear Creek Café was a great success. That is what my favorite 5th grade memory is.

48: Weather Poem By: Chloe Lillebo

49: Hurricane By:Chloe Lillebo | He stares at me with his eye As he passes by I scream and run, but before I know it I’m all so num I keep on going hoping to find shelter But all I can see is the old apple tree and piles of rubble that used to be Homes that filled people with glee

50: Hope you enjoyed!

51: u enjoyed!

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