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My Heart's Cry

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BC: This is the end of my poem book Thanks to all for taking a look ! ! !

FC: My Heart's Cry

1: I've always loved to write, but starting in 1990, after re-dedicating my life to Christ, I began to document my walk with Him through poems. It was an outlet for me to express to God and others what was going on in my heart. After marrying in 1996 and then having children, my writing has definitely slowed down. I also shifted my desire from writing poems to now writing articles and Bible Studies. While not extremely deep in theology, and somewhat child like, I do hope that you will find something that blesses you. This was, and in many ways still is, the "Cry of My Heart"

2: "I Once Was Lost" I was once so very lost, deep in the world's sin but long ago I opened my heart, and asked Jesus to come in and ever since that time God's hand has been on my life even though at times I faced hardship, pain & strife He was working on my behalf Before I even knew With every step I took He was guiding me through That is the reason why, I am a Christian today Because God doesn't give up on His children Instead He sent His Son to lead the way Jesus Christ, my Savior Won the battle on a rugged cross To save a wretch like me Who once was so very lost

3: "A Prayer for Holiness" Father in Heaven, I come to you today and ask that You remove anything standing in the way of becoming the child that You want me to be I surrender my life and all that is in me Search my heart and the things deep within Reveal to me, Lord, if there be any hidden sin Fill me with Your Spirit and baptize me with fire Let Your holiness and righteousness be all that I desire Let us be made holy for this is the hour For Your Church to rise up and demonstrate Your power I thank You Father for hearing my prayer and I submit these petitions into Your loving care I praise You in advance for the things Your going to do In my life, and in Your Church to make us more like You.

4: "You Are My Everything" How can I say thanks, when words can not express... I was lost and You saved me I was dirty and You cleansed me I was lonely and You filled me I was hurt and You comforted me I was sick and You healed me I was in need and You provided for me I was a sinner and You made me righteous I was weak and you made me strong I was anxious and You gave me peace I was fearful and You gave me faith I was blind and You gave me wisdom I was selfish and You gave me compassion I was eternally dead and You gave me Divine Life Jesus, You are my everything!

5: "Choose Your Path" There is a fork in the road of life and you must choose which way. You can decide to follow your heart or follow what other's say. One path is wide and traveled much but few signs to give direction. The other is narrow and sometimes lonely, but has signs for your protection. If you choose the well traveled path for a "season" it may be nice. But looking back you may just find, you'll wish you would have thought twice. For there is a way that seems right to man but destruction will be it's end. And those who lead you down this path are more your enemy than friend. But if you choose the "lonely" path, alone you will not be...for although it's narrow, someone is there, even though you can not see. Jesus has promised to walk beside you throughout your journey here. And He has gone before you so you have no need to fear. You will find the narrow path is harder but great is the reward, and you will learn it is the only path that we can really afford.

6: "God's Ways Are Higher" Your ways are higher Your love is pure Your wisdom is greater Your promises are sure Your character is holy Your judgments are true Your power is better than anything man could ever do Why then do we strive to push our own plans instead of leaving things in Your capable hands?

7: "Dwelling Place" There is joy in the presence of the Lord like nothing here on earth can bring. There is something about His glory that causes my heart to sing. There is no other place that I would rather be, than in the Holy of holies, down on bended knee. Worshiping my Savior who alone deserves all praise, in quiet communion with my hands upraised. How sweet to hear His voice when before Him I am still. What comfort it brings to know His perfect will. This is my heart's desire, to stay in constant prayer. Every hour of the day, knowing that He is there. Teach me Lord, to dwell in this secret place, until the day You bring me Home and I see You face to face.

8: "He Is The Vine, I Am The Branch" I am inadequate to do anything, Lord, but I need to do so much. The people all around me, really need Your touch. So I must depend on You, like never before. Still, they will be unreceptive, unless You open a door. Show me how and when, and give me the words to say, and then give me the wisdom to get out of Your way. Heal their broken hearts and set the captives free and never let me take the glory for how You're using me. Thank You for being the Vine, as the branch I'll hang onto You...and watch in total amazement at all that You will do!

9: "Heavenly Father, I Need You" Now more than ever, I can clearly see How much I need Your hand leading & guiding me I need wisdom for the present & peace for what lies ahead. I must know Your voice so I can be spirit led. The world is growing darker, a new disaster comes each day. It leaves me sad and helpless until I bow my head to pray. I pray for those who are suffering and for everyone's protection. I pray for the Church to rise up and become Your reflection. I pray also to fix my eyes above so Your face is all I see. Then no matter what happens, I'll focus on the victory. Finally, I pray for joy and for Your will to be done. in the midst of every trial let it glorify Your Son.

10: "The Butterfly's Hope" Waiting to be changed, I sit in this cocoon Whenever I am done, it will not be too soon! And yet, I know it's necessary in order to fully grow. Even when the process seems to be going slow. I have this blessed hope, One day I'll have wings to fly and to the bondage of this nest, I will finally say "goodbye" Then in the sky I will soar with nothing to limit me Beautifully made new, and most importantly...free!

11: "FAITH" How can I believe in things I cannot see? What makes it possible to know Jesus lives within me? How can I be sure that Jesus really lives? What gives me assurance that He loves and forgives? Faith is the evidence of promises yet to come; Of victories in the spiritual realm that have already been won. It is knowing and believing circumstances aren't always what they seem; It's the substance of things hoped for, Faith is more than a wishful dream. Without faith in Jesus, you can not be born again. Without faith in His Word, you remain in bondage to your sin. If you don't have faith in healing, you can never be made whole. You must believe that by His stripes He heals body, spirit and soul.

12: "Revelation Knowledge" I believe Your Word will protect me like a sword I believe You will guide me if I allow You to be Lord I believe Your strong arm will lead me through I believe the Holy Spirit will direct me what to do I believe Your power will give me the strength I believe Your grace will stretch to great length I believe Your love in me will overflow to all those around me so they too might know. . . The revelation knowledge of God's only Son Of all He wants to do, and for what He's already done.

13: "The Comforter" My mind is racing My body aches How much more of this can I take? And yet I know that You are there Holy Comforter, with Your sweet, gentle care Teach me how to cast my burdens on You with the assurance that You'll see me through Though struggles around me put my faith to the test In Your loving arms, I will find rest No more upon me than I can stand No matter what happens I'm in the palm of Your hand.

14: "God's Unfailing Grace" There is no harder place to be than the middle of the road. Just like the fairytale of the Prince who's trapped inside the toad. We are waiting to become what the Word says we can be, as the Holy Spirit assures us, we are more than eyes can see. For there is a seed of Destiny that proves how much we're worth. The seed is placed inside the heart of all who have new birth. We will reach our destiny by faith having run the race Not by our might or power but by God's unfailing grace!

15: " A Christians' Job Description" To love the Lord Your God with all of your heart To live in this world as a people set apart To love one another as Christ first loved you To show this Agape love by what we say and do To proclaim the good news and set the captives free To mend the brokenhearted and cause blind eyes to see To lay hands on the sick so they will be healed To baptize in the Spirit through whom we are sealed To attack the gates "that can not prevail" and through prayer to do damage to the forces of Hell. To be a light in the world where darkness does abound To provide a foundation that is built on solid ground.

16: "You Are Worthy Lord" I will praise You Lord not because You've blessed me, even though You have more times than I can say... I will praise You Lord not because You've forgiven me, even though all my sins are now washed away I will praise You Lord not because I'm perfect, for many times I've gone astray... I will praise You Lord not because I'll see you in Heaven, or even because I know You are with me here today... I will praise You Lord, because You are worthy to be praised, by everyone and everything, every single day!

17: "I Want To Know You Lord" My Question Will I know You , Lord, if I learn how to pray? Will I know You, Lord, if Your Word I obey? Will I know You, Lord, if I worship & praise Will I know You, Lord, if I study Your ways? What does it take and what should I do If I want to become closer and really know You? God's Answer I created you for this purpose to commune with Me it's not through your works but your heart that I see Ask to know Me better and faithful I will be with your heart, mind and soul follow hard after Me

18: "Struggle With The Flesh" I should sing and rejoice in the Lord and offer praise to His name For He has given His all for me How could I not do the same? But, at times I want to sit back and stop pressing toward the goal, Yet I know there's a higher calling I can feel deep within my soul My heart longs to be with Jesus but my flesh keeps me far away There is a struggle within me I feel each and every day. More of You, Jesus, That is my heart's desire So burn away my selfishness with Your all consuming fire!

19: "Death To The Flesh" Sometimes it is a hard thing To do what I know I should, But even when it hurts inside, I know it's for my good After all, I asked the Lord To make me more like Him And with this flesh inside of me, Dying is where I begin But after I die, I'll be made alive How sweet the resurrection will be When little by little bondage is broken And I am finally made free The pain of dying to my sinful nature In no way can compare To the joy of abiding in the Spirit And the fellowship we'll share.


21: Poems

22: There is a place and there is a time, when people all over have peace on their mind. It seems the whole world at this Season in the year, begin to think of others spreading love and good cheer. It expands further than Christians, it's larger than one race. No one is left out in trying to change this place. The Angels in Heaven came on Christmas day. They had a song to sing and the Shepherds heard them say, "Glory to God in the highest, Peace on earth, good will to men..." for unto us a Child is born who came to take away our sin. So when Christmas is over and emotions begin to die, when it's business as usual and you begin to wonder why? Why doesn't this "spirit" that has spread during the Holiday season last after December, Now you'll know the reason...True peace and joy come from Heaven above. Jesus brought it to earth when He came to show God's love. He was born in a manger, He walked on this earth. He died on a cross, so we could have new birth! Now we can have peace, not the world's stress and pain, and the joy of knowing He's taken away our shame!

23: "A Wordly Christmas" Christmas is more than parties all month long It's more than Christmas carolers singing a joyful song It's more than feeling proud for doing a "good deed" When once a year the poor you volunteer to feed It's more than flashing Christmas lights and shopping at the mall Have we somehow forgotten the greatest gift of all? What miracle is this, a child sent from above? Never before have we witnessed such perfect love. A Heavenly Lord in the form of a man A touch from God using a human hand Only through Jesus will there be "peace on earth" Accept His precious gift the miracle of new birth.

24: "What's The Meaning Of Christmas?"

25: Is it just for the lights that glitter so bright? Is it for the Christmas party you go to on Christmas night? Is it for the delicious food or the presents under the tree? Is the attitude of Christmas "what's in it for me?" Is it really true it's better to give than receive? Have we become so commercial We've forgotten what we believe? Or is it for the Holy Child who was born of virgin birth to fulfill His Father's plan to show His glory on the earth. Is it for the celebration of the greatest gift of all The mercy of God to save us and free us from the law Is it to put our trust in God because He provided a way to bring back His children who through sin had gone astray Is it a time to be a witness to a world we must show how our lives have been changed by a baby born 2000 years ago Is it to offer up our worship and praise to our King Just as Wisemen offered gifts, our lives to Him we bring

26: "Find Time To Pray" In a world full of people always on the go With drive thrus and rush hour It's impossible to take it slow Every single second you have something planned to do When will there be a time for God to ever get through? People all around you, at work, and then at home It seems like ony in a dream Can you find some time alone But when you take some time for Jesus to be on your mind You will be filled with peace and leave this busy world behind And this will be the strength that will get you through the day until you finally get alone and have some time to pray.

27: A Poem I used at Bobby's grandmother, and my grandmother's funeral. . . The time has come to mourn the loss Of one so dear to all For she, having put her faith in God, Has heard His homeward call She has been a precious mother, a sister, grandmother and friend, Always putting others first, right up until the end So even though for now There is sorrow and some tears We will remember all the blessings She's given us over the years Most of all, take comfort Knowing Heaven is a better place and she is finally able to see her Savior face to face No more sadness, worry or pain, never again to fear Her last request was simply this... that all would meet her here.

28: "You Are On His Mind" You were on His mind when He made you from the start Before you were even born You had a place in His heart You were on His mind When He went to the cross Because He loved you so much He didn't want you to be lost You are on His mind now No matter how you may feel Trust how much He cares And let His presence become real

29: "Help In Your Time Of Need" Jesus was led into the wilderness And tempted by the devil to sin But He used the Word of God And did not once give in Now He is the Great High Priest Who sits on the Throne of Grace And you are always welcome to Come before Him and seek His face It only takes the faith As big as a mustard seed Just ask for His grace & mercy He will help in your time of need

30: "Unconditional Love" A child is truly a blessing Sent from Heaven above An innocent little life As gentle as a dove No one could ever describe The joy of just holding their hand Such unconditional love You can barely understand Then it all becomes so clear As I begin to see The way I love my children Is the same way God loves me

31: "Reunion Day" (Written for the Ashe County Pregnancy Center for those who've lost a child) Just the other night, I dreamed I saw my child running through a field where colorful flowers were growing wild. She was holding the hand of Jesus and I knew without a doubt, She was happy with her Savior, as she giggled and danced about. Although she can't be with me, at least not for a little while, the assurance of her in Heaven, couldn't help but make me smile. For now, Angels watch over her, but one day again we'll meet; together at last my child and I will worship at Jesus feet. Until then, I dream about her, and chase any sorrow away; with the joy of knowing my future holds a great reunion day!

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