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My Journeys by Kyle Elkins

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S: By Kyle Elkins

FC: My Journeys | By Kyle Elkins

1: I have experienced not a lot of journeys in my life, but the I ones I have experienced are pretty good. Here are some of my journeys.

2: Kyle Elkins C period Football Season At the end of 8th grade I decided to play freshman football because that last fall I played my first year of football. It was for the Nashoba Youth Pop Warner junior midget's team. Our team made it to the first round of the playoffs and unfortunately lost to Chariton- Dudley. I enjoyed the experience, which lead me to play freshman football. The freshman season started on August 24th, 2009. It ended November 1 9th, 2009, but we still practice with varsity. We started training, and it was brutal at first because the whole team wasn't in the best shape. Training started on August 24th, 2009, at a camp called Junction camp in Westborough, MA. There were two other schools at the camp: Westborough high and Philips Exeter. It lasted for five days, and really gave us an edge because we started a week earlier than everyone else. During the summer we also had a program in the summer called BFS which stands for Bigger, Faster, and Stronger Program. We lifted weights and condition. That also helped. Then the season started on the 31st.

3: That Monday, we started regular practice without pads, till Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we had double sessions, which are two three hour practices in one day, which was really tiring. Then regular practice started next week, and our first game the week after. Fortunately we had a good team what we could see at our practices, and the training that we had really prepared us. Our first game was at home though, against Fitchburg. We won against Fitchburg and the game after that against Clinton. Then we played Leominster, which was a nail biter game. I think that the reason we lost by a touchdown was because we cocky, and we didn't come to play in the first half. But that was the only game we lost. I think that the best games I played in were against Shrewsbury and North Middlesex. In the Shrewsbury game I ran the ball for the first time and got a first down and ten yards. I also played most of the game on defense and had about I 1 or 12 tackles. Against North Middlesex, I had the game ending tackle. It was a sack, goal-line stop, and six yard loss. That was really important for my standing in the coach's point of view. But I have really enjoyed the experience of freshman football. My experience has been amazing as a freshman football player. The coaching was phenomenal, and I hope I can do it next year. If I play again, I'd want to play a different position because of the amount of playing time I had. I have enjoyed this journey because I've built character and made a lot of good friends. That has been a journey of mine.

4: Kyle Elkins C- Period My Trip to Bermuda When I was in 6th grade y parents decided my brother, sister and myself were going to Bermuda that summer. I was really excited because the weather was supposed to be ice and there were no hurricanes coming anywhere near Bermuda. We were staying at a hotel owned by a family from Acton called the Pompano Beach Hotel. The plane we were taking was Delta. Except it was the worst plane ride ever. This was the third time that I was on a plane. I wasn’t used to sitting with other people yet, so I was sulking in a window seat next to two complete strangers. Another problem was I was super bored. All there was to do was read Sky Mall magazine. Thankfully when we got there it was all good. When we reached the airport, it was about 94 degrees out, which was really hot for me. Then it took about an hour to get our bags and get on a taxi. One of the things that were different was people honked at each other instead of waving. Then we reached the hotel though. It had a pinkish-orange color.

5: At the hotel, there was decent amount of things to do which included sailing, swimming, PS2, pool and other games. Around the third day we went jet-skiing. That was probably the most fun. Unfortunately I got stuck with my mom driving my boat so we went about three miles an hour. Then about half way I switched and rode with my dad who went wicked fast. One time when we stopped we fed fish and my brother got his toes and a finger bitten by the fish. That was the best part of the trip. But then it was time to go home. The plane ride home wasn’t any better though. The best part of the trip was jet-skiing. But one day I did go sailing and it was fun too. Hopefully I will go again on a larger plane. That was a journey I took.

6: Kyle Elkins My First Vacation At the end of 5th grade, about a week after school ended my family went on a vacation to Orlando, Florida. We were taking a Delta Song Airplane which was pretty big. It was also really nice inside. On the ride to Orlando, I watched 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. After about two hours we arrived at Orlando and the airport was so crowded. It took around 45 minutes for my dad to get the rental car that we reserved, and it was a 30 minute drive t the hotel we were saying at. The hotel was really nice. It was 25 minutes away from Disney and it had a pool and a Jacuzzi. At night though there were raccoons and sometimes alligators walking around in the parking lot. Later during the first night, my family found out that two other families from Stow were at Disney as well which was pretty cool. The first park that we went to was the Animal Kingdom. There they had a tour where you went and saw all the African animals. They also had animals from the Arctic and Antarctic and reptiles. Then we went to the other parts of Disney.

7: The Animal Kingdom Park was fun, but I was excited to go onto the rides and roller coasters. My favorite ride was called Aerosmith, and it was a roller coaster. The best part of the ride was that it was inside a huge building and it was pitch black in it. The other ride that I really enjoyed going on was the Tower of Terror. IT was a thrill ride in a massive tower. But later on that week we went to SeaWorld. At SeaWorld we went to see all the animals. We went to a dolphin show where the dolphins did flips, caught fish in mid-air, and went through hoops. It was really cool. We also went to the Shamu show. There were four whales, and each one was massive. But we did not get a seat in a splash zone which is where you can get splashed by the whales. After that we had to leave sadly. On the ride home I watched Starsky and Hutch with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. I liked that vacation, especially since it was my first vacation ever. Every day I went swimming which was awesome, and I saw an alligator. I would go back in a heart beat. That was a journey I have taken.

8: 8th Grade Lacrosse Season During the spring of 8th grade I played my fourth season of Nashoba Youth Lacrosse. I first started in fifth grade in U-13(under 13 years old). Every other spring for some reason I played not as well as I could have. Fortunately I grew a good amount and was ready to play. My dad was coach that year, and it was his fourth year as my coach. The other coach in the U-15 division was Coach d’Entremont. He was a better coach than my dad. The league that all the kids who wanted to play regular lacrosse that wasn’t really competitive was the Recreation part. I played in the Recreation part for all four years because this was the first year that there was a select team for the towns who wanted to participate in that new league. That part of the MBYLL (Massachusetts Boys Youth Lacrosse League) was started by coaches like my dad who wanted the better players to compete for a championship and have a higher level of play to ready the older kids for high school lacrosse. But Rec was still pretty fun at times and a lot rougher. In a game when we played Wachusett, one of players got an indefinitely timed penalty (no time limit). A player on their team was almost ejected from the game. In my opinion though, the select league was still way more competitive.

9: There were a couple of games during the season that were super competitive in select. One of our first games that we played was probably my best game that year. We were playing Mendon-Upton at Pompositicut fields in Stow. By the end of the first half we were losing 3-0. My dad and Coach d’Entremont were pissed, and gave me a huge talk about how I was letting the team down and I had to step up. Fortunately I listened to them and did step up. In the third quarter I scored a game changing goal by getting past two players and the goalie and scoring one handed which pumped everybody up. I scored two more goals, and we won the game 6-4, with a one goal shut out in the second half. The next time we played them we also won. But we did lose some games too. Our first loss was to Natick. The reason for that loss is because we came into the game cocky, and the other team was three times better than us. Our next loss was to Needham and that was because of the Natick game before that. Then it was the playoffs. We were the #1 seed in our division, so we played Framingham who was the last seed. That game we lost because we just played horrible in that game. But overall it was a good season. In that season, I scored 58 points that season. Points are goals and assists that a player gets. I had about 35 goals in Rec and select, which was pretty good. I really improved as a player because I gained confidence in my shot and stick handling. Unfortunately we lost in the playoffs, but I was ok. That was a journey I have taken.

10: Best Skiing Day Ever The weekend before Christmas, went up to New Hampshire to my dads’ condo with my dad, and my friend Matt Clopeck who is a freshman. That weekend was the weekend before Christmas break. It was also the weekend where New Hampshire was supposed to get two feet of snow. So my dad, matt and myself drove up Saturday night around nine o’clock. It was a two hour drive and it already started to snow by eight o’clock. In the morning my dad woke us up around seven. We got up, ate breakfast, got our gear ready, and left close to eight. During the fifteen minute drive up to the mountain, we were amazed at how much snow there was, and it was still snowing. When we arrived at the mountain, it was like a ghost town, which meant that we would get a lot of runs in with fresh powder. We were all psyched. After all equipment was on and we got on the lift, it was time for our first run. It was pure powder, and there wasn’t a single trace of anyone else on the run other than us that entire morning. Matt was not the best skier because he rarely skied, but he held his own. He was using my brother’s skis so he wasn’t used to them. But everyone have a great time.

11: Even though Matt fell about every two runs, and even me and dad did, it was still really awesome. I wish that we had gotten there an hour earlier because it was almost as good as skiing in Europe. The snow was a little heavy, especially on runs that weren’t groomed that night. In the terrain park the landings of jumps were almost pure powder as well. But the mountain closed at 3:45 p.m. and we had to leave. That night we had to stay at the condo because it was too dangerous to drive home. That was because of all the snow on the roads. My dad drove us hoe in the morning, and we left around 6:00 a.m. We had to stop at Matt’s house so he could change and then my dad drove us right to school. We were tardy be 10 or 15 minutes. But it was worth it. That was a journey I have taken.

13: The End

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