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My life in Short

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FC: My Life in Short

2: Dedication I would like to dedicate this to the memory of my grandpa, Poppy. He will always be remembered. I would also like to dedicate this to my sister, Ellie, who supports me in everything I do.

3: Table of Contents 1. Dedication 2. Table of Contents 3-4. Photo Album 5-6. Internal Conflict 7-8. Setting 9-10. Round Character 11-12. Irony 13-14. External Conflict 15-16. Flat Character

6: Internal Conflict!! As a middle school student, I deal with many inside conflicts. Some of my many conflicts include deciding to make someone my friend, break up with my boyfriend, and being able to use my time wisely. I have to make sure I have enough time for friends, family, school, sports, and other personal hobbies. Also, I have to make sure I exercise and eat healthy. | Last year, I became a little too focused on my social life, and my grades started to suffer. I am really serious about school now because I like the feeling of being good at something. Now, I try to balance out everything as best as I can. I have to think mentally and decide what to do, eat candy of fruit, run or watch tv, do my homework or not, to study for a test or do badly.

7: Now, I try to plan my days out in my head so I have time for everything, and that makes everyone happier. | Internal Conflict- A conflict that occurs inside the protagonist's mind. They struggle to reach an understanding or reach decision.

8: Setting | Setting- The time and place of the action.

9: My life is mainly set in Camp Hill, but I wasn't born here. I was born in Texas. When I go to Texas, it feels like I am exploring my past, or the time when I was younger and lived in Texas. From there I moved to Illinois. My dad's parents lived there until a few years ago. We had a big house, and I would always get lost in it. I loved that house but it never felt like home. Now, I live in Camp Hill and Mechanicsburg. My parents are divorced so I have two separate houses. My dad lives in Mechanicsburg and I spend half of my time there while I spend the other half in Camp HIll, with my mom. The place I have always felt was my home is Camp Hill. All of my friends live in Camp HIll and although sometimes a small town can become annoying and boring, I love it.

10: Round Character!! | Round Character- A fully developed character. The writer reveals the character's background and his or her personality traits.

11: One round character in my life is Linnie. She is always there for me and she is one of my best friends. If one of us has a problem, we talk to the other person and it makes us feel better. We tell one another our deepest secrets but it doesn't feel like our secret will get out because we trust eachother so much. Although we are great friends now, we didn't always get along this well. Until about two years ago I disliked Linnie, and I think she felt about the same about me. We live close to eachother but we would never walk home together or hang out. We even wrote about one another in our diaries, which is something we laugh about now. Over the years we have changed and evolved into best friends. I hope me and Linnie are best friends forever and I hope we never get in any big fights because I wouldn't be the same without her.

12: Irony!! | Irony- The general name given to literary techniques the involve surprising, interesting, or amusing contradictions.

13: For my whole life, I have loved cats. The only problem? I am allergic to them. My mom, sister, and dad also love cats. When I was younger, we had a cat named Lolly, and he was like a demon kitty. Whenever we would walk past the front stairway, he would jump out and bite our feet. Also, he would climb in my bed and start chewing on my toes. Eventually, we gave him to someone else because we were moving. Although he was such a bad cat, I still have a love for them. A few years ago we got a new cat named Kitty. She was supposed to be called Candy but it never stuck on. Then, we got Sammy. He was the prettiest color of orange, but he died of unknown circumstances. Now we have a new cat and his name is Angus. My mom was never sure about getting cats because I am allergic, but I love them so much that she finally gave in.

14: External Conflict!! | External Conflict- When a character struggles against an outside person or force.

15: I have many external conflicts in my life. Some of them include my not-quite-friendship with another girl in my grade. We never really hang out or talk to eachother at school. I try to be nice to her, but it is hard because we have no classes and she doesn't even try to be nice to me. I have always tried to stay out of drama and rumors. If you start to spread rumors, people could be hurt and rumors could start to be spread about you, but as a teenager, it is hard to stay completely out of drama.

16: Flat Character | Flat Character- A character that doesn't change or come to a realization in the story.

17: Since I am in middle school, I have many flat characters in my life. One of them is Charles. He has been around me for as long as I have gone to Camp Hill, but I have never really noticed him that much. We are friends because our lockers are always next to eachother, but we never hang out. Also, we both play the saxophone in band. Charles is a nice guy, but he isn't a very big part of my life, we have never had any big fights and he has never changed in any way. He is one of the many flat characters in my life and I don't think that will ever change.

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