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My Life in Short SGC

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1: This book is dedicated to all of my AWESOME teachers at Camp Hill middle school! | p.s.=you guys are awesome

2: TABLE OF CONTENTS | Ch.1 - Flat/Static Character Ch.2 - Internal Conflict Ch.3 - External Conflict Ch.4 - Setting Ch.5 - Irony Ch.6 - Mood

4: CHAPTER 1 Flat/static T.J. My brother T.J. has always annoyed me. He constantly cracked stupid jokes, embarrassed me in front of my friends, and tried to(jokingly) fight me. First of all, no matter what kind of situation we where in, he wouldn't stop telling immature jokes and puns. Like when i was with one of my cousins, playing video games, he came into my room, sat on the floor, and wouldn't stop talking. Then there was the fact that he ALWAYS humiliated me in front of my friends. For example, he attacked me and all of my friends at my tenth birthday party with an automatic airsoft gun. Lastly, T.J. would try to get me to fight him. Even when i had the stomach flu, he came up to me and started jokingly punching me. Despite all of this nonsense, I still love my older brother.

5: Flat/static- Possess only one or two personality traits.

6: CHAPTER 2 my internal conflicts | I have always been a little bit conflicted. Weather it be about "who are my real friends?", "what kind of person should i try to be?", or "am doing a good enough job?". First of all, when I was younger, I would just try to be friends with the most popular people I could, even if they were mean to me. Once I tried to be friends with someone in my brother's grade. He ended up using me like a servant. Second, I always had people telling me what kind of person I should be, without even asking me what I think. For example, my brother always told me to try and be the class clown. It wasn't until i realized my grades were falling that i tried to change. Last but not least, ever since i was in kindergarten, I have constantly worried about forgetting work and my grades. I just never wanted to disappoint my parents. Over the all these years, I hope that I was successful st trying to change.

7: Internal Conflicts- A struggle that takes place within the protagonist's own mind.

8: CHAPTER 3 External Conflicts | Everybody gets into a fight now and then, and I'm no exception. I fight with my parents, siblings, and sometimes my friends. To begin, Fighting with my parents is just your average parent child conflict. It usually only happens when we're all tired and grumpy. Fighting with my siblings, on the other hand, is much more complex. Our could be caused by anything from stealing from each other, to just plain annoying each other to death. Lastly, even though i rarely fight with my friends, it happens. If I do, We never would fight for long. In short, Everybody fights, including me.

9: External Conflict- a protagonist struggling with an outside person or force.

10: CHAPER 4 Setting | I'm lucky enough to have grown up in a pretty quiet, normal surrounding. Camp Hill doesn't have a crime rate thats even close to some other cities, it has a fairly peaceful park, and friendly neighbors. First of all, besides petty theft, there aren't any real criminals in Camp Hill. We have our own Camp Hill hard-working police force. Also, Camp Hill has several lovely parks -- Seibert Park, Willow Park, and Beverly Park. Community members can picnic, hike, walk their dogs, and take their kids to play at any one of these nearby parks. Lastly, the community members of Camp Hill are a close knit group. They support one another because Camp Hill is a friendly town. In conclusion, I do not think I could ever bear to move away from my home.

11: Setting- The time and place of the action.

12: CHAPTER 5 Irony | I consider myself to be kind of a Charlie Brown character. It seems to me that whenever I get something new, it never works, I am often the last to know things, and when I finally do catch up, everyone else has already moved on. First off, almost every new thing that I get doesn't work. Like when I got my brand new T.V., the first thing that happened was that it came to a blank screen with the word error in big red letters. Second, being the last to know things has set me back awfully far socially over the years. People don't like to talk to the kid who isn't "with the times". Finally, when I do catch up with the others, they have already moved on. Like when i finally got some of those stupid smencils, everyone else had started getting silly bands instead. Just like with Charlie Brown, my life is filled with almost nothing but irony.

13: Irony- Surprising, interesting, or amusing contradictions.

14: CHAPTER 6 Mood | There are many different moods in my life, including happiness, fear, and anxiety. First of all, happiness is one of the more rare moods in my life. One example would be when my dad said that we could get Milo, my dog, and all of the faces in the room lit up with excitement. Then, there was the fear of when we were waiting to figure out if our house was going to burn down when an electrical fire burned half of my brother's room. Lastly, anxiety has always haunted me. Especially when I would worry about school. In conclusion, without mood, my life wouldn't be nearly as exciting.

15: Mood- feeling created in the reader in a literary passage.

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