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1: The Three Little Pigs is all about the journey of three little pigs who are trying to escape from the big bad wolf . The big bad wolf is trying desprately to eat the three little pigs. There is also a moral to the story. If you work hard at building your home, like the third little pig did, the big bad wolf can't get you. =)

2: I will Rise is a poem about a woman who has apparently been through a lot in her age. She is a strong woman that will not let the harsh world bring her down. She will not let words, nor oppinions or situations break her.

3: Phenonminal Woman is a beautiful poem written about a woman has embraced everything about herself. She is confident with her inner and outer self. She has the ability, because of this poise and confidnence about her to stop a room full of people and have them all stop and stare at such a beautiful creature. She isn't a model or any such thing...she is just a phenominal woman.

4: Dream Deferred discusses what happens when a dream is forgotten about. Does is shrivel like a raisin, for example? No one really knows, but the poem is a fun way to make you think about it.

5: The lady of Shalott is a mysterious one. She lives in a castle on a river that leads to Camelott. She brings upon a curse and dies before reaching Camelott.

6: Marrying the Hangman is a poem about Love, Marriage, a gruesome murder and its aftermath.

7: How I love Thee is a beautiful poem in which the author declares his love. He shows that nothing can change the love that he holds in his heart, not even death.

8: She walks in Beauty is a peom about a woman with a beautiful face. Not only is she physically beautiful, but her beauty radiates from the inside out. She has a pure soul and a magnificant face.

9: La Belle Dame Sans merci is a poem about unrequited love. A poor knight has fallen in love and been rejected by a woman.

10: The Raven is all about A talking raven who tells a story about a love that he has lost. His story is tragic and he uses the word "nevermore" throughout the poem as a motif.

11: In When I have fears... the author tells how he is afraid of death and would miss the many things in life such as love.

12: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner tells a story of a man who went on a voyage on a ship.

13: The author of Sonnet 116 tells about true love. True love is unconditional and does not change as one grows old and wrinkles appear, it doesn't change

14: To My Dear and Loving Husband tells of a woman who is madly in love with her husband. He also loves her very much. She tells how their love can conquer all as long as their together. Their love is endless, even after death.

15: The Rape of the Lock... A woman tries desprately to last the night without her precious lock of hair being stollen, but does not succeed.

16: If You Forget Me shows a love that is hurtful, and prone to becoming hurtful in the future. The people involved are vulnerable, but don't let the hurting stop their willingness to continue in the relationship.

17: The Canterbury Tales explains the journey of all sorts of different people. Each of them has their own story to tell. The poem tells of the life of each of the people and shows the readers that people aren't always what they seem. Each of the characters, even the ones that are supposed to be "Godly," are sometimes not worthy. The story is a bit hard to understand due to the way the poet uses a different form of english, one that most people now days find hard to read.

18: Canterbury Tales Continued Another charcter that I found interesting was the tale of the wife of Bath, which was all about the an old hag that transformed into a beautiful woman and exclaimed that in either form, she should be respected and loved by her husband, as goes with any other woman, beautiful or not. The wife of | Bath had fived different husbands, the fifth being her favorite, which I found funny. The parson and the plowman are both worthy, hard working christians. Each of them knows their place in the world and live a simple life. The plowman lives a christian life of paying tithes to his church and loving his neighbor

19: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is separated into seven parts. The poem is about three young men who are all walking to a wedding, but are stopped on the way by the Mariner. The wedding guests are mesmerized by the | Mariner's glittering eye. The wedding guest sits and listens to the Mariner's story. The Mariner talks about a day at sea that went from beautiful to dangerous and dark. While sailing through the dangers of the dark sea storm, a sea bird started following the crew. This is a good sign, however the Mariner killed the great sea bird. At first the crew was upset that the Mariner killed the great bird, but then decided that the bird had not brought good luck, but had brought bad luck, so they forgave the Mariner.

20: As the night went on, strange things began to happen to the crew. Creatures were crawling on the surface of the ocean, and the men had a suspision that there was some- | thing following them deep under the surface. They blamed the Mariner for the strange encounters and decided to hang the corpse of the great sea bird around the | Mariner's neck. As time went by, the crew had no water and could not even talk. One day the Mariner saw in the distance a ship that he thought would save his crew.

21: As the ship began to approach the crew and the Mariner all realized that it was a ghost ship which consisted of Death and Life-and-death. The two were playing dice and the woman won. She whistled a few times and caused the sun to go down and the stars to arrise. As this happened, each of the sailors, excluding the Mariner began to drop and die, but not before cursing the mariner with their eye. For seven days and seven nights the Mariner suffered, but then the water snakes came and at that time the Mariner was able to pray, which brought peace to him. The dead sea bird fell from the Mariner's neck and into the sea. The Mariner could finally sleep as the rains came.

22: Good spirits came from the sky and entered the dead sailor's bodies, doing the tasks that they once had. The Mariner joined in. At dawn, the spirits left the bodies of the sailors and helped carry the ship forward until noon. At noon, the ship stopped and the Marinier fell the the floor. He heard voices above him in the air.

23: There were two voices. The first voice asked the Mariner if he was the one that killed the great sea bird. The other voice said that he is going to pay for it. The ship began to move again at a rapid pace. The Mariner found a place that was familiar to him, his home. Soon, the Pilot, his son and the Hermit were rowing towards the Mariner. As they approach the Mariner, the ship sinks and only the Mariner is left. He climb's into the Pilot's boat and they sail to land. The Mariner tells the Hermit of his tail and feels less guilty. The guilt returns so he tells another person of his tail. Everytime the guilt returns, the Mariner sails to a different land and tells his tail to another. The Mariner leaves when the wedding is over and says his last words to the wedding guests, "He who loves all God's creatures leads a happier, better life." The wedding guest was stunned as he walked away f rom the wedding party.

24: Spoon River Anthology is a bunch of epithets told by the deceased themselves. Some of the dead people talk about how they died,some about their lives before they died. Some of them talk about how they don't like the way their graves are being treated.

25: The Ones WHo Walked Way From Omelas "Then let me describe one more thing. In a basement under one of the beautiful public buildings of Omelas, or perhaps in the cellar of one of its spacious private homes, there is a room. It has one locked door, and no windo. A little light seeps in dustily between cracks in the boards, secondhand from a cobwebbed window... In the room a child is sitting..."

26: Harrison Bergeron "The Year was 2081 and everyon was equal." "Harrison Bergeron has just escaped jail" "He is DANGEROUS!" Diana Moon Glampers killed Harrison "Gee--I could tell that was a doozy."

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