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My Mixbook On A Really Bad Book

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FC: The House on Prospect St.

1: Dedicated to me for always being there for me

2: Hairs

3: Hair is very important to my family. We are all very well groomed. First, there's me. My hair is uniquely sculpted using a plethora of different pastes and sprays. Sometimes it just sticks up everywhere, like overgrown grass in a field. Other times is all lays down flat except for the front stands up on its tippy-toes and tilts to the side. Then there's my mom. She has a very short and stylish haircut. She uses pastes, creams, sprays, heat, and all sorts of other beauty aids to get her hair to lay exactly right. She has short hair. Not short like mine, not even close, but it doesn't quite touch her shoulders. The sides of her hair are styled to be different lengths; asymmetrical is what she calls it. Grandpa says it looks like the hairdresser forgot to cut both sides equally. He just doesn't get it. Finally there's Kent's hair. He has it very short, shorter than mine. He says his hair is "silver", but I say it's just gray. He cares about his hair significantly less than Mom and I do. He uses a little bit of gel to spike his hair up, which makes it look sharp and pointy, like a ton of razors sticking out of his scalp.

4: My favorite place in the entire world is not a large, spotless, modern environment like most people's. Mine is the cluttered, dimly lit, and cozy space that is my room. It might seem odd, but the disarray of my room is what makes it so comfortable to live in. When my mom forces me against my will to clean it up, it doesn't feel like my room anymore! I need a thick layer of clothes engulfing the surface area of my floor, I need phone chargers and cords slithering about like snakes, and most of all I need candy wrappers littering the floor like an unclean park. I definitely am not a clean freak when it comes to my room, but it's just the way I like it.

5: Gil's Furniture Bought & Sold

6: I know multiple people who have huge dreams. However, the person in my life who has the biggest dreams, is me! I was born and raised in a small city, but I can just tell this is not the environment I was meant to live in. I am cut out for a world of business meetings, TV appearances, and iPhones. I was not meant for manual labor, a middle-class income, or snow. My dream is to become the next Ryan Seacrest. I will interview other celebrities on Red Carpets, I will have millions of Twitter followers, and so much more. Now many people have dreams very similar to mine. I'm different though, because for me this is not a dream, this is a plan. During college I will spend my summers in LA getting small jobs and getting my name known. After college, I will move to LA permanently, and go on to be bigger and better things!

7: Marin

8: There was an Old Woman...

9: My dad has told me to stay away from the wrong types of people for as long as I can remember. As he has gotten older, he has seen some great people, including some in our family, who begin hanging around with the wrong people and they begin to change. We believe that you can't use stereotypes to decide who the "wrong types of people" are, and you should judge them based on how they treat others. There can be people who make all the wrong personal decisions for themselves, but as long as they don't expect you to follow their lead, they can be really great people. The people who you need to be careful of are the people who encourage you to make wrong or self-destructive decisions. People who don't care about you or don't respect you are the ones you should not hang out with. A lot of it has to do with how self aware you are. Teenagers need to learn to notice that they're going down the wrong path, and stop themselves.

10: Edna's Ruthie

11: I have an aunt who is quite childish. I feel like it is not uncommon for some adult in a family to act almost as if he or she is a child, trapped in the body of an adult. For me, it is my Aunt Mitsy. Whenever I go out to visit her, she always seems way more comfortable playing cards with my cousins and I, than talking politics with the adults. While she plays games with us, she acts just like a teenager, even though she is the mother of two of them. She even cheats when we play board games! This can be quite refreshing, because most adults look down on children, but with my Aunt Mitsy, she has always treated us as equals.

12: Four Skinny Trees

13: I am a cell phone. I am not a big expensive iPhone that everybody wants, but I’m also not an outdated flip phone that nobody wants. I am frequently sending messages to other people and communicating to share opinions and have conversations. I am frequently lost, between the couch cushions or buried in the blankets in my bed. I am dropped, but never broken. I am used daily, some people can’t live without me. Old people hate me. They don’t understand me. Not everybody knows how I work, and not everybody will learn. People go to great lengths to protect me, purchasing trendy cases to wrap around me. I have become part of society, as common as a pair of sneakers or a house key.

14: I have gone to foreign countries many times. Most of the time, one of the hardest things to do is communicate with people in two different languages. You begin a charades game wherever you are to get your point across. Need a napkin? Start moving your hand over your mouth to your waiter or waitress. Need a bathroom? Keep saying “restroom” “toilet” or “bathroom” over and over again until they hear something that sounds like “bathroom” in their language. You have to get used to people looking at you like you have 4 eyes. And if you get frustrated and give up, you may not pee for the entire duration of your vacation.

15: No Speak English

16: Bums in the Attic

17: I do not think Sands Cisneros would ever let a bum sleep in her attic. People who are successful tend to have valuable items, and bums, when put in certain situations, are prone to stealing. Sandra should be smart enough to know if she lets a bum sleep in her attic, she may wake up and notice her thousand dollar prada handbag walked out of the house with the bum. This may have been something she could do back in the 1800s when the book was written, but now times have changed and strangers can not be trusted. Plus, she might not even have an attic.

18: There is a section of my backyard that is filled completely with trees, it's about as big as my bedroom, and whenever I wanted to go play and not be found, that's where I would go. Depending on what mood I was in, the section would become a high tech spy head quarters, a battleground, or even the control room of a spaceship. When I entered it I was in charge and I could get out of any situation I got into. Sometimes I'd be training soldiers before they went into warfare, and I would always be a harsh trainer, but I would get the soldiers totally prepped for warfare. I would have friends come over and pay with me back there, but they wouldn't always play how I wanted them to play, so I would get mad and they wouldn't be allowed back there anymore. But when I was alone in the woodsy area in my backyard, I was infinite.

19: The Monkey Garden

20: A House Of My Own

21: Based on the description Sandra gave of the house she wants of her own, I can make a few inferences. I can tell she wants to live the life of an upper-middle class single woman. She talks about the flowers, and the porch, which makes me believe this. She also says she does not want it to belong to a man. This means romance will not play a large role in her adult life, and if it does, a man cannot live in her house with her. She describes how her shoes will lie next to her bed. This means her house will probably be as clean as Martha Stewart’s. Esperanza plans on putting a lot of effort into her home, and it will be something she is very proud of.

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