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My Mixbooks

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BC: Made By: Emily Sheckler

FC: My Mixbooks for English 106!

1: "The Lady of Shalott" by Lord Tennyson was told as a story to describe the way he sees her. This poem was told like a story, party from the "Lady of Shalott". This poem captures the conflict between an artist's desire for social involvement and their doubts about whether such a commitment is viable for someone dedicated to art.

2: "Marrying the Hangman" by Margaret Atwood tells a story about a woman that could be 'saved' by marrying a hangman. "There is only a death, indefinitely postponed" symbolizes that even if her death doesn't come right away, that eventually she will die anyway. Marrying a hangman might save a woman, but it wouldn't save a man.

3: "How Do I Love Thee" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning is a poem about her telling the one she loves how much. She said that she loved him no matter what and even when she is dead, she will forever love him.

4: This poem by Lord Byron is spoken by a man talking about a beautiful woman. He is saying that he loves her and she is beautiful inside and out.

5: This poem by John Keats starts out about the weather and that no birds are singing. He is sitting alone under the trees dreaming about the love he had. At the beginning you think the poem is about the changing of a season and at the end, you realize he's alone because he lost a love.

6: The poem "When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be" by John Keats was basically saying that he is afraid that when he dies, he will no longer be able to do the things he loves. He wants to love someone, be famous, and write as much as he can before death comes upon him and feels that he will be alone if he loses those things that he loves.

7: The poem "The Raven", by Edgar Allen Poe was about a lonely man that wants his love "Lenore" back. He calls her name and no one is there but the echo of her name. One day a raven comes and taps on the window and he lets the bird into the room. Now happy that he has company, he is afraid the bird will also leave because that is how "his hopes have flown before". The man talks to the bird but it only says "Nevermore" after every question, so he stops talking.

8: "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge started out with an old man (the mariner) telling a story about when he was younger and was on a boat with 200 men in a storm. The sky became dark and from out of no where there was an Albatross. The bird helped them get out of the icy storm and then the mariner killed it. The bird was then worn around his neck as a curse until he would finally see the beauty in nature. A ghost ship comes and all of the men die and the mariner is left on the ship. The curse was finally lifted after he saw snakes and blessed them. His unbelievable fate is for him to always be cursed for killing the Albatross and must now tell everyone that better than any merriment is the company of others in prayer.

9: "To my Dear and Loving Husband" by Anne Bradstreet is a poem about Anne telling her husband how much she loves him. She says that she feels that the two of them have become one in their time together and that she loves him more than anything.

10: "The Rape of the Lock" by Alexander Pope is a mock-epic poem about a girl named Belinda. She sleeps late one day and a disaster was about to happen to her. Belinda doesn't believe in this and travels on the Thames River where there was a party. The Baron wants to steal a lock of Belinda's hair. During the party the Baron cuts Belinda's hair. A girl named Clarissa tells Belinda that good humor will be better than her looks. Belinda tries to get her hair back and they say that her hair is now lost in the heavens somewhere and is now a star.

11: "Songs of Innocence and Experience" by William Blake is a collection of many poems that start from poems like "The Lamb" which represent innocence the most almost like a child. There are other poems in this collection that go to the opposite side of the spectrum and talk about experiences and the harsher reality of life. One of the poems that represents the harshness of life is "The Sick Rose" when the speaker of the poem tells the rose that it is dying because an invisible worm has eaten parts of it away.

12: "If You Forget Me" by Paublo Neruda is about a man telling the one that he loves that as long as she loves him, he will love her. But he also says that if she forgets about him that he would have already have forgotten about her. He loves her and always will.

13: "Sonnet 116" by William Shakespeare is a poem that tries to define love in saying what it is and also what it is not. Shakespeare said that love is unchanging. | Love lasts forever even when times are tough and when there is no more beauty, love is still there. He also says that if he isn't true that no one should ever love.

14: "Song of Myself" by Walt Whitman is a poem spoken by him telling about his life. He talks about everything that he is and all the good he has accomplished in life. This poem seems like it is his way of telling everyone that they should love themselves because it would give others reasons to love them, too.

15: "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer is long story about many pilgrims and their journey to Canterbury. Half of the pilgrims believe in God and the others didn't. This story tells of the tale of all the pilgrims and their own stories. At the end, Geoffrey Caucer asks for forgiveness from everyone in the story that he had offended and then they. He believed that he was being a good guy and gave Jesus the credit of his morality.

16: Def Jam poetry is a new kind of poetry that is spoken almost in rhythm. These poems vary from person to person talking about suicide, love, violence, sex, and other various types of corruption.

17: A def jam poet named Sarah Kay performed many of her poems on television and at her ivy league school Brown University. She is a sophomore there and is becoming a new young author of many poems about love and hate.

18: "Hands" a poem by Sarah Kay talks about love. She talks about hands and how useful they can be used for holding another hand and hugging a stuffed animal and hands can show how a person lives and what their job is.

19: "Hand Me Down" a def jam poem by Sarah Kay talks about a "jacket of anger" and wonders why people always keep their guards up and stay angry. She says that it's finally time to take off the jacket.

20: "Linden Hills" by Gloria Naylor is based off of the story of "Dante's Inferno" by Dante Alighieri and is a story about two boys that walk around Linden Hills and see many strange things.

21: In Linden Hills, there are many streets starting from First Crescent Drive all the way to Tupelo Drive. It is set on a hill and towards the bottom is where more and more bad things go on.

22: Lester and Willie go around and do odd jobs for people to make some money and they see a man that isn't mourning the death of his wife, see a spying neighbor, greed, lust, suicide, and lots of violence.

23: At the end of Linden Hills, Willie decides he doesn't ever want to go back into that community because he realized that bad things went on in there and he didn't know why everyone wanted to live there. He found out that it was basically hell on earth.

24: "Dante's Inferno" by Dante Aleghieri is a story about a man that takes a tour of hell. According to Dante, there are nine levels of hell starting from level one which is Limbo, Virtuous Pagans to level nine which is treachery.

25: "Level 1: Limbo" These are the people who have not accepted God so they can't be accepted into heaven. Their only punishment is living a life not in paradise.

26: "Level 2: The Lustful" This is the level of all of the people that are lustful. These people have cheated on their spouses or have been thinking about cheating on them. These souls are blown around by a violent storm, without hope of rest. This symbolizes the power of lust to blow someone around needlessly and aimlessly.

27: "Level 3: The Gluttonous" These people are forced to lie in a vile slush made by freezing rain, black snow, and hail. This symbolizes the garbage that the gluttons made of their lives on earth, slavering over food.

28: "Level 4: Hoarders" Those whose concern for material goods are punished in this circle. They include the avaricious or miserly, who hoarded possessions, and the prodigal, who squandered them.

29: "Level 5: The Wrathful" These people are in hell because they faught with everyone on earth. Now in hell at the river of Styx they are constantly fighting and now they always will fight.

30: "Level 6: Heretics" These people are trapped in flaming tombs because practiced and believed in ways that were unorthodox and didn't believe in God and didn't go to church so now they are being punished.

31: "Level 7: The Violent" These people lived a life of violence. They were violent to God, themselves, and to others. These people are now living in hell in rivers of blood, as thorny bushes, and in a desert of flaming sand.

32: "Level 8: The Fraudulent" These people commited crimes of fraud in their life on earth. Depending on their actual crime of fraud, they are punished accordingly in their level in hell.

33: "Level 9: The Treacherous" These people commited crimes of treachery on earth. This is the last level of hell which is the coldest because it's the furthest place from God. This is the level that the devil lives because he is the worst of all.

35: "Spoon River Anthology" by Edgar Lee Masters is a collection of stories about two hundred forty-four citizens of Spoon River, Illinois. All of these people tell tales about their lives spilling details on marriage, children, alcoholism, education, and many more.

36: Amanda Barker This girl had a baby and then died in child birth. She says that Chase Henry gave her a child because he knew she would die. | She thinks he killed her to gratify himself.

37: Chase Henry This man was the town drunk. When he died, they buried him in the church graveyard even though they didn't want to. Now honor has been brought over the dead who were once shamed.

38: Emily Sparks This girl is talking about a boy who she liked in school. She wonders if he remembers all the letters she wrote to him about Christ.

39: "Ace" Shaw This man thought of everything as business. He said that everything was chance like playing cards and practicing law.

40: William and Emily In this story, they talk about love. They say that even after years together they still feel the glow of youthful love and they have a lot of passion but they said they also felt that they were gradually fading away from each other.

41: Penniwit, The Artist This man said he lost his privledge to be in Spoon River because he tried to capture the soul of the person when he took pictures. This was his job and hobby and said that his best picture was of Judge Somers when he sat up and Penniwit said "Overruled" and the Judge had a picture perfect face.

42: Hamilton Greene This man became a Judge and a Member of the Congress because of all the great qualities he got from his parents Frances Harris of Virginia and Thomas Greene of Kentucky. He says that without them he would be nothing and he wishes to honor them.

43: "The Lottery" is a short story by Shirley Jackson. This story takes place in June. The story is about a town of about 300 people that pick a different person each year to kill by setting up a lottery. They pick a paper out of a box to choose the person with a dot on their paper. They kill them by stoning them.

44: "A Good Man is Hard to Find" is a short story by Flannery O'Connor. This story is about a crazy Grandmother that finds grace when she's dying and takes in the Misfit and sees him as one of her children. The story is very funny and also disturbing and tells about a family going on vacation. At the end of the story, Misfit who is an escaped murderer kills the entire family. Somehow though, there is grace for everyone even people that everyone wants to hate.

45: "The Tell-Tale Heart" is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. The story is about a man that watches another man sleep for a long time. One day he decides to kill the man and stuffs him in the floor of his house. This man then goes crazy and thinks he hears the dead man's heart still beating.

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