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My Online Poem Portfolio

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BC: The End...

FC: My On-Line Poem Portfolio By: Navjot Japra Period 0 February 19, 2010

1: Table of Contents: Where I'm From......................... pg. 2-3 My Mother's Kitchen................ 4-5 Mother to Son/Daughter poem 6-7 Ode to GSMST Poem.................... pg. 8-9 Language Arts Poem.................... pg. 10-11 "Unacknowledged" 12-13 "Let's Make a Rhyme" 14-15

2: THE JOURNEY HAS BEEN FUN... | Where I'm From: I’m from the development of great knowledge and values Where nobody is left behind whether they have a mind or not. I’m from the motivational parents, who help me in my life, Which is like a complicated roller coaster. I’m from the fables that teach you lessons, While also giving you a laugh. I’m from the dark alleys of schools, Where light was an option. I’m from the friendly teachers Who were like the sun's bright and welcoming smile. I’m from the sweet scent of coca-cola, Which never died because it remained in our hands.

3: THE JOURNEY HAS BEEN FUN... | 2010 | I’m from the peach state Where even in the winter it feels like the summer. I’m from the quiet and peaceful nature Where once one closes their eyes is taken to another world. I’m from the cool and fresh mist Where it touches your face to remind you that everything is going to be alright. I’m from the hip hop, rock, country, blues, and jazz music Where each and every genre individually describes us. I’m from the universities which lead you to a better future, Such as Georgia Tech, Emory, and UGA. I’m from a playground of people, Where everyone becomes friends without considering their personal background. I’m from the blue and gray colors of GSMST.

4: My Mother's Kitchen: Every day the bright rays of the sun come and touch my mother's kitchen. As she cooks her brilliant buffet of food the aroma is felt in every corner of the house. Even the oven becomes rouse, And ends up feeding an entire family of mouse, In my mother's kitchen. My sister runs as fast as she can in to my mother's kitchen, And grabs everything she can without a single stop in her step. My mother begins to do her best for her prep. And even the birds sing along for her in my mother's kitchen. As the roses fall to the ground for the last days till their death, They enjoy their last few minutes in my mother's kitchen. They gradually fade away and are fed their last sip of water, And even the bugs are amazed as the flowers come back to life, In my mother's kitchen.

5: Everyone is able to see the beautiful colors of the rainbow and the pot of gold at the end, In my mother’s kitchen. Finally, the vegetables are made and are ready to fill the glade. I am happy to help my mother and complete the clean up, Before there is another mess to clean, In my mother’s kitchen. As everyone gathers around in my mother’s kitchen, I see the brilliant smiles on everybody’s faces. I decorate the house with beautiful laces, So the beauty of my mother’s kitchen can pop without a single hurdle in the hop.

6: Mother to Daughter: Now that you have come into my life I will hold you up high to see the world using my eyes. I will teach you the difference between right and wrong. I will help you run, walk, and talk. I will bring you everything that you ever wanted. Now that you have brought this bundle of happiness to me I will make the world know you for your righteous deeds. I will help you get rid of all your dirty greeds. I will teach you to become the best child one can have. I will give you more love than the world can give. Now that you have given me a reason to live I will bring you back up whenever you fall I will be by your side when you have no one else I will feel your pain as if it were my own. I will have gifts for you when you ask.

7: Now that your smile has given me a smile I will teach you how to live in the world. I will be your leader on the path you choose. I will help you on every decision you make. I will carry our good times in my heart and keep them safe as long as I live. Now that you have arrived I will prepare everything according to your wish. I will be your hero in every fairytale. I will be the best mother one can have. But the question is, Will you make me proud?

8: Ode to GSMST: O GSMST how you have built thy confidence For what you hath in your hands has been accepted by me As a wonderful gift from God. You were as beautiful as a pearl on the beach And one of kind because one can’t find one like you out yonder Even with a candle in thy hands. I am too happy in thy splendorous arms of safety But more glad to have escaped thy evil side that was once a great hurdle. I will fade away with thee in the darkness, of which you have left me in, Because I know you are still within my mind and soul. You may go as far away as you would like to, Because I will fly away, away to thee and once again find you. There will be a light as bright as once before, for you will come And welcome me once again in your arms with a drum. I thank thy for the great honor you have granted me For a few have the chance to enter into your gates of wisdom They all will have to be chosen at random But will have equal and great opportunities lain in front of them.

10: 2010 | Language Arts: Up, above, below, help us create wonderful sentences. While BOOM, CRACK, POP help us create wonderful disturbances. Informative, persuasive can be the types of essays While the nouns are made up of different phases. AMazing Language arts is all about acceptances.

12: An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. ~Benjamin Franklin | Blue: Rhyme Alliteration: Pink Simile: Orange This poem is about a war that had occurred and how the result was actually sweet and helpful to them and it is mainly in the remembrance of the war that had so much blood shed and deaths.

13: Unacknowledged We are the unconquered, The battered and the proud. We sing a song of triumph As our voices ring out loud. We are the forsaken, The lost forgotten few Left to wither by the wayside, Who now come marching through. Our smiles blaze like the banners That we hold up to the sky; They left us there to crumble But still we would not die. They shot their slings and arrows And we took the quivers all But kept moving dumbly onward And never did we fall. We won our independence In a battle hard and long From the day we first discovered It would kill us to belong. As we raise the flag of victory Minds and eyes turn misty gray Remembering the blood we shed In waiting for this day. By: Katherine Foreman

14: Let's Make a Rhyme By: Cathy Bollinger I was walking down the street I stopped to get something to eat. I saw my friend with a crooked smile And stopped to talk to him for a while. He said, let's make a rhyme. Let's make a rhyme. Oh the flea ate a pea with a bee in a tree And then he took a nibble of me. I passed a gal with a feathered hat. She had two dogs and one grey cat. She said hi there, hope you're doing fine. But Mr. can't you read the sign? It says, let’s make a rhyme. Let’s make a rhyme. Oh the hog saw a dog on a log with a frog So the hog ran home jiggity jog. boy - toy cat - bat red - bed dog - log house - mouse bee - knee twig - pig sit - knit Taking a walk on a sunny day. Bright and early in the month of May. I don't see a rain cloud my sight. In fact I’d say this day's just right. So, let’s make a rhyme. Let’s make a rhyme. Oh the cat found a gnat in the hat of a bat And the rat said how about that?

15: I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. | Rhyme Takes Precious Time! | Rhyme: Blue Repetition: Underlined internal Rhyme: White This song is a children's rhyme song and within it is a character which interacts with the other characters and creates rhymes.

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