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My Poem Collection

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S: HELLO!!!!

BC: Aiden is in the 6th grade and loves to play sports, break dance and rap. When he is older he would either like to be a pro paintballer or a engineer in the airforce. He lived in America and now lives in England. He is Filipino and Swiss.

1: Contents Page 2-3 What is A Movie? Page 4-5 The Big Race Page 6-7 The Forest Page 8-9 Messy Living Space Page 10-11 Friends Page 12-13 Racism 14-15 Wqrk Cited

2: What is a movie? It’s a moving book that some people have read, it’s a story you usually watch before bed. Sometimes it’s funny sometimes it’s sad it’s normally put into a big TV you wish you had. Sometimes it’s inappropriate but you watch it anyway, if your parents catch you you’ll probably be grounded the next day!

3: "It’s a moving book that some people have read" From What is a Movie? The metaphor in this creates the mood of an exciting happy feeling. It also creates the effect of something you read comes to life. It is a happy feeling because most kids usually don't like reading but the metaphor makes it seem that if a movie is like a book a book is a movie in your head.

4: The Race The race I was in had the momentum of the Indy 500. As I zoomed down the hill it made me feel like a free wild animal. I pedaled as fast as I could until I could go no more and heard the sounds of my friends alerting me to slow down. Once I hit the brakes I flipped and thrashed to the concrete ground. I looked to my side where I saw my friend lying beside me on the hot frying pan like ground.

5: "We stared at each other with nothing to say but had the same look of fear in our dark brown, shocked eyes calling for help as we lay." From The Race I used imagery in this image. It shows how people in shock have nothing to say and how it creates the mood of a scary time. It makes feel worried about the person lying there and how at any second something can just happen. The effect can create different feelings for others but it is most likely it would be a sad, worried feeling.

6: The Forest The forest is a wonderful place where the animals can feel safe. At night the trees come alive and the clouds dance in the sky. Then out come the hunters seeking a kill, they sit in the wilderness like a rock really still. Then BANG, BANG, BANG down goes a bird and the cries of animals that everybody heard. The forest is a wonderful place where the animals can feel safe and all the wonderful, graceful animals can be free and the forest will be open for all to see.

7: “BANG, BANG, BANG.” From The Forest I used onomatopoeia in this image. It creates the effect that something has happened and traps you wanting to know more. It makes me feel confused and sad because if you were in a very happy place and suddenly you hear the sounds of guns go off it catches you that out of nowhere something tragic took place. It makes me feel sad because if I knew that person it would make feel very emotional inside and outside.

8: My Room is good enough for me but it's not clean not tidy and smells bad. I have a homework desk with no computer nor nooks and I have no clothes because they are spread everywhere like a shot gun when it's shot I also have things that I really have just been misplaced but I think they have walked away.

9: “I also have things that I really have just been misplaced but I think they have walked away.” From Messy Living Space. The personification in this puts the reader in there own imaginary world. It does this because items can’t just walk away unexpectedly. It creates makes me feel very silly that something inanimate has walked off, that I believed something that is normally sitting in my closet has disappeared. It also brings me back to the time when my mom tells me to put things in a safe place and I don’t listen.

10: Friends Friendship can be good and bad. It can be good because Two people can enjoy each others Company with fault. It can be bad due to the fact that one of Those two people can Break trust or Hurt the other in a physical or emotional way. Some times friends change and you Rued the fact that you met them. However that doesn't happen because they Truly and honestly respect each other. To get a friend think of the way you'll approach them And use your wisdom to connect With that person because everyone Has the best knowledge like Albert Einstein.

11: “To get a friend think of the way you'll approach them And use your wisdom to connect With that person because everyone Has the best knowledge like Albert Einstein.” From Friends. The simile in this creates a confident and good mood. It makes one feel confident because usually when someone is new to somewhere or does not know anyone it gives them the boost to go out of their shell and make their voice to say hi. It makes you feel good because you finally have accomplished something that would never cross your mind. In all this image gives everyone a chance to be big and say what they like.

12: Racism I hate racism, I want it to end! If everyone works together We can be in Peace And it won't stay. I wish everyone would Follow Martin Luther King to make Racism a mystery, That it never was true. So everyone work together, to Make the word international So that we can all live in Peace And everybody will be treated Equally!

13: “Follow Martin Luther King to make Racism a mystery.” From Racism. In this image I chose to use diction. The choice of words creates a feeling of relief because there are a lot of people in the world who have to live in disgrace because of their race or their color or the way they look. It makes me feel happy because everyone can finally be free and not live with guilt on his or her shoulders.

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