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My Readings Book

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FC: My ScrapBook

1: Phenomenal Women By: Maya Angelou | Phenomenal Women is a poem about a woman who takes great pride in who she is. The woman in the poem describes herself and the way she is. She believes in who she is and will not change for any man that may come along. She expresses that she may look different and be different but she is a phenomenal women because she is who she is. I believe all women should be bold like Angelou portrays herself. Everyone should be confident in who they are, if they can.

2: Still I Rise By: Maya Angelou | In the poem Still I Rise, Angelou explains that no matter what anyone does or says to her she will not fall. She continues to prove to the reader that she is going to rise weither anyone critisizes her or not. Maya gives a little information about her background and reassures people that she will rise like she was brought up and make her ancestors proud. She stands up for herself and is successful. I agree with Angelou everyone should stand for what they believe in. It was an inspiring poem.

3: Dream Deferred By Langston Hughes This poem is about a dream and the different perspectives you can have of a dream. Hughes is comparing the different aspects of a dream. It may be good or it may be bad. You can interpret this poem in to many ways I think. You can take what he is saying positively or negatively. I took it as a positive thing because when I dream, my dreams are normally good.

4: The Lady of Shalott is about a woman who is bounded to a room with a cursed mirror. She is not to leave the room. While up in the room she sings. She gets to look out over Camelot and see those who come and go. She can see over the river and the lands. One day she spots a man and climbs out of her room. | The Lady Of Shalott This was a hard story to understand because of the word choice but I enjoyed it. It is a good story. | When she climbs out of the room she breaks the curse and the mirror. She attemps to go down the river. As she floats down the river to Sir Lancelot she sings her final song. She dies while singing in the boat floating down the river. At the end of the poem Lancelot states she is beautiful. Her whole life the mirror had told her otherwise.

5: Marrying the Hangman By Margaret Atwood Marrying the Hangman is about a slave who has stolen her master's wife's clothing. She wanted to be more beautiful. The women is put into prision and is to be hanged for disrespecting her master. According to the story the law says if she marries the hangman then she will not be hung. She finds a voice on the otherside of her wall and convinces the man to become the hangman. He also is to be hung. They thought that the man would not be hung if he married the hangwoman. There is no such thing as a hangwoman. Therefore they do marry and he becomes the hangman. I could not understand the ending of the story. I wish I knew because the story leaves one in suspense. What happened is a mystery. Words are written but there is no explaniation. One must think of their own ending. That is how I took it.

6: How do I Love Thee? This poem is about a person who loves someone unconditionally. The woman expresses how strong her feelings are for a special someone. No matter what occurs this woman will not stop loving this man. Their love is perfect and nothing will break it, even after death. I think this is a very cute poem. I hope one day to find a love like Elizabeth Barret Browning describes in her poem.

7: She Walks in Beauty... by: George Gordon This poem starts out with a women in the dark and she is mysterious. When the light hits her face, she becomes this beautiful women who is so innocent and pure. The women appears to be beautiful and loving when seen in the light. I found this poem harder to understand.

8: LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI In this passage a man is in the forest during winter. He believes a fairy is accompanying him because he is so lonely. The fairy shows him love and leads him to the cave. She cries and he comforts her, so she made him feel desired. He then goes to sleep and dreams of death. He then awakes in his cave and understands why he keeps to himself there, eventhough it a lonely and depressing enviroment. This was very hard for me to read and understand. I had to look up many of the words, for me to understand what the author was trying to say.

9: When I have Fears That I May Cease to Be By:John Keats John Keats Poem is about him being afraid that one day he may pass away without the chance of ever having to have loved someone. He fears he may never get to truely love someone, he feels he may miss out on this untouchable thing. I think this poem is sweet and the ending is very tricky to understand. One must read it many times to understand what Keats is trying to say.

10: The Raven By Edgar Allen Poe I think The Raven is a great story. The author describes this man's feelings so well. The man in the story has lost his loved one and he desperatly misses her. He thinks of her often. The raven is a bother because he represents her loss. The black bird reminds him that his love is nevermore. This story represents the grief that people must go through when one has lost a loved one. I enjoyed reading this poem, its very sad and touching. One can almost feel for the poor man who must suffer because of a constant reminder.

11: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner By: Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a very long story and somewhat hard to follow. The author drags out the story and gives in depth details about what is happening to this man that killed an omen that is helping him and his crew make it through the terrible stroms. When the mariner kills the bird a curse is put apon him. He unlawfully killed a bird that was guiding the ship. The albatrose is hung around his neck reminding him of his wrong doing. The crew becomes angry with the mariner and then things look up. When things begin to go bad again the crew again turns on him. The man is cursed and looses his fellow crew members to death. Instead of the mariner getting the easy way out with death, he is cursed and to stay alive. When he realizes how precious life is he is given a second chance. His punishment was to live through suffering and then to relay his story to others. Him telling his story helps other know how to not make the same mistake that he once made.

12: To my Dear and Loving Husband by Anne Bradstreet This is a very short but very sweet poem written by a women for her husband. She says that no love can compare to their love. The two of them are very happy together and even after death their love will forever go on because it is such a strong love. I think this poem is adorable and sweet. I hope one day that I also can find such a happy love.

13: The Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope This poem is very odd and very hard to understand. It was very difficult for me to even read what was being said. Many of the words were not complete with all letters. Therefore, I had to think of what sounded right. I tried to look up many of the words but they were not able to be found. | What I did understand about the story was that their is some type of fairly like creature watching over different people or just one in paticular. The story starts off with a dream. Then a man notices a girl and thinks she is captivating. He wants something from the girl. Eventually there is some type of ball. People have gathered and troops or the army are sent out across fields. Fighting does occour. A man then is assisted by a woman to cut a lock off a women's head. I really did not understand this part what so ever. So the man cuts off her lock and she cries and cries. Then her sylph gets cut to because of her hair being cut off. Then the surroundings begin changing and things are rising not for a good reason. The man that cut the hair off is not praised but called a fool. The girl continues to be sorrowful and to her the world is over without that lock of hair. People died and some explained that beauty is not everything. The people were making fools of themselves. In the end Belinda's hair was famous.

14: Songs of Innocence and Experience The songs of Innonce are all so pure and happy. Songs of innonce include alot of the same words, such as, white, heaven, green grass, happiness, joy. All of those words are words that make you think pure and innoncent. When a child is born they are innoncent. Lambs and sheep are mentioned ofthen throughout the happy songs because they are white and remind you of purity and innocence. Birth is pure and going to heaven again makes a person pure. Children are often mentioned in the songs as well because they are so young, beautiful and innocent. | By William Blake The songs of Experience is not as happy as the songs of innoncence. A lot of death is discussed in these songs. Crying and weeping occurs often. Darker words are used and more of the truth is discussed. The experience part is not always bad but it is almost to the point where it is sinful. Heaven has white and bright colors and the experience poems have more of dark colors and night falls. Sad things occur when you experience life and that is how one goes on. Once one is growin up and become and adult, it is not until they reach heaven that innocence is shown again.

15: If You Forget Me.. By: Pablo Neruda This poem is about a person who loves someone but is afraid that someone will forget about them. In the poem the person describes that as long as their signifacant other is there fore them, they too will return the favor. | Although, this person is saying the love their love, they contradict themselves. Love is unconditional, one can not help who they love. This person says if their mate leaves them, then they too will move on first. The poem ends on a good note, the person says as long as you need me I will be here for you and only you.

16: Sonnet 116 By: William Shakespear This sonnet is extremely hard for me to understand. Shakespear's works are written so differently that I rarely can understand his writings. In this sonnet he is writting about love. I think what he is trying to say is that love has not yet exsisted for him , so he wonders if it truely does exsist at all. It sounds like he believes that some people just get fixed on the word love and think they know what they are experiencing when in fact its a facination with someone.

17: Song of Myself By: Walt Whitman This poem is long and very wordy. It was not a bad poem but I would not read it again if I did not have to. | This man is writting a song about himself. He is proud of himself and does many great things. He stands in at weddings, takes care of children and even helped the slaves. There is alot of description of what he does and what his surroundings are. The writer describes both women and men as equal. He mentions the differnt jobs of the people and the nature world as well. It is almost like the man is writing as if he were god himself. He is not god though. He loves writing poems and giving advice to his readers. Nature is key because he uses them to express life. He wants happiness for not only his children but for everyone around him. To describe everything he uses the five senses to make things more descriptive.he author is very descriptive and discusses everything. He talks about beauty, love, death, knowledge, life and much more.

18: The Cantebury Tales This story starts off describing a journey, where a group of people are traveling to Cantebury. The speaker then describes the different members on the trip. A knight is on this journey and he is a very noble man. He knows what chivarly is and practices such things. Then a women is being described. She is a very sweet and pretty women. She could never hurt a fly. She believed in that saying Amor vincit omnia which means: "Love Conquors All". Then a fat monk is mentioned and he is not as nice as the women mentioned before him. Next is a Friar who is a very rude and bitter man. From what I can take from the writting he treats women and the poor badly. He is not as honest as he should be. A whinning merchant was also one of the many to travel. There was not much information said about him. Up next was the clerk who did not talk often but in fact wanted to help people and even teach. Then there was a man of law who stood for justice and was very wise. A franklin supported the man of law, he also was on the trip. I could not understand who the following person. The cook is next in line and he was on the trip to provide the travelers with food. A ship man did join along as well, he was very thrifty with his many weapons, for he was prepared. There was a doctor who liked to talk about his profession and the surjery stories. He was also very found of gold. The Good Wife of Bath had five husbands. The next man was a good man of religion and he was better then all of the other religious people who travelled on the trip. He was very dedicated to god. The plowman accompanyed them and he was loved by God with hole heart. A miller carried along on the journey, he brought a bagpipe along for the ride. A manciple is on the trip and he is wise and discusses land. Reeve had learned a good mystery when he was just a young boy, at the time he was some what mysterious and to himself. Then came the Summoner and Pardanor. Once all the members on the trip where mentioned the narrarotor briefly went over what was to happen. He then said let the games begin, so the people could begin telling their tales.

19: The Cantebury Tales These tales are harder to understand because they are written in old english. These tales and stories are all about corruption and the way people acted back in the time of the cantebury tales. Most of the people in the cantebury tales complete immoral acts. The charcter I read about was the wife of bath. She is a very interesting lady. She is all about marriage. This charcter was the one that standed out to me most because someday I want to be a wedding planner. I think that getting married the way she did was immoral and dissapointing that she abuses the power of marriage.

20: Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters Spoon river is all about different people who lived in spoon river. Each has a little poem in the spoor river anthology. The poems start off about a group of boys thats all died or killed. The second part is about a bunch of girls who all died. The conclusion of the group of boys and girls dying was that they all were sleeping on a hill. Then after the introduction it goes in to each person and their little poem or some part of their life story.

21: Each little script has some type of description in it to make a point. Death is a big subject in these people's entries. Marriage is another big concept used. Many of the people who have died talk about their wives, husbands, children, and marriages. Many of the poems connect to one another because they talk about another person in their poem to show some type of relationshi between all the different people. The poems are showing the connections people have without ever knowing it. There is alot of corruption involved in the spoon river enteries. Many people were killing, hating, decieving and tricking one another. One man poisioned his wife to death. Others watched others kill and did not mention it. There is also a bit of love shown in the poems as well. Although, some of the people hated each other, not all of the couples or family members disliked each other. I found spoon river to be very odd. I was so unsure of what was going on at first. Then I started noticing all the different connections between the people. It is very interesting to see how these people thought about one another. The things they did were unspeakable. Overall I found these little bits to be strange.

22: Linden Hills by Gloria Naylor This novel written is about a hell that is located on earth. Luther is the gate keeper of the community Linden Hills and one must sell their soul to become a part of the well educated, black and successful community. The novel takes place the week before christmas. Having the setting of hell be very cold. There are two people, Willie and Lester, who are touring through linden hills explain what they see. Luther is the main character and he locks his wife in the basement. Many of the women in Linden Hills commit sucicide because they can not fullfill the requirements and it leads them to killing themselves. Sucicide is popular in this community. Many can not fullfill the requirements. All the man had to get married and have children to countinue their family legacacy in Linden Hills.

23: I found Linden Hills to be a very outrageous and strange novel. I found this novel to be very twisted but interesting at the same time. I personally want to go to heaven therefore, am not excited to learn about hell. I would perfer to read about Heaven! Sucicide is not a fun topic and that is very popular in this novel. This book was hard to understand and took me forever to read because I was just not excited about this topic.

24: Dante's Inferno Dante's Inferno is all about hell and the different characteristics of hell. In Dante's Inferno his version of hell has nine different levels. Each level represents a different sin and contains those who have commited that sin. Dante is the poet in the Inferno who is travelling to see hell. The story of the Inferno came about because of a women who Dante was in love with. Her name was Bridgette and she was also in love with him. Although the two were in love with each other, they were not married to each other but two other people. When Bridgette passes on, she is concerned for Dante because he feels the need to die along with her. Commiting suicide is a sin though. If he commits suicide he will go to hell and she does not want that for her love. So she sends him to hell for a virtual tour, guided by Virgil.

25: Dante's Inferno is a guide that Gloria Naylor uses in order to write her story about hell on earth, She uses the nine circles of hell to display the sins that people commit. I found Dante's Inferno more interesting and had more of a purpose. The virtual tour made the story easy to understand and self explainatory. I enjoyed Dante's Inferno alot more then I did Linden Hills. Again I do not prefer to read about hell. I am a happy person and hell is very depressing.

26: The Ones who Walk away from Omelas This story is about a town who is very seperate from the outside world. The town is closed in and a very happy community. All of the people are enjoying their life at the expense of one poor child. There is a child, unknown gender around the age of 10 who is locked in the basement. The people in the town leave the child there because they believe that if the child suffers they may live their lives of happiness. The child is fed rarely and is extremely thin. I found this story easy to understand. The description of the town sounds wonderful, up until the poor suffering child is mentioned. I also think that the plot of the story is very true. Many people suffer at the extent for others happiness. This is very unfair but a huge reality some people do not realize.

27: Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut This short story is set in the setting of the future year 2081. In this story all the characters are to be equal to one another. The world was almost perfect except in April when a couple, George and Hazel, were depressed because of the loss of their son. Harrison was the name of there boy and he was in prision. In this time period everyone had weights and mask and other objects placed around or on their body called handicaps. It was very strange. George was very smart so he had a radio in his year to decrease his intelligence. Hazel could only talk breifly on a subject and then she would change the subject. One night they were watching Tv. The were watching a ballerina show. | News suddenly came on and it said Harrison had escaped. Harrison later appeared on the screen and removed all his handicaps. He stated he would be the new Emperor and he picked a ballerina to be his emperess. The Governor of the Handicaps came and shot both Harrison and the ballerina. Hazel and George did not morn because they could not realize because of the small radio found in georges ear and because of the handicap that Hazel had. Overall this story was very strange but comical at the same time. Everyone should stand out and be their own person and this story represents what life would be like if everyone was equal.

28: The Lottery By Shirley Jackson In this story their is a town where everyone gathers to pick papers from a black box. The males pick from the box and then the family of the mail who contains the black dot will all pick from the box as well. This is a ritual that occurs every June 27th in this town to have someone sacraficed. In the story a women named Tessie Hutchinson is picked. The children collected stones and then all the towns people threw stones at her until she died. She was the sacrafice for the town so they could have a good harvest that was about to come. I found this story to be so stupid. It was a waste of paper. The towns people are crazy and such a ritual would never occur now a days.

29: The Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe | In this short storie Edgar Allen Poe has a man that is crazy about what he hears. He always hears strange noises and finds that an old man's eye is trying to inferiate him. The old man then plots to kill the old guy. For many nights he travels in to the man's room. One night he slips and makes a sound awakening the old man. The crazy guy then feels he must kill the old man. Therefore, he does kill the guy, and then burries him under the floor planks. He makes no mess for when the cops show up and search his home. He chats very calmly and smootly with the cops. The crazy guy becomes tired and starts hearing a slight beating of the old man's heart. The noise gets louder and louder, driving the man crazy. The cops do not hear the noise but the crazy guy is paranoid and thinks they can. The guy starts passing and talks differently everything time the beating of the heart gets louder. Eventually the bursts out and tells cops that the old man is burried in the floor.This story was somewhat confusing at first but as you read on you can figure it out. This man was very paranoid.

30: I found this short story to be very odd and would never want to see such a thing. In this short story there is a man, Mr. Hooper, who choses to wear a black veil that hangs down to his mouth. No other person can see past the veil. The veil freaks the towns people out and Mr. Hooper no longer enjoys happiness.His fiance asks him to remove it and he does not therefore she leaves him. Even at the man's death bed he still refuses to remove the veil, even though it has caused him a life with no enjoyment. This story was just very odd and I would not read it again for enjoyment. | The Minister's Black Veil | By: Nathaniel Hawthrone

31: Young Goodman Brown is a man who is in love with his wife but ventures on a journey in to the darkwoods towards the sinful side of the devil. On his journey he is accompanied by a man and when Brown tries to give up the man leaves him there on his own. During the journey in to the dark forest goodman Brown talks to and over sees and hears other characters who are sinful to the devil. He sees an pink ribbion of his wife and realizes that there is nothing left to live for because she is lost. He then gives in to the devil against his will. The next morning he believes it was all a dream and does not realize that he acts in the way of the devil. I did not like this story. I found it hard to read and had to reread it over at times. | Young Goodman Brown By: Nathaniel Hawthrone

32: This short story was about a women with a heart disease who thinks she lost her husband. After getting the news from her sister Josephine, Mrs. Mallard goes to her room to by herself and cry alone. While in her room she begins to think about her love for this man and what life is going to be like in the near future. In the end the women does from her heart disease because the joy of her summers and springs to come ahead killed her. The womens husband was never really died and appers back home around the time of his wifes death. I think this story would be a good movie. I found the plot very inetersting and it kept my intreset. | The Story of an Hour | By: Kate Chopin

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