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My Special Book of History

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BC: A book designed special for kids to have a fun and enjoyable way of learning important history.

FC: MY SPECIAL BOOK OF HISTORY | By Elise McGinnis & Brittany Rios

1: MY SPECIAL BOOK OF HISTORY TABLE OF CONTENTS | Page 1 | Ancient River Valley Civilization....2 Classical Era............................4 Post-Classical Asia/Africa............6 Medieval Europe.......................8 Renaissance/Reformation..........10 Enlightenment/Revolutions........12 World War I...........................14 World War II..........................16 Cold War..............................18

2: Ancient River Valley Civilizations | The Ancient River Valley Civilizations were the first civilizations ever! They were the first people to settle down and create civilizations instead of being nomads. They created the first alphabet and numerical system. and learned ways of agriculture. | Page 1

3: What if people had not learned how to farm? If people had not learned how to farm, we might not have ever developed agriculture. We would have not fruits or vegetables or not enough food to feed everyone. There would be more famine and malnutrition around the world. | Page 2

4: Classical Era | Page 4 | Back a long long time ago, there were these people that lived in ancient Greece and Rome. They were really big into art and sculptures. In Greece, they made many stone sculptures and were always very detailed. In Rome, they had very ornate paintings and pictures made by famous artists.

5: What if Athens had not embraced democracy? If Athens had not embraced democracy Athens would have fallen and we would not be as developed as we are today. America probably would not have the government we have today. The world may have never developed fair government and we would all be under monarchy or dictatorship, which would cause much chaos through out different countries. | Page 5

6: Post-Classical Asia/ Africa | Page 6 | During this time period Kublai Khan ruled the Mongol Empire. They lived away from the chinese and obeyed different laws. A man named Marco Polo traveled with his father and uncle along the Silk Road to arrive at Kublai Khan's courts in 1275.

7: Page 7 | What if the Mongols had not opened the Silk Road to safe travels? If the Mongols had not opened the Silk Road for save travels there would have been a huge decrease in trade through out Asia and Africa. It would have been harder to trade and certain areas would be without materials that they used received from other countries. Also there would not be as strong as a trading system today.

8: Page 8 | Medieval Europe | The decline of the Roman Empire led to the European Middle Ages or the Medieval Period.Where learning was put on hold and the church built monasteries. Charlemagne built the greatest empire anybody had heard of since Rome. Also, this is the time period when the Black Plague killed one third of Europe's population.

9: Page 9 | What if the Black Plague did not attack Western Europe? If the Black Plague had not attacked Western Europe. Europe's population would not have dropped so dramatically. Western Europe's leadership figures would not have died as quickly and a strong government would have stayed in place. Medieval Europe would have not fallen as soon as it did and it could have led to more ideas and events in history if people had not died.

10: Between 1300-1600 there was a big explosion of creativity called the Renaissance. Starting in Italy the Study of books led to humanism. The basic belief during this time was secular. Renaissance people madeRome beautiful by spending lots of money for art. These became patrons. | Renaissance/ Reformation | Page 10

11: What if Gutenbberg hadn't invented the printing press? If Gutenberg had not invented the printing press the world would not have as advanced communication skills. The printing press allowed information to be spread easier back in the Renaissance time, so if it were not ever invented the ideas of reformation would never have spread and we would not be as developed as we are today. | Page 11

12: Enlightenment/ Revolutions | In Europe there was the start of a new age called the Enlightenment. Two English political thinkers, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, had the philosophy of human actions. Locke believed that people could learn from mistakes and make them better. But Hobbes had a different idea. He believed that all humans were born evil and do not like to share. | Page 12

13: What if the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists? If the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists, revolutions would not have started. We would have not had advances in government, education, politics, or social status. Europe would probably still have weak government and would not be as developed as they are now. | Page 13

14: World War I | From 1914-1919 there was a fight between the United States, the Allies, and the Central Powers. It was called World War I. This war was the second worst war in history. It has also become infamous for its use of trench warfare. | Page 14

15: What if Germany had not solely blamed for WWI? If Germany had not been solely blamed for WWI, then their army could be even stronger than it already is. They could still be the main threat to the world and United States. Germany would not had a weakened army and we would be far behind. | Page 15

16: Japanese military leader Isoro Kuyamamota had a plan to suprise attack the United States' Pacific Fleet in Hawaii. The plan was before the United States could recover Japanese would be able to seize all of their objectives in the Far East. Soon in December 1, 1941, Japanese air attacked Pearl Harbor. Later U.S attacked Japan with Atomic Bombs. | World War II | Page 16

17: Page 17 | What if the United States had not dropped Atomic Bombs on Japan? If the United States had not dropped Atomic Bombs on Japan, the war might not have ended as soon as it did. Because we dropped the bombs, Japan decided to surrender from the war which ended the war for the U.S. and Japan. If they were not to have surrendered we might have had a longer and more devastating war that could still be going on today.

18: Cold War | Increasing conflicts led to the start of the Cold War. in 1949, ten western European nations joined with the United States and Canada to form a defensive military alliance called NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Soviet Union viewed NATO as a threat. So they developed the Warsaw Pact in 1955. There was conflict with atomic bombs. Both sides raced to have the biggest nuclear weapons and who could reach space first. | Page 18

19: Page 19 | What if the U.S. had not adopted the theory of containment? If the United States had not adopted the theory of containment communism would have spread through out the world. A majority of the world would have fallen into communism and the world's over all government system would be destroyed.

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