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Mystical Creatures

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FC: Mythloc | Sindhu S., Sneha K., Natasha S., Cheleen C. | handbook

1: The folklore is usually about how the mythical creatures were formed, named, and assigned their role in society. It also contains stories for the reason the citizens look the way they do. It often acts as their history. A very common, but popular folklore is how the rainbow once came down to the land, and started crying because there was no one for her to look over or to look over her. From her tears, flowers of different colors grew and the fairies arose. From the fairy dust grew the prairies. These gave life to the unicorns and easter bunnies which established the castle. From the castle came the trolls and goblins. When more wealth was needed in the community the rainbow gave life to leprechauns which invented the pixies as their good luck charm. When the creatures wanted more wisdom the rainbow created the centaurs for the planet. Now has come the time that the rainbow wants to introduce a species of higher intelligence to govern the castle. Here comes your time human-lings. | Folklore

2: The creatures of the culture communicate through telepathy. To access another creatures thoughts, the creature sends a telepathic request that must be accepted. If it isn't accepted, the creature won't be able to communicate with the other. These telepathic communications last until one person cuts it off. This is very similar to a phone call. | Language

3: The mythical creatures worship the Rainbow. The Rainbow abides over the community and protects all of the creatures. It is essential for their survival. The Rainbow is the source of all energy and life. It provides an unlimited supply of all of the needed supplies. The creatures believe that if someone disobeys the laws of the land the Rainbow will punish them by dropping them below the clouds. Thus, the rainbow also creates a type of governing law and a form of justice. The Rainbow also determines when festivals and such take place. Whenever the Rainbow is reflected to form a double a seasonal festival takes place. They also believe that the Rainbow is the guardian of the whole world and keeps out the evil by the protective bubble it spreads around. Each festival is based on a single color. | Religion

4: The creature communicate through telepathic communication. The creatures bow their heads to say hi or goodbye. All citizens are created equally, but each has a specified role. The unicorns are the spirit of happiness of the world. The bunnies are the gardeners of the grazing fields. The centaurs educate and take care of the cloud fields. The pixies are the cops who enforce the rules of the Rainbow. Trolls guard the castle. Leprechauns keep wealth in balance. Merpeople are the performers who entertain. Fairies are nurses that help the wounded by sprinkling fairy dust. Goblins protect the outer borders from being invaded. | Social Interaction

5: In mythical creature culture the architecture is determined by the creature. Trolls live in caves and fairies live in flowers. Dragons live under castles and unicorns roam freely in prairies. Leprechauns dwell in large cauldrons, while mermaids swim through the castle's river. Easter bunnies hop along on the prairies along with the unicorns. Centaurs and goblins surround the castle in huts or tents. There are patches of cloud area scattered randomly to enhance the surroundings. Cloud areas can be shaped into whatever the passerby wishes to. The music auditoriums are shaped like shells and change color according to the music, since these are made out of clouds. The color scheme depends on the creatures. The troll caves are gray. The fairies flowers' can be any color that the fairy chooses. The prairies are made of purple and green, and the leprechaun pots are brown. The river is a clear aqua color and the tents are whatever color the centaurs and goblins want them to be. The castle is magnificent and looks like it is made for the royal. Most housings are simple and the city is medieval like. | Architecture

6: UniCORN- Every evening the unicorns cut of half off their horn and give it to the pixies who chop it all into small pieces. The unicorns’ horns grow every night and restore their size and shape. These pieces are then arranged into nighttime meals for the creatures. Each creature's amount of corn varies on their need. The corn keeps the creatures healthy and thriving. | Food

7: Cotton "Cloud" Candy- The centaurs create cotton “cloud” candy for special occasions. They go to the cloud harvesting field and whip up some confections for the special event. The treats are created based on the event and served by the centaurs. This is the only food that is limited. | Food

8: Food | Rainbow Pie- A fresh batch of rainbow pies is made every day by the Easter bunnies. Each Easter bunny is assigned to a unicorn. Then throughout the day as the unicorn leaves behind trails of the rainbow pie wherever it goes, the bunnies collect it and make pies out of them. These pies are served each morning by the bunnies and this helps keep all of the mythical creatures on the clouds.

9: Food | Pots of Gold Soup- Pots of gold soup are stewed every day by the leprechauns. The leprechauns go to the end of the Rainbow and collect the gold to be made into soup for the day. The fairies also help in this process by providing the leprechauns with fairy dust at the beginning of the day. This gold is melted and a few pieces of fairy dust are added to create the stew. This stew is transported to all the creatures at midday by the goblins. This is the food that gives all the creatures energy.

10: The clothing of the culture varies from creature to creature. Trolls, leprechauns, mermaids, fairies, goblins, and centaurs have to wear clothes. Trolls must all wear pants and the females must wear a shirt. Troll clothing is usually tattered unless it is a wealthy family. Goblins wear the same clothes as trolls. Leprechauns wear fancy suits since they have plenty of money from their pots of golds. Female mermaids wear clothing utilizing what is found in the river or market. Fairies wear dresses that are made of natural colors like green, brown, red, orange, and etc. Female centaurs wear shirt made out of any available materials. | Clothing

11: Land Use | The land is generally divided using metes and bounds. The borders are often made of higher piled clouds. The residential are is often split using township and range. The rainbow presides over the whole planet. The castle is located at the center and is used for big gatherings and for serving the first and last meals of the day. Surrounding the castle is the residing place of all mermaids. This is then surrounded by different residential areas of the citizens. They are grouped with the rest of their kind. The outer is surrounded by farming areas and other miscellaneous places. The performance centers are scattered throughout the place.

12: Music | The music making is limited to the mermaids who perform at three specific timings every day. They perform in the shell shaped clouds and project their voices by using cloud microphones that are made by the dragons especially for this purpose. THey need these microphones since they are only meant to sing under water. Their performances are open to anyone who does not have a task to be performing at the moment. Their music can be heard slightly throughout the whole city, but not clearly like inside the “auditorium.” They also have performances for everyone to enjoy at all of the festivals. They draw a shell out of the clouds every morning to determine the type of music they will be performing that day. When they aren't performing they make their own instruments which are carefully constructed out of special music clouds. There is only one rule on the music: It can't be gloomy or depressing. If such music is heard all of the performers will immediately be dropped from the clouds. The performers only perform once a day so they are on rotations or shifts.

13: Art | The art will be similar to human except it is more abstract and the dragons make it. All art is made of glass. The dragons use their flame to create the art. It's later frozen for preservation. Art is displayed everywhere and is always changing. An art archive is kept to store the art that isn't being displayed.

14: Film and Television | In this world the film and television has different channels matching the creatures' likes and dislikes. Leprechauns will have a channel on how to safe-guard their gold and get more. The unicorns will have a channel specifying how to find the best patches of grass. Another example would be how the bunnies watch television to find out how to make rainbow pies really fast.

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