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Nancy's Book - 11x14

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BC: Life is Good!

FC: Nancy's ICU | Celebrating Nancy Corda and the Petaluma Valley Hospital Intensive Care Unit

1: For Nancy, This book of photos represents nearly twenty years of the ICU under your management...for most of us you were the only boss we ever had at PVH...and we present it to you with feelings of gratitude, respect, and love...and our wish for a wonderful and well deserved retirement. –The ICU Staff Petaluma Valley Hospital July 2014

2: Already a star at her school and in her community, Nancy Corda answered her calling to become a nurse soon after graduating high school, getting married and moving to San Luis Obispo in 1969. She earned her RN degree there in 1971, and her first child, Jennifer Martin, was born in 1972. The family moved back to Petaluma in 1974, and Nancy started at Hillcrest Hospital in the ICU even though she had not had prior critical care experience. Nancy's second child, Angela Martin, was born in 1976. Hillcrest moved to the new Petaluma Valley Hospital in 1980 where Nancy continued to work in the ICU.

3: As Nancy proved herself to be an exceptional critical care nurse at PVH over the years, it was a natural progression for her to become Charge Nurse of the ICU in 1994 when the opening arose. As critical care nursing became more complicated, her role changed to Nurse Manager of ICCU, and finally, while managing two units, she added Director of Inpatient Nursing Services to her title in 2010. However, she still kept her title of Nurse Manager of the ICCU; the ICU was her true home. | COMMUNITY HOSPITAL

4: The Face of PVH


6: In Nancy's ICU we worked hard, we were encouraged to learn new skills, achieve our CCRN, write protocols and develop flow sheets, attend NTI, teach at Skills Lab, and be preceptors for students and new grads. We were encouraged to volunteer in the community, join governance groups and achieve Staff Nurse 4 status. We were honored with awards for Excellence and Justice, and others. Nancy herself received many awards during her career; she was a great nurse whose passion for knowledge, her hospital, her unit, her nurses, her patients, and her community was an inspiration. However, in Nancy's ICU...we also had a little FUN at work when we could. | In Nancy's ICU we worked hard

8: The Best Boss

9: The 90s | To Excellence Awardees Caus and Lu! | Congrats! | Excellence Awardees Caus and Lu!

10: Who's in Charge?

12: Goofing off or working hard... | How you make an ICU snowman!

13: ...nobody did it better!

14: T e a m W o r k

15: Check Us OUT! | Some new kids right out of school...Lu is a very proud preceptor!

16: The 00s | Remember... Y2K? | Nancy checked up on things at midnoc! | Dee's family brought the (apple) bubbly!

17: All work and no play ...

18: Follow your Inner | Star

19: Woo-Worthy!

20: Union Work

21: Skills Lab

22: We didn't always... | well...we NEVER really did... | like change.

24: Hot Flash City!

25: Did we really used to have report in the "report room" from a Kardex? | The Report Room

26: Doctor, Doctor, give me the news...

27: I've got a bad case of lovin' you...

29: 2007 Relay for Life

30: What would we ever do without Respiratory?

33: (most of) T h e C l a s s of 2 0 0 8

34: Nancy was a very budget conscious manager

36: Such excellent patient care...

37: and attention to detail during shift report!

38: The hard-working night shift...

39: practicing their skills!

40: June 2009 Scrub Exchange for Hospice

41: The10s | Two "Wear Red" days...2011 and 2013 | We raised a lot of "dough" for this one!

42: "It's your experience and how you challenge yourself that keeps you growing. I'm really passionate about nursing". | Nancy Corda, RN, CCRN 2010

43: Many of Nancy's family, friends and colleagues came to celebrate with her. | 2010 B e n e d e t t i Leadership Award

44: Nancy Corda Values in Action Excellence Award Recipient 2011

45: Congrats Cindy! 5/13 Excellence Awardee | NTI Boston 2013 | Unit Base Council | More Woo -Worthiness

46: Jean Marie Zak Values in Action Justice Award Recipient 2013 | Congratulations Jean Marie!

47: Ta da...it's the Duonebs! | Here we come to save the day...

48: The PM shift is very comfortable with their I&O containers...candy and beer included... | Very colorful contestants for the Ugliest Scrubs contest...

49: The winners of the Ugliest Scrubs contest...it's a tie!

50: It takes a team...

51: Cindy...back for her day shift after her evening shift..how doses she do that?

52: Hospital adds remote ICU monitoring

54: In Nancy's ICU we became a work family and took the time to celebrate life's special events. We had parties in and out of the unit: weddings, babies, milestone birthdays, Halloween...you name it, we celebrated it! And in Nancy's ICU, as busy as she was, Nancy rarely missed a celebration. | In Nancy's ICU we played hard too

56: 10/96 Amy's baby shower | 8/97 Ann's baby shower | 90s Babies | Hello baby girl! | Hello baby boy!

57: Happy Birthday to You! | 7/99 Lu's 40th | Ann's 30th | It's a noc shift thing!

58: H a l l o w e e n 9 8 / 9 9

59: One of our favorite patients, Bud, wanted to be in on it! | Nancy was surprised when she arrived for work; cakes by Gayle. | 3 / 0 0 N a n c y T u r n s 5 0 ! | Surprise! | The decorators!

60: 8/00 Val's Bridal Shower; cake by Gayle, gown by Ann and Maggie | 4/01 Valerie's 30th Birthday: cake by Gayle | 3/01 Tom and Robin's wedding | Bride of Horror!

61: S h o w e r f o r N a n c y J u l y 2 0 0 1 | The Marry Princess!

62: Nancy & Gary August 2001

64: Halloween 2000

65: Halloween 2001/2002

66: 10/03 Happy 40th Shari! | 1/03 Happy 50th Gayle!

67: Cake by Gayle

68: A p r i l 2 0 0 4 D o n n a T u r n s 50 | Time for the big pants?

69: Ha l l o w e e n 2003 & 2004

70: 5 / 0 5 B a b y S h o w e r f o r V a l e r i e | Lisa's cake | It's Jack!

71: H a l l o w e e n 2 0 0 5

72: June 2006 Happy 40th Debbie!

73: Halloween 2006

74: 5 / 0 7 D e c a d e s P a r t y | M i l e s t o n e s | Nancy having fun with Maggie 's worry all week that rain was going to ruin her outdoor party! It sprinkled...

75: Happy 30th to Christy, 40th to Kelly, 50th to Jean Marie, and 60th to Nancy N!

76: Two great events at Margi's beautiful place...a year apart: her wedding to Mark July 2007 and her 60th birthday August 2008

77: 10/08 Gina came to town from Hawaii, so of course we had to have a dinner for her!

78: Not hard to figure out the theme of this party! | 5/0 9 Amy's B a c h e l o r e t t e P a r t y

79: One of the BEST parties ever!

80: 9/09 Lu thought she was having a belated shower for Sylas, but we also surprised her, belatedly! | Lisa's cake for Lu | Surprise! Happy 50th Lu! | Welcome baby Sylas! | Yum, strawberries and cheesecake!

81: 12/09 Nancy Shaffer was surprised at work on her 60th BD! And then she got the TWR! | Surprise Nancy! | Another great Lisa cake!

82: 3 / 1 0 Na n c y ' s 6 0 t h B i r t h d a y ! | Always a Princess!

83: May you always dance on the table...or a barrel...whatever!

84: 6 / 1 0 B a b y S h o w e r f o r C o u r t n e y | It's Zane!

85: Lisa was a beautiful Holly Golightly at her Breakfast at Tiffany's party! | 1 1 / 1 0 L i s a ' s 5 0 t h B i r t h d a y

86: April 2011 It was the 80s for Valerie's 40th! | Lisa's cake...of course! | Fame! I'm gonna live forever...

87: August 2011 Dee's 60th birthday party | September 2011 Valerie LaMar's 50th birthday

88: It's Evan! | 3 / 1 2 A my ' s Baby S h o w e r

89: 6/12 Tracy's band the Rivereens and her PVH ICU fans at Lagunitas | Nothing Like Good M u s i c & Good Beer!

90: Fabulous Fifty! | O c t o b e r 2 0 1 3 S h a r i ' s 5 0 t h B i r t h d a y

91: The Outfit! | It was only fitting that it should retire with Donna who started the whole thing! | It started with Maggie's Big Date...and at that time was joined with this lovely cookie, (left) the Sex for Dummies book, as well as Oil of Old Lay, among other things! Through the years it was re-gifted, and newly decorated, for more noble occasions: nursing awards, birthdays, weddings, etc.

92: In Nancy's ICU we had to say goodbye to some...few left but when they did, whether regular staff or temporary travelers...or even students...we usually gave them some kind of send off. Some retired, some moved away, some changed jobs...and some came back. Not all who left were captured on film...but... In Nancy's ICU we appreciated those who came to work with us and hated to say goodbye. | In Nancy's ICU we said goodbye

94: Goodbye Maggie (briefly) and Barb 5/99 | Goodbye Chris 5/98 | Goodbye Robin 10/98

95: Goodbye Penny 1/00 | Goodbye Tom 7/00 | Goodbye Ann 8/00 | Eww cake from RT!

96: Diane moves away 5/03 | Vickie Retires 9/03 | Cake by Gayle

97: 4 / 0 4 A l o h a G i n a ! | y e s

98: 8 / 0 5 A l o h a t o G a y l e To o !

100: 9 / 0 5 D o n n a M o v e s t o C a r s o n C i t y | Why parties are so important

101: Jack's boobs!

103: 1 1 / 0 6 A m y 's G o o d b y e P a r t y | ...and she came right back!

104: 7 / 0 7 S u p e r v i s o r B a r b R e t i r e s

105: Another wonderful Lisa cake! | Pharmacist Lynn moves back to North Carolina March 2013

106: August 2013 Margi's Retirement Party

107: January 2014 Nancy's Retirement Reception at PVH

108: Your ICU misses you Nancy!

109: In Memoriam the hardest goodbyes... | Frank Flynn | Donna Causley | Donna Causley's memorial service | "Sam" Donna Ramatici Samuelson | Pat Christen

110: Dear Nancy, It was truly a pleasure having you as our manager! You were so engaged and truly cared about us individually and cared about quality patient care. We miss you so much! I'm happy that you can take some time for you though. You deserve it after so many years of serving the community, the hospital, and the nurses! Love, Amy | How wonderful to have worked with you so long! I value your energy, professionalism, dedication to many details and pursuit of excellence. Blessings and love, Dee | Nancy, I will be forever grateful that you took a chance on this MedSurg nurse. You are truly one of the greatest influences in my life. Now set another good example by thoroughly enjoying your retirement! Love, Lisa | Reflections in Honor of Nancy from Debbie Dempel May the sun shine all day long. Everything go right and nothing wrong, May those you love bring love back to you, And may all the wishes you wish come true! –Irish Blessing Painful though parting be, I bow to you As I see you off to distant clouds. –Emperor Saga Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, Is certain for those who are friends. –Richard Bach Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Some trails are happy ones, others are blue. It's the way you ride the trail that counts. Here's a happy one for you. –Dale Evans | Nancy, I will never forget what a great boss you were. You supported and encouraged me from the time I started floating to the ICU as a unit secretary, throughout the time I was in nursing school, and up until your last days at PVH. I doubt I will ever work with another supervisor as flexible, caring and compassionate as you. I hope that your retirement has brought you the happiness you deserve. Mandy | Nancy, Thank you for all the support over the years, for your insight and care of our little ICU! It couldn't have been easy working with a bunch of strong willed, outspoken women, but with you at the helm our little unit hummed! Thanks for hiring me and for being so flexible when I needed to change shifts. I will always appreciate you! Hope you are enjoying your much earned retirement! Love, Sue

111: Dear Nancy, Not only were you an amazing mentor and an amazing manager, you were and are an amazing friend! A long time ago, you told me that if I ever needed to talk you were there for me. You always were!! Your friendship is one of my life's greatest treasures. I have been so blessed to call you friend. Love you, Jean Marie | Dear Nancy, Thank you for all the wonderful work you did for us and PVH. You deserve to enjoy every moment of your retirement. May each day be filled with joy, family and friends. Relax and have fun! Love, Rhonda | Nancy, you were the best boss I have ever had! Thank you for sticking up for me when I got into trouble...haha, the "pillow," and for encouraging all of us to grow as nurses. I know it has been frustrating at times! And thank you for being such a good sport, and so much fun, and a great dance partner...and hula hooper...and rarely missing a party, trying your best to be there for special occasions even when you were so busy. I've always said you are the best multi-tasker I have ever known! You are also the best nurse I have ever seen in a code. You are just the best at so many things...and I am glad to know you. Love you, Maggie | For a While We have all come to the right place. We all sit in God's classroom. Now, The only thing left for us to do, my dear, Is to stop Throwing spitballs for a while. –Hafiz (Persian poet c. 1320-1389) All the best, John | Nancy, you are the best role model! You inspire me to want to find ways to always be a better nurse. Enjoy retirement! Love, Courtney | Dear Nancy, Thank you for giving us a generous dose of support, encouragement, and sharing of your mother's amazing cake! Love, Tracy Bigelow Grisman

112: Congratulations Nancy, Thank you for believing in me by hiring a new grad 15 years ago. In that time, you have been a colleague, boss, mentor, and sometimes a mother to me. You have lead by seemingly effortless example, by being a staunch patient advocate, wonderful caring wife and mother, and definitely the smartest woman I know. Your dedication to PVH and the nursing profession has certainly been an inspiration. Thank you again for instilling some of your wisdom in me and giving me such a glowing example of what a true woman is. I miss you, Shari | Nancy, You will always be a huge influence on my journey into nursing for many reasons. You gave me an opportunity to work in ICU and I will forever be grateful. I learned from you what a truly compassionate, smart, and strong nurse manager is and will always be inspired by your warmth and caring for patients, employees and the general community this hospital serves. Thank you for all your years of work and having such a positive and profound impact on people's lives. –Sabrina | Nancy set a high standard of nursing care for all of us to aspire to. She was always very loyal to her staff, her patients, and their families. She always provided compassionate and excellent care to every patient in the hospital. She was a very intelligent woman who learned the ever changing technology and helped all of us learn it as well. I wish her the best in retirement, a new chapter in her life that she is loving, I am sure! Thank you Nancy for all you did for all of us. –Margi | Nancy, you are the best...what can I say? As a new nurse, you made me feel safe and secure in my new surroundings while helping to mold me into the person I am today. Your encouragement and compassion, on and off the floor, seemed to be just the right "prescription" to get me through the day. My favorite memory: tee-peeing your office with Jean Marie for your 60th...priceless!! You will be missed. XO –Taryn

113: Dear Nancy, From the very first time I met you I knew I would be working in a special place, with special people. You were my model of excellence and a consistent reminder to keep my standards high. You taught me to focus on the patient, deal directly with the bullshit and never forget how honorable it is to be a nurse. You nurtured my need to expand in my profession and reined in my tendency to roll over important players. You kept me mindful of the "bottom line" while encouraging a team spirit in the ICU. You gave so much of yourself and believed so much in the core idea of PVH. I loved working with you and for you. You were someone I could "pledge allegiance" to without hesitation or doubt. (rare for someone like me!) I miss your leadership, honesty, and above all your unfaltering integrity. I am proud to call you my friend and fantasize about a future where somehow I could work with you again on research or some community project or...well, anything frankly, because I would work with you again anytime, anywhere, and know I was working with someone amazing who believes in what she does and speaks as honestly as she can. Love you Nancy!!! Cindy (Lohrentz) | Nancy, I remember meeting you on my first day at PVH. From day one you were a shining example of the nurse I wanted to be, Always a strong leader, tireless advocate and soooo knowledgeable. I wondered if I would ever know as much as you. And now you exemplify graceful retirement...my new goal! Enjoy every moment of every day. Best Wishes, your "other daughter," Valerie | Nancy, You are the nurse who inspires others to "step up their game." Through your tenure at PVH, you have shown us we could write policy, care for patients as if they were family, and get in the code blue trenches while dressed for success. Thank you for leading by example. Your legacy will always resonate in your hospital. Congratulations on your well deserved retirement. You are missed every day. Forever in your debt, Tami Kennedy

114: Day one, March 28 1991, PVH ICCU: Day shift orientation with Nancy Corda. Code Blue bed 1 with Dr. Erny's patient and the best precordial thump ever; followed by the best ever carrot cake from Minnie Corda. This is a memory I will have for the rest of my life. While the next 23 years are not as clear in detail and your time at PVH is finished, I forget you are no longer there and often situations remind me of your dedication and commitment to our unit and hospital. There are so many memories, a few sad but most happy. I think of the many parties outside of the job, birthdays, going away, just 'get-togethers', most of all the Halloween parties and your husband's costumes (many that to this day make me almost blush). One of my favorite parties was your 50th birthday; we decorated the unit with your Dairy Princess pictures, picture strategically placed in bed, on a pillow with our patient Bud Skinner (did we ever tell Gary about this affair?!?!?!). There were also award dinners and the NTI convention in LA a few of us went to together. You have been generous with your time both on the job and outside the job. I consider you a friend and enjoy spending time with you (certainly not standard for most management). I know that being manager came with many frustrations, yet always knew you had my (and the ICU's) back, even if it didn't seem so. | Your knowledge and clinical competence portrayed your true passion for the profession. Your willingness and readiness to assist with anything related to patient care was evident. Remarkably, you extended this care and advocacy to the nurses, team, and family as well. The respect I observed, demonstrated by employees and physicians alike, remains a tribute to how much you have meant to all of us. Also, with my current family issues, I saw your total concern and care; I felt your empathy and appreciated the understanding you displayed when I needed to take time off. Again, I want you to know how much your support and encouragement meant as I went back to school for my MSN. You truly made an impact on how I felt regarding my place in the nursing world. You remain an example for me; as a life-learner as you kept up with the current practice including returning to school for your BSN. In my thoughts, you surpass all the other administration at St. Joesph's combined. There are just too many memories, moments and experiences to mention, but they will remain so much a part of me as well as PVH ICCU. I could not have asked for a better working environment and opportunity. Wherever I go or end up (probably PVH), these last 23 years have been the best. You represent so many important attributes and values in your personal life, I am honored and blessed to have had the opportunity of working side by side as a colleague, my manager, director, mentor, and last but definitely not least - a friend. Love you, Lu | My Tribute to Nancy

115: Nancy, You have proven that the actions of one person driven by selflessness, hard work, determination, and the ability to lead, can touch more than just the lives of those we encounter. You have proven that one person can influence an entire community. For all your efforts, goals reached, and for inspiring us to make a difference in the lives we touch every day! To a continued life of happiness, adventure, fulfillment, and fairways! To you! Ryan MacDonald | Nancy, I don't think I can ever really express how grateful I am to you for hiring me for my very first RN job! Not only that, but also for allowing me the amazing opportunity to start my nursing career in critical care, something I didn't think would be an option for me as a new grad. I couldn't believe my luck in having such a supportive kind, understanding and encouraging manager who empowered the staff, unit, and hospital as a whole. You are so missed! I am so proud to have worked with you! Cindy Vasquez | This book was put together by Maggie Kelstrom as a gift for Nancy Corda from the ICU staff at PVH. Most photos are either from Lucinda Lofftus' unit albums of the earlier days, or ones Maggie has taken herself since 1995. A few recent photos were contributed by staff; the Benedetti photos were given to Nancy by Owen Kahn Photography, two photos used from Nancy's 60th birthday were given to Nancy by photographer April Lyn, Nancy's VIA photo was given to her by St. Joseph's, and photos from Nancy's retirement reception were emailed from the nursing office of PVH. Nancy also contributed other photos of herself, not knowing exactly why! All contributions were greatly appreciated. Maggie Kelstrom July 14, 2014 | Nancy, what a wonderfully fiercely caring person you are, and I know you will carry that spirit forward to all things you are involved in. Love you, Karen Newman | Nancy, Enjoy every minute of retirement! No one deserves it more than you do! I don't know anyone who worked as hard as you. Thank you for being a great role model, mentor, and boss, You set the bar super high with your amazing work ethic. I will never forget interviewing with you, and being so happy to have my first job working with and for you. I will alway appreciate how much support and guidance you gave me. I wish you all the best, Love and hugs, Valerie Zajonc

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