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Nate M.

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BC: Don't leave this book open or else...

2: It was a breezy day in the forest and very calm at least for now. ''Ahhhhhhh!'' a girl about 15 years old screamed. She was running from the scream. The scream stopped and said "Coffee break." The girl agreed. "OK." ''Would you like milk with yours? The scream said ''No.'' After they were done, the scream screamed, ''Are you ready?'' ''Yes',' the girl screamed and the scream started chasing the girl. ''Ahhhhhhhh!'' the girl screamed. 2nd story It was 12:00 p.m. and Fred was in his room watching TV. But then the phone rang, ''I will kill you,'' a guy said in a deep voice.

4: ''Wuz up?'' Fred said. ''Wuz up?'' the guy said. ''Wuz up?'' ''Whats up?'' ''Wuz up?'' ''Wuz up?'' ''This'' and the guy hung up the phone. 3rd story It was late at night and there was a party at Bob's house. The music was turned up all the way, there were about 100 people there. ''Ah yay, shack it shack what your momma gave you'' one of bob's friend screamed. This is the sweetest party ever'' another guy screamed. Boom the door flew open and hit Jerry in the face and he fell down, ''Your dare have a party,'' said Balloon Man. ''Ow no it's balloon man where hosed'' Bob's friend screamed ''No you're dirty'' balloon man said.

5: Then balloon man took a sowed out of his balloon belt so did bob. ''We well fit if I win you give me $1000000000000000000000000 and if you win you get 1cent'' bob said ''OK'' balloon man said. bob swung his sword and it hit balloon man on the face ''stop I give up hears the money jut don't hurt me'' and balloon man ran off. 4th story ''Would you like milk with you coffee'' ''No,'' the girl screamed. ''I just want you to leave me alone!'' screamed the girl. ''You're stupid'' ''You dare say that to me!'' the scream said. ''And what are you going to do''. ''This you are not my friend any more.''

6: the scream screamed ''But why don't you throw me of a building,'' ''Because this will hurt more!'' the scream said. ''And there is one more thing stupid person say what?'' ''What'' the girl said ''Ha you said what your stupid'' the scream said. ''Urgg I'm living,'' ''best thing you did all night''. 5th story Anny was walking outside when a skeleton came out of nowhere. ''I will kill you'' the skeleton screamed. ''Ahhhhhh!'' Anny screamed and she started running and the skeleton ran after her. She was chest for at least one hour. But then she hit a dead end no literally she hit a wall. ''Don't hurt me!''

7: ''No I wont eat you'' the skeleton said in a kind voice. ''Good'' ''I'll eat you'' the skeleton screamed. ''No!" Anny screamed. But then something strange happened his arm flew off it seamed that Anny baby was ripping the skeleton bones off. ''No stop'' but it was to late the skeleton was dead again. ''Thank you bob the baby'' and she picket bob the baby and gave him a hug "What ever baby'' bob the baby said. 6th It was a dark night and Sean was in his room watching TV. When Dancing man came through the window. ''Prepare to meet your doom" dancing man screamed "What you're a monster'' Sean said ''Yes''.

8: ''What can you do?'' Sean said. ''I can dance and and drive you crazy'' dancing man cried ''No I want a monster that is scary'' Sean said. ''Ah come on give me a chance'' ''No your out of here!'' and he was gone and a monster with teeth the size of a kids body showed up.''Thank you now maybe we can get some high ratings'' Sean said. ''Your dead meat!'' the monster said and started biting and scratching ''No bring back dancing man bring back dancing man Ahhhhhhhhh!''. 7th It's was a boring day at school, every body was writing except Nate. He was drawing faces on his book, ''This is boring!'' Nate whispered to Luke.

9: ''Maybe you should try writing it's not that bad'' Luke said. ''Ya and Ms. Nose Picker is nice'' ''You got that right.'' Luke said ''Ow'' Nate said. Ms.Nose Picker shocked Nate on the head with a tazer ''Be quiet!" ''Why did she shock me and not you,'' ''Because she probably hates you more'' Luke said. Then all of a sudden Nate's book had a real face ''I will kill you'' ''shut up I'm trying to talk here'' Nate said. ''Perhaps you did not here me I will kill you'' the book monster said ''I herd you and were did you get that costume the 99 cent store. ''Dude he's real'' Luke said ''shore and I shoppes if I put my head in his mouth he will eat me'' Nate said ''Yes''. But it was to late Nate's head was already on the ground thanks bob that will teach him to write''.

10: if you were scared by the book don't be scared... be really really scared. Here are some pictures:

16: are you scared yet. Ready to see some more scary pictures

18: FIRE

19: Boo!

21: Thanks For Reading

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