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Neutral Portfolio

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BC: K has to protect Myst from the evil, will they succeed or will it be a history nobody wants to know?

FC: Myst Island

1: Once upon a time, there was a person who was destined to save the world by an evil person called...MR.OO! he has to travel to the island of Myst and try to save the land. Will he succeed? | Introduction

2: Dr.K is a good trustworthy person. | Character | Mr.OO is a bad cruel person. | Jo is a tall athletic kind person.

3: Egg is a very small green dump monster created by Mr.OO. | Hochi is blind japan girl whose parents had abandoned since she was young.

4: Settings | Air temple The air temple is a calm peaceful place but sadly got burnt down by Mr.OO. The air temple is home to all kinds of birds and air dragons(rare). You could hear peaceful bird chirping songs everyday. It is also home to the air monks which love peace and would not fight at any chance.

6: Earth kingdom The earth kingdom is harsh place. There are lots of robber and thieves. The earth kingdoms population is over 1 million people, it gets crowded sometime. The town is protected by a huge wall in front of city. Outside of the town is all desert and for that makes the town low on water.

8: Fire Nation The fire nation is a cruel dark place. It is full of volcano and fire. Nobody has ever manage to go there successfully most of them burn to death. For years people have been scared of the fire barbarians on the island. They have conquered all the island in Myst and destroyed most of them.

10: Water tribe The northern cold water tribe is cold and freezing but a peaceful place. The fire nation has been killing several people in the tribe. Now they live in horror being scared what will come next. The water tribe is located in the north, several dangerous animal live there such as The white seal, The polar Worm, The water whale.

12: Once upon a time there was a land far far away, a peaceful land called Myst! It was once peaceful after Mr.OO arrived, some say he is a ghoul from beneath but nobody knows. He turned Myst into his own rotten kingdom. The Anti Enemy Force had to do something to stop it. That is why Dr.K arrived at Myst for, destroying Mr.OO!

14: CHAPTER 1 Dr.K was traveling peacefully then... CRASH Dr.K's plane crashed on the earth kingdom desert and has struggled to go on to the fire nation. The crew of Dr.K team walked for hours and had ran out of water. They battled through all kind of crisis such as dehidration, hotness. It was night and the number of crew was 1 only Dr.K survived the crisis and a second later he fainted. When K woke up he found out that he was in a house of cold air. Then someone appeared it was Jo Dr.K friend from high school. They talked and K explained everything to Jo.

15: Jo drove K to the earth kingdom to get more supply. When they finished the 2 went on a boat to the Water Tribe to recruit more people for the mission.

16: CHAPTER 2 The 2 boys went on the boat for hours then arrived at a cold blue place. The tribe is full of fish smell and slippery ground. They walked around and saw a samurai sword training by a young pale blind japanese women. Her skill was magnificent and they knew they need her in the mission.

17: The boys asked the tribe master about her, he said her name was Hochi. She was abandoned by her parents when young. She was looked after by him and was incredibly good at sword fighting. Dr.K asked Hochi about the mission but she wasn't interested so they left the island with misery.

18: CHAPTER 3 The 2 boys Jo and K traveled around the Myst country trying to find more crews but they failed. Nobody would face the danger... Then suddenly the door of their boat rattled. They opened it and found... Hochi. She followed them and explained why cause she would never let the evil destroy her village. Now Jo, K and Hochi traveled around trying to find the fire island but they couldn't! Then a mist of cloud flew past them then 3 turned around and saw THE AIR TEMPLE! They thought the temple was destroyed but no it was perfectly in place. They landed on 1 temple and a peaceful bald monk was standing in front of them.

19: The monk slowly walk towards them. He explained why the 3 could find the lost air temples. Because the Myst island needed them to save them. When the monk was finished he cast a spell that made the 3 warriors appear at the fire island suddenly.

20: CHAPTER 4 When the 3 got to the fire land they had to find the lair of Mr.OO. They traveled for hours fighting blaze monster and more. They searched every part of island but not find Mr.OO lair, they were going to give up but suddenly they saw a shining light on top of a fiery mountain... IT WAS THE LAIR OF OO!

21: K decided to check if it was dangerous or what, so he climb up the mountain and saw a massive city full of fire and people. While K was admiring the view he suddenly got kidnapped and brought to OO's lair. When he woke up he saw his 2 friends and Mr.OO. K was super surprised and shocked, OO explained everything and told K he was watching him ever since. While Mr.OO was making the death machine, to destroy Myst ,work The 3 guys and girl was carefully watched by Egg a monster OO has made.

22: CHAPTER 5 They 3 people tried to find their way out but they couldn't because Egg was watching them. They had no time left the machine was going to operate and Myst will be destroyed. K had to think fast and do something so he told Hochi to throw her samurai sword at Egg, when she did Egg was running around like a maniac. They had a few second left, Jo tried to break the chain on his hand with his full strength and the chain broke. Jo ran to stop Mr.OO but he got shot by a ray gun, Jo was dead. K ran to follow OO and Hochi distracted Egg. K was running in the hall of OO lair for hours but could not find him. Then BOOM a sound of explosion came and K knew Myst was destroyed, he failed the mission, he will never see Jo again.


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