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Nicolas Raduazo

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BC: The End

FC: Life of Nicolas raduazo | Exploring The World


2: My brother woke me up early in the morning. He asked, “Hey wana backcountry Washington?” The clock read 5:00. A few seconds passed and I said “Hell ya!” After our coffee and packcng, we hit the road. Little did I know that this day would be a lot longer than I expected. My brother and I were fully aware about the dangers of Mount Washington, but we were not worried. So we packed very little. On top of our snowboard gear, we packed Gatorade and a light lunch. My mom told us to pack more survival gear, just in case. Unfortunately we didn’t follow those instructions. Before my brother left the house, I saw him grab a pocketknife and matches; this made me a little concerned but the excitement of boarding took over. My worries wandered off during the ride up to Mount Washington. We had the music loud, and almost blew the speakers a few times. As we drove up, the conditions changed, all of a sudden it was snowing. Along the highway, we saw the menacing mountain and the frightening cliffs. We arrived in the parking lot around 9:00. We got out of the jeep and took a deep breath of the cold air. We looked from top to bottom of the terrifying mountain. The anxiety was bothering me and I could tell by the look on my brother’s face that it was bothering him too. About ten minutes into the hike, we started breathing hard. The hike was steep, treacherous, and insane. Two hours later we were hungry, cold and we realized that we were only half way done. The wind was howling at our faces hindering our hopes. The air was getting thinner and colder. Once we finally got above tree line, everything was white. We almost got dizzy just looking at everything. We still had about 30 minutes left to the peak, during the hike up to the very top, the clouds cleared up and the sun started shining. The peak had an amazing view and I ate my lunch very fast. |

3: After a couple minutes enjoying the view, we decided to get the snowboard gear on. We unpacked everything and switched out of our hiking gear. Next thing I knew I was surfing on powder in a bowl on the backside of Mount Washington. Once my brother and me were below tree line, we were weaving through the trees. The descent was supposed to take us about an hour. Two hours later we reached the bottom of a flat section. We unstrapped our bindings and looked around. I asked, “where are we?” My brother didn’t answer. He was looking at the map with a confused look on his face. After checking the map we realized that the sun was setting rapidly. My brother and I had watched the TV show Man VS. Wild so we actually knew a lot about surviving in the woods. Something you never would imagine using. But this was our opportunity. We gathered firewood and started a big fire. We huddled around the fire drying off our soaking cloths; we didn’t talk, we were just too worried. It was almost dark and I could see the last of the sunset reflection in the clouds. It was almost peaceful if I didn’t know that we could die out here. A massive sound came from nearby, an eighteen-wheeler disrupted the peaceful setting. My brother and I grabbed our stuff , put out the fire and went sprinting into the direction from where the sound came from. About a quarter mile away we found a small road. After we found the road we knew where we were. We recognized the road from the drive up. We hitchhiked back to the Jeep and drove home. That day I woke up not worrying about the possibility of getting lost in a mountain. This day became an exciting journey for me. When we got home we drank hot chocolate and watched TV. This was a pretty good day overall.

4: One warm summer day my brother and I woke up early. We had packed the jeep with our bikes. Little did I know that this day-trip was going to be a lot longer than I thought. We found a map to Atitash Mountain where we would be mountain biking. We made some coffee and ate some yogurt. Then we hit the road. We had been planning to go downhill mountain biking for a while; it was one of our summer goals. You know the saying don’t bite off more than you can chew; well apparently this applied to our situation. My brother and I a pretty experienced mountain bikers. We don’t really do downhill often; we do more trail mountain biking. We usually go to Leominster state forest and hit some sick trails and jumps there. That day we decided to go to Atitash. Since we were both experienced riders, we assumed we would be good at downhill. We arrived at Atitash at around noon, we ate a light lunch and geared up. Unfortunately since we really didn’t know what we were doing, we had only brought an open-faced helmet. We wore short-sleeves and shorts. We didn’t even bring any pads. We bought the lift tickets and got on the lift. We watched the slopes on the short ride up. Once we got to the top we took some pictures and hoped on our bikes. We started out with the easiest trail, it was really fast but it didn’t have that many rocks and had some cool jumps on it. It was too easy for both of us. So we decided to do a black diamond; this was a bad choice.

5: We started out on the trail flying over huge rocks. The steepness was insane, we went so fast; my brother and I were frightened silly. We had a few too many close encounters with the ground and it was dangerous. It was amazing that on this crazy trail they would put jumps along the way. They were so fun to hit until we came to the point where it was so steep that the brakes don’t do anything. I hit one of these jumps with full speed. The initial impact sent my feet flying off my pedals. I had gotten so much air. Unfortunately with the landing speed I could not hold it all together. The impact also sent my hands flying in the air. Everything seemed to go into slow motion as my wheel twisted and I went over the handelbars. I went flying through the air and landed on my right-side. I slid over a ton of rocks. I still have the scars going down my arms and legs. My bike was fine, I got up and checked over my body; my arms and legs were bleeding a lot but I was ok. I rested for a couple minutes and continued biking. That day I fell probably ten times. I think I went over my handelbars about seven times. I had bruises all over my body. When I got home, my mom looked at me; she didn’t like the look of my injuries. It was so much fun but very painful. I did learn the lesson not to bite off more than you can eat.

6: When I was 12, my family and I went to the Grand Canyon over summer break. The trip was amazing, we went to Lake Powel, Zion National Park, Brice Canyon, and many more spots. At the grand Canyon we did so much hiking. In particular there was this extremely difficult hike that was at Zion National Park. It was rated dangerous and has had many accidents and some deaths. One day in the blazing heat we decided to hike this trail. The trail was called Angel’s Falls which switched over to Angels Landing. The trail actually goes up a mountain around 5,000 feet. We packed a light lunch, and water at the base of the mountain. In the 120 degree weather, we hiked about 2,000 feet and stopped to take in the view. The scenery was amazing. You could see for miles and there were peaks and plateau's everywhere. It was very peaceful and other hikers were staring out at the fantastic view as well. We ate a small snack and kept on going. As we got higher up the terrain got harder to pass through. We made it to an area where we got close to an edge and looked down. It was a 5,000 foot drop to the base of the mountain. I got light headed looking down and took a rest.

7: About another 500 feet into the trail there was a cliff that we had to scale. It was like a rock wall that we had to walk next to. But there is only about a foot of room for you to walk on and literally a cliff on the other side. I saw this obstacle and said that there was no way that we could possibly do this. This was insane, I mean people have died here. I began having a nervous breakdown, seeing the signs saying that many people turn around at this point or possibly face serious injury or even die on this part of the trail. But after relaxing a bit and seeing that it can also be safe I knew I had to conquer the obstacle. I walked slowly through the narrow pathway and luckily made it through. I felt so much happier after making it through tis pass that I didn’t notice the rock in the center of the trail. I stepped onto it sideways and fell down to the trail ground. I rolled over to the edge and saw the drop of the potential fall. I had people with me to help and keep me steady on the trail. Luckily I didn’t injury anything and regrouped again and continued on. I was still a bit shaky as we had to crawl over rocks and ledges to get to the top. At the top we ate peanut butter sandwiches and took in the view. I felt prod that I had conquered this challenging trail. After lunch we headed down to plan our next hike.

8: At 7:30 pm on Wednesday December 23rd I looked out a little window as the city of Boston disappeared beneath us. The flight was a long one; 3,800 miles of no sleep and hot air. Landing into Geneva Switzerland was beautiful as we saw the terrifying Alps below us. We had been planning this trip for half a year. I had bugged my dad about 300 times saying that I wanted to snowboard Europe. My dream had finally come true. We spent Christmas eve and Christmas day in Geneva. The streets were beautifully lit up with decorations. The view from the hotel room was amazing, there was a; you could see a big swiss flag with beautiful mountains in the backgrounds. Sometimes the peaks poked through the clouds. There were dancers in the street and at least 4 christmas trees in a 40 square foot area. There were little shops everywhere and the aroma from the fudge shops was amazing. But I knew that this trip was going to get even better.

9: On the 26th we drove down across the boarder to France, the drive up into the mountains was breathtaking. The peaks were so high some looked terrifying, and the snow was deep. We saw several glaciers along the way and there was one right across the valley where we stayed. We finally reached the little village high up in the mountains. But to be honest I didn’t come here to see the amazing views. We waisted no time and hit the sloped that same day. I had the time of my life. The skiing/snowboarding in France was amazing. The powder was deep and flew into your face when you took sharp turns. The slopes were some of the the steepest in the world, sometimes you could go toeside and grab onto the snow so you didn’t fall. There were cliffs that you had to avoid in order to stay alive. Skiing in Chamonix, Mont Blanc was way above tree level. Sometimes the runs were twelve miles long. At the top it seemed like you were ont op of the world. This trip was my favorite by far, and I was so sad to have to leave. After 5 days of skiing, my body was tired. This trip was amazing and the skiing was world-class. I was so sad seeing the city of Geneva fade away as we flew into the distance.

10: My brother and I just came back from mountain biking one day and it was extremely hot out. The therometer read past 96 and we were sweating. Then my brother came up with a cool idea, literally. There is a bridge nearby that people jump off into a river. Its supposed to be pretty fun. My brother and I got our bathing suits on and got towels. We jumped into the jeep and drove down the road. As we got there we heard a train in the distance and the road suddenly turned to dirt. We got to the parking area and hopped out of the jeep. There were actually two bridges. One is smaller than the other. We decided to go to the smaller one first. As we walked onto the bridge we looked at an enourmus tree nearby. We walked over to the edge and looked down. The drop appeared to be a good 30 feet. My brother was going to be the first one in. he stepped onto the railing and jumped. As he hit the water there was a big splash and he disappeared. A few seconds later he reappeared spitting out water. Now it was my turn. I stood onto the railing and looked below. The drop looked a lot bigger now. I finaly lept off and fell through the air. The freezing water caught me. Me and my brother quickly swam out and walked toward the bigger bridge.

11: We fallowed these train tracks for about ten minutes and eventually found a bridge. We walked over to the edge and looked down. Now this bridge was a good 60 to 70 foot drop. My brother and I stood over the railing and looked at our what seemed like our doom. We finally agreed that we would jump at the same time. We agreed to count to three and we would jump. My brother counted out loud and on three we lept into the air. We stood in air for what seemed to be a long time. We hit the water at an amazing speed, with a huge crack, and a huge splash. My brother and I reappeared to the surface after a couple of seconds. We swam out of the water and dried myself off. It was a pretty cool day. I was glad I jumped.

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