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Nora's Photography portfolio

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FC: My Grade 11 photography portfolio | By: Nora K

1: Photography portfolio

2: I find inspiration in the people I love and in the great outdoors! | down: Adrienne is glowing like a fairy.I wanted to bring out her beauty. She is praying to enhance her angelic image.

3: As a photographer... | Every photo I take is my attempt to capture life as we know it. Pictures are meant to make people smile and I hope that my pictures will make others appreciate the things we take for granted and to find beauty in them.

4: instructions: Our job was to take photos from school either inside or outside and to edit them using microsoft office picture manager and we were limited to only the options the program offered. | During this project, I learned to use picture manager. Before this project I never used it before. It was really fun using it though cause I don't like changing a photo too much. I think it ruins the beauty of it. | Before & after | All I had to do to enhance the image was to set the contrast to 20 . This improved the overall clarity of the picture almost instantaneously and highlighted some of the key areas of colour. | Horses embody beauty. I love the tranquility I feel when Im amongst them. I almost wanted to run for freedom with them.The idea behind this photo was to capture these emotions so others can feel them too. I wanted the viewers to live in the moment.

5: A sombre expression is captured in this one.Chandra portrays the lifeless so accurately because she lays there so naturally. | Although Chandra is beautiful, she also represents a creature of sadness. Her pose shows that she is reflecting on something...heartbreaking, on something she may have lost; she sits in painfully in contemplation. | I set the brightness to 8 and the contrast to 100. This added more colour to the photo shedding light on Chandra’s sombre expression | I set the hue to -101 and the saturation at -64 to get the neat desaturation effect. It takes away colour but leaves just enough to show the important details.

6: Strike a Pose | What we did: We took photos of people in the poses we chose from the pose page. Each of them varied from the number of people in each shot to the different positions of each person. | I learned to communicate with my models so that they could get into the pose that I wanted them to be in for a partilar shot. Whether it was motioning them into the right spot or verbally telling them to move right or to move left... communication was key in this project. | The idea behind these photos was to just have fun. It's not always about looking good and or being picture perfect. It's all about learning to laugh with your friends.

7: I cropped these photos and changed the borders of them. I didn't want to edit these photos too much because so that I stay true to their originals. | Strike a Pose

8: In this project, we captured an action figure in different poses and using photoshop we placed them into different backgrounds; usually an unrealistic one. We needed to create the illusion that our subjects were actually there. | seeing the city from above | Action figure | In this photo, the action figure is supposed to be monkey or in other words mischevious and up to no good. The idea is that he's ready to take over the world. Hence there is many of him. He believes that he could take on the world with his little army. I'm really happy with this photo because he truly looks devious. | I learned to let my imagination run wild; let my subjects become characters with different personas. I was also very skeptical about playing with the size of the subjects because it would look too unrealistic and silly but I was surprised at the end because it didnt take away from the quality at all; it actually created a more interesting composition.

9: Impossiblw many | The objective for Impossible many was to capture a person in different poses and to place them into an unrealistic background. The subject had to look as natural as they could be in their environment. | What I used: 1. crop tool. 2.magnetic lasso tool. 3. quick selection tool + magic wand tool. 4. rectangular marquee tool + elliptical marquee tool. | What I wanted to show in this photo was idea of what goes on the classroom when the teacher's not there. My goal was to capture the mischeif that goes on in there behind the teacher's back. In here, Alanna's a rebel and does a good job being silly! | A person divided | Impossible many

10: Impossible size | Nora Kwon | This one is my favourite of the three; it's got the most me in it. The message I was trying to get across with this one is that creativity meets no bounds and that you can explore art in many different ways. It's a type of expression you can have alot of fun with because it's all about you. Her different poses show what excitement artistic expression can be.

11: I would have to say that this project was successful despite the fact that I had only begun to use photoshop . The concept behind each one was fresh and the poses of each of the figures made sense in its context yet, there is something missing. I should have taken the time to play a little more with the photos; add in more effects to enhance the composition some more... All of them seem generic when it comes to presentation.

12: Our goal for this project was to dream about all the things we'd love to do just before we kick the bucket. We created theses photos not on the basis of possible or not possible ..just our desire to really experience something. So using photo shop, we let our imaginations run wild putting ourselves into the most unlikely of situations and the funny moments we'd always remember. | My Bucket list

13: I got plenty of practice using photo shop in this project. It's super handy to know how to be able to actually navigate around photo shop. | The strength and the energy of the movie's main protagonists were incredible. I couldn't comprehend as to why they had to suffer so much... yet these movie characters taught me something and that was to take every opportunity and not be afraid to make mistakes.

14: I want to be fitted in one of Isogawa's designs by isogawa himself Because he would help me feel beautiful on my special day. To wear a dress that would fit me, without making me self-conscious is something I’ve always wanted; I think that Isogawa could help me find the perfect dress | To create this photo I used:- photo shop and the magnetic lasso tool to trace the shape of my face before cutting it out as well as the color saturation and contrast and values tools to match the skin tone | What I liked about my photos were the creative and original ideas behind them.; I feel that every single picture reflected my true dreams and desires and does a good job showing people a little more about myself and the kind of artist I am. | 4. | 3. | 1. | 2.

15: 1. I've hated running ever since I could remember... yes... that sick feeling before gym is all coming back... Despite this, Nothing is impossible. If I stay positive I will be able to run a marathon even if it takes me all day... months or even a year. | 3. I believe that I have to hold my own exhibition if I ever want to gain appreciation for my art. If I don't have the courage to show others my work I don't think I could ever work as an artist. My dream is be proud to put my name on my artwork. | 4. Ever since I've read about it in magazines and seen it on t.v I've always wanted to stay in my very own room at an ice hotel! It just seems like it'd be the most surreal experience ever. I've always dreamt of being in one.Except in my dreams it's an ice castle glistening in the morning sun.

16: Chop suey | With a photo of ourselves standing up, we used features in photo shop to distort as many parts of the body as we could in order to get the chopped up look we we were going for. | I got to explore many of the cool effects of distortion in photo shop and really enjoyed playing around with some silly , some grotesque changes on my picture. It makes me me look off balance and creates an interesting composition . | I just let myself have a lot of fun with this one . and I really love it. Its showing the idea that the good life isn't as glamorous as people believe it to be. | Chop suey | To get the effects on my right arm, I used water paper and set the fibre length tool at 16. I also set the brightness at 47 and the contrast at 77. I used the liquefy tool as well as the pillow emboss tool for the weird bendy look of my wine glass. For the bottom of my coctail dress, the blue was created using conte crayon, adjustments in the foreground level (set at 14) and the background level (set at 9).

17: For ROYGBIV, a picture was chosen and then using photo shop, different pictures representing the different colors of the original were found and altered to fit onto the original like a mosaic. This created a neat rendition of the original picture with a variety of neat textures in them. I learned to take different textures and combine them to create interesting compositions. | ROYGBIV | I chose this picture because I have a fond memory of eating duuk on family occasions but I haven't tried the Hwajeon flower du uk yet and I was fascinated by the black color of the Hwajeon in this picture..

18: Photoshop creations | For this project, we used photo shop to edit 5 photos from set that was provided. We had to make sure to include two other photos in each of our masterpieces, | The idea of the eye behind the tepee is that our perspectives of the world change as we learn new things and grow as a result of our new experiences.

19: I learned to use the appropriate tools in photo shop to get the effect I wanted for each masterpiece. The right emotions were captured with all the right tools, colors and backdrops. This project helped to discover more useful techniques and gave me more time to practice navigating around photo shop.

20: For this photo, I used the photo shop tools accented edges for the Buddha's face and smart blur on the trillium on the Buddha's head. I also cut out the Buddha and placed it on the bamboo background. Picnik was used to place my quote.

21: My goal was to capture the beauty of the setting sun and to portray the earth just as it was so that people could enjoy and appreciate the more simple things we have; the mountains and the rocks, the sun and the sky. I hoped that people would see these natural wonders and realize that each of them have a life force of their own; Hence the flowers growing out of the crevices of the rocks.

22: Celebration | Album | Using mix book, we created an album for someone special. Each page was filled with memories in the form of pictures, letters, songs/poems and even the inside jokes we shared with them. It is a tribute to someone we truly care about.

23: This was my first time making a photo album on the computer and I had a blast. I got to play around with so many different templates, a wide array of stickers and I had tons of fun playing with my photos! Most important of all, I learned to coordinate the matching backgrounds and stickers with the appropriate occasions and that made all the difference.

24: The Power of One | The power of one required us to choose a subject and to hold a photo shoot with them. It was mandatory to include one prop in each of the photos in the series; 7 polished photos in total. The series had to flow together so that each photo made sense together.

25: the world | I love"Winter Blues". "Winter blues" is my best-loved piece and I owe it all to the Japanese. This piece came about from my fascination with Japanese aesthetics and design. Their deceptively simple solutions leave me speechless and intrigued... like a puzzle I want to solve. Their minimalist art is something Ill always look up to as an aspiring artist/ designer. Adrienne defines the grace of a geisha, umbrella and all.

26: As for the technical details, I used picnic to get the antique look for each photo. That was the sepia tool. I also used the soften tool to add a little mystery to each piece; they all have a different story to tell despite being part of a series. The borders were created using the photo shop program.

27: In "through a child's eye" I tried to show people that Adrienne is a child and she is innocent. She is young.Even her white clothing symbolizes her purity; She is in a way angelic because she is completely good and unaware about all the evil that exists.

28: I learned to work with one setting to portray my model in many different ways. I worked with what I had and I believe I captured the very diverse personalities of my sister. | The idea behind "A moment is an eternity is that I wanted to show that the little things we experience become memories . A photograph tries to capture that; it tries to immortalize a moment in time.

29: "Surprise" is a very precious piece to me in my collection. As I've watched Adrienne grow from a drooling baby to the rambunctious kiddo she is today I've learned that children are full of surprises and so is life. Everyday I feel like giving up i hold onto the hope that life will get better because we never know whats going to happen next or what the big guy has in store for us.

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